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By Debbie Mathews

Jennie Dhanjal: K9 Search UK. It's What We Do....

Jennie Dhanjal: K9 Search UK. It's What We Do....

Friday 17th November
A man found a young female akita in Wombourne, he had taken her to the vets for scanning, but no chip was found. The vet gave him contact information for the local dog warden and advised him to call them a.s.a.p. The man then visited a local rescue charity shop, straight away they called us to check for matches. We spoke to the finder and tried to take a full report, but the man was very cagey. He avoided our request for his name, he didn’t know his phone number, he didn’t know his postcode, but what he did mention he lived in Telford and quickly rattled off an address. When I tried to explain the importance of keeping the dog in the find area, he handed the phone back to the rescue lady. I asked the rescue to take hold of the dog and call the wardens themselves. The finder must have heard that instruction, he then forced the dog into his car and drove away. I told the rescue to grab a photo of the vehicle and registration.

It wasn’t long before we located the owner of Olive. We had to explain that they must contact the Police urgently so we could pass on the information we had of the finder. Owner and her family totally distraught with the fear they would never see Olive again. K9 immediately posted up a stolen dog alert
Staffordshire Police called and we were able to explain the incident and provide them what details we had for the finder. Then it was just a waiting game.

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Taking into account the mention of the Telford area, we contacted the stray kennels for that area, Hilbrae Kennels. Having a good working relationship with this kennels, we asked them to keep an eye out for Olive and should anyone hand her in, to accept even though it wasn’t their catchment area. Of course, they agreed.

Late that evening, we received information from Hilbrae that Olive had been handed into their kennels as a stray. Owners were alerted and overjoyed at the news.

Could have been so much easier, no upset had the finder simply followed the rules and handed Olive over to the local warden instead of driving her all the way to Telford. If it wasn’t for superior working relationship between K9, kennels and rescues, she may never have been found.


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Debbie Mathews
There are many loopholes that work against responsible dog owners and their microchipped pets so Debbie, along with her farther Sir Bruce Forsyth set up Vets Get Scanning with the aim to get all Vets to adopt a practice policy where all dogs are routinely scanned for microchips on their first visit. When a dog is taken into the veterinary practice with an owner no check for microchips will be made. This means stolen dogs that are sold onto unsuspecting members of the public will not be scanned and the dog will not be returned to its rightful owner.

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