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By Andrea Keepence-Keyte

Christmas And New Year - New Rules, New News And New Puppies

Christmas And New Year - New Rules, New News And New Puppies

Lots of new things happening around and about at the moment. For example the KC have published the unbeaten rule now to encourage exhibitors to enter stakes and AV classes. I still think that the KC should make it a rule that only the BOB and BP from the BREED classes should be eligible in the group. I have discussed this before and I truly think that this should be a caveat to the new unbeaten dog ruling. I think it’s insulting to the judge who has come to judge the breed.

Also is a statement requesting that companies do not use brachiocephalic breeds in advertising to try and avoid them becoming fashionable!? I read somewhere that the popularity of French bulldogs has resulted in massive increase in registrations of the breed and unfortunately there are some pretty poor examples out there. I truly believe that some of this could be avoided if the KC made it mandatory to include results of health tests for registrations of puppies from high risk breeds and also stricter controls on members of the ABS. There is lots of research going on into colours not recognised (CNR) which certain colours can give rise to health risk but so often are flogged to the unknowing as “rare” for extra cash. Fashion so often can lead to health problems because there are those unscrupulous humans who will jump on the band wagon to make some easy money. It is such a shame that the good work being done by breed clubs to try and ensure the future of their breeds is so often over shadowed by the negative press. The public need to be educated but there are those who just want a puppy and want one cheap so while there is a market, sadly there will be a supply to meet the demand.

With the festive season upon us it is time to remember to ensure that our dogs cannot get at the festive goodies that potentially are on offer with easy pickings. Chocolates, dried fruit and a general helping of being spoilt always results in stories in the media and on social media where dogs have met a sticky end. It is so easy to become complacent but we must remember to put food out of reach and in dog proof bins. It is always heart breaking to read of stories where dogs have lost their lives through genuine accident or sometimes just not being aware of what is not good for dogs.
I have been thinking recently, because we are looking to acquire a new puppy to the family, about how much I then will have to change our house. With well-trained adult dogs it is easy to forget the chaos that having a puppy brings. Christmas is advertised as the wrong time for buying a puppy for those not committed but I am looking forward to having my life turned upside down again when the right youngster comes along….

And so will begin the journey of training another show dog, both for domestic reasons but also for competitive reasons both in the breed ring and handling ring.

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With the festive season comes lots of open shows with handling class’s scheduled. Please do send me your results and news and I will include it here. I wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a successful new year!

"Training a puppy is like raising a child. Every single interaction is a training opportunity" Ian Dunbar

If there is anything you would like me to discuss or research and write about please do email me or contact me through Facebook. Also, don’t forget to email or call me with your news, results and gossip!
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