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Irish Terrier
Irish Terrier Breed Notes 26.7.2017

This is very much a week of firsts for the Irish Terrier Community.
These are my first breed notes for this brave new venture and I hope you will enjoy reading them.
I would very much welcome input and feedback and of course as I can only be in one place at a time, I will be very much reliant on readers to keep me informed of your dogs achievements not only in the showring but elsewhere, whether it be agility, obedience ,or simply as an ambassador for the breed in your local community.

There are also lots of other important issues which affect our breed whether it be health, behaviour and identity issues I would like to cover these as well.
Not everyone is an avid follower of forums on Facebook and important information can sometimes be missed.

This year at Leeds Championship Show we had breed classes for the first time.
In the past I had always thought it a pity that we had no classes as the grounds of Harewood House offer such a lovely venue and for those wishing to take caravans there is plenty to see and do in the beautiful countryside of the Yorkshire Dales.

Of course in 2019 the show becomes a representative show and we will have CCs there , it has to be remembered though that these will now be an additional set but simply the result of a reallocation of existing CCs which are being taken from other Ch shows including East of England and SKC August show.

Richard Allen drew an entry of 10 dogs.
Although the day had started cold and extremely wet, by the time our judging commenced the sun had come out and the ground was beginning to dry our meaning that we could make good use of the lovely outdoor ring.

BD and BOB was my Ch Montelle Carvilliius Gold
RBD went to Ian and Carol Bamseys Holbam Celtic Warrior.
BB went to Ian and Carol Bamseys Holbam Celtic Miss Chief who's mother ,Clare Nolcinis Holbam Celtic Kate took RBB.Ian and Linda Hardman’s Drumbilla Diablo Amidst Bonosue at 9 years old took BV.

The Terrier Group was the last of the three groups to be judged that day.The weather held out although judging actually took place in the spacious open sided BIS marquee.Lesley Crawley had an impressive line up of dogs from which to make her choice.Imagine my delight when my boy was shortlisted before being moved again then was selected to take G4!
Although I have now been involved in showing for 20 years, this was my first ever group placing ,I don't think I've quite yet come back down to earth!

Angela Cooke

(Ed: Congratulations!!!!!)

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