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Here we go, very busy time in the show calendar, kicking off with British Rottweiler Association Championship Show

Judge Tan Nagrecha

BCC & BIS Bronia & Michaela's Ch Fantasa Smirnoff Blu Violet AJW15 (Ch Minaeleas Black Mambo x Ch Smirnoff Ice

RBCC & RBIS Ian Trueman & Carol Brownridges Ch Jaegerot Cheeky Vimto JW bred by Ian & Carol (Ch Jezeve Sherbet x Steigen Earth Angel).

DCC Ch Rostock Claas, owned and bred by Rosemary Poole (Cito Von Junipera x Rostock Zetta)

RDCC Fantasa Smirnoff Cosmo, bred by Liz Dunhill, (Ch Minaeleas Black Mambo x Ch Smirnoff Ice

BPIS was Panelma Geti owned and bred by Maggie Bryant (Gyrima The Aviator x Panelma Vudugirl)

12 dogs also took and passed their temperament test and the popular sculpture raffle raised over £340 for Rottweilers In Need so i make no apology for hounding you all to buy tickets, the winner was Jackie Shaves.

On to LASER with two breed specialists judging and for the first time another breed specialist to judge BIS.

Linda Cotton judged dogs and DCC his 20th was Norman and Olive Davisons Ch Firemoon Amis Avie JW, bred by the owners (Ch Hanbar Matcho x Ch Riviere De Diamant Avec Firemoon)

RDCC Ch Carsal Leonardo at Icklesborne, bred by Carl & Sally Benstead (Poncheens Born to Shine at Bevanray x Carsal Greta) owned by John and Tash Osborne.

Becky Gibbard judged bitches with the BCC her 3rd and crowning one going to Janis Hortons Juffther Happy Bunny, bred by Ruth Linsley (Ch Rostock Ring of Fire JW ShCM x Juffther New Direction

RBCC Seittor Jitterbug JW owned by Dave & Sandra Lambert (Ch Jezeve Gob Stopper x Seittor Cosmic Wish)

BPIS Paul & Georgina Adams Jhava Kind of Magic, bred by Paul and Georgina. (Virlees Claudius x Jhava The One n Only)

BVIS Ian Trueman & Carol Brownridges Ch Jezeve Sherbet (Ch Imor Von Der Blockhutte Mit Juffther x Ch Danjemar Emerald Beauty at Jezeve) bred by Becky Gibbard

Now it was time for BIS judge John Bond to earn his lunch, he awarded BIS to Juffther Happy Bunny and RBIS & BOS to Ch Firemoon Amis Avie JW

Linnet had an exceptional day raising over £200 with her home baked cakes for Rottweilers In Need, Linnet you are a star.

Time for 40 winks and onto Eastern Counties garden party Championship show with the sun shining and strawberries and cream a perfect Sunday.

Jo Ellis judged dogs and awarded the dog CC, his first, to Nick Batesons Darkarmar Eminem,bred by Margaret Rowarth (Fantasia Marlon Brando x D Penny Lane.

RDCC Stuart Thompson & Alison James Ch Bamabel Abraham (Ger ch Vrango Vom Rauberweg x Hanbar Maggie at B)

Edwina Johnson was judging bitches and awarded the BCC to Marie Wards Warrimead Kustom Made, her 3rd cc so another new champion this weekend ( subject to KC confirmation) bred by Marie (Ch Bamanel Abraham x Warrimead Pia)

RBCC Val Jones Westfalen Grand Design (Ch Oleria Blaze of Gold x Dortmund Rock n Roll for Westfalen ShCM) bred by Val.

Barbara Morris was BIS judge and awarded it to Warrimead Kustom Made rounding off a perfect day for Marie. RBIS & BOS Darkarmar Eminem

BPIS Alastair Bailles Stairvale Perfect Allusion (Stairvale Black Allusion x Hanbar Ulrika at Stairvale) bred by Alastair.

BVIS Ch Trecealy Nemesis JW (Seittor Twist The Facts JW ShCM x Lydia's Dark Angel at T)

Well done to everyone, anything you want putting in the notes just let me know

Denise Coleman

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National Working Breeds Judge Barbara Morris

DCC his 3rd and new champion (subject to KC approval) Bamabel Abraham JW (Germ Ch Vranjo Vom Rauberweg x Hanbar Maggie) bred and owned by Stuart Thompson and Alison James. This is their first homebred champion and obviously they were over the moon.
RDCC went to Norma Window, John Clitheroe and Dawn Bryces Hanbar Torres (Ch Hanbar Matcho JW x Ch Hanbar Ismay JW) bred by Chris and Norma Window and handled by Jodi.
Not to be outdone by her father, BCC Warrimead Kustom Made (Bamabel Abraham JW x Warrimead Pia) bred and owned by Marie Ward.
RBCC Dortmund Betty Boo (Dortmund Bobby Dazzler JW x Ch Dortmund Shockwave) owned and bred by Barry & Carole Clark and handled by Bev.
BP Dortmund Dilly Daydream (again sired by the same dog as the RBCC winner Dortmund Bobby Dazzler JW x Dortmund Eva The Diva) owned by Mr R & Ms M Williams.

Congratulations to you all.

Leeds Judge Albert Wight

Leeds was wet, we had torrential rain, heavy rain and downpours in between, judging was delayed for half an hour to allow exhibitors extra time to get onto the show ground. However, once judging got under way the rain stopped and eventually the sun came out.

Another new champion was crowned as DCC was awarded to Jezeve Jive Talkin (Gyrima The Aviator JW x Jezeve Obcession JW) owned by Sarah Walsh, bred by Becky Gibbard and Lydia Watts and handled by Becky.
RDCC Upend Yoan at Kassmax (Hanbar Eddy x Upend Tickety Boo) bred by Wendy Tate and owned by Mick & Margaret Gee.

BCC her 4th was Ch Guardami Guarding Tess at Tazmanic JW ( Gyrima The Aviator JW x Torrenta Truly Scrumptious at Guardami) bred by Steve & Pauline Lockyer and owned by Keith and Chris Robinson.
RBCC Juffther Happy Bunny JW (Ch Rostock Ring of Fire JW ShCM x Juffther New Direction) bred by Ruth Linsley and owned by Janis Horton.
BP Whisperdowns Tango (Ch Jezeve Gob Stopper x Pendley Ivette at Whisperdown) bred and owned by Gail Courtney-Baughan and handled by Becky.

Both DCC & BCC were sired by Jo Barnes Gyrima The Aviator (Denzel) who I am guessing got a rather special tea that night!

Congratulations to you all.

Apologies if there are any spelling mistakes but spell check doesn't work on most of the dogs KC names!

If you want anything put in the notes ie closing dates, shows, any other news or information contact myself or Becky Gibbard.

Denise Coleman

07748 568601 / 01673 858969There are several shows to catch up on since my last breed notes. I have condensed them a bit as there are so many to cover this time.

Border Union Ch Show was judged by Louise Russell (Ubersein) from Australia.
DCC & BOB was Tracy & Terri Tousent & Bill Crawley’s Minaelea Taylored By Choice JW ShCM (Ch Minaelea Black Mambo JW x Minaelea’s Celtic Cascade) bred by Robert & Donna Taylor. RDCC: From veteran was Alison Bunton’s Reikkson Ready for Action JW ShCM (Ryckamie Fantasy Moonquest x Dabraco Hot Image) bred by Nikki Robertson. BCC: Michaella Dunhill-Hall & Bronnie Davies’ Ch Fantasa Smirnoff Blu Violet AJW ’15 (Ch Minaelea’s Black Mambo x Ch Fantasa Smirnoff Ice) bred by Liz Dunhill. RBCC: Margaret Rowarth’s homebred Darkarmar Shakira JW (Fantasa Marlon Brandon x Darkarmar Penny Lane). BP: Denise Sharples’ Darkarmar Rihanna (Fantasa Smirnoff Cosmo x Darkarmar Penny Lane) bred by Margaret Rowarth.

Graham Hill judged Blackpool Ch Show.
DCC & BOB was Tim Galvin’s homebred Ballyseedyrotts Asthor Ir J Ch (Ch Cotarinn Fright Night x Rosamic I’m Legend) winning that all important third CC. RDCC: Ballyseedyrotts Armageddon Ir J Ch. BCC: Ballyseedyrotts Asteria. All three are litter brothers/sister. What an amazing day for Tim, it certainly made the long journey from Ireland worth while. Many Congratulations. RBCC: John & Diane Allen’s homebred Jodipas Time JW ShCM (Ch Ronmal Diesel’s Destiny x Ch Jodipas Time Square JW ShCM) BP: Mandy McClure’s Fantasa Pink Fizz at Mankell (Mankell Te Amo x Fantasa Aftershock) bred by Liz Dunhill. BJ: Sarah Jacob’s homebred Salonga Let’s Get Wicked (Debijante’s Dux Imp Swe x Salonga Sugarbabe JW ShCM). Mandy & Sarah had a lovely finish to the day in the group’s. Mandy won the puppy group & Sarah was third in the junior group, both judged by Jane Paradise, well done to you both.

Windsor was judged by Jenny Killilea (Redwitch).
DCC & BOB was Norma Window, John Clitheroe & Dawn Bryce’s Hanbar Torres (Ch Hanbar Matcho JW x Ch Hanbar Ismay JW) bred by Norma & Chris, handled by Jodi Allen. RDCC: Maggie Docherty & Michaella Dunhill-Hall’s Fantasa Just for The Record (Fantasa Marlon Brandon x Fantasa China Moonlight) bred by Liz Dunhill. BCC: from junior was Lucy Hoole’s homebed Upmont Gypsy Jazz (Dortmond Bobby Dazzler x Bearwithme Black Caviar for Scontragen) RBCC: Mandy Devereux’s Dortmund Miss Dynamite (Hanbar Dante x Dortmund Delightful Dotty) bred by Barry & Carole Clark. BP: Gail Courtney-Baughan’s homebred Whisperdown Tango (Ch Jezeve Gob Stopper JW x Pendley Ivette at Whisperdown) they went on to get fourth in the puppy group under Miss Jenny Dove.

Last but know means least is East of England which was judged by Sandra Drinkwater (Galerita).
DCC & BOB was Michaella Dunhill-Hall & Bronnie Davies’ Fantasa Smirnoff Cosmo (Ch Minaelea’s Black Mambo x Ch Fantasa Smirnoff Ice) bred by Liz Dunhill. RDCC: from junior was David & Eleanor Hislop’s Westlodge Five Star (Astor Wonderful Wizard With Westlodge x Westlodge Vouvray) bred by Sue Turnbull. BCC: Janice Horton’s Juffther Happy Bunny JW (Ch Rostock Ring Of Fire x Juffther New Direction) bred by Ruth Lindley. RBCC: Michaella Dunhill-Hall & Bronnie Davies’ Ch Fantasa Smirnoff Blu Violet AJW ’15 (Ch Minaelea’s Black Mambo x Ch Fantasa Smirnoff Ice) bred by Liz Dunhill. BP: Maggie Bryant’s homebred Panelma Geti (Gyrima The Aviator JW x Panelma Voodoomagic, handled by Maria Chisholm. Maggie was thrilled to win third in the puppy group under Mrs S Hattrell. Well done.

Sarah Morgan has recently stepped down as breed health co-ordinator due to work commitments. Sarah did a great job and I am sure she will be missed, but fortunately Paul Perks has taken up the post. Paul is also health co-ordinator for Russian Black Terriers, so has experience in the post and I am sure he will do an excellent job. Well done Paul for taking on what is not always a popular job.

Finally Denise Colman will be joining me in writing these breed notes on a weekly basis. In this new format we have a lot more freedom what we can write, so if you have any breed related news/topics, show dates, or success in any field and you would like a mention, please get in touch with either myself or Denise.

Rebecca Gibbard
01263 731196

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