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Norwich Terrier

Norwich Terrier

Birmingham National Dog Show took place on Friday, with an entry of 23 dogs
for Judge Breed Specialist Mr Martin Philips. He gave the BOB and DCC to
Ragus Scouts Honour (Mr M, Miss S & Mr T, Oddie, Dyer & Nagrecha) his 2nd
CC. The RDCC was awarded to Javidel Walk in the park (Mrs A Smith). His BBC
was awarded to Elantiz Mockingjay SChM (Miss J N & P Armstrong & Lawrance)
which was her 3rd and crowing CC, subject to KC aprroval. The RBCC and BP
was given to Ragus Silk Moth (Mrs L Crawley). And Best Veteran in Breed was
Elantiz Rambling Rosie ScHM (Miss J N & P Armstrong & Lawrance).
Then Ragus Scouts Honour got Terrier Group 2 under Judge Mr K Bartlett
Congratulations to all winners!

Also this weekend at Lancashire Sporting Terrier Kreatin Extra Treat got
Best Puppy in Show under Judge Mr N Norris. Well Done!

The entries for bath are out there is an entry of 19 dogs with 20 entries
for Judge Mr A Small. We are in ring 19 with a running order of 9am Cairn
Terrier, 11 am Norwich Terrier and 12pm Glen of Imaal.

Also entries for Southern Counties Canine Society are 24 dogs with 34
entries for Judge Harri Lehkonen (Finland). We are in ring 6 with a running
order of Welsh Corgi (Pem), Norfolk Terrier, Norwich Terrier and S.C.W.T.

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WELKS took place this weekend where there was an entry of 13 dogs with no
CC's on offer for Judge Mr Albert Wright.

BOB went to the Best Dog, Ragus Scouts Honour (Mrs L, Mr M, Miss S & Mr D,
Crawley, Oddie, Dyer & Nagrecha). Reserve Best Dog went to CH Keratin Extra
Mile (Mrs C Hitchen). Best Bitch and Best Puppy was awarded to Ragus
Feather in My Cap (Mrs L Crawley). With the Reserve Best Bitch going to
Ragus Burning Question (Mrs D Batey). This show also did a special awarded
of Best Special Beginners, which was won by Ragus Fablous Clown (Mrs A C

Also Ragus Scouts Honour went on to win Terrier Group 3 under Judge Mr Hans
Van Der Berg. Also Ragus Fablous Clown was awarded 3rd in the Special
Beginners group under Judge Mr Keith Nathan.

Congratulations to all winners! Brilliant to see Norwich Terrier Group
The summary of entries for SKC are out for Judge Mr P R Eardley, 13 Dogs
with 15 Entries, Highland Hall (A), Ring 2, with a running order of
Bedlington Terriers, Manchester Terriers, Norfolk Terriers, Norwich
Terriers & Sealyham Terriers. With a start time of 9 am.
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No Championship Shows for the Norwich Terriers this weekend although they
did fly the flag at the open shows.

On Sunday at Northern Counties Sporting Terrier under Judge Mrs J Bowden.
Elantiz Mockingjay (Miss J N & P Armstrong & Lawrance) got Best in Show.
Also Elantiz Rambling Rosie (Miss J N & P Armstrong & Lawrance) got Best
Veteran in Show also under Mrs J Bowden.
Again on Sunday at Birmingham & District Gundog & Terrier Club under Judge
C Clarke-O'Neil. Tinkave I'm the Man (Mrs J Lazenby) got BOB. With Kreatin
Extra Treat (Mrs C Hitchen) getting BP, she also went on the win Terrier
Puppy Group 1 and Best Puppy in Show under Judge Mr F Kane.

Well done to all those when were entered at the shows.

Summary of entries are out for WELKS where there is an entry of 13 dogs
with 19 entries for Judge Mr Albert Wright. In Hall 4 ring 12, with a
running order of
West Highland White Terrier, Norfolk Terrier, Skye Terrier, Norwich Terrier.

Also at Birmingham National there is an entry of 23 dogs with 22 entries
for Judge Mr M Philip. In Prestwood, ring 20, with the running order of
Bull Terriers (miniature), Irish Terrier, Norwich Terrier, Australian

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