• Channel Islands Dog Of The Year 2017 17th February 2018
    Championship Show
  • Best in show 17th February 2018

Channel Islands Dog Of The Year 2017

Channel Islands Dog Of The Year 2017 17th February 2018

Best in show: NL Ch. Petranella Jersey Boy At Tiroen PDH

Owned by Ro & Nigel Cox, seen here with BIS Judge Ben Reynolds Frost, Dr Margaret Bayes MBE (President), Fiona Whitehead (Chairman) and Reserve Dog Of The Year the Chihuahua, Jsy Ch. Brogansian To

Show Report by Christine Marett with our thanks.

Channel Islands Dog of the Year

Channel Islands Dog of the Year competition takes place during February & includes finals in breed, agility & obedience. To qualify for the breed competition pups & adults have to win a group at the 10 Jersey & Guernsey shows that are held annually. To qualify for the Veteran & Brace finals you need to have won Best Veteran or Best Brace in Show. The obedience & agility finals have different criteria, for obedience a 1st place is an automatic qualifier & then places down to reserve collect points, for the agility & jumping it is a 1st – 6th placing with a clear round.
For this year’s competition the day dawned crisp & sunny & the breed competition was the first to take place under judge Ben Reynolds Frost. The puppy semi final was the first to be judged & two pups from each group were selected to go through to the final. The following pups were selected to go through: Sue Handleigh’s Rottweiler, Hakkihause Lleonard, Ann & John Banyard’s Dobermann, Mark & Margaret Evans Golden Retriever, Maradgold Diamond Geezer, Ginny Heaume’s Clumber Spaniel, Suelynda Diamonds R’Forever at Francfief, Carla Mackay’s Chinese Crested, New In Town of Angel’s Legacy for Tarabish, Julian Schofield’s Pomeranian, Spanapoms Russian Gold at Rudoli, Sarah Cooper’s Shih Tzu, Forepaws Style in Motion, N. De La Cour’s Shih Tzu, Cavateena Whispering Sands, Val Dowding’s Polish Lowland, Mybeards Hattie, Collette Allen’s Shetland Sheepdog, Milesend Black Ink for Ribans, Peter Walker’s Whippet, Crosscop For Your Love of Petwalk & Fiona Officer’s Whippet, Eeri Secret Love.
The adult semi final followed the pups & the following dogs were sent through: Jane Le Claire’s Great Dane, Dainoak Absolutely Lovely, Helen Lest & Ian Hutchinson’s Leonberger, Lionscourt Fortissimo Dejerri, Pam Smith & Lynne Ozanne’s Cocker Spaniel, Lyntonwold L’Amore Il Signor, Nigel & Ro Cox’s English Springer Spaniel, NL CH Petranella Jersey Boy at Tiroen, Hayley Bisson’s Chihuahua, Jsy Ch Brogansian Tom Ford Beaulamey, Pat Dale & Pat Michel’s Pekingese, Pekehuis Sorceror at Ksarina, Kyle McLaughlin’s Lhasa Apso, Jalus Quintessence, Mr & Mrs Simmonds Tibetan Terrier, Kybo Mister Milan at Kaladash, Christine Marett’s Cesky Terrier, Gayteckels Bak In The Abbott, Anna Pinto’s Scottish Terrier, Jsy Ch Brueik Bright And Bubbly at Mackalay, Rachel Martel’s Bearded Collier, Jupiter De Chester avec Majikcharms, Gwen Davies’ Border Collie, Foxbarton Kings Noble, Fiona Officer & Stuart Mottershaw’s Afghan Hound, Schumakayas A Perfect Match for Elangeni & Peter Walker’s Whippert, Jsy Ch Pipijay Spirit in the Sky for Petwalk.
Excitement now beginning to mount & with the Lieutenant Governor, Sir Stephen Dalton now in attendance it was time for the Brace final. The winners of this were Mr & Mrs Kucza’s Irish Terriers, Amberville Fortune Cookie & Int Ch Brazan Amber Pageant with Miss N. De La Cour’s Shih Tzu’s, Santosha Only After Eight & Cavateena Whispering Sands in Reserve. The Vteran final was next & the top spot went to Peter Walker’s Whippet, Jsy Ch Pipijay Spirit in the Sky for Petwalk with Christine Marett’s Cesky Terrier, Lastareran Grace And Favour for Gayteckels in reserve.
The annual handling points results were announced next & the winners were under 16 yrs, Sophie Leary with Kaitlin Simmonds in Reserve, 17 – 24yrs Jade Perez with Robyn Boschat in Reserve & 25 yrs plus, Christine Marett with Ro Cox in Reserve.
The puppy finalists returned to the ring & after short listing Julian Schofield’s Pomeranian, Spanapoms Russian Gold at Rudoli was finally crowned Channel Islands Pup of the Year with Sue Handleigh’s Rottweiler, Hakkihouse Leonard in the reserve spot. Next it was the turn of the adult finalists to return to the ring & after short listing one from each group Nigel & Ro Cox’s English Springer Spaniel, NL CH Petranella Jersey Bopy at Tiroen was declared Channel Island Dog of the Year with Hayley Bisson’s Chihuahua, Jsy Ch Brogansian Tom Ford Beaulamey taking the reserve.
The obedience finals took to the ring for the afternoon with judge Marcel Guibout. There were 5 obedience classes in total, Beginner, Novice, A, B & C. Each dog had to complete a series of tests ranging from heel work, send aways, stays, retrieves etc. The successful dogs in the Beginner were Lucy a Labrador owned by Cherry Dewey with Christine Shepherd’s Labrador, Carmiably Indian Summer in the reserve spot. In the Novice Class the winner was Mick De La Haye’s Border Collie, Canen Mo & the reserve was Sandra Collin’s Border Collie, Foxbarton Sable Prince. Class A was also won by Mick De La Haye & Canen Mo with Pat Hitchon & Karen Seward’s Border Collie, Patois Phizz in reserve. Top spot in Class B went to Heather Speller’s Border Collie, Coires Stormy Weather with Jonathan Bennett, GSD, Jasandor Runestone Tahro in reserve. In the top class, Class C the winner was Rose Harris’ Border Collie, Coriecollies Just for Two with Sandra Collins’ Border Collie, Jackscrofter Black Bob in reserve.
Meanwhile at a second venue the agility & jumping finals were taking place with judge Louise Eden. Each dog entered took part in two rounds of agility & jumping & their scores then combined to get an overall total. The large agility was won by Andre Rees’ Border Collie, Tonkory Xaminer with Georgia De La Cour’s German Short Haired Pointer, Hurricane Hero Zero to Zoom in reserve. In the medium agility the winner was Megan Burn’s Poodle cross, Relish in Pickle while reserve went to Jo Beldon’s Working Cocker, Kitkat Kizzie. Sally Rees took both the top spot & reserve in the small agility with her Schnauzer Crosses, Mayhem Mojo & Tizwas.
In the large jumping competition top spot was taken by Andre Rees & Tonkory Xaminer with reserve going to Jack Masterman’s Border Collie, Canen Alfie. In the medium class the winner was Megan Burns & Relish in Pickle with reserve going to Sally Rees’ Pyranean Sheepdog, Rambauds Urepel & in the small jumping it was another win for Sally Rees & Mayhem Mojo with Marcia Le Claire’s Spitz, Twinkle Paws in the reserve spot.
After all the excitement of the day it was off to the Ambassadeur Hotel for the Gala Dinner. A new competition has been introduced this year for the top dogs in each group. Each winner received a special rosette & a painting. The winners were from the Utility Group Peter Walker’s Lhasa Apso, Urshi-Djana Stara Basta for Petwalk, the Working Group, Margaret Bayes’ Boxer, Docrema Don Giovanni, the Toy Group, Sarah Cooper’s Papillon, Ch Omegaville Make Me a Petitchien, the Terrier Group, Alexa Dodds’ Wire Fox Terrier, Skerli Union Jack, the Pastoral Group, Bobby Lawrence’s GSD, Jsy Ch Surfstone Hot Salsa, the Gundog Group, Nigel & Ro Cox’s English Springer Spaniel, NL CH Petranella Jersey Boy at Tiroen & in the Hound Group, Peter Walker’s Whippet, Jsy Ch Pipijay Spirit in the Sky for Petwalk.

"One of the most memorable shows I have attended. Hospitable, welcoming and superbly run show. Plus a glittering evening to follow as a guest of the Jersey Kennel Club. Who could have asked for more?"

Many thanks. 'Sharkey'
This event was generously sponsored by Romerils, Condor Ferries, Animal Health Trust, Pets Paradise, Holme Grown & Ransoms Garden Centre.

Venue Shot

The Historical and Moody side of Jersey

Best Gundog

NL Ch.Petranella Jersey Boy At Tiroen With owner Nigel Cox

Best Puppy In Show

Channel Islands Pup of the Year, The Pomeranian, Spanapoms Russian gold At Rudoli owned by J. Schofield. Reserve , the Rottweiler Hakkihouse Leonard owned by S. Handleigh. Seen here with Judge Ben Rey

Obedience Dog Of The Year. Classes C, B ,A & Novice

Left to right: Judge: Marcel Guibout, Rosemarie Harris with Jodie "Coriecollies Just ForTwo", Heather Speller with Storm "Coires Stormy Weather", Tuska "CanenMo" owned by Mick De Le Hay

C I Agility Dog Of The Year

Riley, "Tonkory Xaminer " owned by Chris Cullen and Handled by Andre Rees

Channel Island Cruft's Qualifiers 2018

Channel Islands Dog Of The Year Veteran Winner

The Whippet, Jsy Ch. Pipijay Spirit In The Sky For Petwalk, owned by P.Walker . Reserve, Christina Marett's Cesky Terrier, Lastarean Grace And Favour For Gayteckels PDH

Channel Islands Brace Of The Year ,

Mr & Mrs Kucza's Irish Terriers, Reserve Miss De la Cour's Shih Tzus.

Junior Handler, Jade Perez With Judge Ben Reynolds Frost

Rennerdale Tobias With Ribans

Reserve Veteran Of The Year. Lastarean Grace And Favour For Gayteckels

Owned by Mrs C Marett

Best Toy Puppy Of The Year, Spanapoms Russian Gold At Rudoli

With Owner S. Bennett

Photos Will Be Uploaded Today And Be Available By This Evening - Sorry For The Delay - Sharkey


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