Chihuahua (Long Coat) Breed Notes

Chihuahua (Long Coat)

Chihuahua (Long Coat)
BEST OF BREED : 5004 ROONEY Mr S J Parisland The Gigolo With Yorone
Dog CC : 5004 ROONEY Mr S J Parisland The Gigolo With Yorone
Res Dog CC : 4907 ALARION Mr N & Mrs N Int Ch Legend Harry De Lisle Au Vert Coteau
Bitch CC : 4959 ITO Mr T Go My Way Jp's Sherry Gold
Res Bitch CC : 4957 HUNTER Mrs J W Jotolemar Best Of Time
Best Puppy : 4972 LEE Mrs S J Aristodemos Future Legend Of Ridgehawk

Class 1413 MPD (8 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4913 BARDSLEY Miss P M Hollyel Topaz Star. A pretty, lively dog of good type and quality. Well placed, fairly large ears, sparkling eyes and he has a good forehand. Good tailset and carriage. Excellent topline.
2nd: 4908 BAKER Mrs S Jordan Leo Valentina At Efterpi. Very gay and happy and he is most impressive on the move with a brisk, positive action. Good head and expression. Just tended to overstretch when being baited and thus lost his good outline at times.
3rd: 4943 GILLING Miss D Rubyanlo All Night Long of Talocan NAF TAF

Class 1414 PD (10 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4972 LEE Mrs S J Aristodemos Future Legend Of Ridgehawk. Mature in coat and attitude with a very attractive head and expression. Nicely rounded skull, well placed ears and definite stop. Excellent body, topline and tailset. Moved out well both in profile and up and down. Very promising. Best Puppy.
2nd: 4914 BARDSLEY Miss P M Hollyel Topaz Moon. Litter brother to the MP class winner and he too is most promsing. He has a lovely head and expression; fairly large, well placed ears and expressive eyes. Good depth of brisket and decent ribbing. Moved out well with some style.
3rd: 4930 CURR Dr G G Natimuk Beaumont

Class 1415 JD (11 Entries) Abs: 1
In my rough notes I wrote that both the first and second were of CC quality.
1st: 5004 ROONEY Mr S J Parisland The Gigolo With Yorone. CC & BOB. I was delighted to see him placed fourth in the strong Toy Group under Mrs Cartledge – well done. Very good head properties with a nicely rounded skull and beautifully placed ears. Expressive dark eyes of good size. Very good coat quality with adequate feathering. Excellent body with good spring of rib, level topline and well carried tail. Moved out well with a brisk, true action and gave 100% to his handler.
2nd: 4961 JOINER, Mr B & BYRNE Miss M Jotolemar Dangerous Times With Dacatelo. He too has a pretty, yet masculine head and expression, excels on the move with a lively, brisk, true action. Well ribbed with adequate depth of brisket. Not quite the maturity of body of the winner as yet. A good prospect for the future.
3rd: 4980 LODWICK, Mrs P & BARKER Mrs S T Royal William Bikin Dvor (Imp)

Class 1416 PGD (13 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 5018 SWALES Mrs B Sleepyhollow Richard At Selaws. Attractiv, masculine head. Very good ears and good sized, expressive eyes. Large, white teeth and perfect bite. Good forehand, well ribbed. Moves and shows to best advantage.
2nd: 5029 WILLS Mrs P A Dorenty Chewi Veeton. A really good showman who makes the most of his assets. Shown in excellent coat and condition. Pretty head and expression. Good body with depth of brisket and good ribbing. Moves well with some style.
3rd: 4989 MORLEY Mrs R L Lykath's Flash Harry At Loroso

Class 1417 LD (16 Entries) Abs: 0
A good class.
1st: 4955 HUNTER Mrs J W Jotolemar Quality Time. A nicely made little dog who is pleasing to handle with his good body and rib and excellent topline. Well coated and very sound and typical on the move. He has an appealling expressive head.
2nd: 4916 BERRINGTON Miss R J Ellochi Crazy Nights For Pappersley JW. Dainty with a lovely head and expression, particularly good eyes. Pleasing forehand with well laid shoulders. Very sound and typical on the move with a brisk, easy action.
3rd: 5001 ROBSON Mrs S Tidos God Of Thunder

Class 1418 OD (11 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 4907 ALARION Mr N & Mrs N Int Ch Legend Harry De Lisle Au Vert Coteau. Reserve CC. I thought he was rather special with a generous head and eye, lovely expressive face. Good forehand and depth of brisket. Sturdy, well ribbed body. Has plenty of attitude and on the move his action is brisk and very positive.
2nd: 4921 CONQUEST Mrs C & Mr P Chihohit Favorite Apollon At Storyland. A real eye-catched with his lovely coat and expressive dark eyes. Well set ears. Very satisfying to handle as he is very well made. Most impressive on the move.
3rd: 4939 EVANS Mrs L M Lemaritz Soul Survivor Sh.CM

Class 1419 VD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
I could happily have singed a CC for either of these two dogs.
1st: 5002 ROBSON Mrs S Tidos Secret Agent JW. Pretty and stylish and shown in lovely coat and bloom. Good skull with well-set ears. Pleasing body with good tailset and carriage. Very typical and true on the move.
2nd: 5006 SANGSTER, Mr J & SANGSTER Miss E Tidos Christmas Gift. Attractive head and expression with lovely clear, dark eyes and largish ears which are well placed. Deep brisket and good ribbing. Very smart.

Class 1420 MPB (17 Entries) Abs: 4
1st: 5003 ROBSON, Mrs S & RUSHTON Mr S Rushwarden's Black Elegance With Tidos. A really pretty youngster with a good skull and largish, expressive eyes. Excellent body and rib for age. Strong quarters. Moved out well with some style.
2nd: 4965 JONES Mrs P A Flickan Fragrance. Presents a lovely outline both standing and on the move. Nicely rounded skull and very good ear set. Good forehand and sturdy well ribbed body. Moved soundly.
3rd: 4934 EDWARDS Mrs C Chiquita De Oro Just Look At Me (Imp)

Class 1421 PB (9 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 5008 SANGSTER, Mr J & SANGSTER Miss E Kirlasidh Quintessential. Very dainty with a pretty head, lovely eyes and well placed ears. Good topline and well-set tail. Strong hindquarters and she used them to good effect on the move.
2nd: 5023 TODD-MCCOID Mrs L & Mr N Qq's Amazing Honey Bunny At Rubyanlo (Imp). Nicely balanced and most appealing for type. Feminine, attractive with a nice eye and excellent dentition. Very good body and rib. Still needs to firm up a little in pastern. Nicely angulated hindquarters and she moved out well with some style.
3rd: 4940 EVANS Mrs L M Lemaritz Liberty Belle Sh.CM

Class 1422 JB (9 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4973 LEE Mrs S J Barwater Agatha Christie Of Ridgehawk. A CC quality youngster, very pretty and feminine with a lovely head and soft, expression. Bags of confidence and style. Soundly made and moved accordingly. A good prospect.
2nd: 4942 GILLING Miss D Chantico's Mercedes of Talocan. Ultra sound and very pleasing to handle with her good body, depth of brisket and excellent topline and tailset. Very well schooled and she makes the most of her assets.
3rd: 4956 HUNTER Mrs J W Jotolemar Happy Times

Class 1423 PGB (11 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 5009 SANGSTER, Mr J & SANGSTER Miss E Kirlasidh Angel On Ice. A really good moving bitch. Very responsive to her handler with a pretty head, largish eye and good ears. Good body and rib. Should finish at the top.
2nd: 4937 ENTWISTLE Ms D Dorentys Fancy That. Another very good quality bitch who should have a good future. Lovely expression with dark, intelligent eyes. Good forehand with some depth of brisket and pleasing body. Moved soundly in a very typical brisk fashion.
3rd: 4941 EVANS Mrs L M Lemaritz Head Over Heels
Class 1424 LB (15 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 4957 HUNTER Mrs J W Jotolemar Best Of Time. Reserve CC. High quality bitch who put up a very good performance today. Dainty and elegant with a smashing head and expression, lare dark eyes and good dentition. Excellent topline and tailset. Free moving with a sound, brsik action.
2nd: 4948 HEAP, Mr W & PALMER Ms J Alltoyways Fantasy Minx Maciendas. Eye-catching with a lovely head, well set ears and pleasing eye. Very good rib and body, decent forehand. Moved soundly. Shown in good coat with nice furnishings.
3rd: 5025 TODD-MCCOID Mrs L & Mr N Tinasjoy Tilly Mctrotface Of Rubyanlo

Class 1425 OB (7 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 4959 ITO Mr T Go My Way Jp's Sherry Gold. Not in quite the fullest of coats but she has nothing to hide as she is beautifully made and shows to perfection. Lovely large, expressive eyes. Good sized, well set ears. Well laid shoulders and very good body and rib. Strong well angulated hind quarters. Smart and typical on the move. I was delighted to give her a first CC.
2nd: 4924 CONQUEST Mrs C & Mr P Ch Neo Fabulous Captivation. A pretty feminine bitch with a most attractive head and expression. Shown in lovely bloom with good feathering. Absolutely true both up and down on the move.
3rd: 4954 HUMPHREYS Mrs L Sleepyhollow Sonia Amarantos

Class 1426 VB (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 4931 CURR Dr G G Ch Natimuk Astrid. Typical with a lot of quality and in her youth, I bet she was a very easy Champion. Most impressive on the move with her true, brisk action. Good body and hindquarters. Shown in excellent condition.
2nd: 4970 JONES Mrs L M Madrako Filthy Gorgeous By Pepeetolynn. Good rounded skull, large ears and lovely dark, expressive eyes. Has some depth of brisket, excellent body and rib. Another very good moving bitch.
Judge: Tom Mather

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