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Kennel Club Insight-January

Kennel Club Insight-January

Kennel Club Insight

Your monthly guide to what the Kennel Club is doing for you and your dogs

By the Kennel Club marketing & communications team

Have a Go dog shows in 2019

In 2019, a number of ‘all breeds shows’ which feature every breed of pedigree dog are to hold a smaller Have a Go dog show on one day of their main event throughout different regions of the UK.

These Have a Go dog shows will be the perfect opportunity for someone new to the world of pedigree dogs to take part in a training day and understand what it takes to be involved in dog showing.

The cost will be £10 per attendee (includes a beginner’s dog showing pack). Some shows are subject to a car parking fee – please check the Kennel Club website when making a booking.

Among the events holding such a training day is Manchester Championship Show at Staffordshire County Showground on Saturday 19th January, starting at 1pm.

The following topics will be covered on the day:

• Getting ready for taking part
• Basic skills required for participating
• What to expect when participating
• What to do once you have participated

Each participant will be matched with a mentor who will offer support and provide them with the skills needed to take part in dog shows with confidence.

Details of the Manchester Championship Show Have a Go event on Saturday 19th January, for which car parking is free, are available on the Kennel Club website at where a booking form can also be accessed. For further details, please contact the show secretary Paul Harding on telephone 01514 267737, mobile 07793 285628 or email

Defra advice on Brexit

Defra want to ensure that pet owners who travel with their pet to the EU are prepared for all possible outcomes to the EU exit negotiations.

Defra has issued guidance and advice on ‘Pet travel to Europe after Brexit’ ( which explains what steps pet owners may need to take to make sure they are able to travel with their pet from the UK to the EU after 29 March 2019, in the event the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

The current advice for all pet owners planning to take their pet from the UK to the EU after 29 March 2019 is to contact a vet at least four months before travel for advice on what health preparations may be necessary.

Pet owners travelling with their pets from the EU into the UK will continue to be able to use EU issued pet passports to enter the UK from the EU.

Visit the Defra website on a regular basis to check the most up-to-date information at

GSP wins Kennel Club HPR Championship

FT Ch Aytee Jumbo Jet of Islasbraw, a German Shorthaired Pointer owned by Darryl Elliot from Perthshire, has won the Kennel Club’s 17th Hunt, Point and Retrieve (HPR) Championship, sponsored by Skinner’s Pet Foods, held at the Swinton Estate in Ripon, North Yorkshire by kind permission of Lord Masham.

Darryl said: “It is an achievement to qualify for the HPR Championship let alone win it. FT Ch Aytee Jumbo jet of Islasbraw, known at home as Lewis, is my second German Shorthaired Pointer and is the most modest, trainable dog I have ever had. His goal is to do what you ask of him with no ulterior motive. He is simply a good boy and very capable and talented with it.

“When on the big stage, Lewis feels the pressure but that part of his personality is what makes him easy to handle and willing to do the right thing for you. I am a full-time gamekeeper and am finding it so interesting and exciting to work my GSPs on our estate and also in competition where you see such a variety of HPR breeds proving their versatility as all-round gundogs.”

The judges Mr C Wilkinson and Mr P Bakewell chose the following winners:

• 1st – Mr D Elliot, FT Ch Aytee Jumbo Jet of Islasbraw.
• 2nd – Mr J Hudson, Fechlindream Don, Korthals Griffon dog.

The winner of the Caldera Trophy, for the breeder of the winning dog, was Mrs L Hustler.

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Kennel Club pledges £15,000 to national war memorial

The Kennel Club has pledged its support to a national memorial to commemorate dogs of war. This will be the first ever memorial honouring the courage of all the military working dogs that have served with the Armed Forces in many conflicts and saved many lives.

The launch for the new memorial took place in Parliament in 2018 with the aim to gain support and pledges to raise the £150,000 needed to construct the memorial which will enjoy a peaceful setting in Brynford, Flintshire. The proposed design for the animal cenotaph features bronzes of four heroic war dogs positioned as guardians of a central monument dedicated to the service dogs of the Royal Navy, Army and the Royal Air Force.

The four dogs include Pointer ‘Judy’, a Second World War naval mascot who spent three years in a Japanese labour camp in Sumatra – the only dog to be officially registered as a prisoner of war. Also featured will be RAF terrorist tracker dog ‘Lucky’ who served during the Malayan Emergency from 1949 to 1952 – the GSD was the only survivor of a four dog team who successfully tracked down insurgents and in doing so saved many lives.

The third dog featured will be ‘Theo’, a Royal Army Veterinary Corps Arms and Explosives Search Dog, who was serving in Afghanistan in 2011 when his handler Lance Corporal Liam Tasker came under fatal enemy fire – Theo died of a seizure just hours after L/Cpl Tasker lost his life in the line of duty. The fourth bronze will be of Air Dog ‘Buster’ who served in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan as an Arms and Explosives Search Dog, saving thousands of lives.

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Team GB strikes gold at World St Hubert Championships

For the first time, a British competitor has won gold at the World St Hubert Championships for working gundogs. Rob Gould, competing as part of Team GB, won first place in the gentlemen’s category with his German Longhaired Pointer, Wamilanghaar Djynn.

The World St Hubert Championships were held alongside the World Championships for Pointing Breeds in Torrijos in the Toldeo region of Spain where a number of other British competitors also achieved success over the three days of competition.

The awards for Team GB were as follows:

World St Hubert Championships


• Maddy Raynor with Irish Setter, Bownard Carrabullawn of Wiscombe, came 2nd in her group and was 4th in the individual.

• Maddy Raynor with Irish Setter, Bownard Carrabullawn of Wiscombe, and Sara Chichester with Gordon Setter, Wiscombe Tomintoul, came 3rd in the Team placings, taking bronze.


• Rob Gould with Wamilanghaar Djynn took first place and they became the UK’s first World St Hubert Champions.

• Rob Gould with Wamilanghaar Djynn and John Naylor with Pointer, Goddrib Bari of Bitternboom, came 4th in the Team placings.


• Michael Raynor with English Springer Spaniel, Kenquartz Backstreets of Wiscombe, came 4th.

World Championships for Pointing Breeds

• Maddy Raynor with Irish Setter, Bownard Carrabullawn of Wiscombe, was awarded 3rd in her group with a Very Good.

• Sara Chichester with Gordon Setter, FT Ch Little Treasure of Gawcott, was awarded 2nd in her group with an Excellent, RCACT and RCACIT.

• Sara Chichester was awarded 4th overall individually.

• Team GB were awarded 4th in the British Breeds Team placings.

Team GB was sponsored by the Kennel Club and Skinner’s dog food and led by team captain Meryl Asbury. The team vet was Rob Gould.

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FT Ch Aytee Jumbo Jet of Islasbraw with owner Darryl Elliot. Photo courtesy of The Kennel Club


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