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Wagging Tails

Wagging Tails

Ask any dog owner what makes their companion special, the answers can be anything from “because he knows what I’m thinking” through to “because she loves to be with me and go walking” and even “…well, of course every dog is special”. The relationship we have with our dogs is unique, just like them.

We know their likes and dislikes and even if they do have some really objectionable habits, we still recognise it is because they have a character all of their own. As dog owners we want to be sure we accept the responsibility to feed and keep our companions healthy so how much do we know about canine nutrition?

Take a stroll down the dog food aisles in any supermarket and you’ll be dazzled by the colours and alluring packaging as well as the images of every kind of dog, apparently in fine fettle because of the promoted food. I suggest we buy dog food based on what we like the look of, rather than what our dog would find appetising.

Our dogs see colour differently to us, they also have fewer taste buds but when it comes to their sense of smell they outstrip us by 215 million olfactory receptors, so food really does have to smell good enough to eat!

You can see that creating a food your dog will not only love but that is truly good for him takes skill and know how. Dogs are like us in that their nutrition needs, change throughout their lives, a puppy grows at an astonishing rate and needs a well balanced diet to grow healthy bone and muscle, Nutritionists at will tailor your pups diet as he ages to support his growth at every stage and at the other end of life an older dog sometimes needs help to keep his waistline trim and his joints mobile, good wholesome nutrition gives the mature dog the very best chance of staying healthy. is a company that listens to you and your dog to create meals that will match your dog’s needs and lifestyle. If you have a dog with a health condition that can be controlled with diet, such as pancreatitis, will offer a solution there too, with Veterinary advisors onboard you can be sure your dog’s welfare is paramount.

When you sign up through the website you will be asked for a detailed description of your dog’s size, exercise pattern, age, and breed. You’ll also be asked if your dog has flavours he really likes, I have a Dachshund who thinks he is a seal and will only eat fish flavours; I have yet to train him to balance a beach ball on his nose however!

The team understand that there are some ingredients we want to avoid and others we want to include, it’s almost like your dog has his own Chef! Delivery is reliable, you’ll never run out of food with the shops shut and you can update your dog’s details whenever you want.

It is a new way to buy dog food but it is based on common sense and customer satisfaction. No gimmicks, just good food for your dog, made well and delivered when you want it and it won’t break the bank.

Perhaps they should have called it Wagging


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