• Waverley Gundog Association 18th February 2018
    Open Gundog Show Show
  • Best in show 18th February 2018

Waverley Gundog Association

Waverley Gundog Association 18th February 2018

Best in show: Carmandine Call Me Buff

owned by Mrs M Gerrard

And while I was at it, after the looooong day at Lanark, I drove to the Waverley Gundog Show on Sunday - free weekends are overrated!

Waverley Gundog was the first - and admittedly only - open show I’ve ever entered and it happened back in 2015. I took all 3 girls I had at that time to support the breed judge, won 2 classes and 3rd in AV veteran too. As the icing on the cake, Neita ended up Group 4. Happy memories (and a breed judge again) made me enter this year as well but “bitchy things” intervened and I left the girl at home after all.

It was a rainy morning and I’m sure I managed to get the last parking space available! Another reason for arriving a bit earlier… The show was just about to start and as it was quite crowded in the bigger hall, I settled in the smaller one, where the Cockers and Irish Setters were judged.

After visiting the cafeteria with friends and taking some pics outside in the fenced area, where the dogs could be let off the lead, I ventured down to the main hall, waiting for the finals.

Best In Show was judged by Mrs Lyn Battle-Hunter (Springcurl), living in France now as I got to know. After having a look at all the dogs, she chose the Pointer bitch Carmandine Call Me Buff for the top spot. Tilly is owned by Mrs M Gerrard. Second in the line up was the Portuguese Pointer Ir Sh Ch Perdizcyo Andres JunCh, owners Mr & Mrs T & C Gorrian & Henry must be delighted, as Import Register were granted permission to compete in the group, so no more lap of honour! Squidgy also celebrated his 2nd birthday at the show :)
3rd went to the well-known black Cocker Spaniel dog, Mrs R Adams’ Whinburn Night Owl JW ShCM, and Group 4 was awarded to the Welsh Springer, Rockypoint Princess, owned by M Dobbie.

Best Special Puppy in Show was Mrs M Madigan’s American Cocker Spaniel bitch, Black And Buff’s Tarnera, a Swedish import I see. Reserve was Mrs G Greig’s Largymore Linger In The Mind At Cranngary, a Golden Retriever.

Laura Kolbach

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Waverley gundog association,
WeimaranerLimit (2,1) 1st O’Donoghue’s Sireva Linesman at Weimsmyre, Masculine head, intelligent expression, lovely eye shape, clean neck, strong fore legs, shoulders well laid back, moderately tucked up flank, well turned stifles, strong powerful movement.Open (2) 1st Maclaine and Dickson’s Sh Ch Ir Sh Ch Greyspirit Royal Scot at Trilite, 9 year old dog not showing his age at all, aristocratic head with kind and intelligent expression, moderate length of neck with well laid back shoulders, ribs well sprung and set well back, forelegs straight and strong with firm feet and well arched toes, hocks well let down and well turned stifle. Covered the ground effortlessly with a top line that remained strong and level. BD and with agreement from co-judge BOB. 2nd Ruddy’s Sh Ch Netherhills Got My Tallent, Handsome dog, moderate stop, ears set well, well muscled neck with good lay of shoulder, good bone and feet, well-ribbed, longer in lion than 1, well muscled hind quarters, moved well.
Brittany,Open (1) 1st Massie’s Denandmeg Illustrious Miss Aberdon, B/W, well proportioned head with dark eye, neck clean and well set into shoulders, deep chest, ribs well rounded, short loin, moderate bone, moved straight and true BOB.
German Long-Haired Pointer. Special Yearling (1) 1st Thomson’s Lux Jnr Ch Sarscottah Charizma, Good head proportions with good chiselling below the eyes, dark eyes of good shape, muscular slightly arched neck going into well sloping shoulders, tight fitting elbows, good straight front, good bend of stifle with compact oval feet, moved gracefully with reach and drive. BOB.
Hungarian Vizsla. Special Yearling (2) 1st Aynsley’s Recuerdo Monika of Caorunn, Feminine bitch with dark tight eye, strong and muscular neck, well laid shoulders with correct forearm length, deep chest, tight cat like feet, moved keeping topline covering the ground well. BOB. 2nd Butters’ Hookside Treska, Lovely head and eye, deep chest, ribs well sprung, level top-line, moderate angulation, would of preferred more muscle on rear quarters moved OK. Limit (3,2) 1st Butters’ Hookside Treska, Repeat of 2nd in Yearling.
Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla. Open (4,1) 1st McNeill’s Fassfields Pride Rock, Petty bitch with intelligent expression, tight eyes of good oval shape, shoulders set well and muscular, tight elbows, well developed chest, tight oval feet, well let down hocks, covered the ground with flowing action. BOB. 2nd McNeils Auchinner Fionn, masculine head with dark expressive eyes, strong neck, good front with deep chest, level topline, moved with good driving rear action. 3rd DavidsonsGingerwire my Kind Hero.
Gordon Setter. Junior (3) 1st Millards, Yennadon Benriach, handsome male with good defined stop, good eye colour and shape, shoulders sloping well back, elbows well let down and close to body, deep brisket with big ribs, level topline, oval well padded feet, strong rear quarters that he used to move around the ring, moved with style BOB. 2nd Alcorn and Baddeleys, Lourdace Temptation,pretty bitch with lovely head and expression, good arched neck well placed shoulders not quite the animation on the move as 1. 3rd Munro, Hernwood Northern Adonis of Dulmaur. PostGraduate (5,1) 1st Millards, Yennadon Benriach, repeat of junior, 2nd , Millers, Rhum Night Legendmasculine dog with good eye colour and shape, deep chest , good ribs set well back, moved keeping level topline. 3rd Fords, Liric Fusilier with Shillay JW. Open (4) 1st Alcorns and Baddeleys, Lourdace Field of Gold, feminine bitch with the nicest of heads, strong arched neck set into well placed shoulders, straight strong front, good body with firm topline, muscular quarters, moved sound and true. 2nd Millers, Brookes Shadow Mover, good head, correct length of neck with good front assembly, ribs deep, good length of loin, well bent stifles moved well. 3rd MacGregors, Somerled Glen Urquart.
AV Gundog Veteran Dog (12) 1st Homes, Candidacasa Scarlet Chip, 10 year old (flatcoat), handsome intelligent expression, well set ears, clean neck set in good shoulder placement. Deep chest, well developed bone, round feet, strong square loin, well let down hocks free flowing true movement, BV. 2nd Smiths, Craigdean Callimakokr at Luanshya, (cocker), blue roan well chiselled head, dark tight eye, deep chest with tight elbows, well sprung ribs, good turn of stifle, neat tidy hocks, moved well . 3rd O’Neils Torcarhian its Now or Never at Strathlon.
Veteran Bitch (8) 1st Scrimgeours, Bramblekay Wandering Star Over Velvetine, (Labrador) prettiest of heads with kind dark eye, strong neck set in well placed shoulders, good bone legs and feet, big developed ribs, good length of loin, muscled rear quarters, moved really well RBV. 2nd White and Scourgalls, Silverkelvin Rising Star, (weimaraner) good head shape and eye colour, well muscled neck, body of good proportions, correct coat and colour, good bend of stifle, moved with drive. 3rd Walkers, Kanteal Camomile Lawn at Cardrona.
Minor puppy dog, 1st Greigs, Largymore Linger in the Mind at Cranngary, (golden retriever), balanced well chiselled head, kind eye, strong neck, tight elbows, good bone with round feet, deep ribs, well balanced throughout, strong loin, well bent stifles, moved true keeping top line at all times. 2nd Tupper and Rosie, Staratlanta Shankeys Fire, (Irish setter), lovely young baby, good head and eye, shoulders set well, good straight front, deep body, with ribs set well back, moderate loin, firm rear quarters, moved really well but not as settled when standing, his time will come. 3rd mcConnells, Kazal Lungano at Torrweaving.
Minor puppy bitch 1st Madigans, Black and Buffs Tarnera, (American cocker ), prettiest of heads with melting expression, good stop, ears set well, neck of correct length set well in shoulders, deep chest, ribs well sprung, short loin, good bend of stifle, neat tidy hocks, moved with style keeping topline glad to see she went BPIS, 2nd MacLaine and Dicksons, Greyspirits Hopes and Dreams, (weimaraner), unlucky to meet 1, liked this baby a lot, feminine head, clean neck, shoulders set well back, straight true front with the best of feet, good body shape, firm level topline moved really well. 3rd Macleans, Lynwater Minuet.
Puppy dog (4) 1st Smiths, Pearkim Pokemon at Luanshya, (cocker) orange roan, lovely head and expression, dark tight eyes, ears set well, strong clean neck, good forearm length, front true with neat cat like feet, ribs developing nicely, good turn of stifle with well let down hocks, once settled showed how well he could move with forward reach and drive, 2nd Munros, Hernwood Northern Adonis of Dulmaur, (Gordon setter) , lovely head and eye, good bone legs and feet, correct length of loin, moved well. 3rd Gerrards, Carmandine Count on Me.
Puppy bitch(11) 1st Davies, Lochfrae Kiki Dee, (Irish setter), beautiful head with kind eye and expression, slight arched neck set into deep sloping shoulders, straight front, ribs set well back, well bent stifle with well let down hocks, free flowing driving action on the move. 2nd Williamsons, Sandti Hits the Sweet Spot, (Golden retriever) kind expression with dark eye, clean muscular neck, short coupled with deep ribs, moved well with good driving action. 3rd Duncans, Bartonholm Belleto.
Junior dog (1)1st Gerrard and Galloways, Sharnphilly Santorelli with Cardandine, (pointer), handsome black and white dog, good stop, dark eye giving a kind expression, muscular neck, well laid back shoulders, legs straight and firm with good oval bone, ribs sprung and well back, muscular quarters with well developed second thigh, moved with drive around the ring.
Junior Bitch (10)1st Scotland-Turners, Luneville Diamond Dust, (pointer) b/w bitch with the prettiest of heads, well muscled clean neck, good oval bone with well knit feet, level top line, well turned stifles, moved so well covering the ground with ease. 2nd Scrimgeours, Velvetine the Bride, (Labrador) kind intelligent expression, dark eye, muscled neck, straight true front, barrelled ribs, level top line, hocks well let down, free true movement fore and after 3rd Murrays, Kelbonnys Ginger Spice.

Judge Samantha Whiting (Annilann).

Best In Show, Reserve Best In Show, Group 3 And Group 4 Winners

Carmandine Call Me Buff Pointer bitch - Ir Sh Ch Perdizcyo Andres JunCh Portuguese Pointer dog - Whinburn Night Owl JW ShCM Cocker Spaniel dog - Rockypoint Princess Welsh Springer Spaniel bitch

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