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Poodle (Miniature)

Poodle (Miniature)
Miniature Poodle Breed Notes
I can start this week with some exciting news that we have a New Miniature Champion to Congratulate! Sarah Fray’s cream dog Sariante Christian Grey has had his title officially confirmed after a somewhat lengthy wait due to the disqualification of Ch Minarets Best Kept Secret from his CC & BOB win at IPC in March this year for breach of regulation F(1)9.k (entered in a class when ineligible).

Christian won the RCC on the day under Pat Gaulton and has been now awarded the CC as a result – so all things considered he was actually ‘made up’ with his CC win at East of England in July under Michelle James having won his first CC as a junior from Dawn Ramsey at IPC in 2016.

Now 2 ½ years old he was bred by Stacey White having been sired by Sariante American Dream out of Sariante Devil Wears Prada and has gained 9 other RCC’s along the way, so he’s been knocking very consistently on that door for quite a while now. I don’t think anyone can deny Sarah has put a huge amount of effort into fearlessly campaigning him up and down the country and that he deserves it. Quite why it took so long for such a clear breach of the regulation to be upheld is something of a mystery, but it’s now official and I can only imagine how relieved Sarah is to be able to tell the world at last.

He had a busy few days, travelling over to SWKA where we had no CC’s to take BOB in a small entry under Susan Horsfall and then up to Northumbria PC where he won another (yes another) RCC. Sarah’s son, 5 year old Connor, handled Sariante Hermione to Best Bitch and Best Puppy at South Wales, so a productive, if tiring, weekend for everyone involved.

Back to Northumbria where Glenys Brekkerud did Miniatures for the first time, her entry of 32 had 5 absentees and Melanie Harwood took home both CC’s and both In Show awards, so quite a show for her – Best Kept Secret won the DCC, BOB & BIS and his daughter Let Me Telu A Secret won in bitches and was also Best Puppy. RCC in bitches was a first for Ann Saunders’ Maranns Dare To.

My own weekend took in a hospital visit to my Dad in Sunderland but Sharon Pine tells me that Chris Seidler is also currently in hospital and although both expect to be home again shortly I thought maybe some of their friends might like to send a message or two to help raise their spirits. As both are rather prone to say these days ‘It’s no fun getting old’ I am loathe to remind them we all know plenty of good people who did not get that privilege.

Jackie Kitchener email: jackie@michandypoodles.co.uk

I gave Driffield a miss due to the promise of horrendous mud all around the showground but reports from the brave souls who did go were on the whole positive. These kind of events often bring out of the Dunkirk spirit in us Brits so Yes, it was certainly very wet and muddy under foot but the rings had held up pretty well and it seems as long as you went suitably attired in your wellies and managed to get assistance in pulling your trolley to and from the car into the benching areas it turned into pretty much a normal show. Of course not everyone will have had that assistance but anecdotally the Committee and Bannerdown could have done no more for those seen to be struggling so some praise is certainly due on that score and I suspect many helped each other out as best they could throughout the day.

Denise Pope had drawn an entry of 51 which suffered 16 absentees and we saw a much healthier figure of 14 in the puppy classes than we have had during the Summer. We can only hope that they all make the grade and stay in the ring for the longer term as we desperately need the youngstock to bolster entries going forward.

DCC and BOB was Melanie Harwood’s Ch Minarets Best Kept Secret who later annexed another Group place – this time Gr 2 under Billy McKay. In bitches Angie Harry-Griffiths & Sue Baker’s Trollstone Party Lover at Sarum won her third CC, bred by John and Angie Griffiths she is sired by Sarum Scare ‘Em out of Trollstone Material Girl and is only a couple of weeks short of her fifth birthday. Her first CC was won at WELKS in April 2016 from Ron McAuley and her second in April this year from Melanie Harwood at Poodle Club of Scotland. She is full sister to John & Angie’s Ch. Trollstone You Go Girl who was made up in 2015.

The RCC’s went to Sarah Fray’s Sariante Christian Grey (his 9th apparently) in dogs and Joyce Rowland & Kerrie McGreevy’s Dechine Christmas Carol at Tinkersdale in bitches. Dee Moore & Lauren Coulter’s Sonoroud Pride N Prejudice at Coolaulin won another Best Puppy.

The Stakes classes at this show are something of a feature with great prizes on offer and Liz Holmes-Leak’s Ch Michandy Great Expectation by Navarre JW ShCM won two of them – the Veteran Stakes under Tony Allcock and the Good Citizen Stakes under Gary Thomas, so some very handy prize money in three figures won there! Chris Lister’s Calmaric One For The Money JW also won 2nd in the Junior Stakes under Jenny Miller.

News from Scotland is that Ann Cowen’s Lorics Ria Midnight Magic won AVNSC and Group 1 at Perth CS Open Show.

Jackie Kitchener email: jackie@michandypoodles.co.uk

Some frustrating stories of delayed ferries on the trip over to Belfast this year abounded, but it looks like the fact that we didn’t have CC’s and were scheduled later in the judging order proved something of a bonus for once.
As a Utility Group judge Patsy Hollings is allowed to judge the Breed at this level without CC’s but I have to say I am not aware that she has judged them before at lower levels – though I stand to be corrected on that. Several Irish exhibitors, having discovered that they could qualify for Crufts without making the journey over to the mainland, boosted the entry on recent years to 11 and there were no absentees.
Having already given Melanie Harwood’s Ch Minarets Best Kept Secret a Best in Show and a Group in the past 4 months there were no surprises to find him featured as Patsy’s BD & BOB but he did then also head the Utility Group and go Reserve Best in Show under Espen Engh, so the trip was certainly worth it. Best Bitch was Irish breeder/exhibitor Orlaithe Keenan with Ir Ch Sleepybrook Licence To Kill and she popped up again winning RBD and BP with Sleepybrook Let Me Entertain You.
As Driffield approaches the weather has turned very wet and cold and already photos from the showground after just 4 hours of Day One do not look promising with a large amount of mud both in the walkways and in the rings. It’s a wellies and wrap up warm show that’s for certain, so be warned all who plan to be there on Day Four - Sunday!
Two Open Show wins I spotted on Facebook this week – Wendy Batey’s bitch Shanandi Take A Chance On Me at Donavika was Best in Show at Pollard & DCS and Malcolm & Valerie Beck’s Lincaro Blacken The Name for Maldavale won the Group at Ashford & Faversham DCS. Please let me know about any wins you have as I am not a ‘big’ user of Facebook so may well miss posts – don’t be shy, just message or email me please.
Jackie Kitchener email: jackie@michandypoodles.co.uk

20th September '17
Well the much hoped for Indian Summer failed us for Darlington, OK it didn’t rain but goodness it was cold with a bitter wind. This show has fast become one of the best on the circuit and it’s very posh toilets are often cited as the main attraction, but there is more than that to any show and this Society have now nailed the layout and organization so that all exhibitors have now come to expect a show with a great atmosphere and good facilities.

I do just wonder why (other than purely alphabetical) our Group is always judged last of the three – after the Adult, Puppy & Veteran Groups of both Hounds & Terriers – and would offer the suggestion that maybe these could be swapped around on an annual basis in the future? It was a topic of conversation around the Main ring while we waited so am certain other winners in the Utility Group support this.

Anyway, on to the results. No CC’s on offer of course but a decent entry of 24 for Ed Casey and his winners mirrored several of the CC shows lately with Melanie Harwood’s Ch Minarets Best Kept Secret going Best Dog and BOB and my Ch Michandy Back in Black JW ShCM Best Bitch. Reserve Best Dog was again Wendy Batey’s Donavika Got The X Factor, Reserve Best Bitch Steph Hall with Minarets Heres Lookin At You at Darmistic, Best Puppy Melanie & Will Harris’ Minarets Letmetelu A Secret and Best Veteran Liz Holmes-Leak’s Ch Michandy Great Expectation by Navarre JW ShCM.

In the Big rings Best Kept Secret won Gr 3 under Albert Wight, Great Expectation Gr 2 in the Veteran Group under Patsy Hollings while over in the Stakes classes my Back in Black won the Yearling Stakes under Ian Millar, Here’s Look At You won the RBOS Stakes judged by Mike Gilchrist and Fiona MacFarlane’s Minarets Secret Moments with Lochenvis was 3rd in the MPB Stakes under Ian Blackshaw.

Jackie Kitchener email: jackie@michandypoodles.co.uk
Miniature Poodle Breed Notes 13th September 2017

We had a bit of everything at Richmond weatherwise, lovely sunshine in the morning, then light & heavy showers, then blustery gales. Hopefully no one got caught out and actually got wet, though we did have to hold on to our dogs rather grimly during the Bitch & BOB Challenges as Award boards, table covers and paperwork got scattered by some hefty gusts of wind through the tentage.

Angie Harry Griffiths was our judge, her entry of 41 had just 6 absent with 9 puppies competing. Dog of the moment, Melanie Harwood’s Ch Minarets Best Kept Secret won his 14th CC, BOB, 10th Group under Sigurd Wilberg and then his 5th BIS under David Guy. His hold on the Top Dog title certainly now looks unassailable with so few shows left in the Calendar.

In bitches my Ch Michandy Back in Black JW ShCM won her 5th CC giving her the outright lead as Top Bitch for the year thus far over her kennelmate Ch Ode To Joy. She also won the Yearling Stakes class under Maria Harding, winning some welcome prize money. RCC’s went to Sarah Fray’s Sariante Christian Grey in dogs and Joyce Rowland & Kerrie McGreevy’s Dechine Christmas Carol at Tinkersdale in bitches. BP was a second good win for Dee Moore & Lauren Coulter’s Sonorous Pride N’ Prejudice at Coolaulin.

We move on from here to Darlington and Driffield which are the final outdoor shows of the season and can only hope that we see some kind of Indian Summer show it’s face in time.

Jackie Kitchener email: jackie@michandypoodles.co.uk

City of Birmingham bucked the trend somewhat with a lovely entry of 24 for Sigurd Wilberg with no CC’s on offer. Taking Best Dog, BOB and later the Group under Pinto Teixeira was Melanie Harwood’s Ch Minarets Best Kept Secret with my Ch Michandy Back in Black JW ShCM winning Best Bitch. Wendy Batey won both of the Reserve BOS awards – in dogs with her homebred Donavika Got The X Factor and in bitches with Shanandi Take A Chance on Me at Donavika – the latter being a good win in strong competition

It is a feature of this show that they hold Group competitions for Puppies, Juniors and Veterans, going through in the breed for these were Helen Lunnun Turner’s Arrowflight Hidden Secret Best Puppy, Chris Lister’s Calmaric One For The Money JW Best Junior and Liz Holmes-Leak’s Ch Michandy Great Expectation by Navarre JW ShCM was Best Veteran,. The latter went on to win another Veteran Group this time under Liz Stannard.

There were a couple of Show Schedules being distributed at the show – Midland Counties PC who have an Open Show on 29th Oct to be judged by Karen Walsh and Eastern Counties PC (sadly on rotation this year so holding an Open Show in place of their usual Championship event) which will be on 26th November and judged by Kim Hope.

The final Breed Championship Show of 2017 if this year going to be South Western PC on 5th November where Karen Laws awards CC’s for the first time in Miniatures.

From Richmond onwards I will have available the Poodle Champions Calendar which includes all the General Ch show and Breed Club show dates Ch show judges where approved. This year the Cover is a tribute to the late Jean Treagus who so sadly lost her fight for life earlier in the year. It features a beautiful photo of her recently crowned Ch Jaytor Jubilee Time taken by our ‘in breed’ professional photographer Melanie. With all most welcome to join Louise for a party to be held in memory of Jean and in celebration of Jubilee Time’s title at Richmond this coming Sunday (10th) it seems even more poignant.

Jackie Kitchener email: jackie@michandypoodles.co.uk

31st August 2017
We have no CC’s at SKC in August and this year had Tibetan Spaniel specialist Linda Morton drawing an entry of 13. Minarets came up trumps with a clean sweep – the dog of the moment Ch Minarets Best Kept Secret was Best Dog & BOB, Best Bitch Mel, Steph Hall & Mr Spoors’ Minarets Heres Lookin at You at Darmistic and Best Puppy Fiona McFarlane’s Minarets Secret Moment with Lochnevis.
Best Kept Secret also added another Group to his growing tally, this time under Tom Mather. Last week I credited him with a third Best in Show win at Welsh KC – that was in fact his fourth, so my apologies for that error.
The Poodle Club have announced they are holding a Breed Specific Seminar on Sunday 4th February 2018 near Rudgwick, West Sussex with the chance to also take a Written Assessment and/or Practical Judging Assessment, dependent on experience. There are unlimited places for attending both the Seminar itself and taking the Written Assessments, but places for the Practical are, of neccesity limited and are likely to be filled quickly. Details from Secretary Sharon Pine Haynes (email: thepoodleclub@hotmail.co.uk) or it has been posted on several of the Breed Club Group pages.
It should perhaps be said that the Practical Assessment is really for those who have a fairly extensive judging experience and/or working knowledge of the Breed and who are approaching fulfillment of criteria when they may hope to be offered a first appointment awarding CC’s. It is a requirement of Council criteria that this Assessment is passed before being approved.
Those with less experience would be better served by attending the Seminar and, if they feel their knowledge and understanding of the Breed Standard is good, in the first instance undertaking the Written Assessment. With the new Judging Framework coming into being in the next 2 years and the need for the Clubs to step up and offer more Breed Seminars and opportunities to take the Practical Assessments than before, this is an obvious step to gaining more knowledge, understanding and experience rather than plunging straight in and perhaps failing. It never fails to amaze me how many people who do not judge think it is easy …. Done properly it is anything but.
A quick heads up that Boston Championship Show to be held on Saturday 6th January are, for the first time, scheduling both Miniatures and Standards. Usually this show clashes with the Poodle Gala Weekend but in 2018 (and 2019) it doesn’t so Boston are offering us classes for these next 2 years to see what support they receive. Standard folk please tell your friends, particularly if you live within striking distance of the Peterborough Showground where the show is held. Schedules and information is available online from Fosse Data website.
Jackie Kitchener
Email: jackie@michandypoodles.co.uk

Miniature Poodle Notes

Welsh Kennel Club had a Breed entry of 29 for Aga Gjetnes - 10 males and 14 bitches competed, 5 of these puppies; 8 of the 16 classes had no or only 1 entry with LB (5) and OB (3) being the only classes with more than 2. Looking at the results on Highams I see that a First and 4 Seconds were withheld.

An overseas judge is far more used to withholding (due to lack of quality) than our UK judges, many of whom tend to have the mindset that if an exhibitor has paid an entry and made the effort to compete then it does little harm to at least award a card. Of course we do need as many entries as we can muster these days and would hope to encourage any new exhibitors who maybe are not aware of the standards expected of a show exhibit, but it is the judge’s decision and should be respected. I have withheld myself so know that it is never done lightly and I can appreciate both sides of the debate so I am sure that the judge had his reasons.

Anyway, it turned out to a totally wonderful day for Poodles all round. Melanie and Ch Minarets Best Kept Secret not only won the CC and BOB, but also another Group 1 (under Thomas Jakkel) and their third Best in Show this year, this time under Stuart Plane. Not content with that they also won the overall qualifier of the Eukanuba Champions Stakes under Derek Smith so that has to be considered something of a perfect show surely.

Then straight on from Melanie’s success Liz Holmes-Leak’s Ch Michandy Great Expectation by Navarre JW ShCM also won Reserve Best Veteran in Show having topped another Veteran Group under Viv Phillips, so we very nearly did the double as a Breed.

The BCC was a second this year for Helen LunnunTurner’s established Ch. Arrowflight Liberty Belle with the RCC’s going to Wendy Batey’s Donavika Got The X Factor from Limit in dogs and Liz Ch Great Expectation from Veteran. Best Puppy was Dee Moore & Lauren Coulter’s Sonorous Pride N Prejudice at Coolaulin.

Best Kept Secret must be leading the way in what was once the “Top Dog” Competition run by Dog World – we can but hope someone will have taken up the reins and offer the Title come the year’s end as I’m pretty sure we have never had a Miniature win this, despite several coming pretty close.

Jackie Kitchener email: jackie@michandypoodles.co.uk


Bournemouth, hot on the heels of Paignton, is another long trek south for many and both are weekdays too so the two shows suffer lower than average entries in most years. We had 26 at Paignton (1 puppy) and 16 at Bournemouth (1 puppy and 1 Veteran) and that is before absentees. It’s very sad for the breed and sad for the judges too. Both shows had judges awarding CC’s in Miniatures for their first time, and I wish I had a magic answer to get exhibitors in their cars. It has to be said that neither show have a great reputation for giving exhibitors good ring conditions, and had it rained, Bournemouth’s wet (or baking hot) weather accommodation is very primitive. Their ground has seen a small improvement on last year but it still has a long way to go before it could be described as vaguely level and satisfactory for showing dogs on.

At Bournemouth Jeff Horswell had only 1 class with 2 entries (OB), 1 class with 5 (LB) and the remaining classes either with nothing at all entered or just one. Perhaps not surprising (given that our breed judge had awarded Frankie RBIS at Crufts only a few months back) Melanie Harwood came up trumps with Ch Minarets Best Kept Secret winning the DCC & BOB, adding another group win to his tally under Patsy Hollings who had awarded him BIS at an earlier Ch. show this season.

The Bitch CC went to my young Ch Michandy Back in Black JW ShCM, with the RCC’s going to Elaine & Terry Ward’s Pipparel The Look of Luv (their second in a row having won their first at Paignton) in dogs and Melanie’s minor puppy Minarets Let Me Telu A Secret (owned in partnership with Will Harris) in bitches. She was also Best Puppy in Breed, though, like my win at Paignton, was the only pup entered sadly.

In the Main Ring my Ch Back in Black won some handy fuel money winning the Denise Courtney Memorial Stakes under Bill Browne-Cole and Melanie also annexed a Third placing in the Puppy Group under Patsy Hollings with Let Me Telu A Secret

Louise Cunningham tells me that she is holding a Celebration Party after judging at Richmond to toast the crowning of Ch Jaytor Jubilee Time and in memory of Jean Treagus to which all present will be made very welcome. It’s particularly poignant I feel as the last time Louise had a party was to celebrate her 40th Birthday (also at Richmond) when Jean had been our Judge – sadly it turned out to be her final appointment, although some 4 years ago now.

Please don’t feel shy in letting me know of your successes out and about. We have much more freedom to include anything and everything these days! The only up side on the demise of our dear friend ‘Dog World’ newspaper. I’m still struggling with the Our Dogs format I have to say.

email: jackie@michandypoodles.co.uk
Jackie Kitchener
Telephone: 01778 348106


The Miniature Poodle Club held their Open Show on Sunday 6th August with Debbie Rodaway judging. The weather was kind and all I heard was reports of the usual friendly happy atmosphere as sadly, for the first time in many years, I did not manage to get there. Best Bitch, Best in Show and Best Puppy was Helen Lunnun-Turner’s Arrowflight Hidden Secret with Steven & Julie Warnes’ Myhaven Fantasy taking Best Dog and Reserve Best in Show.

Paignton followed on the Tuesday. It managed to stay dry for our show day, though the weather had already done it’s worst to ruin things and we were greeted by ground which was more than a little squelchy. The rings were of good size but very soggy, an uneven surface hidden beneath rather long very wet grass, hardly ideal, but in fairness when we moved into the noisy, dark Main Arena indoors later in the day for the Groups we were actually thinking we preferred it out there, wet or not.

Peter Banks was judging Miniatures for the first time, his entry of 24 suffered 6 absentees meaning 5 dogs and 13 bitches competed, of these just one a puppy. 7 of the 12 classes had no or only one entry in them – very sad to see, but this is one of the more extreme shows geographically. DCC & BOB was Mel Harwood’s Ch Minarets Best Kept Secret with Elaine & Terry Ward’s Pipparel The Look of Luv winning his and Elaine’s first ever KC Green & White card in Reserve. A special win that I can guarantee will never be forgotten.

In bitches Louise Cunningham had the great thrill of piloting the late Jean Treagus’ white Jaytor Jubilee Time ShCM to her crown, very sadly too late for Jean to witness herself, but understandably it was an emotional ringside that just ‘knew’ Jean was there in spirit watching and willing them on. Sired by Eng & UK Ch Jouet Brave Blissful believer in Sariante out of Jaytor Springtime, she was born in the Queens Jubilee year so is now 5 year old. She won her first CC from Eileen Geeson at East of England in 2015 and her second at SKC from Lynne Campbell in May this year with 3 RCC’s won in the interim. Louise is now her co-owner and must be so pleased to have fulfilled her promise to Jean.

Reserve CC in bitches was my 18 month Ch. Michandy Back in Black JW, competing in Open for the first time, and Best Puppy Michandy Perfect Timing, alone in the breed but she acquitted herself well later by winning Third in the Puppy Group under Jenny Miller.

Best Kept Secret added another Group 3 to his list of successes, this time from Gavin Robertson, and I spotted a delighted Celia Bell taking second in the Veteran Stakes in what I think was Jusanin Glenister’s first appearance in the class. We had all enjoyed some nibbles, bubbly and cake at the benches to celebrate ‘Pippin’s 7th birthday earlier in the day, although I also gather it was Celia’s birthday as well, but that apparently was not common knowledge. What a lovely way to start a veteran career and a special birthday treat for Celia too!

Jackie Kitchener email: jackie@michandypoodles.co.uk


Trent to Tweed Poodle Club did not have CC’s on offer for Miniatures at their Championship Show so had a smallish turnout of 14 (9 dogs and 5 bitches) for Nicky Garbutt. Best Dog was Barbara Cherry’s Shanandi What A Boy with Wendy Batey’s Donavika Got The X Factor in Reserve; Best Bitch and BOB was Steph Hall with Minarets Heres Lookin at You at Darmistic with the puppy Jencro Diamond in Silver taking both Reserve Best Bitch and Best Puppy. Lynne Sheppard’s Milandia Gold Strike was Best Veteran.

Sadly our representatives did not feature at all in the In Show awards judged by Keith Storey but for the record Standards swept the board - BIS was Marita Rodger & Julia Well’s Standard Montravia Uptown Girl with Roger Bayliss’ Toy Kertellas Halle Berry Reserve BIS. Best Puppy was Stacey White & Michael Coad’s Sankersty Here We Go Again at Pamplona and Best Veteran in Show Sukanta I’m Smartie at Sympika

After just three All Breed Open Shows, my Ch Michandy Back in Black JW can now add ShCM to her name after winning her third Group and second Best in Show, this time at East of England Ladies KA under Nigel Barker and Paul Singleton. It was one of my little challenges to get this award (I’ve never tried before) but in doing so have also qualified for the East Anglian Supermatch which is the icing on the cake.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the Miniature Poodle Club Open Show this coming weekend, let’s hope that the weather is kind, it seems incredibly changeable right now.

Jackie Kitchener email: jackie@michandypoodles.co.uk

In the days running up to Leeds we were all watching the weather forecast and the day prior to us showing the deluge and photos posted on Facebook of standing water and mud were in abundance. However, someone was looking out for us as Sunday dawned fine and the sun shone, only the road and walkways were a little muddy with the rings and benching areas all being fine. The clouds did gather and darken around 2.30 as I got in my car to head north to visit my Dad in Sunderland and within minutes it was teeming down with rain – seems we really were lucky indeed to miss it while we showed.

Linda Brown was our judge, she had drawn a lovely entry of 55 – the highest since Min PC – with only 3 absentees and it was nice to at last see some decent puppy classes. DCC and BOB was Melanie Harwood’s Ch Minarets Best Kept Secret with Sarah Fray again taking the RCC with Sariante Christain Grey. In bitches my Ch. Olymbinars Ode To Joy at Michandy JW made an exciting return to the ring after her first litter (now 10 weeks old) to win her 14th CC with Julia Wells & Svetlana Kizina’s Lenholl Sonata taking the RCC. Best Puppy was Dee Moore & Lauren Coulter’s Sonorous Pride N Prejudice at Coolaulin and Best Veteran Liz Holmes-Leak’s Ch Michandy Great Expectation by Navarre JW ShCM.

In the Big Ring Best Kept Secret was Group 4 under Jack Bispham and Great Expectation was Veteran Group 2. Chris Lister’s Junior class winner Calmaric One For The Money also won her final points for her Junior Warrant.

Great news from Fiona Brook who won Best in Show at Liege (Belgium) at the Golden Groomer Competition on the same weekend, that takes some doing in such hot competition.

Jackie Kitchener email: jackie@michandypoodles.co.uk

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