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By Andrea Keepence-Keyte

Coventry Ladies Kennel Society Adult Handling Finals 2017

Coventry Ladies Kennel Society Adult Handling Finals 2017

Firstly please let me apologise for the lack of column last week – I was pretty ill and I just did not feel up to writing a column… Especially given the adventure I had to even get to see an emergency dentist!

The Coventry Ladies Kennel Society Adult Handling Finals 2017 took place over the three days of City of Birmingham Championship show. Many thanks again to the committee of this show for letting CLKS hold the finals alongside.

Lisa Gudgin and her family did an excellent job once again of organising and running the finals – Anne Defaye being on the committee for CoB having to try and split her time across both events! Neil Adams and Chris Pougher were stewarding over the entire event and Chris kept us all updated via Facebook with the results as they came along.

Many thanks to this team who have been involved in this event since its creation and without whom it could not continue!

Shannon Roberts was the judge for the event. Shannon has won the finals in 2015 and was runner up in 2016. She has had much success in the handling ring and in the breed ring with both Chinese Crested and Xoloitzcuintli

Over the three days the competitors were challenged with a “simple” triangle followed by and up and down. I have long contested that many handlers struggle to do this basic pattern and I have warned many times in this column that this must be perfected over all other patterns.

The final task was an away and back but Shannon was subtly positioning her feet so that it was not always a straight across the ring and back. I noticed when watching that this caught many out.

This winners in this first round were as follows:

Day 1

Class - 17-30 years -(6 -1a)
1) Emma Tripp
2) Abbeygail Longhurst
3) Vanessa Taylor
4) Samantha Cheyanne Webster
5) Charlotte Carpenter

Class - 31-45 years - (7)
1) Andrea Keepence-Keyte
2) Helen Geeson
3) Linda Mcfarlane
4) Margaret Cassidy
5) Zetor Perkins

Class - 46-59 years (11 - 1a)
1) Simon Sampson
2) Kathryn Thomas
3) Dawn Bailey
4) Liz Brown
5) Alison Handley

Class - 60 years + (9 - 2a)
1) Susan Kannangara
2) Margaret Wildsmith
3) Joanne Robinson
4) Mary Melvin
5) Jackie Nash

Day 2

Class - 17-30 years (8-1a)
1) Charlotte Page
2) James Rogerson
3) Olivia Busby
4) Lucy Green
5) Heather Vine

Class - 31-45 years (10)
1) James Hutton-Baber
2) Toni Wescott-Smith
3) Elaine Newton
4) Kirstie Venton New
5) Rebecca Cunningham

Class - 46-59 years (11-1a)
1) Kay Binnersley
2) Mrs Hardwicke
3) Jo Ellis
4) Rena Barrow
5) Angie Fieldsend
Class - 60 years + (11-2a)

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1) Catriona Price
2) Marilyn Gilbert
3) Alan Small
4) Lynn Hodson
5) Mary Small

Day 3

Class - 17-30 years (16 - 1a)
1) Ella Armstrong
2) Rebecca Mills
3) Kyle Adams
4) Emily Bennet
5) Stacie Nicoll

Class - 31-45 years (11 - 1a)
1) Dan Mann
2) Vicky Davis
3) Jolene Silsbury
4) Claire Cooper
5) Claire Levy

Class - 46-59 years (18 - 2a)
1) Patricia Rogerson
2) Jacqueline Wakefield
3) Claire Stuchbury
4) Claire Tatum
5) Joy Whiting

Class 60 years + (14 - 3a)
1) Amanda Gulfstream Brooksmith
2) Angela Draper
3) Derek Pellowe
4) Christine Owen
5) Margaret McWilliams

The winners from each age group from each day then returned to challenge for best in their age groups.

The challenge put to us this time was a straight across and back, simple but when I asked for personal feedback Shannon said she was looking for a tight and tidy turn with dead straight lines.

The winners of each age group that proceeded to the final were:

17-30 years - Ella Armstrong
31-45 years - James Hutton-Baber
45-59 years - Kay Binnersley
60 Years plus - Susan Kannangara

The overall winner was crowned in the BIS show ring just before the judging of BIS.

Shannon’s main winners were:

Overall best adult handler was awarded to Kay Binnersley and reserve to Susan Kannangara.

It was lovely to see how much it meant to both Kay and Susan, many many congratulations to you both.

Well done to all who qualified, were in the cards and won through – it is a massive achievement to get to the finals and then be lucky enough to win through.

Well it starts again now – another year until the next finals.
Photo's available : https://www.dogfocus.co.uk/showing/dog-shows/show-1610/coventry-ladies-kennel-society-adult-handling-final/03-09-2017/

Good luck to all who have not qualified yet!

“Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best” – Theodore Isaac Rubin

If there is anything you would like me to discuss or research and write about please do email me or contact me through Facebook. Also, don’t forget to email or call me with your news, results and gossip!
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