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Cheltenham & District 25th February 2018

Best in show: Korifey Treasure JW

Cheltenham & D.C.S.
Open Show ~ 25/2/2018
There was a warm welcome and happy atmosphere at this well supported Open Show where I was honoured to be invited to judge Best in Show and some classes. From an entry of 817 dogs it was the young Dobermann, Jones’ Korifey Treasure JW that took the top spot. I recall judging this impressive bitch when she was a raw puppy and thinking that she was very promising and although still a Junior she has matured into a lovely animal. Clean flat skull with good head planes. Good body proportions with well-developed forechest and depth of rib. Firm topline. Free moving with some drive from the rear. Shows to very best advantage and my eye was drawn to her each time I looked around the ring. Reserve BIS was another handsome youngster, Cund & Harrop’s Chelmbull The Aviator. Another I have judged previously and he is so typey and well balanced. Grand, masculine head with good ears and well finished muzzle. He is cobby and compact with a very typical outline. Moved out well with a sound, flowing action.
There were some lovely puppies both in the variety classes and in the line-up for BPIS. However, it was another Working breed, sent through from the Group by Steve Beaumont that took my eye in the shape of the Rottweiler, Evans’ Paloduro Gold Dollar at Maddiecass. A well balanced, handsome pup with good breadth of skull, neat ears and good depth of muzzle. Well laid shoulders, good breadth and depth of chest and well sprung ribs. Very positive on the move with some power from the rear and good length of stride. Reserve to him was Maun’s Norwegian Elkhound, Bowerhinton Bettina. Compactly made with a lovely head and keen, friendly expression. Good forehand with nicely arched feet. Good depth and breadth of chest and good length of rib. High set, well carried tail. Moved out well with a light, easy flowing action.
I thought that the Veteran Group was extremely strong and the winner was a dog I have admired before, Shepherd’s Miniature Pinscher, Ch Shetopa King of Arabia JW ShCM. A CC winner under me in the past and he still commands attention with his lovely compact outline and alert, self-assurance. Beautifully made and in great form and condition. Exceptionally sound and co-ordinated on the move.
The society had scheduled Charity Stakes for each Group and I was asked to judge the final. Cowley’s Hungarian Puli, Callendu Despicable Me at Kashbeluli ShCM was the eventual winner. Shown in a profuse, beautifully presented full coat with very even cords. Masculine but not overdone with a fairly small skull and relatively fine bone. Deep body, compact outline. Very typical, light action. Reserve to him was the CKCS, Whitman & Tarabad’ Khatibi Bark Obama JW. A real toy spaniel with a masculine yet very pretty head and expression. Presents a lovely outline with his good tail carriage and nicely arched neck. Short coupled with good ribbing and shown in a good, silky coat.
AV Imported Register
Spry’s Rollenwood Chahta. Xoloitzcuintle. (Standard). Smart with good breadth of skull and large erect ears. Shapely and well balanced. Sound and free moving with a fine quality skin.
Post Graduate
Rollenwood Chahta.
Reid’s Hibeck Celeste at Maudaxi. Griffon Fauvre De Bretagne. Reserve Best Import Register. A really good moving bitch with an easy flowing stride. Good skull, kind expression ithtight, dark eyes. Good forehand. Sturdy and well ribbed body.
Baynton & Bedd’s Alfie Bangwood. Entlebucher Mountain Dog. Soundly made and solidly built. Attractive head and expression with large black nose. Decent forechest, good depth of brisket. Strong, well-muscled quarters which he made the most of on the move.
Blair’s Fechlindream Menston. Korthals Griffon.
Reid’s Ir Ch/ Bel Ch Algernon Prince at Maudaxi. Grifddon Fauvre De Bretagne. Best Import Register. Workmanlike and most pleasing to handle as he is so well put together. Lovely head and expression with large, open nostrils. Strong neck, good forehand with strong bone. Well bodied with strong loin and high set tail. Moved out well with some style and gave the appearance of being able to sustain the action for as long as necessary.
Kirk & Turley’s Angelcrest Shadow Master. Xolocuintle. A very good example of this breed, I have admired him before and his excellent temperament and showmanship will always command a second look. Good head and dark eye. Well placed, large ears. Fine grained skin. Good body. Just a shade restricted in hind action today which cost him the top spot.
Walker’s Nantiderri Dancing Baby to Baikel. Korthals Griffon.
Bernese Mountain dog
Miles’ Littlehidden Jyme Spicez at Jaybiem. Best Puppy. A lovely quality pup with good bone, decent forehand with broad chest and good depth of brisket. Quite compactly made with a good topline. Sound and easy on the move.
Post Graduate
Griffiths, & Orme & Miles’s Jaybiem With N’without Y’Zeus JW. BOB. Well marked with a most attractive, masculine head, defined stop. Good rib and strong loin. Nicely rounded rump. Moved out very well with a fluid, easy stride.
Bird’s Kernow Let It Be at Cullumbern JW. Feminine yet strong head with kind expression. Good breadth and deoth of chest. Well ribbed with a broad, short loin. Very sound on the move.
Evans’ Paloduro Gold Dollar at Maddiecass. Best Puppy.
Watkins & Taylor’s Minalea’s Busy Bee. Close up to the winner and I thought she was most attractive. Good head and skull. Well boned with nicely arched, well padded feet. Good ribbing. Firm topline. Moved out well and shows to advantage.
Post Graduate
Lewis-Shermer’s Botlierskop Smiki Quartz Avec Riversrock JW. BOB. Masculine and well put-together with a handsome head and expression, good pigmentation. Strong, well boned legs and good feet. Clean throat. Good depth and breadth of chest. Well ribbed. Pleasing on the move. A calm and steady showman.
Goodban & Dunhill-Hall’s Fantasa Just Ace It with Keljaygo. Reserve BOB. A handsome masculine dog, excellent temperament and this was reflected in his good showmanship. Well balanced with good topline and well set and carried tail. Moved out well with plenty of drive from the rear.
Lancashire Heeler
Grant-Parkes’ Parabar Rock Star. Best Puppy. A charming baby of just 6 months and still a little overawed by the proceedings. Good skull with dark eyes and parallel planes. Decent forehand, level topline, moved soundly both ways.
Chamberlain’s Parabar Pemford at Chambuster. BOB. Very typey and well balanced, good forequarters with ample bone. Good spring of rib. Excellent topline and tailset. Moved and shows to good advantage.
Grant-Parkes’ Embages Foolish Frolica at Parabar. Reserve BOB. Attractive head and expression, decent rib, good quarters. Sound on the move.
Old English Sheepdog
A good class
Winson’s Jandoes Cristal Sparkles at Meisan. BOB. Scored here with her compact, mature, well ribbed body. Good sized skull, good length of neck and proud carriage. Excellent temperament. Harsh crisp coat. Sound and typical on the move.
Kirby’s Macopa Moment in Time. Not quite the maturity of the bitch but an impressive youngster with a lovely head and expression. Good forehand with ample bone. Good qualrters and impressed on the move.
Halladay’s Royal Croft Kabom Key. Best Puppy. Gave away a lot in age but very promising and should make his mark on the breed.
Halladay’s Hallowhayes Sapphire Glow. Good size skull, well pigmented with defined stop. Compactly made and presents a nice outline. Harsh coat. Moved soundly.
Shetland Sheepdog
McCulloch’s Riverbend Dream Lover for Damaco. Best Puppy and BOB. Very typical and although she stood alone I had no hesitation in declaring her BOB. Mature in body and rib, good tail set and carriage. Pretty head. Good textured double coat.
Swedish Vallhund
Lots of quality here today.
Hackney’s Starvon Bring It On. BOB and Best Puppy. Fairly broad, flattish skull. Good head proportions and keen expression. Good forehand with strong bone. Firm topline and strong loin and this gave him the advantage today. Moved out well with some drive from the rear.
Hackney’s Starvon Dreams Are Maid. Kreen and attentive and shows to best advantage. Attractive head and expression, decent forehand, well ribbed for age but not quite the topline of the winner as yet. Typical and sound on the move.
Phillips’ Ch Starvon Willemena. Lovely head and expression, good mouth with strong white teeth. Ample bone, good forehand. Well ribbed with strong short loin. Very pleasing on the move.
Allsops’ Ch Edlhastens Bobbo Viking ShCM. Handsome with a pleasing head, good markings. Well ribbed with good tailset. Very typical and well balanced. Sound and free moving but not quite the drive of the winner.
Hackney’s Starvon All About Me
Bedlington Terrier
Middlebrook’s Tcheria Tcharleston. Shown in good coat that was presented to best advantage. Good skull, smallish dark eye and typical forehand. Moved steadily and soundly.
Baldwin’s Woolytop Lavender Girl. Shapely and pleasing for both balance and size. Attractive wedge-shaped head with dark eye. A delightful character who just needs to settle on the move.
Post Graduate
Offer’s Woolytop The Wherryman. BOB. Good textured jacket. Presents a nice outline which he held at all times. Masculine with a good head and expression. Good depth of brisket and defined tuck up. Moved well with a light, sound typical action.
Middlebrook’s Poppyblu Elara. Presents a pleasing picture as she is a good shape and well balanced. Shows well. Couldn’t quite match the typical steady movement of the winner.
Offer’s Woolytop Theodore. A workmanlike, masculine dog with a good head, deep narrow skull, dark bright eye and strong jaw. Good neck and shoulders. Deep brisket and typical tuck up. Soundly made and this was reflected in his positive, accurate movement which gave him the edge here.
Bishop’s Plumeria’s Sea Breeze. Shapely and well balanced, decent head and pleasing expression. Fair length of neck and good shoulders. Presents a good outline with her natural arch and defined tuck-up.
Bishop’s Fralex Culibre Bolyn
AV Rare Breed
Some lovely dogs in these classes.
Towers’ Enjanicka Midnight Blue. Bolognese. Lovely square, compact outline. Good pigmentation with large, black nose. Excellent coat texture. Smart and lively on the move.
McAllister’s Mizani Diorbe of Slovakia. Lagotto Romagnolo. Best Rare Breed Puppy. Very typey with a grand head; well placed, expressive eyes and strong jaw with good dentition. Fairly short, strong neck and decent forequarters. Dense double coat.
Clarke’s Cotonkiss Heaven Help Us. Coton de Tulear
Such’s Norlyght Biassono. Pyrenean Sheepdog (L/H). Best Rare Breed. Very pleasing to handle, kind expressive eye, good pigmentation. Ribbed well back with short, strong loin. Moved well with an easy fluid gait. Shown in good condition with well-developed cords.
Lightfoot’s Gaesten Jago at Joydon. A mature handsome dog of good type, beautifully balanced. Good breadth of skull, dark eye and very pleasing expression. Compactly built with strong short loin. Sound and easy on the move with plenty of drive from the rear.
Hough’s Donocielo Alessandro at Strophair. Bolognese.
Brace – Not Bred By Exh.
Offer’s Bedlington Terriers. Very well matched and moved well in unison.
Brace – Bred By Exh.
Johns’ Portuguese Water Dogs. Pleased for both quality and type, on the move they were most typical and their coats were expertly presented.
Crowther’s Siberian Huskies. Two lovely characters who put on a good show here, very typical and sound on the move.
Crufts Qualified Stakes
Groves & Lafford’s Lategain Satisfaction JW. Dobermann. A handsome dog with a good head, lovely clean outline with some forechest and short, strong backline. Well boned with excellent feet. Moved out well with both reach and drive evident.
Cowley’s Somogyi Betyar Bodza at Kashbeluli. Hungarian Puli. Feminine and soundly made with a smallish skull, good pigmentation, good depth of rib. She has a light easy stride and was expertly presented.
Ram’s Dacan Sharpe Speak. Pointer.
Jim McCarthy Champion Stakes
Amsell’s Am Ch Artemis Golden Oriole of Regallust. Italian Greyhound. A top quality bitch, head of good length, pleasing forehand. Very shapely with good depth of brisket. Fine skin. Typical and sound on the move.
Brooksmith and Adams’ Sh Ch Medogold Kiss N’Tell JW ShCM. Pointer. Pleasing feminine head with kind expression, large open nostril. Good depth of brisket and spring of rib. Sound and typical on the move.
McGrath’s Ch Imaru Go Sara Hana Kensha. Japanese Akita Inu.
Minor Puppy Stakes Dog
Kass’ Fosterbrie Venchi Star at Kimarlaz. Briard. A good moving well made youngster. Well proportioned head, dark expressive eyes. Good bone. Well angulated quarters.
Phillips’ Summerview Yogi Bear. Dachshund (Min. L/H). A smart, well put together puppy. Unexaggerated with some ground clearance. Good topline and ribbing. Moved soundly.
Minor Puppy Stakes Bitch
Barnett’s & Carter’s Araki Wot Justa Black With Alamiks. Tibetan Terrier. Pleased for both type, size and balance. Good head and eye, decent forehand with typical large, feet. Good depth of chest and ribbed well back. High set tail. She has a very fluid easy action and her good coat is presented to advantage.
Head’s Kilvrooch Mystikos for Millermead. Welsh Corgi (Cardigan). Very attractive head and expression, large well-set ears. Good bone and feet with slight bow to front. Level topline and good spring of rib. Sound and active on the move.
Powell & Tatus’s Madreliath’s Asta. Weimaraner.
Puppy Stakes Dog.
Smith’s Isfryn Pepping Tom. WSS. A smart, well presented youngster. Kind expression, good neck and shoulders, well ribbed with good depth of chest. Lovely temperament and moved out with some drive.
James’ Jaegerson Dress To Impress. Min. Pinscher. Presents a very good outline both standing and moving as he is smart and very typical. Good depth of chest, well ribbed and his profile action is most typical.
Dacan Sharpe Spear.
Puppy Stakes Bitch
West’s Sheigra Super Special. Cocker Spaniel. Ultra feminine with a really pretty head and expression. Good neck and shoulders, well boned with tight, nicely padded feet. Well ribbed. Sound and merry on the move. Lovely flat, silky coat. l
Hornby’s Derochaise Miss Dior. Dachshund (W/H). Very good forehand with a clean muscular neck, good bone. Good topline with some strength over the loin. Stands well completely unaided and she has some ground clearance.
Whitman & Tarabad’s Khatibi Cracker Dawn. Tibetan Terrier.
Judge: Tom Mather

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