I put my hand up and admit I really don’t enjoy going shopping! I begrudge the time it takes to park , I am in despair when it comes to coping with shopping bags that cut off the blood supply to my fingers and worst of all I can’t take my dog with me in case his tail destroys a pyramid of “this week’s special offer”!

Thank goodness for online shopping!

Even better, thank goodness for online shopping with a name I can trust. My dog and I can log on to WaitrosePet.com and while I sip my coffee he can gnaw on a treat and the shopping experience is altogether a most pleasant affair, what a relief.

The website is easy to use and has free delivery for an order over £35.00. I loved finding that all my dog’s favourite treats and foods are there but I can also take a fresh look at alternatives and of course check out the special offers. When it comes to buying a winter coat for my companion I can measure him then and there, I know it will fit. The same goes for the fabulous choice of beds and pads and with WaitrosePet you know you will get what you pay for, whether you choose products that offer great value for money or you want to spoil your best friend.

Halfway down my coffee and I spot some unusual items like the Canine DNA kit, my dog’s ears go into Radar mode when I mention the Venison and apple treats although he loses interest when I mention the strategy games to test his intelligence. As he looks up at me I realise I have just passed the intelligence test by opting for a an online shopping experience that guarantees quality and reliability coupled with great choice and even better offers. I deserve a treat now; I’m a ‘Good Girl’! Article by Geraldine Cove-Print.


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  1. Kajakees

    I also use Fetch which is part of the Ocado group and same great service. You choose your preferred , next day, one hour slot for delivery and it comes is the Ocado delivery van 😊

  2. Lesley

    Ordered on Friday received today .Happy days what a fantastic service .Thank you Waitrose Pet

  3. BGeorge

    \\o// Quiet new to this field..... A lot to chase and snooze around ! Finding friends to wag OR growl looks fascinating - Yeup !

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