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By Geraldine Cove-Print

Endorsed For Life?

Endorsed For Life?

Time and time again I hear good, genuine breeders say “I’ve endorsed my puppies to ensure they are safe”, but just how safe is a Kennel Club endorsement?

Take for instance “Progeny not to be registered”, that’s pretty clear isn’t it? It says the owner of the dog or bitch may not register any offspring with the Kennel Club. It won’t stop them using the dog for breeding but there will be no registration, the official tag that makes a dog pedigree in the eyes of the dog showing and breeding world.
Terrific, apart from one thing, apparently if you then sell the endorsed puppy abroad, even to our near neighbours across the channel that dog can be bred from and the offspring registered in that country. What ever happened to entente cordiale ?
Brexit may be new into our day to day language but it seems a united Europe of canines is well ahead and has never really “got it together”.

Returning to this virtual litter. What would happen if a puppy from that litter , complete with his or her ATC number was then exhibited in the UK? Even more embarrassing, what if that dog qualified for the proclaimed “Greatest Dog Show on Earth”, Crufts?

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A quick recap for your aching brain and my clarity of thought is needed. We have a dog that the UK Kennel Club , on behalf of an owner, who had paid a fee to the organisation in the expectancy of the endorsed dog could not be bred from , is bred from.

Not just bred from but progeny registered outside the UK . This is not an FCI breed, this is a native breed to the UK. The progeny, is then recognised by the UK Kennel Club…what? No, that cannot be, because they stamped the pedigree of the parent with “Progeny not to be registered”!

Hmm, this going to take some more thought.

The Kennel Club does communicate with other Kennel Clubs on a global scale, doesn’t it?
Surely the Kennel Club is not admitting to being parochial? Why then is Crufts the greatest dog show in the world, allegedly ?


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Geraldine Cove-Print
Geraldine Cove-Print has always been an "animal person". Her early career path was with horses and as an instructor and competitive three day event rider, a purchaser of bloodstock for the racing fraternity and an interest in the breeding and exhibiting of farm livestock she enjoyed learning from the voices of experience.She has been exhibiting, working and breeding dogs since 1975 and awards Challenge Certificates in two breeds.She spent 10 years as Consultant to the BBC on dog based programmes and has written for specialist journals including those focussed on the Veterinary profession for many years.

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  1. JanetLee

    Yes , this has happened recently ……...a dog endorsed ( both progeny NOT eligible for registration AND no export pedigree) by breeders here in UK , sold as a pet with fully signed contract , was then loaned abroad & a litter registered in that country ……..but the KC here has issued an ATC number to one of the progeny & it has now qualified for Crufts ……...setting a precedent for getting around an endorsement signed contract when sire was bought as a puppy , fully understanding the rules as purchaser was NOT a complete novice , already having bred another breed & having an affix . The KC upheld the endorsement here when challenged ( twice !!) , & a court case upheld it too as the CONTRACT was specific & both parties signed it . The precedent has been set now …...the loophole made wide open ……...why as a breeder would I now register ALL my pups thinking an endorsement would stop them entering the gene pool ? Perhaps selling pedigree but unregistered pups is the only way forward , this ensures that the dog cannot enter the gene pool in future , be it for health issues or quality issues ……...yes it can be bred from , but its pedigree cannot be incorporated legally . I think the KC has shot itself in the foot with regard to this ……...I now shall think VERY carefully about registering whole litters because I cannot trust the KC to uphold my wishes …… denies my experience & knowledge regarding the health , quality & breed typical attributes I considered the puppy I wanted endorsed to have. For instance if the puppy has untypical white markings , or is undershot etc I usually endorse it …… a worthless thing to do. I think this needs a full explanation from the KC to regain my trust & I believe a lot of other breeders will feel the same . Thank you for bringing this anomaly to light ……..come on KC …….explain !!!!

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