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By Andrea Keepence-Keyte

CLKS Adult Handling Finals - Judges Critique

CLKS Adult Handling Finals - Judges Critique

Adult Handling Final 2017

Firstly I would like to thank the Coventry Ladies Kennel Society for inviting me to judge these Handling Finals.
I had great hospitality and a wonderful time over the 3 days.

Thank you to all of the handlers that gave me the tough job of judging. All were polite and very well turned out. I must say one thing that I was surprised to see. When showing the teeth, I was shocked to see how many handlers just grabbed the dog’s mouth without warning the dog, many handlers were quite rough and so the dog would back off therefore ruining the smoothness of showing the teeth that can be attained. Please be gentle whilst showing teeth.

My 4 main winners I must say were brilliant! You should all be very proud of yourselves. In the final I was asking for a simple up and down and round to the end. This simple pattern gave me my 2 main winners – Overall Winner Kay Binnersley and Runner up Susan Kannangara.

Kay is such an unassuming handler who you clearly see loves handling, she was foot perfect from the moment she came into the ring. Working as a great team. Her up and down was perfect so I could see the dog’s movement without out problems. Her dog was slightly fidgety but using her calmness and gentleness to correct, the overall picture was lovely to watch. Big congratulations.

Susan is such a gentle handler that gets the best out of her dog. Again you can see she loves handling and you can tell she has practiced and spent a lot of time training with her dog. Her up and down was straight, again so I could easily see the dog’s movement. Moved at the correct pace. A great team. Well done.

Day 1

1st Emma Tripp.
As soon as Emma walked into the ring she was a joy to watch. Always communicating with her dog. Table work was perfect, good clean showing of the teeth. Pattern works was spot on. Lines and corners very tight and neat and the dog came back to my feet not Emma. Set up was quick and effortless. Great partnership. Well done.

31-45 years
1st Andrea Keepence-Keyte
Andrea won this class on her partnership with her dog and how well they worked together. Table work was faultless and her pattern work was on point. A real joy to watch this pair. Set up was quick, easy and unflustered. Gentle clean showing of the teeth. You should be very proud of your performance.

46-59 years
1st Simon Sampson
Simons partnership with his dog is 2nd to none. I found myself smiling when watching this pair. Table work was perfect and great communication and gentle showing of the teeth. Lines straight and corners neat. Foot perfect performance.

60 years+
1st Susan Kannangara.
Wow I was impressed! This pair was faultless. Table work brilliant, gentle showing of teeth. Great communication with her dog. Pattern work straight and neat. Set up was quick and unfussed. Final presentation lovely. I could not deny her the class.

Day 2
17-30 years

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1st Charlotte Page.
Charlotte is a pleasure to watch in the ring. Great presentation, clean gentle showing of the teeth. Did not get flustered with the dog fidgeted. Smooth patterns into tight corners. You could tell they have a great partnership.

31-45 years.
1st James Hutton-Barber
As soon as James entered the ring, I knew he was the one to watch. His partnership with this dog was lovely to see. Table work was great, gentle showing of the teeth. Pattern work was on point. Straight lines and tight corners. Quick unfussed set up. Dog shown to the correct pace. Well done!

46-59 years
1st Kay Binnersley.
Kay is a wonderful handler to watch. You can tell the dog likes working with her. Quick set up with a fidgety dog. Good clean, gentle showing of the teeth. Pattern work spot on and final presentation was brilliant.

60+ years
1st Catriona Price
Catriona performed great here. Good table work with great showing of teeth. Lines nice and straight. Good communication with her dog. Quick unfussed set up again the dog shown at the correct pace.

Day 3
17-30 years
1st Ella Armstrong.
Ella is such a professional handler. Quick, unfussed set up. Gentle showing of the teeth. Triangle and up and down was perfect. Her dog was fidgeting on the set up after the pattern however Ella remained calm with her dog until set up was complete. Great suit colour to compliment her dog. I appreciated her having to work to keep her exuberant dog under control. A joy to watch.

31-45 years
1st Dan Mann
Dan got the best out of his dog. Quick unfussy set up. Good clear showing of the teeth. Pattern work was straight, tight corners and great presentation. Shown at the correct pace. Unflustered with a free standing dog. Very smartly presented.

46-59 years
1st Patricia Rogerson
This was a lovely partnership to watch. Great table work with a young dog. Composed when showing teeth. Great pattern work starting from my feet. Straight neat lines. Great unfussed set up with free standing dog. Great final presentation.

60+ years
1st Amanda Brooksmith
Amanda was spot on today. Great unfussed set up with clear gentle showing of the teeth. Good straight lines and neat corners. Correct pace. Working very well together. Good final presentation. Happy to give her the class.

Shannon Roberts


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