Newfoundland Breed Notes

By del richards


Newfoundland Breed Notes 16th July 2021.
Some sad news to start as I heard from Canadian friends that Tubby Miller has passed away.
For many years, I had the regional Canadian newsletter and Tubby was often a main feature with his working and training articles. He was still active in the working arena although was in his late 80s. The words ‘force-free’ training are very much in vogue at the moment but Tubby subscribed to this method long before the term was invented. His dogs adored him and so did most people. His trademark moustache and twinkly eyes were a ‘people magnet’ and when we met him at a Canadian Specialty, I could see why.
Tubby had a sudden illness and hospitalisation last week but recovered well enough to come home on daughter, Kerri’s, birthday. Sadly, he passed away that night. Condolences to Kerri and the family. The passing of a legend.
Some happier news now.
Steph Mills messaged me to say that her ‘Riley’ (Zentaur Drop It Like Its Hot for Oialt {AI}JW) had a great day at East of England Open Show with a BOB under Gary Gray and a Group 1 under Derfel Owen. The first Open show Group winner since the return to ‘normal’ showing. Well done, Team Riley. (More on Riley further down this column!)
On to East of England Champ show where Jeff Horswell was our judge.
Dog CC from Yearling (and his 2nd ever champ show) was Mandy and Steve Black’s Gunnersnewfs Black Desire for Blackcoast. Huge congratulations to Team Hiccup, there were many smiling faces that day!
RCC males (his second) was Mr and Mrs Crosier’s Nurburgnewf Cayman – from Graduate. Another lovely win for him.
On to Bitches, and creating the double for breeder Claire Baldock, was Sarah Farrell’s Gunnersnewfs Beyond A Doubt for Lazeybear from Limit Class. This was, I believe, her first show, so what an achievement! She was also shortlisted under Group judge, Tim Ball. And just to put the icing on the cake, Team Gunnersnewfs also won the Breeder Stakes Working under Hazel Fitzgibbon. Well done.
And the RCC bitch? Remember Riley from earlier in this column? She was 2nd in Limit and bagged her first RCC for a delighted Steph! What a day!
Best Puppy in Breed was Ricky Furnell’s Bebecova Blankety Blank at her first Champ show but I believe she had BPIB at the East of England Open show too. What a lovely start for her.
And not forgetting the most important class – Veteran. This class and BVIB was Sandra and John Constable’s Larkharbour Silver Lady – it’s so heartwarming to see the older dogs enjoying their day out. Well done to you all.
On a personal note, the Red Face of the Day Award goes to me and Mr R! Having entered Sula, stayed at a wonderful hotel and generally had a great time, Sula (who had gone through a phantom pregnancy a few weeks ago) decided that our ringside 4-man tent was the perfect place to have her imaginary puppies and flat out refused to move from there! Not even to return to the car park at the end of judging! So, after obtaining the Secretary’s permission, Hedd had to get our van to the ringside (accompanied by safety stewards with flags) in order to get the stubborn moo out of the show. Typically, she was ‘restored to factory setting‘ before we got home and has been wearing a smug expression ever since!
News to me via the usual channels please.
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Newfoundland Breed Notes 2nd July 2021.
How nice to have actual shows to report on!
In chronological order – here goes!
At Scunthorpe CA Limited Show, Mandy and Steve Black’s Gunnersnewfs Black Desire for Blackcoast had a wonderful start to his show career. He won Best AVNSC Working and then (drum-roll please!) BIS under Judge, Linda Morton. Huge congratulations and I hope this is the first of many successes for Team Hiccup!
Then on to the first all-breeds Ch Show since the original Lockdown, namely Southern Counties, where Bill Piggott was the replacement judge.
Dog CC (his 4th) and BOB ( with a Group shortlist) was Suzanne Blake’s Ch Sandbears On The Money. RDCC from Graduate was Chris Bodman’s Stelamah Victorious Nico at Acara. And what a well timed boost that would have been for Chris following husband, John’s, emergency hospital admission. Thankfully, he is recovering well and I’m sure we all send our best wishes to him.
Bitch CC from Open, and her title after nearly two years, was Sheena Pallett’s Sandbears Hawaiian Hot Stuff to Sheenmarie ShCM, ShCEx. Handled by her breeder, Suzanne, in the Bitch Challenge (and may have handled throughout but I was at another ringside watching Hedd judge Samoyeds, so apologies for not having all the details), there was much excited cheering when Tara gained her crown. Tara was born in August 2015 from Ch Deep Love Head Over Heels JW x Ch Sandbears Got Attitude. She has 5 other RCCs so it was lovely to see her not being the ‘bridesmaid’ at this Show!
RBCC (her 4th) was Pat Franklin’s Shinglebay High Hopes ShCM and was 2nd in Open and a very popular choice with the ringside too.
BPIB was Pam Leech’s Mileoak Loch Ness (what a super name for a Newf!). She also had a Working Puppy Group 4 under Jacqui Ward. What a great start for her!
Best Veteran in Breed was Rupert Burton’s Merrybear Freddie Mercury.
Best Junior in Breed was the bitch, Sparkybears A Star is Born owned by Burton and Burton (not sure if these are the same owners as Best Veteran?)
Well done to you all.
Another copy of the BRS has arrived and shows 28 new litters registered during the January to March 2021 period. In all, these make 175 individual puppies. 7 of the litters had no affix, while 1 other had the KC’s own affix (Kentwone for this year). Of the remaining litters, 11 were bred by those who are exhibitors to some extent. Most were accepted colours but, as usual, there were some who did not conform to the Breed Standard in relation to colour.
There were 4 imports from France, Russia, Denmark, and Poland respectively. I wonder how many more imports we will see now that Brexit has kicked in?
Health test results showed 5 of 19 elbow scores that would be ‘not recommended for breeding’ by the BVA, while Hips had 20 dogs scored with 3 showing ‘non-breedable scores’ (again, going by BVA guidelines).
Cystinuria had 5 tested and all were Clear. Surely there were more ‘potential’ breeding dogs who need this test carried out? Relying on ‘Clear by Parentage’ is a dubious strategy and also creates a lot of hunting back through records for future generations. What do others think about this?
News to me via the usual channels please.
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Newfoundland Breed Notes 21st June 2021.
I have received the following from Jeni Giambona (Sec of the Southern Newfoundland Club). This is an excellent scheme and well worth joining for any breeder who wants to go the 'extra mile'.
"The Southern Newfoundland Club operate the Better Breeders Scheme. The aim of the Scheme is to promote the best possible standards of breeding with the objective of producing physically and mentally healthy puppies. We welcome new applicants and strive to support breeders navigate the intricacies of breeding healthy puppies, and puppy buyers find a breeder with suitable puppies."
I'm sure everyone is cautiously excited about the starting up of shows. Southern Counties is the first Champ Show with Newfs getting an entry of 50 for the scheduled Finnish judge, Mr Timmonen. However, as most will know, the Finnish judges had to be released from their judging appointments due to COVID travel restrictions. The new allocated judge will be Bill Piggott who has many decades of Newf experience, ownership, and club involvement.
Sad to hear of the sudden passing of all-rounder judge, Jean Lanning at the age of 91. She was still an active judge and it was a shock to hear this news. She awarded CCs in many breeds - Newfs included - and was one of few all-rounders who had a soft spot for the white&black. Condolences to her family.
This past weekend saw the first Open show (Southampton) with Krys Greenland doing our breed. I believe there were some successful group placings but until I hear from owners, I will say nothing for fear of getting it wrong! However, BOB was Hunt's Tallisbay Theodore, RBOB Mills and Chatburn's Zentaur Drop It Like Its Hot at Oialt, and BPIB Archer's Romanian import Fable of Sweet Dark Caramel. Well done to you all.
Any news - please send to me via the usual channels.
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Newfoundland Breed Notes 23rd May 2021.
Another Open show for you to consider - Scarborough DCS where the breed judge is Richard Hollifield who is no stranger to our breed and is well used to large breeds.
And, following my comment on Doppler scanning last time, I had a message from Julia-Ann Ryan (also telling me about Scarborough show) to let me know that Susan Roberts is now doing Dopplers in West Yorkshire. Details are on the Veterinary Cardiovascular Society site (but message me if you can't find it). Thanks, Julia Ann.
I don't know how many of you watched Dragon's Den the other night (BBC1) but one of the pitches was for funding for the UK Sniffer Dogs trainers who started this activity in the UK and run courses to train up new instructors nationwide. Sadly, they didn't get their funding but it was good to hear one of the trainers describe the activity as 'Mindfulness for Dogs'. I couldn't agree more and, from a personal opinion, I found that this is an ideal Newf activity and has been a much practiced form of exercise during Lockdown at our home. It promotes calmness and confidence so a big help for those with mad youngsters who need a low impact activity that keeps them satisfied.
Look up UK Sniffer Dogs online to see if there is a qualified trainer in your area if you are interested.
Meanwhile, Championship Show entries are going ahead. I see there are COVID rules and guidelines to be adhered to, so it's worth having a good read of these before attending. Hopefully, everyone will understand that we are all in the same boat and show some tolerance and good manners to each other.
News to me via the usual channels please.
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Newfoundland Breed Notes 8th May 2021
Pleased to say that events are still planned and apparently going ahead subject to the COVID situation at that time.
Those waiting to carry out Health tests will be delighted to hear that Hip and Elbow scoring appears to be gathering pace. For anyone needing these done urgently, bear in mind that a lot of people will want them done (in a variety of breeds), so early booking is essential.
I'm also delighted that heart testing/Doppler scans have resumed in the South (if you know of any in any other areas, please speak up!)
Another Open Show for your diaries - namely Otley CS on 27th July at Sloe Berry Farm, Austfield Lane, Hillam LS25 5NQ. Judge is Martin Sanders who has a strong interest in our breed (you may have seen him ringside at general and club shows). For those staying in caravans etc, this show is only two days after Leeds Champ Show so good chance to build up a 'fix' of shows after so long without.
I'm also hearing of planned litters from ethical breeders so let's hope the general public listen and steer away from the 'money breeders'.
Any news - please send to me via the usual channels.
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Newfoundland Breed Notes 29th April 2021.
I'm sure most of us are very excited to see the shows starting up again. Possibly not as excited as the manufacturers of Fishing Umbrellas as we all go a bit batty in trying to order them!
A number of Champ shows have definitely bagged their place in the calendar (not necessarily at the original date) but I see that Open shows are also getting geared up for the summer.
One of these is Cheshire County Premier Show (Working day on Tuesday 22nd June). There are five Newfoundland classes, which will be judged by Caroline Friend-Rees, so please think about supporting both the judge and the canine society.
Another event which is going ahead is the 2nd National Meeting of Newfoundland Friends at Langtoft Fen, Peterborough on Sat 28th to Mon 30th August 2021. Contact Greg Roffe for more details but suffice to say that a variety of fun and training sessions will be scheduled. There will also be an evening gala/dinner and presentation - it sounds like an unmissable few days!
Send your news to me via the usual channels please.
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Newfoundland Breed Notes 13th April 2021.
Here I am at long last! There has certainly been a shortage of reportable news!
I'm not going to mention the possible start-up of shows as the last time I did that, I jinxed it and we went into another Lockdown!
The latest BRS arrived at our house.
September 2020 to December 2020 saw 30 new litters being registered (203 individual dogs) - goodness knows how many non-registered litters occurred during this period of impulse buying!
Of the 30 litters, 24 had an affix (kennel name) with a small percentage of those being show exhibitors.
The total number of Newfs registered during 2020 was 577 - slightly up on 2019 but a decrease from the previous eight years.
There were just a handful of non-standard colours registered - although the 'black and white' term confuses me slightly as I'm not sure if it simply means black with white chest markings etc, white & black, or mismarked Irish spotted.... maybe someone knows how the KC records this.
Despite the difficulties of travel to other countries, there were 2 exports (to Belgium and the Netherlands), and 3 imports (from Italy, Czech Republic, and Russian Federation).
Recorded health tests for this period included 14 for Cystinuria (most were Clear - proving how effective and useful DNA tests are, and no excuse for not carrying them out).
Elbows - 22 dogs were tested with 6 having a non-recommended breeding score (BVA guidelines).
Hips - 21 dogs tested, with 13 in single figures and another 7 with scores from 10 to 20. Thankfully, no terrible scores were recorded.
As well as shows looking a bit more hopeful, working events are eagerly anticipated too. While many of you have taken part in online training etc, it will be a great bonus to have 'real' working sessions and tests starting up again. It will be so nice to meet up with friends and, more importantly, their Newfs!
If you have any news, please send on to me via the usual channels.
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Newfoundland Notes 26th February 2021.
Last minute response to my request for news! The Northern Newfoundland Club is running an online show which closes on 28th February (I've been given two different 'closing times' on that date 10 am and 5pm so perhaps get them in by 10 am just to be safe!)
Newfoundland Breed Classes have a good classification and will be judged by Ian Harland from Australia. Junior Handling will be judged by 'our' Stephen Gosling (also an Australian!). All breed novelty classes will be judged by Roy and Jo Bown (Notts UK) who, I'm sure will make a great job of sorting out these entertaining classes.
Entries/photos should be sent to
Entry fees are only £2 per entry or 3 entries for £5. Don't forget to put the name and age of the dog plus what class you are entering.
Have a look at the NNC site to check out the few rules that help to make this a fair contest.
Best of luck to all entrants. I look forward to seeing the results.
If anyone has any news for this column, please send via Messenger
or to
Del Richards.

Newfoundland Breed Notes - I'm sure many of you are hiding your news! Please don't be shy! Email or message me whatever Newf related news you want to share with others!
I hear that the Newfoundland Club are in the process of running another online auction, so have a look on their site for more details. Don't miss out on this chance to get a collectible item.
Del Richards

It is my sad duty to report the sad loss of David Lindsay (Bluebears Newfoundlands). David had not enjoyed good health for the past few years and I was so sorry to hear that he succumbed to his poor health recently. I'm sure we all send our condolences to Yvonne and the rest of the family.

Also some sad news from Kirsteen and Alan Farrar in that they have lost their lovely Anya (Ch Darkpeak Fallen Angel) who had reached her 12th birthday in December 2020.
She was sired by Ch Hanningfield Sequoia from their German import Paola vom Trieberg. Anya won 13 CC’s including one from Veteran at the Newfoundland Club Championship Show in 2016. Like all their dogs she was very much a pet and was one of those dogs who was a joy to live with; an example of her breed being happy camping in a tent or staying in a plush hotel - as long as she was with 'her people'. She has certainly left a massive hole in the Darkpeak house, as you can imagine… I'm sure we all send our regards to the Farrars.

Also some happier news from Kirsteen in an official capacity as Chair of the Newfoundland Club.

The Newfoundland Club will be holding a 2nd On line auction in February. This will be done via facebook and further details will be available both the Newfoundland Club website and on the Club’s FB page. All proceeds will be to Welfare and a catalogue of ‘lots’ will be emailed to all members and available on request (nearer the time) from Similarly if anyone has any items they wish to donate to contact Kirsteen Farrar on that email address.
News to me via the usual channels please.
Del Richards 01558 668065 or

Newfoundland Breed Notes 23rd December 2020.

These are probably the last Breed Notes for this difficult year and how nice to end on a positive note.

I hear from SNC Welfare Officer, Pat Franklin, that the online auction she recently organised raised a whopping £2036.59 for Rescue. Well done to her and to the generous people who donated items and the equally generous ones who bought them.

The Newfoundland Club also ran an online auction offering some unique collectables. I don’t have a total of the funds raised but I’m sure they will go some way to dealing with the almost inevitable Welfare issues that will crop up following the ‘impulse buying’ of pups during Lockdown. Well done to all involved.

On the subject of the Newfoundland Club, Abbi Adair ran a very successful three-round competition for members only and, my goodness, this brought out the competitive side in us all! The first round consisted of a baking competition – the finished article to have a Newf image in it somewhere. This was won by the talented Pat Franklin (although I tried to demand a Steward’s Enquiry following my failure to win this round!)

The second round was a Christmas Tree decoration with a Newf image included. (I didn’t attempt this – still sulking from Round 1 !) Again, Pat triumphed in the anonymous voting.

Third Round was a Christmas Card with a Newf theme. This was won by Rose Watkins.

The Grand Final has not yet been completed so, members, get your votes in by clicking a ‘Like’ on your chosen winner! This competition has been great fun – no surprise where Abbi is involved – and I’m sure took our minds off more serious issues.

Talking of serious issues, I see that some DNA testing laboratories are now offering LAFORA testing for Newfs. This is a disease I have always associated with Dachshunds so it was a shock to see it turn up in our breed. I understand that this seems to be confined to a certain number of countries at the moment but if anyone has any experience of this condition in Newfs in the UK, I’m sure it would be helpful if you can forward the details to the Canine Health Schemes department at the BVA or the overseas equivalent.

It was great to hear of a British Newf doing well and gaining her VN (Versatile Newf) title in the USA. This was Queenkellan Dream Maker at Bear n Mind, owned by the Gorsuch family. ‘Cassidy’ (bred by Heather Scott in Ireland) recently passed her Draught Dog Beginners, Regular, and Team Draught title which gave her the final leg of the VN. For those not familiar with the VN title, dogs have to have their AKC Champion title, AKC Obedience title, NCA Water Rescue title, and NCA Draught Dog title in order to qualify for a VN.

Huge congratulations to all involved – I think Cassidy has more than proven herself to be ‘versatile’!

I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a better 2021.

Any news you want included, please forward to me via the usual channels.

Del Richards 01558 668065 or

Newfoundland Breed Notes 15th November 2020.

At last, my plea for news has reaped rewards!

I had a message from Emma Bone (Newfangled Newfoundlands) who has recently taken part in a Channel 4 programme in celebration of big dogs. The programme will be aired sometime in January or February and will be part of a four week documentary. The emphasis is on day to day living with the breed; filming covered some swimming, training, interview, and life with six dogs in a family environment.

Some of you may have seen the researcher at Crufts, so fingers crossed that the programme will cover all angles of Newf ownership. Emma was keen to mention that this was not ‘breeding focused’ in any way, but the final editing will be down to the producer.

I understand that many large breeds feature in this series – a friend with Irish Wolfhounds has also taken part in filming, so I assume that Great Danes, Mastiffs etc will be highlighted too.

It will certainly be interesting to see how the different big breeds are alike, and also how they vary in their needs and characteristics. I’m sure the film crew had a lot of fun (and slobber!)

If there is anything you want to include in these notes please send to me via the usual channels.

Del Richards 01558 668065 or (the preferred route if possible)

Newfoundland Breed Notes 24th Oct 2020.

Apologies for lack of notes recently but if no-one tells me anything, I can’t write anything!

I’m pleased to hear that a few litters may be on the ground in the near future (and one or two already arrived). These, of course, are from health tested parents, so that bodes well for future owners.

A recent conversation with a breeder raised a worrying point – if Breeder A sells their pup for a ‘normal’ price, what are the chances that those same pups could turn up on a commercial site for twice the price in three weeks’ time! Sadly this has happened to many in other breeds. I wonder if there is any value in including in contracts that the buyer pays back the purchase price if they sell on the puppy? The current contracts tend to dwell on owners returning a pup if they cannot keep it (a situation that rarely gets resolved via the courts) whereas, as in sales of land etc there is often a proviso that the buyer pays a percentage if/when that owner later obtains Planning Permission and sells the land for a higher price. Obviously, puppies fall into a different category, and maybe someone with more knowledge on such matters can provide some feedback here, but it is a worrying situation for breeders.

A new BRS has arrived – this time covering only July and August of this year due to the Kennel Club revamping their IT systems and website, so it is a shortened version with a probability of later registrations and transfers falling into the next issue.

Only 8 litters were recorded – with just one of those from a non-affix holder.

Health tests also reflected the shortened BRS version as well as the reduced opportunity to actually get tests carried out during the pandemic. From 6 hip scores, the highest was 30 with the others falling into single figures or a slightly higher but probably usable total.

Just 5 elbow scores with 4 of them being a 0 and only one scoring a 2.

6 Cystinuria tests had 3 Clears and 3 Carriers.

Such a shame we can’t have heart tests recorded at the KC too but I understand this may be a possibility in the near future.

On a positive note, I’ve heard from several new potential breeders who are fully prepared to embrace the four health tests before embarking on producing a litter. None of these people are Club members but so reassuring to hear that they are starting out with the right attitude. Fingers crossed that owners of appropriately tested stud dogs will allow them to be used and encourage best practice. People have to start somewhere and those who carry out health tests need to be encouraged and mentored, I think.

If you have any news or views you would like reported here, please contact me via the usual channels.

Del Richards 01558 668065 or

Newfoundland Breed Notes 02.09.2020
Julia Pugh is running a Fun show in aid of Worcestershire Animal Rescue shelter on September 20th at The Field , Kerswell Green, Worcester. 12pm start, and loads of classes for pedigree, non-pedigree, novelty, etc - something for everyone. There will be a track and trace facility with all attending needing to give their details, as well as appropriate safety measures in and around the ring.

For more info, please ring Julia on 01905 371329 or Sue on 01905 27073 (that last phone number doesn't sound right, so perhaps Julia should be your first port of call).

Many thanks to Alison McVea for passing this info on to me.

Del Richards

Newfoundland Breed Notes 30th August 2020.
Some sad news of a Newf loss – namely ‘Saffy’ (Ch Darkpeak A Perfect Storm JW) owned and bred by Alan and Kirsteen Farrar. She had turned 13 years old on June 14th and had always been a personal favourite of mine due to her ‘personality plus’, so I’m sure Alan and Kirsteen are feeling her loss in a big way. She was w/b and sired by Three Ponds Mountain Music at Millthorpe and out of Paola vom Trieberg (imp Deu). Fly free, dear Saffy.
Happily, there is some good news too. I hear that ‘Cassidy’ (Am Ch Queenkellan Dream Maker at Bear N Mind), bred by Heather Scott in Ireland and owned by Dwight and Christine Gorsuch in the USA, recently got her Water Rescue Dog title at the Colonial Newf Club Water Test. As well as her show title, Cassidy has an impressive list of other working titles, proving that looks and brains are quite feasible in a Newf. Well done, Team Cassidy.
And a bit of a Lockdown result for Sarah Lavender’s 16 month old male, Levi, who passed his Hoopers Assessment recently. The test and awards were administrated by CHUK Online (Canine Hoopers UK). This was a series of training and tests specifically designed for Lockdown. Owners/handlers train and submit videos of their progress, which is then assessed by a qualified trainer. Hoopers is an excellent activity for bigger breeds as it is a form of ‘low impact agility’ that harnesses the energy of a young dog without the possible hazards of ‘regular’ agility (although many Newfs do regular agility once they have developed physically). It seems that Levi has taken to this activity like a duck to water, so a big well done to them and fingers crossed for further success when things return to ‘normal’.
Garethe El Tabwab recently let me know about the Inspector Montelbano series which can be seen on BBC4 just now. This is a detective series based in Sicily BUT the eponymous hero has a Newf! Tune in for more! I don’t know who bred the Newf (or probably more than one as it is usual to have a ‘stand in’ for TV and films), so maybe someone can come up with an answer!
I have just heard that the Great Yarmouth CS Show which was due to go ahead in three weeks’ time, has been cancelled due to a spike in COVID cases in or near to the area. So, if you know anyone who has entered their Newf (or any other breed), perhaps you can pass the message on, although the show Secretary will be in touch with all exhibitors and judges in due course.
News to me via the usual channels please.
Del Richards 01558 668065 or

Newfoundland Breed Notes 23rd August 2020.
Apologies for the lack of notes recently, but I’m afraid if you don’t tell me anything, then I can’t write anything!
Two sad bits of news to start off, in that we have lost two people from the Newfoundland fraternity. Firstly, was the sad information letting me know that Jim Warren had passed away. Newer people to the breed will not have known him nor his late wife, Frances (who was the Newfoundland Club’s Treasurer and Novelties manager for many years). Between them they had a successful kennel with several Champions bearing the Littlegrange affix. Condolences to Chelsea and the rest of the family.
The most recent loss was that of David Lucas who passed away after a lengthy illness. Together with his wife June, they had the Darbydale affix (there is also a US kennel by this name but this is the British one). I’m sure we all send our heartfelt thoughts to June at this sad time.
Another BRS has arrived and lists 18 litters making 132 puppies from April to June this year. This is very similar to the number of dogs registered for the same period last year but as many litters were already due or on the ground when Lockdown occurred, it is more likely that the true impact on breeders will not show up until the next issue of the BRS. It is worth noting that only 4 litters were bred by those who also show their dogs. A further 6 litters had an affix/kennel name but sadly, along with the non-affixed litters, most of them have no recorded heart test results, and others are missing an elbow score (and even hip-scores in the non-affixed litters, hard though it is to believe when this particular test has been around for many decades and it is unlikely that any breeder would not know that it needs doing).
Three importations were recorded – two from Germany and one from Poland. There were no recorded exports during this period.
Only one hip and elbow result was recorded – not surprising, as there has been no testing available during the Lockdown.
12 Cystinuria tests are recorded with 3 being Carriers and 9 Clear.
It seems that training classes are starting up cautiously (with appropriate safety guidelines being observed). We were delighted that our puppy, Indi, passed her Puppy Foundation assessment at our local Good Citizens class. I’m sure there are others who have also had personal successes in various disciplines such as Good Citizens, Hoopers, Scent Detection etc, so don’t keep it to yourselves! Let me know so that it can go in this column.
News to me via the usual channels please.
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Newfoundland Breed Notes 25th July 2020.
Exciting news from the Newfoundland Club. And with all the money we've all saved from not going to shows, this online shop will be hard to resist!
Del Richards 01558 668065 or


We are pleased to announce that the
Newfoundland Club Online Shop is now live.
During the pandemic the Club has taken the
opportunity to complete what has been a huge project
and is indebted to website designer Mr Paul Dodd
for his expertise in making this possible.

The shop includes many branded and generic items for the
Newfoundland dog lover and new items are being added all the time.
Items in the shop will also be available at Club shows for
purchase and collection.

All the funds raised go towards the Club’s activities and in
particular the work the Club does in Newfoundland welfare,
rescue and re-homing

For any requests regarding merchandise
please email the Shop Manager
Jennifer Angus at:

Newfoundland Breed Notes 18th July 2020
News is fairly thin on the ground, so please let me know if you have anything you want to share with us all.
The news that two Champ shows will be taking entries soon is causing a flurry of excitement (and some disapproval!) from all quarters! Whether or not they go ahead will depend on the national situation and government advice, of course, but it is good to see some attempt to return to normality.
I see that Discover Dogs has been cancelled for this year. I imagine it would have been a nightmare trying to ensure that hundreds of hands didn’t handle the dogs. At least, in the shows, only the judge will be touching the dogs.
Some sad news that I have held back until now. Pam and Gary Leech have lost their w/b import Munro (Dirty Dancing de ‘L’Illiade L’et Odyssee) at 12 years old. Imported from France as a puppy, he had a huge fan club, especially with the w/b enthusiasts. In fact, he had a great influence on w/b’s in the UK in general. He produced two w/b champions plus a w/b CC winner as well as many winners of JW’s, ShCM, ShCEx and Stakes finalists. His sweet temperament endeared him to all who met him. His loss is still quite raw to Pam so it is just as well that there are no public gatherings where well-meaning people can speak to her about it.
A little good news as well – Kay Burridge let me know that their Bagglebears Moonshine (Ellie) recently passed her Silver Hoopers Award online. For those not aware of this discipline, Hoopers is a form of low impact agility designed for bigger breeds or for smaller breeds who cannot or should not take part in the more robust exercises in traditional Agility. The ‘obstacles’ consist of upside-down U shaped hoops stuck into the ground and the dogs follow a directed course through them. It is a fun activity and can be done at whatever speed suits you and your dog. There are many Hoopers training clubs nationwide, so Google it to see if there is anything near you.
Ellie has been training for a while (before COVID hit) at a local club, firstly doing a Foundation, then Bronze course. However, an online test was quite difficult as the instructions are apparently more difficult to understand. Well done, Team Ellie! Are there any more Hoopers stars out there? Don’t be shy – let us know.
Another ‘online’ star is Mandy and Steve Black’s team of Jessie, Crush and Hiccup, who have swept the board with their virtual show results! Too many for me to include here (at the risk of getting it wrong) but some excellent results nonetheless. Plenty more ‘online’ shows going ahead too, so don’t miss out – some lovely rosettes and prizes are on offer with most societies.
News to me via the usual channels please.
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Newfoundland Breed Notes 21st June 2020.
Some good news from Kirsteen Farrar who has had KC confirmation of JW for Disoranto Moonlight Shadow at Darkpeak. I’m told the KC aren’t sending out certificates at the moment but this title will be recorded in the KC Journal’s next issue. Well done, Mazzy, Kirsteen and Alan.
And, for those who haven’t seen the results of the Newfoundland Club Online Show, here they are!
Winner of Puppy was Hutchinson’s Scarlet.
Special Yearling winner was Kirstie Hosie’s Groot.
Open Winner was Milburn’s Maya – who was also Best Newfoundland in Show.
Champion Class winner was Babylon owned by Cinta Aragones Ferrer.
Veteran Winner was Scarlet owned by Margaret O’Neill.
Water Work winner was Aina owned by Cinta Aragones Ferrer.
Draught Work winner was Phil and Cheryl Payne’s Sancerre.
Welfare winner was Claire Baldock’s Ebony.
Funniest photo in Novelties was Alan Farrar with Saffia.
Cutest Puppy in Novelties (oh what a task that must have been for the judge!) – was Cubby owned by Fay Capstick.
Well done to all. There were Newfs placed in the Variety classes but no 1st place winners that I have been notified of. If you have won a 1st and not mentioned, please let me know.
But a big well done to all who entered and by doing so, raised over £1300 for Welfare. Linn Kleinman tells me that there are more pledges to come in so the final total is likely to be more. If you are reading this and thinking ‘Drat, I meant to donate, but forgot’, don’t panic, donations will be accepted anytime.
A little something to engage your interest – I have been asking various people how they came about choosing their affix/kennel names. The following have replied to me and are happy to share with you (in no particular order).
Valleybears – (Juliette Lowther), is a lovely name and the valley referred to is the Derwent Valley in Consett where she lived for a long time. I looked it up and it really is a beautiful place – ideal for dog walks when all returns to normal. Look up the Derwent Reservoir walk in particular.
Another familiar name we see in the showring is Nandobears – Frank and Nicole Kastner (Germany). Nicole told me that Nando was the name of her first male Newf. He gave her a great introduction to the show world and when it became time to register a kennel name, what better idea than to honour his memory in the affix.
A personal favourite for me is Acara (Chris Bodman). After several unsuccessful attempts with the KC rejecting her names (and having been a horse-lover from an early age), she looked up Summerhay’s Encyclopaedia for Horsemen to search through the classic races. She discovered Canada’s oldest race (The Queen’s Plate) and a horse called Acara who won it in 1944. I think you’ll agree that was a great choice for a Canadian breed!
Another one starting with A is Acaviste (Liz Cole). I had no idea what it meant but it seems that ‘Caviste’ is the French word for ‘keeper of the wine cellar’ – Liz used to be interested in fine old wines. However, the KC would not allow the word as it was too close to another affix, so the letter A was added to the start of the word and ‘voila’!
The last one in this list is Trinashores (Jeni Giambona). As you may be aware, Jeni is Sicilian, and Trinacria is another name for Sicily. As an island, it is obviously surrounded by shores – perfect for Newfs!
If you have a kennel name that you’d like to share on here, please let me know.
Meanwhile, it looks as if some tentative steps are being made with a view to holding some shows this year (subject to Government guidelines of course). Our own dogs are starting to blow their coats, so there MUST be a show coming up soon!
News to me via the usual channels please.
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Newfoundland Breed Notes 30th May 2020.
Sad news - we have lost another person from the Newfoundland world. On Thursday, Stuart Woolmore passed away peacefully in hospital. He had not enjoyed good health for a few years but a recent decline, sadly, proved too much for him.
Stuart was one half of the well-known Kelligrews kennel I mentioned in this column a few weeks ago. Along with his wife, Pat (and not forgetting the rest of the family), they showed and bred a number of Champions in the breed. Stuart and Pat were well-known at the Ragley Water Trials where Stuart’s home-made decorated carts would always drew gasps of delight from everyone present. You can see photographs in The Newfoundland book and, possibly, still on the Newfoundland Club website.
As well as showing and the carting, Stuart loved to take the dogs swimming in the local lakes. And the last time I spoke to him revealed another passion in his life – a love of leather motorcycle jackets! He told me about a very expensive one he had bought that had been made by a man for film production. However, due a leg problem, Pat, Lisa and the rest of the family forbade him from driving for hours to collect it. Luckily family harmony was restored when the jacket was delivered to him instead! Thinking back, I’m sure he used wear a leather jacket to show the dogs!
For newcomers to the breed, you may be interested to know that the third generation of this family is still showing Newfoundlands, albeit in Stakes and JH classes, namely Connor Bartlett. Condolences to the family and hope that the happy memories will help ease their grief.
A quick request to those who are interested in the SNC’s ICE (In Case of Emergency) Scheme. This was the brainchild of Sue Hislop who sadly passed away recently. A new website is being developed so can I ask anyone who is happy to be a Regional/County contact to let me know please. There are still some counties with no representatives. Also, any current calls should be made to Pat Franklin (details on SNC website). Please do not ring the number on the card as Sue’s husband is not able to deal with such matters at the moment.
There is still time to enter The Newfoundland Club’s Fun Online Show (funds going to Welfare). Classes to suit all breeds, mixed breeds, fun photos, action photos etc – as the saying goes ‘If you want to WIN, you gotta be IN’! Details on the NC website or let me know and I will forward them to you.
News to me via the usual channels please.
Del Richards 01558 668065 or

Newfoundland Breed Notes 23rd May 2020.
For those of us missing the shows, Mandy Black has sent me some good news! The Newfoundland Club is holding an all-breed fun online show in aid of Welfare. The show is open to all and free to enter, however a small donation would be welcome for each class entered. You will see a Donate button on the Newfoundland Club website, so it couldn’t be simpler.
There are classes to suit everyone and have been split into three sections to include Newfoundland classes, Variety classes and Novelty classes. There will be a winner from each section, plus Best Veteran and Best Puppy. All winners will compete for Best In Show. Judges are Judy Oriani, Phil Freer, and Simon Cheung.
Get your cameras clicking or dig out those old photos (dogs from the past are welcome).
Visit the Newfoundland Club Online Dog Show page on Facebook to see more details, classes and how to enter. Or contact Mandy if you need anything else explained.
On to a more serious subject – another Breed Record Supplement has arrived. This is always a source of great interest in our house.
The first quarter of 2020 has 30 litters recorded, making a total of 180 dogs in all. This is up considerably on the same period last year when 117 dogs were recorded. Given the number of daily puppy enquiries we are getting just now, you would think this was a good thing. However, the reality is that only 6 litters are from those breeders who are regularly seen in the show ring. 6 are from litters where the breeder has no affix/kennel name, while the others are somewhere in between – although, to be fair, some of the others are regularly seen at water and draught training or events.
Only one litter had brown and whites, whereas all the others were recognised or naturally occurring Newfoundland colours.
I see that congratulations are due to Springthorpe’s Ch Millthorpe Mr Rochester and Black’s Camnoire Crush Blackcoast who both attained their Sh CEx (with Mr Rochester also getting his OSW title). And not forgetting the Coldwell family’s Zentaur This Is Jam Hot who has had her JW confirmed. Well done to all of you.
In the health testing section there were 7 tested for Cystinuria (1 carrier and 6 Clear). I notice that the numbers of tested dogs is falling – probably due to the ‘Clear by Parentage’ status of pups produced by two Clear parents. My own opinion is that this is causing confusion further down the generations when trying to ascertain which dogs are genetically clear and which are carriers. It would be sensible to automatically test them all so that there is a paper trail with each dog. It also cannot be assumed that mistakes are never made at the testing laboratories, so testing each dog has to be a good safeguard for breeders. One only has to look at the number of inaccurate colour tests that filter through to realise that a small percentage of errors is not unheard of.
Hip results (from 20 dogs) are encouraging with 9 dogs getting single figure scores and only 3 dogs with scores not deemed ‘breedable’ (see BVA guidelines).
Elbow scores (from 19 dogs) had 15 dogs with perfect scores of 0, 3 with a useable score of 1 (see BVA guidelines on this), and one who sadly had a score of 3. Compared to some of the other large breeds, Newfs are doing well in this respect.
Obviously the next BRS will not have many (if any) scores to report due to testing not taking part during the pandemic. However, if anyone would like to report the results of any alternative hip/elbow testing (OFA/FCI etc), please let me know.
News to me via the usual channels please.
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Newfoundland Breed Notes 17th May 2020
Following on from my 'Newfs owned by famous people', I had a message from Sue Benyon to confirm that it was Bobby Kennedy who owned Brumus, and not JFK as I half-thought.
She was also able to remind me that the Newfoundland book published in 1955 (first edition) by Margaret Booth Chern, has a Chapter called 'Friends of the Famous' and lists some well-known owners from that era. The cover of my copy (1975 edition) has actress, Ali McGraw on the cover (with her Newf) - so it seems I am suffering some Lockdown Amnesia! Thank you, Sue, for your help.
However, if you know of more recent well known owners, send me an email or message so that we can share the knowledge!
Meanwhile, an uplifting message from Cheryl and Phil Payne (Newfs In Action - NIA).
Lock down has different impacts and implications for people, and that’s why Philip Payne, Chairman of Newfs In Action was determined that club members would still get value for their membership, and support each other during these unprecedented times.
When lockdown first began, the annual general meeting was scheduled – so with the help of technology, the AGM carried on as planned, and the annual award winners were announced and celebrated.
Phil wanted to ensure that all club members felt supported, and that any anxiety over care for dogs if people ended up ill was addressed, so he quickly announced a plan which would mean that all club dogs would be cared for if any owners suffered through Covid-19 and needed help.
Next up, it was time to think differently, and provide activities for members which would both enhance the training of dogs, but also be great fun – and so a locked down members only facebook page was started whereby training challenges could be set, pictures and videos could be shared and everyone could practice with their dogs and get support from each other.
Our president was keen to be part of our “Covid-19” training, and with 40 years veterinary experience, we soon tapped into his knowledge and set up Virtual training sessions on a Sunday morning – covering topics from vet practice over Covid-19, puppy injections, dietary requirements, supplements for Newfs etc – these sessions have been brilliant, and we have all learnt loads whilst still seeing each other and sharing coffee and cake time.
Our next session is a Boat Stewards course!
We all want to get out and about, but for now we are staying safe, staying home, and saving lives – while still learning and enjoying our Newfs and our club.
Newfs In Action wishes everyone well at this time.
Many thanks to Phil and Cheryl for that.
News to me via the usual channels please.
Del Richards 01558 668065 or

Newfoundland Breed Notes 9th May 2020.
A little bird tells me that one of our ‘young-folk’ has a 21st Birthday today, so Happy Birthday to Sarah-Marie McCafferty. I hope you have a lovely day even though it’s probably not your original plan for a special celebration! I’m sure the Newfs will sing Happy Birthday to you!
More online shows are taking place and I am delighted to have been contacted by Kirstie Hosie to say that her Veteran male, Newfoundlove New Edition at Shadowrise Ir Jun Ch, was RBVIS at the Herts and Essex online show. These photos were judged anonymously by a panel of judges rather than a total of votes by the group members. All proceeds from this fun event were donated to Captain Tom’s Fund, so a very worthwhile cause. Well done to Solo for looking so handsome and getting this award. To make this even more special, the judge was Milan Lint - co-owner of the Pouch Cove affix - so this was quite an honour!
Other online shows have been completed now, so please let me know if you want the result included here.
A few more interesting facts about famous Newf owners. Many thanks to Steve Adair for letting me know that four US Presidents have owned Newfoundlands and who have lived in the Whitehouse (I bet it wasn’t a ‘white house’ for long if they shed their hair like ours do!).
The Presidents were – James Buchanan with Lara in 1856, Ulysses S Grant with Faithful in 1869, Rutherford B Hayes with Hector, and James A Garfield with Veto.
I thought that John F Kennedy had owned a Newf but it may have been another Kennedy brother.
Steve’s research had me digging through some more ‘celebrity owned’ Newfs and I found the following.
Humphrey Bogart and his third wife, Mayo Methot had a Newf called Cappy, eye-candy Wimbledon tennis player Cesar del Potro has a Newf too, although I don’t have the dog’s name, Bing Crosby was another Newf owner and ‘taught’ his dog to sing!
Celebrity chef, Gino di Campo, has two large dogs, a Newf and a Great Dane – what a life that must be for them! No ordinary dog food in their bowls!
Two more celebrity owners were Sting (Don’t Stand So Close To Me must have been written after being slobbered on too many times!), and George Cole (Arthur Daley) star of Minder, the popular comedy-drama series that ran on ITV during the 80s and early 90s. George and his wife, kindly took on a homeless Newfoundland dog (the reason I got to know them) and what a lovely life they gave him.
I’m sure there are many more celebrity owners, so let me know if you want to include them here.
Any news to me via the usual channels please.
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Newfoundland Breed Notes 30th April 2020.
More sad news to report as a result of the passing of two people who had been close to the breed.
Mike Sutcliffe (Galygard affix) passed away suddenly this week. Mike was a long term Newf person who had maintained interest in club matters as well as judging. He was a founder member and previous committee member of the Northern Newfoundland Club and a long standing member of The Newfoundland Club. He was a ‘say it as it is’ character and often had people in fits of laughter by his turn of phrase. He last judged LKA in 2018 and I believe he had another appointment lined up but not confirmed. Sympathies to his family at this sad time.
The other sad loss was Di Johnson who had been hospitalised after a fall. She was a popular all-rounder for many years and not only had judged Newfs several times but had a genuine interest in the breed. I last spoke her ringside at the Southern Club Champ show where she made many valid points while watching the dogs. Also, sympathies to her family and friends.
A little more trivia for you re registered affixes/kennel names. A number of kennel names are somehow linked to the island of Newfoundland and a quick flick through gave me the following list. There are probably many others I have missed (please let me know if so). Most of the names below are UK kennels but I have included some overseas ones too.
The first one is a US kennel but with so many of this breeding behind a lot of UK dogs, I felt it should be included – Pouch Cove (David and Peggy Helming). There cannot be any Newf owner who shows or breeds who has not heard this name! Pouch Cove is a town in Newfoundland. An interesting fact about this town is that they had years of not allowing ‘houses on wheels’ to the area. After much debate this finally came to a head in February of this year and I’m happy to report that you can now take your caravan or motorhome there!
Another overseas name Belgian but regular exhibitors in the UK) is Twillingate. Patrick and Maria Bogaerts’s affix. Twillingate is also a town in Newfoundland and one of the stops along what is known as Iceberg Alley – a popular destination in a corridor of ocean visited by tourists on boat expeditions.
Staying with overseas names – Ferryland – Irene and Johnny Donne in Norway, (some may remember Irene judging at the first SNC Open show). Ferryland is a small town. The name derives from ‘steep rock’ or ‘reef’ in French and Portuguese. Those who have been to Newfoundland will appreciate what an apt description this is!
As far as UK names go, Kelligrews is a well-known affix and is responsible for many Champions. The name was registered by the Woolmore family (who are also noted for their inventive themes in Decorated Carts at the Newfoundland Club Water Trials). Kelligrews is a conglomeration of a number of communities on the island of Newfoundland. The names of two of those communities are Seal Cove and Topsail – both Newf kennel names, with Sealcove registered to Andy and Linda Sussams (and a New Zealand Newf kennel) while Topsail is a Danish kennel name. Some senior Newf owners may recall Pamela Cross Stern’s Topsails Nairobi Skipper of Sternroc who came to the UK in 1979 or 1980.
The Miquelon kennel name registered to Angela Barratt was a familiar name in the winners list in the 1980’s and 90s when her Ch Wellfont Trampus of Miquelon was at his heyday. Miquelon is an island off the Southern Coast of Newfoundland. The name ‘Miquelon’ is apparently a Basque word for ‘Michael’.
Coming right up to date is the name ‘Larkharbour’ registered to Kevin and Bec Mercer. Lark Harbour is another ‘must visit’ place which is hugely popular with hikers as they explore the coastal paths.

A new kennel name to the breed is Deanne Aplin’s Angelscove who chose this name as her grandmother lived there. It is another location along the above mentioned Iceberg Alley. The area was once called Devils Cove apparently. Almost the entire population has the surname Coffey – all descendants of the original Irish migrants to the island. If you are interested, ask Dee for more information.
And, to throw a cat among the pigeons, I include the Shinglebay kennel of Pat Franklin, who forgot to use a Sat Nav, so Shinglebay can be found on the West coast of Canada in British Columbia. Only joking, Pat.
But if, like Pat, you have any more Canadian names you’d like to include, please let me know.
News to me via the usual channels please.
Del Richards 01558 668065 or

Newfoundland Breed Notes 23rd April 2020.
Another win at the Virtual Match Dog Show (FCI) Best Puppy In Show went to Steve and Mandy Black’s ‘Hiccup’ (Gunnersnewfs Black Desire for Blackcoast). Well done, Hiccup!
There are lots of these ‘virtual’ online shows taking place just now, so why not give it a go – no bathing, travelling or long treks from a car park! Let me know if you enter and win anything!
With little else going on, I have been looking at Newf names over the past few decades. It’s no secret that my favourite name of all time is Highfoo Esmedunas Fat Feathery Owl! Owned by Warwick and Peggy Winston back in the 70s, this has to be the most hilarious name ever! I’m sure you all have favourite names too – let me know what they are!
Some breeders use themes to name their puppies but a few have categorised them according to their colours. Keith Frost (Harratons kennel) used to include the word ‘Sea’ in the names of any white/black Newfs and the word ‘Black’ in blacks (I don’t remember him ever having browns, but correct me if your memory is better than mine!). Many present day exhibitors may remember Anne and Terry Springthorpe’s Harraton’s Sea Christobelle – a lovely white/black, as well as Hilary Mitchell’s Ch Harraton’s Black Beausephalus (or it may have been Black Algoma). A clever way of instantly telling people what colour the dogs were prior to Google and Newfoundland Dog Database!
Another kennel who used a key word to categorise colour was Sheila Lee (Mixbury) who’s white/blacks had the word ‘Marble’ in the name (Mixbury Marble Madilli), black dogs had the word ‘black’ in the name (Mixbury Black Benjamin), and brown dogs had the word ‘Marron’ (Mixbury Marron Bramble) - ‘marron’ being the French word for brown, of course. The Mixbury kennel produced a high volume of puppies so this pattern didn’t continue throughout.
The fascinating thing about registered names is when they tell a lot about the breeder’s taste in music, places they’ve travelled to, or subjects they’ve studied – think about that the next time you register a litter – you may be giving us confidential information!
But, if you have a method of naming litters, I would love to share it here!
Meanwhile, a little something to lighten the mood. The Southern Newfoundland Club are starting a Toilet Roll Chain Challenge! To take part, all you need to do is film yourself catching a toilet roll, then throw it off camera out of the shot. Ideally they would love to see your Newf in the video too. Once several video clips have been submitted they will all be linked together on the SNC page. Let’s see how far the toilet roll travels!
Send your short clips to Jeni Giambona either by Messenger, WhatsApp or email. Let me know if you don’t have these contact details. Meanwhile the first few clips will be going on the FB page soon so that you can see how simple (and fun) it is!
Any other news you want included in these notes can be sent to me via the usual channels.
Del Richards 01558 668065 or

Newfoundland Breed Notes 14th April 2020.
Following the sad news in the last Notes, I am very sad to report that Claire Potts has also passed away following a sudden brief illness. Newer exhibitors will associate her with showing her white and black Newf but back in the late 80s/early 90s she showed a black and a brown Newf. She and her son, Elliot, were regular supporters of the Southern Newfoundland Club’s Fun days. I’m sure we all feel for her family and, in particular, Elliot.
While the coronavirus continues to disrupt normal life, I was gladdened to see the help offered by the Northern Newfoundland Club (and Welfare Officer, Michelle Jenkins) to those who may need assistance with buying dog food. The NNC has a sponsorship network in place and anyone suffering hardship is encouraged to ring or email Michelle, in confidence, on 07766 797257 or on at any time.
Also, anyone who wants to offer sponsorship for this purpose, please contact Michelle.
The lack of shows and social gatherings has resulted in another way to feed our ‘dog-show addiction’ – namely a number of online ‘virtual’ shows have appeared (with the very small entry fee being donated to charity).
The first two ‘virtual shows’ were a great success for Mandy and Steve Black’s Crush (Camnoire Crush Blackcoast JW ShCM, ShCEx) and Hiccup (Gunnersnewfs Black Desire at Blackcoast). At the ‘Social Media Dog Show’ Crush went BIS and was also Group 4 at the Global Pedigree Online show (judge – Joe Smith). Also at this latter named show, Hiccup was Puppy Group 1 (Barry Blunden – judge) and then BPIS (Simon Luxmoore – judge). What a lovely way to spend lockdown! Mandy is very grateful to Paul Dodd for taking such excellent photos (prior to this time, of course) so that they could be submitted to the online competition.
I believe a lot of other online shows are being organised (including one by the KC), so give it a go if the show withdrawal symptoms are proving a bit trying!
If you have any news you want reported in this column, please contact me on 01558 668065 or on
Del Richards.

Sue Hislop
It is my sad duty to let you all know that Sue Hislop passed away this morning. As well as a friend to so many of us, she was the Newfoundland Club's Welfare Officer for several years, and what a great job she did with both raising funds for Newfoundlands who needed help, and with taking dogs in at their home when no other option was available.

She was also the person who started the ICE Scheme (In Case of Emergency) for the Southern Newfoundland Club, which provided a contact point for those who needed their dogs taken to a place of safety in extreme circumstances such as accidents or illness.

She had beaten ill health 9 years ago but since January, had a sudden return of the disease which, sadly proved to be terminal.

I am grateful that we were both able to speak to her on the phone last night and she managed a few chuckles and was fairly up-beat.

There are so many funny stories we and all her friends could tell about the good times we had, but at least we all have those good memories.

To her husband, Jack, to her family, and to her closest friends, I'm sure we all extend our sympathies. It goes without saying that Jack cannot deal with any well-meaning phone calls at the moment, so please respect his privacy at this sad time.

Del Richards.

Newfoundland Breed Notes 27th March 2020.
So, trying for a bit of ‘normality’ to take your minds off more serious stuff! Here are some results that you probably knew anyway!
Big congrats to Anne and Ronnie Leitch who managed a quick run out with ‘Calgary’ (Bluebears Spirit of Dakota AI) who seems to have made a successful comeback after his surgery last year. Fi

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