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Breed Notes Pugs
July 21st 2021
No championship show this week to report on but a lovely RBIS win for Wendy Urwin at the Scarborough show that Dale Hicks is rightly so proud of.
The show drew 600 entries with a pug entry of 25 for John Whitman who chose from the open class his BOB, Sunlea Ledgend of the Sword for Aneeva JW. Her other dog, Aneeva Mr Brightside who won from Limit,was RBOB and her bitch Aneeva Miss Atomic Bomb came second in her class, so it was a good day that only got better when she won the TG under Dawn Russell and the RBIS under Leila Tarabad. Sharon Briddon and Rob Fisher won BP and PTG3 with their new puppy Dixie.
Well done and hopefully see you at Leeds.
Alison Mount alisonmount@btconnect.com

PUG PRESS (news from the show ring)
July 7th 2021

I asked John Swinge to write about the first show of the Essex & East Anglia Pug Dog Club’s first Limited show on the 27th June 2021,and he was more than happy that it was s a huge success.

“We have a large hall that seemed to please everyone and lots of space to be able to spread out. I would like to thank Catharine Phelps for coming such a long way to judge this show, and may I say what a very professional job she did.
Catharine pulled a super entry of 45 dogs making 54 entries, this was brilliant for the club’s first show.

On the day most of our committee had to show their dogs otherwise our judge would have had very little to go over, it's sad that limited shows are not that well supported, but this is understandable giving the present situation. We did have a good entry on paper but not on the ground. Still one day when we reach open show status things should improve.

I would also like to thank our committee for all getting stuck in and making this show a success, well done to you all, and also thanks must go to the exhibitors who travelled to the show helping to make it successful, well done and thank you. Thanks also go to Grace Rutherford for her invaluable assistance. I won't go into the winners here as I'm sure a report will follow.

The committee made the decision to all look the same with their blue outfits, and may I say how smart they all looked, this makes all the difference when a committee person can be seen and identified if needs be.

The prize money that was won by the committee was all given back to the club, this hopefully will help make our next show prize money even more tempting so watch this space, as our next show will be held on the 14th November 2021.

Our Special awards judge had a very good entry of 24 in the three classes, and I would like to thank Molly Reid for taking on these classes. These classes at any show always help boost a judge’s numbers up, as they seem to generate more sometimes than the general open shows, I've never seen less than 20 in any of the shows I am involved with so if you are offered these classes take them if you can, it will be a big boost for your numbers.

The Michael Saffer Stakes class was well supported and we made around £25 for the Pug Welfare. We are going to round this up to £30 for this good cause, any little helps.

Congratulations must go to Zoe and Anthony Monk who won our 3 day holiday break, well done and we hope you both enjoy your break.

We have had an offer to support 2 black classes at our next show, we are sincerely grateful for this and I will contact this sponsor for further details on these classes.”

BIS was Edward Eddery’s Surprise Gift Ragemma who had a wonderful start to her show career only the day before at the Joint Pug Dog Club’s Championship show when she won the RCC.
Today his mother Charlotte Fitsall took her to the East of England open show under Gillian Orbinger and won BOB and then the Toy Group under Sheila Hindle. At the same show, Jess Collier’s Pugistie Pop The Question won junior, BPIB and the Toy Puppy Group 4.

RBIS was Megan and Molly Billis’s Pugalicious Crown Jewels at Megmolu BPIS and RBD was Gail Saffer’s Ragemma Hot Potato. She also won RBB with Ragemma Upsy Daisy and BVIS Paul Brockhurst’s Sarabellew Titfor Tat.

Molly Reid’s Stakes Class winners were Megmolu In Cahoots, Ragemma Upsy Daisy and Calaquendi Cause Celebre Avec Ragemma.

When the schedules are available for the November show, PUG PRESS will let you know.

At the Devon County Premier Show on 4th July Sandra Makepeace's Sandigara Second Thoughts won BOB and Maureen Lee's Glenalua Vishneva Tuckenhay IKC won RBOB under Alan Carter. Second Thoughts then went on to win G2 under judge Rosemary Alexander. Thank you for telling me Maureen.

Sara Macdonald announces that both the 19/20 and 20/21 Scottish Pug Dog Club AGM’s will be held at 12.30pm on Sunday the 22nd of August at Crawfordjohn Village Hall ML12 6SR. All fully paid up club members are welcome to attend.

A reminder that schedules are available and online entries are open at Fosse Data for the Pug Dog Club's postponed 2020 Championship Show which will be held in partnership with Bournemouth Canine Association, on Sunday 15 August 2021 at Bournemouth Canine Association Showground, Pikes Farm, Organford Lane, Poole, Dorset, BH16 6ES. Judges: Robert Hitchcock (Dogs), Margaret Boulcott (Bitches), Alison Mount (Referee). Entries close Monday 19 July 2021 (postmark), Monday 26 July 2021 online. Bitch Classes will be judged first, followed by Dog Classes.

The show will be held in line with any Covid-19 Government restrictions in place at the time. There is a Covid-19 Statement in the schedule. Schedules have been posted to exhibitors at our last Championship Show in 2019 and Open Show 2020. Anyone else requiring a schedule, please contact me at showsecretary@pugdogclub.org.uk

The Bournemouth schedule and online entry is available on Higham Press. The Judge for Pugs is Sarah Hattrell (Khinjan). If you intend entering both shows, please remember that entries for Bournemouth close 16 July online, a few days before postal close of entries for the Club Show. Pugs will be judged in adjacent rings. Bournemouth will start breed judging at 9am (Dogs followed by Bitches). The Pug Dog Club Show will start judging at 9.30am (Bitches followed by Dogs). Bournemouth Canine Association Show will have their in-out rings in Clearspan marquees which will be ideal if the weather is wet or extremely hot (English summers, even on the South Coast, are quite capable of doing both, sometimes on the same day!). There will also be four large wet weather tents for exhibitors to use.

For exhibitors wanting to bring their own Gazebos (max 3m x 3m dimension) there will be plenty of space in the extensive designated areas. Bookings for caravan and tent pitches should be made via the Bournemouth Secretary. Please see Bournemouth Canine Association schedule, website and Facebook page for information and updates. Nigel Marsh, Show Secretary, The Pug Dog Club.

I am looking forward to East of England show this Friday; it will be good to see people again.

Alison Mount alisonmount@btconnect.com

Breed Notes Pugs
June 23rd 2021
This week we actually have some news from a show ring as I picked this up today. Drew Pritchard had an enjoyable morning judging pugs at the Cheshire Show. Her BOB was Anzhela Heaven On Earth with Calaquendi, and RBOB was Kids Of Candy Jasmine (imp Russia) BP was Samlynrye Dixie Chick at Briddish who went on to win TPG2 under Ernie Patterson.
I opened the BRS this morning knowing roughly what I would see, but didn’t think it would be such a ghastly sight. So many registered with the “Ken…..” in front of their names – that was the beginning of the end I am certain of it. So called pugs of every colour under the sun registered with recognised colours in the same litters and a nasty outbreak of brown ones with chocolate related names in the sire or dam and apricots mixed up with sables and cream.
There were 355 litters and 1498 registrations; 12 imported pugs from the Republic of Ireland, Poland, Russian Federation, Russia and the USA.
Seven pugs were graded 0, Thirteen Grade 1 and one grade 2 under the RFG scheme and the Risk Test for PDE resulted in 17 with minimal risk (0) and 4 minimal risk (1).
Now for another dip into the Ann Lewis archive. This time the famous Banchory kennel which comes from the Dog World Annual 1957.
Happy showing this weekend; I shall be thinking of you and the show report for next week will be in the capable hands of Alex Hill and Gemma Pike.

Alison Mount alisonmount@btconnect.com

Breed Notes Pugs
June 16th 2021
Gemma Pike is advertising on behalf of the Breed Council for a new Breed health Co-ordinator to replace Susanne Seffer who has recently resigned.
The role of Pug Breed Health Coordinator has become vacant following the resignation of Susanne Seffer. We’d like to thank Susanne for all her hard work and efforts during her time in the role. Details of the job description can be found on the Kennel Club website via this link
Applications for the role can be emailed to gemma.pike@outlook.com Applications close July 9th.

Jeanette Field has kindly sent me a cutting from her local paper, the Mid Sussex Times as there is an article about Tim Southwell the co-founder of Loaded magazine who during his boredom of lockdown has, with illustrator Jason Measures, sent his pet pugs Ronny and Lola and their friend Taser into outer space in a new comic book for all ages called Pugs In Space because there is a big sausage famine and the US president needed help to solve the mystery of the missing meat. Sausages can be quite important in many a pug’s life.
In the second issue, the arch villain is a fat cat called Fat Cat who runs the Catosphere which is where all the sausages have been taken. There is also a character called Pablo Escobark, a space food overlord.
The comic is highly recommended by Frank Skinner whose 8 year old son loves it and 50 p from each copy sold in the coming year will benefit Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. Visit pugsinspace.co.uk/shop to buy the comic and merchandise
I now have the first of a large pile of printed articles sent by Ann Lewis for you to enjoy.
Nancy Tarbitt and the Nanchyl pugs was written by FRANK KANE and originally published by DOG WORLD in May 1992.
ALTHOUGH Nancy Tarbitt had shown her Smooth Dachshund on a casual, local basis in the late 1950s, her real interest in showing started when she fell in love with the Pug.

Nancy saw a Pug waiting patiently outside a shop for its owners to return, and she vowed then that her next dog would be one of that breed. A few years' later she kept that promise and visited local breeder Miss Thompson of the Sunderland-based Lynfield Pugs and returned home with the bitch Lynfield Amanda, by Roundabout of Ttiweh, an affix famous in several toy breeds.

She proved a very sound investment, developing into the best of her litter, her breeder offering to buy her back, and she went on to win consistently at cham¬pionship shows.

Nancy and her late husband Hylton made an anagram of their names and registered the Nanchyl affix, and with it adorning their foundation bitch, launched on a career which has made the kennel a household name in the breed.

Mated to Margo Raisin's Ch Paramin Dillypin Pantaloon, Amanda produced the first homebred Nanchyl litter which contained Finnish Ch Ajax, but perhaps, more importantly, the bitch Nanchyl Amber, who can be traced in all the successful Nanchyls today.

Two more bought-in Pugs were to prove useful: the bitch Dillypin Allegra, bred in Noelle Mackness' successful ken¬nel, who later produced the CC winning bitches, Belinda and Butterfly, but more influential was the purchase of a four months old dog puppy from Margo Raisin.

Six months later the dog Patrick of Paramin had won his first CC and then finished his title in the Waverley Halls at Edinburgh under the late William Bur¬row. The combination of Patrick and Amber, repeated several times, was to establish the Nanchyl line, a line that has been developed through steady line-breeding with an occasional outcross.

The first litter contained the lovely bitch Nanchyl Gossamer, sold to local enthusiast Ella Clancey, her first Pug, and made up to become the first Nanchyl champion in the UK. Ten days later, a younger sister, Nanchyl Imp took her title. Apart from being a beautiful bitch herself, and a great character, Imp was to breed on.

Bred to Michael Quinney's Ch Adoram Faro, a dog Nancy much admired for his conformation, Imp pro¬duced Ch Nanchyl Kelpie, the brightest apricot fawn she has ever owned, a quality she attributes to the influence of Faro's sire, the black Adoram Ebony.

For her next litter Imp was mated to Gallant Knight, a son of Pantaloon, and therefore quite close linebreeding. The bitch puppy retained became Ch Nan¬chyl Roxanna who won 32 CCs, was top Pug in 1978 and 1979 and BOB at Crufts in 1979.

Allegra, also mated to Patrick, pro¬duced Elf, who, after winning one CC developed a kidney problem and went off showing. She was mated to Igor, litter brother of Imp, hence another half-brother, half-sister mating, and produced Ch Jasper who won ten CCs.

If it all sounds plain sailing, then don't be deceived. There were heartaches and disappointment. The lovely Kelpie picked up poison soon after her first and only litter. She died soon afterwards. From the surviving puppies two became champions, again by Patrick. The male, Oberon, was campaigned to his title by Susan Atterton whose mother Doreen is well known in Wire Dachshunds and Pekes. The bitch, Ophelia, won 11 CCs and was top Pug of 1977.
Mated to a Pantaloon son, Paramin Paul, Ophelia produced Ch Tabitha, sold as a puppy to John Coster in Ireland who made her up, and the male Troglodite who became top Pug in 1980 and 1981. He won 13 CCs and several toy groups.

Mated to Ch Slepe Kerrygold, another Patrick son, Ophelia produced only one bitch in a litter of six. She became Ch Nanchyl Venus.

Nancy carried on her extensive line-breeding programme when she mated Roxanna to the CC winning Nanchyl Nimbus, from the Patrick ex Amber combination. From this came the out-standing male Ch Nanchyl Xerxes who, with 27 CCs, shares the honour of top winning male Pug with Ch Rexden Rubstic. Xerxes was 26 times BOB from his 27 CCs. He was BOB at Crufts in three successive years, 1983-1985, and was reserve in the group there in 1984. He won several groups and has proven an excellent sire. Now 11 years old and as fit as a fiddle, he still enjoys paying court to the occasional female visitor. Top sire in 1986, he has sired Ch Gais Hunca Munca, the litter sisters Ch Neubraa Maria and Miranda, Ch Berrymu! Can¬dytuft and for the home kennel the prepotent sire Ch Nanchyl Zechim.

Ch Venus proved difficult to get in whelp but finally produced to Xerxes, by caesarean, one live male puppy to become Ch Zechim. He won his first CC and went reserve in the group at LKA when he was 10 months old. He won 25 CCs, was top Pug 1986/1987, top sire of 1987 and top stud dog 1991. Xerxes is the only living progeny from Venus; the pups from the only other litter died at birth.

His progeny include Ch Nanchyl Cachucha, who died tragically young, Ch Nanchyl Francata, Ch Ardglass Benja¬min and Ch Clairique Unique, who won the dog CC at Crufts 1992, along with the bought-in Ch Rosalia of Nanchyl, the new breed record holder who equalled Rubstic's record of two BIS wins at all breed championship shows.

Rosalia came to Nanchyl when she was 12 weeks old. Her breeders, Mr and Mrs Reynolds of Carlisle, had phoned Nancy telling her they would like to have a litter form their pet bitch, Tiger Lily. Nancy would not commit herself until she saw the bitch, a daughter of Anmarric Orlando of Silverstein ex a bitch of Sheffawn breeding, and when she saw her thought that Zechim would be a suitable mate.

Four puppies resulted from the mating and the two bitches came home to Nanchyl, one for a prospective client in Sweden (Rosalia) and the litter sister for Mary le Gallais. The Swedish clients decided they wanted a dog puppy, much to the delight of Nancy, who had seen Rosalia's developing potential and so Rosalia installed herself at Nanchyl. It is hard to believe that this extrovert bundle of fun as she is now was originally quite shy when she arrived.

Her successes now are legend with 35 CCs, taking over the breed record from Roxanna, a multiple group winner with two BIS victories at general ch shows, top toy of 1991, three consecutive CCs at 'Crufts and the group in 1992.

Nancy turned down an offer of £20,000 for her in 1991. No money could buy her. "It would be like selling one of the children", says Nancy. Rosalia's proud breeders have visited Crufts for the last two years to support her — how justi¬fiably proud they must feel to see the wins of the daughter of their cherished pet, Tiger Lily, the product of their only venture into dog breeding, to sit back and watch the Crufts video and tell their pet "That's your daughter!".

Now in her fourth year, Rosalia is destined for the whelping box in the not too distant future. As she provides a total outcross on her dam's side she offers another opportunity for. nicking back into the linebreeding which has been so suc¬cessful for the Nanchyls in the past. Time will tell.

Nancy has never kept a big kennel — she is not a "big" breeder, but an example of the clever breeder who manages to establish a type, keep a line going and succeeds, generation after generation, in bringing out a good successor to the previous winner. Britain is fortunate in having many such breeders who have helped establish the country's reputation for producing top class dogs.

There are at present nine adults at Nanchyl, which includes pensioners and young hopefuls just starting their career. One or perhaps two litters are bred each year. The Pugs are housedogs and are road walked regularly. After the recent Crufts win Nancy was frequently stopped while out with the dogs and congra¬tulated by strangers who'd seen her on television.

From Nancy's linebreeding practices, with the occasional outcross, 14 cham¬pions have been bred, with the bought-in Patrick and Rosalia bringing a total of 16 UK champions. Exports have been made up: Finnish Ch Ajax; Am Ch Hobgoblin and more recently Girisol, proving a great sire in the States; in Sweden, Int Ch Carolus.

Judging invitations have taken Nancy to Belgium, Sweden, Austria and the United States. At home Nancy judged Pugs at Crufts in 1988. She judges all toys at open show level.

Over 30 years of showing Pugs has given Nancy the opportunity of admiring many of the great names in the breed and special favourites have been Linda Appleton's Ch Dingleberry Vega and Michael Quinney's Ch Adoram Faro among the males and Ch Pallyn Piglet, a bitch of more recent years.

She has practised linebreeding but stresses that this can only be maintained with sound base stock and that out-crosses, when used, should be carefully researched and from sound quality bloodlines themselves.

She recalls winning BIS at the Pug Dog Centenary Show in 1983 with Xerxes from an entry of 272, as a special high¬light. Xerxes himself remains a great favourite: Nancy considers him a great male Pug and believes it harder to breed good males than it is to breed good bitches.

It is not difficult when stepping into the Nanchyl household to realise that one is in Pug territory: 350 Pug models in silver, bronze and porcelain, including models by Faberge and Meissen, decorate the living room. Son Mark, an antiques dealer, has helped in this collection, along with the collection of old Pug postcards, of which Nancy now owns 600.

Nancy combines her dog showing and breeding with her career as a piano and singing teacher. So whether in her career, or in her hobby of breeding top Pugs, Nancy can truly be said to have hit a high note.

Breed Notes Pugs
June 9th 2021

My week started off with a phone call from Joan Troth with the sad news that John Timms died in Rotherham hospital on Monday 31st May. She was able to give me John’s phone number and I spoke to his daughter Yvonne Leach. John had been admitted to hospital earlier in the month but recovered from a severe infection and came home on May 14th feeling better than he had for a long time; we all knew his health had not been good for many years. He became unwell again and was taken back into hospital just a few days before he died. Kath who died so suddenly in February had been his carer and her sudden death was a dreadful shock to the family.
The plan had been that his son, Jason who had previously had a successful career in the army serving in the Royal Artillery and then the Irish Guards but had retired and was working as a personal trainer in Plymouth and living in Cornwall would come to live with his father. The intention is that Jason will make the move shortly as previously planned. John and Kath thoroughly enjoyed their trips to see Jason who was also a talented musician playing in the band on many State occasions.

John and Kath also had 2 daughters; Yvonne Leach living locally in Wath and Jacqueline Timms who lives in Middlesborough; Yvonne came over to John’s house after the carer had left and saw to his comforts for the rest of the day. They were and are a very close family unit and John was looking forward to them all being nearby.

As the family grew up they were quietly replaced by the pugs that John and Kath loved so much, the first, Benji coming from Joan and Sam Troth and they remained good friends over the years. In 1989 they made up their first champion who won BOB at Crufts 1989, Kajohn Yakima sired by Ch Ansam Dante ex Auwil Minnehaha and in 1993, Kahohn Arapaho sired by Poosbbury Piggy Malone ex Kajohn Comanche. I believe their last pug Frank came from Beverley Groves. Frank is being looked after by Yvonne and her family; in fact the interest in the care of dogs and going to the shows with her grandparents has lead granddaughter Alice to work at the Dogs Trust in Manchester and through work she has acquired a Bernese Mountain dog.

The funeral will take place at Swinton church on Tuesday June 15th at 1.30. RIP John – reunited with Kath and their many beloved pugs.

Mandy Mitchell accompanied by her pug Lulu represented the Pug Dog Club on Tuesday afternoon at the funeral of Philippa Neall. I watched the service today on the video link which was conducted by her niece who was ordained at Ely Cathedral much to Philippa’s great pride and some of the choral work played at the service was of recordings from Ely.

Philippa was talented in so many directions. Her daughter Georgina is strikingly like her mother and she spoke of her many abilities saying she thrived in the company of people, loving to help, was aware of the needs of others and always willing to listen and she held the belief that anything is possible if you wanted it badly enough.

Philippa’s passion for music stayed with her to the end of her life; she played the piano and cello and sang in many choral societies and last year learnt a song in Swahili, but she turned her hand to woodwork making a coffee table and later in life made stained glass windows, yet those hands loved to knit and Georgina brought laughter to the crematorium when she described Philippa’s knitting bag as an absolute mess which frequently had a pug in the tangle of knitting.

She became a Group Scout Leader making friends wherever she worked; she enjoyed her language classes and was fluent in French German and Italian and on more than one occasion was chairman of the PDC during that time setting up training seminars on hemivertebrae awareness.

In 2018 she was grateful to make her home with Georgina as she needed more support and yet managed to remain physically active continuing to play her cello with friends and enjoying the garden, still able to name plants by their Latin names. About a month ago she became physically less active and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Her death was unexpected but the family reflects it was a blessing. Her last pug Daisy has now moved in with a friend of Philippa’s.

Sympathy goes to her sisters and their families and to her 4 children Georgina, Lawrence, Gregory and Alex. The family threw a wonderful party afterwards to celebrate her life – a party Philippa would have loved.

Next week I have the first of a large pile of articles sent to me by Ann Lewis. History galore, but the dog shows start soon….

Alison Mount alisonmount@btconnect.com

Breed Notes Pugs
June 3rd 2021

Here is some really encouraging news from Jane Pritchard.

“I have been to see Colin Wills who was on fantastic form considering what he has been through. He had even mowed the lawn! He is looking forward to getting out and about again and meeting up with everyone. He has remarkable courage and good humour.
I thought you might like to add this to your notes.”

Thank you, Jane.

Hope to have more for next week.

Alison Mount alisonmount@btconnect.com

Breed Notes Pugs
May 26th 2021

Entries close for the Essex and East Anglia PDC show being held on Monday May 31st at Maldon Essex– the judge is Catharine Phelps and Molly Reid will judge the Special Awards classes. Very generously, the entry fees received for the Michael Saffer Memorial Open Stakes will be donated to PDWRA.
It is their first show; they want it to be a success, which I am sure it will be, so please enter and support it in one way or another. If you are unable to go, why not enter the special raffle which offers you a 3 day holiday in a comfortable, self- contained, 1 bedroomed cottage in Suffolk, not far from the Minsmere Nature Reserve. It is in a lovely area.
You can add your entry for the raffle on the actual entry form and if you have not got one, no excuse, you can download an entry form from www.fossedata.co.uk.
There were some lovely comments last week about Philippa Neall. I sent her daughter an email with the notes attached; hopefully she will look at PUG PRESS to see them,
It is quite likely that I shall be unable to do any notes next week and we shall find ourselves in June again, but this time another step closer to dog events. You will see the poster advertising the event for health testing – an ideal opportunity before the show world kicks off again.
Alison Mount alisonmount@btconnect.com

Breed Notes Pugs
May 20th 2021
I once again have to start the notes this week with some sad news sent to Adele Nicholson by Philippa Neall’s daughter, Georgina. Philippa died unexpectedly on Sunday morning at Georgina’s home in High Wycombe where she had lived for the last few years having been diagnosed with dementia.
Philippa had been involved with the PDC for many, many years at all levels and was always very hands on. She was happy to steward, sell raffle tickets, organize seminars, help out at garden parties – it didn’t matter what it was if an extra pair of hands was needed, she would be there. She had been a committee member, chairman and vice chairman; edited the handbook, made the tea and loved not just pugs but Cocker Spaniels and cats as well.
She started out in the breed in the days when everyone entered and supported the local open shows if pugs were classified; not so often then, so journeys of up to about 50 miles would be made, particularly when a pug judge was on offer. She often had a pram and some little ones with her as did others of that generation. We all stayed on to much later in the day unless there was an early removal ticket available – you had to stay – those were the rules. Journeys were usually through town centres; no motorways or bypasses, no sat navs, you just sort of got to the shows and used road maps and a bit of luck until you knew where you were going.
Philippa was mentored by Pauline Thorp Cedarwood; you were either in Pauline’s good book or not (I was not until many years later) and we all benefited from the knowledge so many kindly offered by long established breeders just by sitting at the ringside and listening. I think that was one of the reasons Philippa was so keen on seminars and educating would be judges.
With the affix Bradstock, Philippa occasionally bred a litter of puppies. Her first pug was Filippa’s Folly of Bradstock who mated to Ch Eastonite Arthur of Elmseigh produced Pauline Thorp’s Ch Bradstock Campion. His litter sister Columbine owned by Mr R Gibson also gained her title.
Philippa and Jill de’Ath were great friends and Jill wrote this about her friend. “thank you for the sad news about Philippa. I brought my first pug from her (Mandale Minuet) known as Sophie in 1972 just a few weeks before Louise was born and we have remained friends ever since. I have many lovely memories of times Geoff and I spent with her and husband Roy at their home in Woodley and also wonderful visits with Pauline Thorp. Happy times at shows when we both had babes in pushchairs. Philippa had a beautiful singing voice and sang with a lot of local music societies. Always ready to help anyone in need I will treasure my memories of a dearly loved friend. Such a cruel end to a wonderful life. God bless and now rest in peace.”
From Nigel Marsh ''A reminder that schedules are available and online entries are open now at Fosse Data for the Pug Joint Breed Clubs' Championship Show, which is hosted by the Pug Dog Club in partnership with Southern Counties, on Friday 25 June 2021 at The Newbury Showground, Berkshire, RG18 9QZ.
Please take special note that if you are entering the Breed Clubs' Championship ONLY you must let me (Nigel Marsh) know so that I can arrange passes for your dogs.
Southern Counties has a robust policy on the removal of dogs from the show in order to reduce the risk of dogs being removed without the authority of their owners or exhibitors.
ALL dogs need a removal pass to leave the showground. Dogs entered for Southern Counties will receive passes through Fosse Data as usual.
Exhibitors for the Pug Joint Breed Clubs' Show must let me know by close of postal entries if they are bringing dogs (details please) that are NOT entered at Southern Counties and therefore need passes.
Passes for these dogs need to be arranged in advance and will be issued at the show by the Pug Dog Club when you collect your catalogue.
Removal passes are checked at the exit by security staff who will not allow dogs to be removed from the showground without passes.
Please also be aware that the two shows have different closing dates, with Southern Counties closing this week. The Judges at the Joint Pug Clubs' Show are: Tim Ball (Dogs) subject to KC approval; Joyce Clark (Bitches); Grace Godwin (Referee). Entries close 1 June 2021 (postmark), 7 June 2021 (online). The Judge for Pugs at Southern Counties is Kevan Berry, and entries close 20 May 2021 (online). I understand that all caravan/motorhome electric hook-ups on site have now been taken and there are no more available, so it looks like many exhibitors have decided that the show is going to be a welcome weekend away for themselves and their dogs.'' Nigel Marsh showsecretary@pugdogclub.org.uk
The final part of the pug by Nancy Tarbitt will appear next week. I am not likely to have other news next week, but you never know!
Alison Mount alisonmount@btconnect.com

Breed Notes Pugs
May 5th 2021

Lulu Freston has moved into a care home. The address is The Willows Nursing and Residential Home
105-107 Coventry Road, Market Harborough, LE16 9VX Tel: 07823790144. I am sure she would love a card and a bit of news just to stay in touch with her many friends.

Some judges have been announced for 2022. They are Gail Saffer, Manchester; Lucy Hill D and Robert Hitchcock, B, UK Toy; Dale Hick D and Joan Fox B, SPDC; and myself for the LKA.
I have been able to gather from a Facebook post made by Mandy Tree, Colin Wills’ daughter that he has made progress. “regarding Dad... here’s an update on how things are going. He’s now back on a ward and has been for the last couple of weeks. Mum, myself, Kevin and Daren are now allowed to visit him which has been a huge advantage. If I said he was keeping the nurses on their toes it would be an understatement. He’s back talking albeit confused at times, eating, drinking and tackling mobility. Given how poorly he was a few months ago it’s nothing short of a miracle that he’s come this far. Recovery is going really well and there is even talk of discharging him soon but just for the minute we will take every little step as it comes... “ Good news to share indeed.

Alison Mount alisonmount@btconnect.com

Breed Notes Pugs
April 28th 2021
Here is the news you have all been waiting for – it really is going to happen.

*********Pug Joint Breed Clubs' Championship Show*********
Schedule available and online entries open now at Fosse Data.
Hosted by the Pug Dog Club in partnership with Southern Counties, on Friday 25 June 2021 at The Newbury Showground, Berkshire, RG18 9QZ.
Judges: Tim Ball (Dogs) subject to KC approval; Joyce Clark (Bitches); Grace Godwin (Referee).
Entries close 1 June 2021 (postmark), 7 June 2021 (online).
Bitch Classes will be judged first, followed by Dog Classes.
The Pug Dog Club offer trophies for All Class Winners, Best in Show, Reserve Best in Show, Best Puppy in Show, Best Black In Show and Best Veteran in Show. These trophies will be won outright.
All exhibitors will receive a ballpoint pen donated by the Pug Dog Club.
The show will be held in line with any Covid-19 Government restrictions in place at the time. There is a Covid-19 Statement in the schedule.
Schedules will be posted to exhibitors at our last Championship Show in 2019 and Open Show 2020. Anyone else requiring a schedule, please contact showsecretary@pugdogclub.org.uk
The Southern Counties schedule is also on Fosse Data.
Wet weather accommodation is not available. There will be covering in the ring area, and gazebos/fishing umbrellas and any other suitable covering will be allowed in areas designated by SCCA. Please see Southern Counties Canine Association schedule, website and Facebook page for information and updates.
Removal passes are checked for all dogs being removed from the showground. Exhibitors must have a removal pass for every dog.
Southern Counties will provide passes for all Pugs entered for their show only.
If you have entered any Pugs for the Pug Dog Club Show that are not entered in Southern Counties you must let the Show Secretary know by email or letter (by online closing date). This includes Pugs entered Not For Competition. Removal passes for those dogs will be given to you when you collect your catalogue at the PDC show.
Any other enquiries please contact showsecretary@pugdogclub.org.uk

At long last, the Officers and Committee of the Pug Dog Club look forward to seeing you soon!

*********The Pug Dog Club Championship Show*********
Schedule available and online entries open now at Fosse Data.
In partnership with Bournemouth Canine Association, on Sunday 15 August 2021 at Bournemouth Canine Association Showground, Pikes Farm, Organford Lane, Poole, Dorset, BH16 6ES.
Judges: Robert Hitchcock (Dogs), Margaret Boulcott (Bitches), Alison Mount (Referee).
Entries close Monday 19 July 2021 (postmark), Monday 26 July 2021 online.
Bitch Classes will be judged first, followed by Dog Classes.
The show will be held in line with any Covid-19 Government restrictions in place at the time. There is a Covid-19 Statement in the schedule.
Schedules will be posted to exhibitors at our last Championship Show in 2019 and Open Show 2020. Anyone else requiring a schedule, please contact showsecretary@pugdogclub.org.uk
The Bournemouth schedule is on Higham Press.
There will be limited wet weather facilities. Exhibitors may bring their own gazebos etc (max 3m x 3m dimension) to be used in areas specifically designated by Bournemouth Canine Association. Please see Bournemouth Canine Association schedule, website and Facebook page for information and updates.

Any other enquiries please contact showsecretary@pugdogclub.org.uk

The Officers and Committee of the Pug Dog Club look forward to seeing you soon!
As you know, I have an email group who do not “do” social media which means that I just about keep in touch with quite a lot of people. Patrick Davis is one of them and I have prompted him on several occasions to write about the pugs he and Janet owned. The start of the article by Nancy Tarbitt actually made it happen and I shall continue with that article next week, so here is Patrick’s happy reflection of Nanchyl Nimbus.
“Henry was our first pug born in1973 (or 74). Pugs in the north, we were near Northallerton then, were in short supply and Janet made many calls including the great Joe Braddon who was very kind and put us on to Nancy. Henry’s parents were elderly and he was in the last litter of both Nanchyl Amber and CH. PATRICK of Paramin, bred by Margo Raisin. Above all else he was a lovely character and made everyone smile. At home he was leader of the pack of 3 Old English and the instigator of all mischief! On one occasion washed and readied for a show, he managed to find his way into the farmyard next door where farmer Ken had his black buggers as he called them. I don’t know the breed but they were mighty aggressive. Henry was picking his way daintily through their flailing hooves! Of course he emerged unscathed. One of favourite tricks was to set off on the judges’ instruction and suddenly roll over and luxuriate in the sun leaving me there with a taut lead and looking a fool - smiles all round. He gained 1 CC at Manchester and 5RCCS, one of which was at Crufts behind Ch Dingleberry Vega when he won the toy group.
I would have loved to have made him up but above all else he was an adored pet and we miss him still. He loved home and my lap more than anything and he is still our favourite. We have great memories and made many friends
Perhaps I should point out that Nancy used an alphabet system so after N the next saw Oberon (sold to a young lady whose name escapes me) and the more famous Nanchyl Ophelia, who won 11 CC’s.”
Thank you, Patrick. Going back a whole year, this is how the breed notes have managed to stay since Crufts last year and it will never be too late for anyone to send their story of MY FIRST PUG.
As I said, the Nancy Tarbitt article will continue next week.
Alison Mount alisonmount@btconnect.com

PUG PRESS (news from the show ring)
April 21st 2021
Following my rant last week, Sylvia Smoofair Langston Smith emailed me with the following.
"Reading what you have written about colours in pugs, it brought to mind something from the dim past. When I went to my first pug dog show with Monica Cummings in the very early 1970s, there was in Veteran bitch? class an outstandingly different coloured dog. It had a black face and ears. Four dense black legs and a sprinkle of black lace on its knickers at the back, also a black tip to the tail. The rest of the dog was a beautiful pale blue platinum silver. The whole thing was eye catching. Monica said it was one of the last of the Willoughby's. Never seen one since."
I have got to the stage where I am rather stuck for news which is hardly surprising, but it was rather fortunate that while looking for something else as is so often the way, I came across this wonderful article written by Nancy Tarbitt for the June 1988 edition of Dogs Monthly and I am going to stretch it out for the next few weeks.
Hopefully you will be able to enlarge the photos sufficiently to be able to read the article.

Alison Mount alisonmount@btconnect.com

Breed Notes Pugs
April 14th 2021
It was a major performance renewing my subscription to the Breed Record Supplement. Normally happy ordering online, I remembered that I had done nothing about my reminder email which was sent to me on February 19th, so I successfully logged into my KC Account – not something that I need to do very often, but success brought a smile to my face. Very soon afterwards, the smile was wiped from my face. Everything was clicked and nothing happened time and time again and eventually I discovered that the facility was not available, so I started to telephone, pressing all the appropriate buttons, only to be cut off time and time again.
Eventually, I pressed another button knowing that it was the wrong button and got through to a different department where a kind person sent an email requesting that I was telephoned that day to renew my subscription. Nothing happened that day and eventually a call came through later in the following week, leaving a message to ring a particular extension. My wretched answerphone cut off the last of the message, so I waited patiently hoping that I might get another call which I did at a time when Peter thought I was out, but was actually in the loo. He suggested that I would be home shortly and to ring again! Bingo – it worked, I paid and my BRS arrived at the beginning of this week, providing us with PUG PRESS this week.
How I wish I could turn the clock back many, many years. I know I have been rabbiting (is that a word?) for years about pugs being registered that were not proper pugs because they were not Breed Standard colours. I have seen dozens of white, blue, brown, pink, black and tan, multi coloured pugs passing sometimes as fawns or silvers and I expect many of the now registered silvers are in fact platinum.
The BRS which is for September to December last year recorded 1909 registrations and 442 litters and a total for the year of 6,033 pugs which takes us slightly below the 2011 figure, the big high being in 2017 with 10,783 registrations.
The reading of (Nbs) Brown with White, Tan or Black Markings appears time after time after time. Litters with a mix of white, fawn and black mask and black make common reading; silver with black mask; cream-no black mask; sable; silver, no black mask; blue; brown; blue with white, tan or sable markings; black with white, tan or sable markings; brown with white, tan or black markings; black and tan. It is, to my proper pug mind, absolutely heart-breaking to see the breed destroyed as it has been over the last 15 years but what goes around comes around and the number of pugs available is decreasing. The prices for these special colours rises all the time.
I still get phone calls from people asking for help to find a puppy after their old dog has died and I find myself unable to help as the breeders I know who health test and take every care when breeding, have bred and will not be breeding again for a while as they do not have a selection of brood bitches; they breed when they want something for themselves rather than to supply a market.
9 dogs have been imported from the Russian Federation – 8 bitches and 1 dog and 1 dog has been exported to Poland and that has updated you on my investment and patience in getting the BRS.
If only I had waited for the letter received today reminding me that my subscription was due and that I could send my remittance by post, I could have avoided a fair amount of frustration. Hopefully I shall be able to do it online again next year.

Alison Mount alisonmount@btconnect.com

Breed Notes Pugs
April 7th 2021

I recently received my first PUG TAILS, the publication from the E&EAPDC and very smart it is too. Their AGM is due to be held at Moorah Stud, Plains Road, Little Totham, Maldon, Essex CM9 8JF, the home of Jill and Sarah Mitchell at 10.30am – COVID restrictions permitting.
Obviously you have to be a member, but that can easily be sorted out by either downloading from their Facebook page or by contacting Kate Cook at boynhamsboxers@aol.com
The Essex & East Anglia Pug Dog Club, were due to hold their first show in April but delayed it to 27th June when Catharine Phelps will judge and the 14th November; both are Limited shows.

Please don’t forget that their online show entries close at midnight today, April 8th – advert below.
Here is a reminder about Mentoring and Observing. The lists are to be compiled again from scratch, so if you were on the lists previously, you need to contact Kerry-Ann Lavin-Thomson who can be reached at pugbec@outlook.com
“The Kennel club would like to invite people who meet the criteria to become a mentor or observer for Pugs to apply directly to the Breed Education Co-ordinator (BEC), those that do not meet the criteria please apply directly to the breed council.
Role Requirements: Mentor -Persons who have bred/owned 2 UK champions in the breed (Champion or Show Champion) and awarded CCs more than once. Observer - Persons who have bred/owned more than 2 UK champions in the breed (Champion or Show Champion) and awarded CCs at least 3 times.
Potential Mentors and Observers are asked to note that the lists will be compiled afresh by the BECs. Therefore, anyone who meets the above criteria (regardless of whether they have been listed previously) is asked to contact the relevant BEC in order to express an interest.”

Exciting news – some judges for the shows that surely will happen next year. Boston will start off with a first- time appointment for Derfel Owen and at WKC, Michelle Swing will judge.
Alison Mount alisonmount@btconnect.com

Breed Notes Pugs
March 31st 2021
Nigel Marsh has sent this with regard to the Joint Show postponed from early June.

The Postponed Pug Joint Breed Clubs' Championship Show, hosted by the Pug Dog Club in partnership with Southern Counties, will take place on Friday 25 June 2021 at The Newbury Showground, Berkshire. Sadly, Chris Porch, who was scheduled to judge the Dog Classes, has withdrawn due to family health issues. The Judges for the show are now as follows: Tim Ball (Dogs); Joyce Clark (Bitches); Colin Wills (Referee). An announcement will be made when schedules are available.
Bitch Classes will be judged first at the Club Show, followed by Dog Classes, in order to minimise clashes with the Southern Counties Pug Classes in another ring, which will be judged by Kevan Berry (Ricksbury). The show will be held in line with any Covid-19 Government restrictions in place at the time. All arrangements are subject to change!

Obviously subject to change, but here is the latest update of toy days and shows for this year. I have not attempted to add the judges.
June 25th Southern Counties CA, Newbury Also Pug Joint Breed Clubs' Championship Show
July 9th East of England Agricultural Society, Peterborough
July 23rd Leeds City & SCA, Harewood Est.
August 1st Bath CS, Bath
August 9th Paignton, Clyst St Mary, Exeter
August 15th Bournemouth CA, Dorset Also PDC Ch Show
August 20th Blackpool & DCS, Blackpool
August 29th Driffield Dog Show, Wetherby
September 12th Richmond Dog Show, Surrey
September 18th Darlington Dog Show, Ripon
September 26th Birmingham Dog Show Society, Stafford Also WPPDC Ch show
October 2nd Scottish Kennel Club, Edinburgh - Double May and October Show
October 3rd TBC SPDC Ch show
October 5th Border Union, Kelso
October 9th South Wales KA, Builth Wells
October 23rd Belfast Dog Society, Belfast
October 30th Midland Counties
November 7th TBC NPDC
December 5th PDC Ch Show Brackley Leisure Centre
December 12th Ladies Kennel Association, NEC Birmingham
Have a pleasant Easter.
Alison Mount alisonmount@btconnect.com

Breed Notes Pugs
March 24th 2021

Some news from Colin Wills’ family. This was written by his daughter Mandy Tree
“Thank you for all Dad’s birthday good wishes.... as some of you probably know he’s in hospital recovering after complications with a recent Operation. To say things have been critical is an understatement but as of yesterday he was brought around from his induced coma & taken off the life support. Today he has been in contact with mum via video link so fingers crossed he’s slowly turning a corner. I’m sure Dad will be back in contact as soon as he shows improvement & is back on a ward. I’d really appreciate it if mum doesn’t get bombarded. Myself , Kev or Daren are more than happy to update anyone as time goes on. Thanks x”
I understand from Patrick Davis that Michael Quinney has moved to another nursing home and is now at The Red House Care Home, Bury Road, Huntingdon, PE261NA.
Gemma Hume has been in touch with news from the new BEC.
Newly appointed Pug BEC, Kerry-Ann Lavin-Thomson can be reached at pugbec@outlook.com
She writes, “The Kennel Club would like to invite people who meet the criteria to become a mentor or observer for Pugs to apply directly to the Breed Education Co-ordinator (BEC), those that do not meet the criteria please apply directly to the breed council.

Role Requirements: Mentor -Persons who have bred/owned 2 UK champions in the breed (Champion or Show Champion) and awarded CCs more than once. Observer - Persons who have bred/owned more than 2 UK champions in the breed (Champion or Show Champion) and awarded CCs at least 3 times.

Potential Mentors and Observers are asked to note that the lists will be compiled afresh by the BECs. Therefore, anyone who meets the above criteria (regardless of whether they have been listed previously) is asked to contact the relevant BEC in order to express an interest.”

The last paragraph should be noted:- that the lists will be completed afresh, so you will need to apply again if you want to help with the education of future pug judges.

Alison Mount alisonmount@btconnect.com

Breed Notes Pugs
March 17th 2021
News travels fairly quickly about the shows being on, off, on, off, so the latest is S Counties which as you know was to have been at the beginning of June. With Government restrictions not being lifted until June 21st, the committee has taken the decision to move the show to June 25th, 26th and 27th and have offered the breed clubs that were already committed to partnership shows to remain with them. The PDC is expecting to continue with its plans which is keeping Nigel Marsh busy, so complete confirmation is awaited. Toy day will be June 25th.
There is no real news of Colin Wills’ progress following major surgery. Th situation must be really difficult for Mary, so may I suggest that cards and letters might be easier for her to manage than the ping of Messenger and texts which can be so invasive. We are all thinking of you Colin and Mary and send our very best wishes.

Alison Mount alisonmount@btconnect.com

P.S It was after I had sent last night’s scraps having shut down and gone upstairs to bed that I realized I had left out news from Jill De’Ath who rang me last Thursday to sadly tell me that her much loved husband Geoff died on February 21st. Geoff had a terrible stroke in 2019 and been in care since then, but it was local so Jill had been able to see him on a very regular basis until recently when he became ill again and was taken to hospital. Jill remains close to her daughters Isabel in Chippenham and Louise in Uppingham and we plan to meet up when she travels to Rutland in due course.

We found a new common interest in the horse racing world as we both own a bit of an ear or something through the Owner’s Group. I think she had a busy week planned ahead watching Cheltenham!

I shall always remember Geoff as being there in the background, helping out in general at PDC shows and parties; a friendly man and oh so kind and welcoming.


Breed Notes Pugs
March 11th 2021

I think most of you will have picked up from Facebook that the Birmingham Show has now been cancelled. Nigel Marsh has sent this statement to update you

The Postponed Pug Dog Club 2020 Championship Show.

Sadly, the City of Birmingham has made the decision to cancel its show. The Pug Dog Club had arranged to hold its postponed 2020 Championship Show in partnership with the City of Birmingham on 3 September 2021.
The Officers and Committee are pleased to let you know that this show will now be held in partnership with Bournemouth Championship Show (subject to Kennel Club approval).
Date: Sunday 15 August 2021.
Venue: Pikes Farm, Organford Lane, Poole, Dorset, BH16 6ES.
More details will follow.

There has not been any news of cancellation for Southern Counties, so the PDC show planned to go with that date in June is, fingers crossed, still planned to go ahead.

The news has not been very happy of late, so Sylvia Langston Smith has sent this funny episode of many years ago which hopefully will make you smile and made me wonder if you too have had a funny or silly occasion with your pugs to share?
When Bernard and Sylvia were working full time in the late 1980s we has the valuable services of Martha, our housekeeper, and Emily, who doubled as groom and kennel-maid.
One Spring morning, Martha answered a ring at the front door to find a smartly dressed young lady carrying a suitcase. We had forgotten to warn Martha that we were expecting the piano tuner, and she assumed this must be the vet and so called Emily.
Emily came and said “which one have you come to see?” The piano tuner, somewhat taken aback replied “You have more than one? How many have you got?” “Oh” Emily replied, we have seven in all, three are upstairs, would you like me to carry them down?
Alison Mount alisonmount@btconnect.com

Breed Notes Pugs
March 3rd 2021
I wish I could write something really bright and full of fun and announce lots of activities to look forward to. Alas it cannot be so and I never expected my purchase of a very long extendable feather duster to create so much chat over Facebook today, but that is the way it all seems to be at the moment.
I hope everyone who reads these notes will send their thoughts in the direction of Colin Wills who once again has had to undergo major surgery and also to think of Mary. Colin’s 12 hour surgery took place last Thursday followed by a heart attack so he was placed into an induced coma. His progress will be very slow, but I believe and hope his fighting spirit will make a huge difference to his recovery.
Come on Colin, you can do it.
If anyone can add an update to this news, I should appreciate it.
Otherwise I am sharing news of online shows and a 4 day East of England show.
Alison Mount alisonmount@btconnect.com

Breed Notes Pugs
February 18th 20

The dreadful number of dog thefts continues to rise with news today of a pug being stolen while out on its walk with its owner. An elderly dog and an elderly person minding their own business on a routine walk. A person wearing a balaclava cut the lead and snatched the dog. This has led me to think about preventative action to help safeguard you and your dog
The use of a marking spray seems a very good idea and Minder Red Alert Self Defence spray is a useful aid and is widely used; a loud whistle worn around your neck or wrist, never go out without a phone so that you can take a photo of anything suspicious. Equally never walk talking or texting on the phone; keep your wits about you and preferably walk with another dog walker. At home, you know you can never be too careful with gates and fences, so CCTV all the way round has become another addition needed for the security of your house. The whole situation is very frightening and I only hope the poor little dog is retrieved unharmed.

Nigel Marsh has kindly sent me this piece about Rosemary Greenwell’s funeral service.
“A group of 30 family and close friends gathered together on Monday 22 February at St Michael's Church, Amberley, to say a fond farewell to Rosemary Greenwell (Pendlebury Pugs). A tribute was read by Leo, Roseymee's grandson, on behalf of his sister Christabelle and other family members.
Reference was made to Roseymee's early life, her contribution to the war and post war effort, her marriages, children and grandchildren, and her ongoing love of Pugs who played a major part in her life. A spell as an ambulance driver as part of the war effort left a lasting impression on her, and post war circumstances stood in the way of her planned coming out as a Debutante.
The order of service included a lovely montage of photos that reflected family, equestrian and canine aspects of Roseymee's life. There was a reading from Corinthians by daughter Claudia Bunn. The service was held in line with Covid-19 restrictions, and although the congregation was not able to join in, a soloist sang the hymns, All Things Bright and Beautiful, and Lord of All Hopefulness. The wicker casket, bedecked with a beautiful floral arrangement in pastel shades that included Roseymee's favourite peach- coloured roses, left the church for burial, and the soloist sang ''We'll meet again''.
Donations in Roseymee's memory are welcome for PDWRA (Pug Dog Welfare & Rescue Association) or UNICEF UK, and may be sent c/o W Bryder & Sons, The Gables, Tillington, Petworth, GU28 9AB.”
Following on from last week’s membership updates, Jo Houston asks: “Can I just remind PDC members to ensure they have updated me with all correct addresses, telephone numbers etc for the yearbook and to ensure you are receiving the Bulletin as we are having some returned as the address is no longer correct. Thank you. Jo’s email address is heketara23@gmail.com

Adrian Brewer, the treasurer of the WPPDC writes: “Further to the breed notes of last week I can confirm that the subs for the West Pennine are due on the 1st of March as usual.
I know some members sometimes pay with their entries for our April show so payments can be made by bank transfer to avoid membership lapsing.
The details to use are (Single £5 joint £8 )
The West Pennine Pug Dog Club HSBC Sort Code 40-12-225 Act number 61756192
Or for those who do not use technology a cheque can be sent to the Treasurer
Mr Adrian Brewer, The Mews Flat, Capesthorne Hall, Siddington, Cheshire , SK11 9JY
Why is it that when life is not going too well, it becomes even more trying for some? Catharine Phelps has lost her beloved Marbelton Paper Boy at Bilohka known to her as "Grommit" (Gribsy,Gribbet,Grom-grom) 06/09/09 - 23/02/21. She wrote this moving tribute to him and I think we can all reflect back to the loss of a dog that shines in our memory. Some are always that little bit more special and, in many ways, never leave us.
“Farewell my special boy. I remember collecting you from Marbelton like it was yesterday. You tearing into the room with your sister (Ch.Marbelton Paper Lace) and glueing yourself to my side. Mummies boy from that day on. You were the ultimate show boy taking RBPIS and BPIS within a week. Many group wins followed plus Ch show placings until your career was cruelly cut short.
You gave me Bilohka Battle Cry "Bunny" my heart girl & Ch.Bilohka Little Spitfire "Asta" who made us all proud winning the WELKS group, plus your baby granddaughter Bilohka Victory Roll "Kola". You were the most loyal loving little boy, you gave me everything, took nothing but a piece of my heart. Now rest & wait for Mummy
Thank you to the late Mary Hambleton and to Linda Kavanagh for this boy.”

Breed Notes Pugs
February 10th 2021

Mary Martin was kind enough to telephone me to tell me that Rosemary Greenwell had died. Mary sounded very sad having lost one of her oldest friends.
I knew Roseymee quite well but not nearly as well as Terry Purse and Nigel Marsh, so I am very grateful to Nigel for writing this warm tribute to her.

“I was so very sorry to hear from Claudia and Lavinia Bunn that their mother Mrs Rosemary Greenwell has passed away at the grand age of 94 years. Following a short illness, Rosemary died peacefully in her sleep at home. Rosemary, known affectionately by friends as Roseymee, owned, showed and bred under the Pendlebury affix. We were fortunate enough to be able to call her a friend, and have many happy memories of our times together, not just at shows, but also for lunches, theatre visits, and evening meals. Roseymee was a delightful person to know, and she was always so welcoming on our visits, together with the late Christine Bark who was her companion for many years.
We got to know her in 1979, when we wanted a new Pug addition to the family, and she kindly agreed that we could have Holly, a fawn puppy by Champion Dingleberry Ducat, and who is in the pedigree of most of our fawns. Our friendship grew, and we travelled to some of the longer distance shows together. I was her driver/companion when she had the honour of judging at the Scottish Pug Dog Club Championship Show. These trips incorporated overnight stays, and were always particularly eventful and pleasurable journeys.
Spending time with Roseymee was always fun, and we had some wonderful extended lunches at her beautiful home in West Sussex surrounded by her gang of Pugs and sometimes other Pug friends including Mary Martin, the late Eleanor English (Rosecoppice), Alison and Peter Booker (Inclover), Helen and Billie McCreath (Blackseldom), Eike Herold (Pugnus), Jane Bowdler (Ttiweh).
I think I'm right in saying that Roseymee's first Pug was Phillip of Modelhouse who was born in 1949, by Jumbo Of Modelhouse out of Gwynett of Modelhouse, and who became a Champion in the early 1950s. He really was a lucky find as he was bought from Harrods!
Her last Champion was homebred Champion Pendlebury Lydia, born in 1987 by Champion Anmarric Kingpin out of Sylko Of Pendlebury, and gaining her crown in the late 1980s. Breeding was only an occasional event, which was undertaken very seriously and with a keen eye to health issues. Roseymee enjoyed her Pugs, they brought her so much pleasure, and she still owned one till the end.
She was a Championship Show Judge and had the honour of judging Crufts. One of her daughters, Claudia, took an interest in the show world, and showed a fawn and a black Pug, although her main interest was carriage driving. Roseymee's interest in the Pug world went alongside raising four children, Teresa, Claudia, Lavinia and Rupert, expertly assisted by Christine, and condolences go to her family.
A delightful person, Rosemary Greenwell is a sad loss and will be remembered with great love and affection by her family and friends.”
There is very little to report with regard to the future of the

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