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Cesky Terrier

Cesky Terrier
Cesky Terrier Breed Notes 17.07.21

It is such a long time since I have had something to write about that I have got out of the habit! I have chained myself to my desk this afternoon in order to motivate myself to put in this report.
Shows are starting to be held again although the pandemic is far from over. The Cesky Terrier Club held its Open Show recently at the home of Steve & Sue Fewings near Wisbech. The judge was Chris Mills & there was an entry of 28 dogs although there were a few absentees. An array of tents & gazebos decorated the large lawn sheltering owners & their charges from the elements, it was dry but a tad windy at times.

BIS was Wendy Tobijanski’s Ch Janski Bugurovski with RBIS & BVIS going to David & Linda Burrage’s Ch Komidion Night Music at Sametova. The RBD was Lee England & Linda Burrage’s Ch Ashleyheath Black Thunder & the RBB was the same owners Shasgav Nothin Else Matters by Ashleyheath. BP was Wendy Tobijanski’s Janski Dammitski with reserve going to the same kennel’s Janski Pistol Night. RBVIS was Wendy’s Ch Kalliope Jones. The Junior Handlinbg was won by Yakira Michel with Ella Tobijanski in 2nd place. In the adults the handling was won by Meg Rogers with Sarah Goundry in 2nd place.

The following day it was Terrier day at Southern Counties. Frank Kane was our stand in judge as our original European judge did not make the trip due to travel restrictions. There was an entry of 24 dogs. BOB was Mrs L & Miss S Richardson’s Wherrypoint Dafydd Talyot with BOS going to Gill Harris’ Lastarean Knezna Lenka who was also BV & later went on to take G2 in the Veteran Group. The reserves were Phyllis Taylor’s Janski Ossie Jones at Polede & Mrs L & Miss S Richardson’s Talyot Lucy. BP was Gavin & Sharon Samson’s Talyot Magnus to Silak.

East of England fell hot on the heels of Southern Counties. Our judge was Penny Sands who had an entry of 21 dogs. BOB & BV was David & Linda Burrage’s Ch Komidion Night Music at Sametova. BOS was Wendy Tobijanski’s Janski Promises Jones. The reserves went to Sue Fewings’ Komidion Rhapsody in Ryme & Lee England & Linda Burrage’s Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder. BP was Wendy Tobijanski’s Janski Pistol Night.

At East of England Ladies Kennel Society Show Lee England & Linda Burrage’s Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder was BOB & G1 under judge, Dale Elliott. David & Linda Burrage’s Sametova Bacary was RBOB. Ch Komidion Night Music at Sametova was BAV Veteran Terrier while Paul Williams & Paul Jackson’s Wherrypoint Iola was BPIB again under Dale Elliott. In the Champion Stakes Black Thunder topped the class whilst Night Music was in the reserve spot under Jane Eyeington. Finally under Alistair Scott Black Thunder was RBIS.

I do not have the pedigree names for Gavin & Sharon Samson’s dogs but they were at the Devon County Premier Show. Coco was BOB, Frankie was RBOB while Boris was BP & PG2.

If you want me to include your results in my notes please email them to me on mickmarett@gmail.com. I do not like picking them up from face book as I may unintentionally miss some.

Christine Marett.

Cesky Terrier Breed Notes 23.12.20

With a lack of shows I have certainly struggled to write any breed notes. If anyone has any Cesky antics then I would be glad to include them as after all breed notes is not all about show results. It certainly has been a strange year & I hope that on the whole most of you have been able to stay away from the virus that seems to dominate most people’s conversations. If you have been unlucky enough to contract it then I hope you are soon feeling a lot better.

I have been lucky enough to attend another Agility show here in Jersey. At the end of November Rose & Flint competed in Paws Agility Club’s last two day show of the year. The show was in our winter training venue which is an indoor horse school & was limited to 20 handlers, bearing in mind that most people run more than one dog, there were quite a few dogs competing. Rose & Flint grabbed a pawfull of rosettes each over the two days. The weather was glorious & warm enough to sit outside & eat our picnic lunch. As previously the courses were kindly sent over by a UK judge for us to set up & then handlers took it in turn to judge the classes. The format for this show had to change as it was originally meant to be one day competing & the second day finals for dogs who have qualified throughout the year. Isla decided that she was envious of one of Rose’s 1st place rosettes & decided to chew it up when my back was turned! I think she was fed up that because of the show she had missed her agility training! She still has her ‘L’ plates on & is not old enough to compete.

Isla has been to a couple of Kennel Club of Jersey matches where she won the ‘Covid Puppy’ class & she continues to enjoy her agility training. My ‘show dogs’ have been getting down & dirty as well. We went on the beach the other day & they ended up soggy & full of sand but had a great time! A bath each was needed when we got home.

It is nice to see that Ceskys are still gaining their Good Citizen awards. Maggi Fox’s Ella joins the ranks of the Ceskys that have passed Bronze, Silver & Gold, so well done to them.

I love hearing about different things that Ceskys get up to proving how versatile they are so when I read a facebook post about Sarah Goundry’s Morgan I asked if she minded if I included it in the breed notes. Sarah writes:

Morgan, aka Komidion Rimsky-Korsakov at Sarminija woke me up at 2.00 am by pawing my face & licking me. By the time he got me awake my blood sugars were 2.2 & I was sweating like anything. He sat by my side on the bed & watched me test my sugars & laid his head on my lap while I was eating chocolate. He stayed awake the whole time until he knew my sugars were back to normal & he knew it was safe for him to go back to sleep. This isn’t the first time he has picked up on my hypos in the night, he has done it since he was 9 weeks old.

What a little star Morgan is! Dogs never cease to amaze me with their intelligence! I have some sad news to finish on. Sheila Clark has passed away. Sheila owned Pendevour Casanova, aka Jack bred by Norina Evans. Jack did a lot of winning long before CC’s were on offer & the entries were a lot larger. Jack won BIS at one of the Club shows when he was 11 years old. Sheila always had time to talk to people & I always remember her being so proud to tell me that her grandson worked at the hotel in Usk where we used to stay for South Wales before it moved to Builth. Condolences to Sheila’s family.

It just remains for me to say Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year & let us hope that 2021 gets considerably better.

Christine Marett.

Cesky Terrier Breed Notes 25.10.20

After so many months without any show news I am pleased to finally have something to write about! Here in Jersey while we cannot have any breed shows as we are limited to a gathering of only 40 people inside & then of course you have the added complication of UK judges who would need to be tested for Covid on arrival & isolate, we have managed to have a couple of agility shows. The agility shows have both been outside so plenty of room for socially distancing!! The first show in mid-September was held in brilliant sunshine, so hot in fact that sunscreen had to be applied. Paws agility club got around the judging by having the UK judge send over their courses for us to set up & then these were judged by stand in club members. Rose & Flint had a lovely weekend & were in the rosettes, some of them being red ones!!

At the beginning of October another local agility club held their show. Agility for Jersey’s show went ahead at the same venue as the previous show. In the space of three weeks though the weather had changed to rain- horrid squally showers & wind. The judge was the only local UK approved agility judge, Roger Bailey. Roger put on some lovely rounds & those of us who are not fair weather agility runners gritted our teeth & got on with it, keeping the stiff British upper lip. Saturday was definitely the better day weather wise with the sun making an appearance in the afternoon. Rose & Flint were in the placings again with Rose winning into the higher grade at this show. She was not keen on sitting on the wet grass though so broke her wait a few times, her weaves were quicker though when it was raining!! Poor Flint got caught in a squall in one of his rounds & decided enough was enough & doubled back into the tunnel which meant elimination for a wrong course! As everyone abandoned that round in the middle & dived for the score tent Flint sat in the entrance of the tunnel & refused to come out until I produced a sausage, then he made a dash for the score tent to claim his prize!

While we are unable to show it seems some Cesky owners have been very busy training & passing their Good Citizen Tests. I know when we were in lockdown I would take myself off to our ‘closed’ scout hall & train Rose & Isla. Consequently the Good Citizen Roll of Honour now includes David Scott-Downie’s Donald who has passed Bronze & Silver. Daveena Thomson’s Vera who passed her Puppy Foundation while Houska & April have gained Bronze. My Isla passed her Puppy Foundation & Bronze while her Auntie Rose passed Bronze & Silver.

The Kennel Club of Jersey held its first match since lockdown & it was Isla’s first time in the ring where she won the biggest class of the day which was ‘Covid Puppy’, this class was for pups who have missed their entire puppy career. Ivan came 2nd in the handling with his bestie Yakira & 4TH in the CC class.
I hope that it is not too long before I have any other news to write about. If any of you have an funny stories that happen with you & your Ceskys please let me know so I can come out of moth balls again in the not too distant future.

Christine Marett

Cesky Terrier Breed Notes 27.06.20

Apologies for the lack of notes but as you can appreciate there is little to write about! Sad news has reached me this week of the demise of Brenda Burnett’s Felix, aka Woodstrode Drak of Kohima. Brenda has sent me the obituary for Felix who will be remembered by a lot of Cesky folk.

Felix (Woodstrode Drak of Kohima) went off to Rainbow Bridge achieving the grand age of 15½ which, in human terms, if you multiply his age by 7 is 108½! He was the son of Oneva Dolly at Woodstrode and Lastarean Dufek – Dufek’s first litter. Felix, so named because as a puppy he smiled just like said cat, was taken on by Pam Burnett then aged 84 who proceeded to show him in numerous Open, Championship and Cesky Shows. At one Limit Cesky Show in November 2006 he was RBIS with Margaret Bowerman, his breeder, getting BIS with Woodstrode Cesmina, Charm, who co-incidentally was his half sister both having the same mother. One of his critiques at a Cesky Show described him as having large feet!
He continued his show career in veteran classes at Open and Cesky Shows right up to aged 10, but his human Mum, Pam, although able to kneel to show him was asking fellow exhibitors to make sure she could get up without falling over and so showing days drew to a close.
During his lifetime he had the companionship of Cally the Papillion, and Cesky’s, Mabel (Woodstrode Elba of Kohima), Mabel No 2 (Grancek Hope for the Best) and briefly Erik (Oneva Eduard Malsville). Mabel No 2 now has to adjust to being the one and only.
Felix brought great delight to all who knew him and even accepted Pam’s daughter, Brenda, who took on her inexpert care of him for 2½ years. He will be sadly missed by Brenda, Mabel No 2 and Margaret Bowerman but as he makes his way to Rainbow Bridge he will undoubtedly meet up with his human Mum and all 33 of her other dogs.

I hope you are all managing to keep busy despite no dog shows. Some of mine have been getting extra training & I was lucky enough to meet one of my other trainers, Tina up at her field where Rose, aka Gayteckels Sister Act passed her Bronze Good Citizen. Tina tested Rose while I tested her Working Cocker, Toggle, all socially distanced within our Government guidelines using my PBGV, Didi as the extra ‘stooge’ dog. My gang have also been enjoying more time on the beach covered in sand & seawater & do not look much like show dogs until I bath & groom them to within an inch of their lives!! Last week agility training resumed for us & I was so excited that my life was returning to some sort of normality.

I have had a few lockdown projects on the go & Mick and I have been spending more time with our class minis. During lockdown ‘Margeau’ a mini convertible from Guernsey came to join our Mini Cooper LE & our Mini Moke. Nothing mind you replaces dog shows! I have been running cub meetings on ‘zoom’ which for a technophobe like me who was not born in the computer age hasn’t been the easiest thing to do! Band practice on ‘zoom’ is even better, LOL, there are a few seconds time lapse so not easy to keep in time with everybody!! Kennel Club of Jersey Committee meetings have also been on ‘zoom’ so this technophobe has had to learn fast!

Jersey is opening its borders next week so it will be interesting to see how that goes! Just need some shows to make a trip to the UK worth it! Guernsey however won’t let us in, they have had no new cases for about 56 days while we still have about 5 active cases. It is good to see numbers in the UK falling, let us hope it stays that way.

If anybody has any interesting stories of what you & your dogs have been up to then do not hesitate to let me know. Let us hope that we can all meet up in the not too distant future.

Stay well everybody.

Christine Marett.

Cesky Notes 07/05/20

It has been ages since I have written any breed notes as sadly due to the pandemic shows are all being cancelled. I do want to report the sad death of Sally Brown (Lastarean) recently. Sally’s most well know Cesky was Lastarean Dufek who was an influential stud dog in the breed. Sally was also a former secretary of the Cesky Terrier Club. I am sure you will all join me in sending condolences to John, Sally’s husband & her children Stuart & Jeanette.

As I have no results to report I thought I could lighten your week with one of our Guernsey Adventures that Ridley Javor, aka Ces, pronounced ‘Ches’ helped me write back in 2002!

Christine Marett.

The Trials and Tribulations of Getting Channel Island Ceskys to Inter Island Shows.

Written by Ridley Javor (Ces Marett) with help from mum.

My story starts mid week when mum and Adrian gave me and my mate Flyte a much needed haircut which was followed by a bath before we went to Auntie Di’s the next day for a final tidy up. ‘What’s the big occasion?’ I asked, Flyte told me that it was the last Guernsey Open Show of the year at the weekend. That will be great, I thought a weekend away with my friends the Gayteckels Dachshunds and Cesky’s, we always have a party in Auntie Di’s room.

The weather had not been looking good all week and some of the ferries had been cancelled. Friday dawned with strong winds and again the ferries were cancelled, by the evening Condor (the ferry company) was broadcasting on local radio for passengers to phone after 6.00pm to find out about sailings for Saturday, the day we were travelling. Mum phoned and was in a real sweat because the boat was cancelled and there was no boat to Guernsey on Sunday either so it looked like our show was doomed.
Without much hope mum phoned Aurigny, the Inter Island Airline, nicknamed ‘the Yellow Peril’, no chance everybody else was doing the same thing and there were no seats at all on Saturday and Sunday. Mum then tried Aviation Beauport who charter small planes, mum has travelled on these before but Flyte and me haven’t, ouch they wanted £528 each way, for a fifteen minute flight, too much money just between us and Auntie Di, before when mum has gone with them there were lots of other people to share the cost. Auntie Di tried the local Aero Club, the chap she spoke to needed to check a few things out and would get back to us, by this time the evening is getting on so it probably wouldn’t be until tomorrow, a glimmer of hope? Mum, Adrian, Russell, Flyte and Gus (my corgi friend) went to dog training, mum was taking the ring craft class this evening but I could tell she wasn’t really in the mood. I’m fed up as I have been left behind with grandad Billy (the other corgi).

Saturday dawned and we waited with baited breath for the aero club man to get back to us, finally a telephone call from Auntie Di and the information we did not want to hear, sorry no can do. Mum had already tried Aurigny again hoping for a cancellation, still no chance, Oh well looks like that is that, with the foul weather looks like a run on the beach is out too. Mum sat down to do some sewing and the phone rang, it was Natasha, a friend from training with cocker spaniels she had decided it was too expensive to fly to Guernsey and she had five seats going begging, trouble was we needed nine.
To explain Aurigny allow two dogs only per flight if they are from the same family and we have to have our own seat for which our humans have to pay a child’s fare, ouch but not as bad as Aviation Beauport. Mum phoned Auntie Di as she didn’t want to grab all the seats for our family to see what she wanted to do, by this time Auntie Di was thoroughly fed up and told mum to take them and that she would not go, I was disappointed as I like being with Auntie Di’s dogs. In a whirlwind we rushed around getting all our stuff together and cutting down where necessary as ‘the yellow peril’ is one small plane so mum tells me.
Mum’s boss Mick still hadn’t got a seat and still didn’t look like getting a seat, he even tried phoning Swiss Air, sorry no can do, so he was fed up. He decided to go to the airport on standby after conflicting reports from the airline as to whether it was worth it or not as they had been inundated with phone calls after the cancellation of the boat. We arrived just after 1.00pm for the 2.30pm flight and Mick was told he could go at 1.30pm, they had put on an extra flight but hadn’t told anybody, in fact we could all go on the 1.30pm if we wanted, mum’s brain grinded into action that means our five seats on the 2.30pm are now free should she phone Auntie Di?
Mick said she would never get here in time (Auntie Di lives probably as far away from the airport as you could in Jersey), the lady at the ticket desk then volunteered that they were putting on an extra plane at 3.30pm that was empty at that moment. Thank goodness for mobile phones mum phoned Auntie Di straight away and told her the good news, we then left it to her to decide whether she was going to try and make it or not as we were called for our flight.

We caused a bit of a stir walking through the departure lounge as most passengers are not used to seeing dogs in there as usually they are not allowed plus there was the usual what are they? Mum very patiently explained. We had to walk through the security arch; at least they didn’t put us on the conveyor belt and through the x-ray machine. Dad and Flyte beeped, I wonder what that was, it could have been the tag on Flyte’s collar, dad then had to have a manual body search; they didn’t try that on Flyte. Mum and me were OK though. We then had another long walk to the gate, Captain Flyte strode out as he has done this before, and I don’t remember doing this before.

When it was time for us to board the plane I was having second thoughts mum didn’t tell me it was a small plane, they take about 18 passengers and that they had to be careful where they sit people in order to balance it and you can see the sea out of the windows either side of your seat!
To add insult to injury it is airline policy that we have to be muzzled in flight, as if I would dream of biting anybody, I’m a Crufts star! Russell commented that Yuk this ‘yellow peril’ was in fact bright pink due to some sponsorship; mum said she didn’t care what colour it was as long as it got us to Guernsey. We taxied down the runway, ooh mum I don’t like the vibrations and the noise, even when the plane lifted off it was too noisy to hold a conversation and it still vibrated, mum held me tight, I didn’t want to sit on my seat, I sat on her lap and tried not to think about anything but my dinner. After 15 minutes we landed, quite smoothly I might add and once inside the terminal building that beastly muzzle could come off.
When we collected our luggage of which we had the most on the plane we went off the collect our hire car. We arrived at out hotel and bliss, a run in the field and dinner. Mick and mum went back to the airport to collect Auntie Di who must have been on the 3.30 plane as Russell pointed out she would have phoned us by now if she wasn’t coming so she must be on that plane. Auntie Di arrived but no dogs, how come?
She sat next to a Jersey Irish Setter, work that one out, on the plane, there had been a mix up on one of the flights (incidentally these planes are a bit like buses, constantly buzzing backwards and forwards) the airline didn’t quite realise how big Irish Setters were and that upset their seating plans, so to help the setter’s mum Auntie Di agreed to sit next to one of the dogs which meant the Gayteckels had to be left behind and put on the following flight in a crate. If you could see the size of the hold I don’t know how they got the Gayteckels crate in there, there was certainly no hope for the setters crate.
Auntie Di’s dogs dually arrived and she was only able to bring two dachshunds, Peanuts and Popcorn, oh well I still like playing with them. It was back to the hotel for a well-earned stiff drink, mum certainly needed it after today’s events, so it was party time in Auntie Di’s room.

The show day dawned and the wind was howling, we had our usual early bath and were ready to go to the show. Guernsey exhibitors were surprised and some were a bit disappointed to see us, they don’t like us to win. We were greeted with ‘How did you get here’ mum’s answer was ‘Don’t ask!’ Only 5 Jersey exhibitors out of 20 made it to the show and Russell counted that 40 Jersey dogs were absent. Guernsey and Jersey have this sometimes friendly and sometimes not so friendly Inter Insular rivalry, mum sometime says ‘red sky at night, Guernsey’s on fire’. I came 2nd to Flyte in the breed class but Russell and me showed the Guernsey Juniors Handlers how to do it by winning the 12-16yrs and then winning overall. Last show the Guernsey Junior horrors let their poodles run up my bottom and I am sure they did it on purpose. This time Russell declined to go in the ring first on the basis that the poodles have longer legs and therefore walk faster so should go in first, also by being further down the line the other kids couldn’t copy mine and Russell’s patterns.

After the show had finished which my friend Popcorn was Reserve Best In Show it was back to the hotel for a run, dinner and put our feet up, after we had partied in Auntie Di’s room of course. I just hope I don’t have nightmares about that horrid muzzle which I will have to wear again tomorrow and that vibrating plane. The humans went to the dinner which was in our hotel and I know mum was talking to one of the judges in the bar, he said he had been to Guernsey a couple of times but not Jersey. Mum thought to herself, don’t think I am going to put your name forward after you dumped Flyte to 3rd in the Group below a Scottie with a silky coat and a Staffie puppy with dreadful movement.

As dictated to mum by Ces Marett, aka Ridley Javor

Cesky Notes 23.03.20

It has taken me a while to summon up the motivation to write what might be my last breed notes for a while unless people can keep me occupied with Cesky stories!!
The uncertainty leading up to Crufts was unsettling due to the development of Covid19, will it be on, will it be cancelled. I am told it could have been cancelled as late as Wednesday evening & for a lot of overseas people myself included we were either already in the UK or on our way.

Crufts did however go ahead & our judge was all rounder Martin Phillips who drew an entry of 34. BOB was Gabi Van Ruiten’s CZ/SK/NL/PL CH Nartoun Reca Dagmara. BOS was Wendy Tobijanski’s Janski Bugurovski while the reserve tickets went to Lee England & Linda Burrage’s Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder & David & Linda Burrage’s Ch Komidion Night Music at Sametova who was also Best Veteran. Best Puppy was Ruth Dukes’ Placido Musical Miracle.

Linda Burrage writes: A huge thank you to the following people who so kindly gave up their time to be on the Discover Dogs stand with their lovely dogs:
Phyllis and Richard Taylor, Jane Withers, Chris Marett, Mick Marett, Zona Michel & Yakira Michel from Jersey, Meg Rogers and Ruth Dukes, Colin and Sarah Richardson, Judy and Dave Lewis, Gavin Samson and Nichola.
Special thanks to Phyllis and Richard for setting up the stand on Wednesday evening and to Colin and Sarah for stepping in at the last minute.

I know my dogs had a great time on Discover Dogs from 6 month old Isla who was a little star to Princess Grace who decided that it was rather fun to greet her public, usually she can be an awful snob! For the Jersey crew though it wasn’t all plain sailing literally & because of the continuing bad weather we didn’t make it home by ferry until the following Wednesday night & to be greeted with Covid19 had made it to Jersey!

The following weekend Agility for Jersey held their first show of the year outside at the Jersey Accommodation & Activity. The ground was far from perfect causing us to move the ring into the next field. Rose was still in season & unable to compete so Ivan competed for the first time in 12 months as he & I were having a break from each other at agility! Well he was a good boy & was placed in most of his classes! The one elimination that he had was my fault as I did not run deep enough causing him to back jump! Flint also competed & was placed in all his classes.
Now the reality of Covid19 has set in with shows cancelled, training cancelled, meetings cancelled & so it goes on. We are lucky to have our dogs which at the moment we are still able to walk while ‘social distancing’. For most of us this is probably the most frightening period of our lives. I wonder what my mother, an occupation child from the last war when the Channel Islands were occupied would have made of a lot of the mass hysteria on social media?

Keep safe doggy folk, keep social distancing & hopefully there will be light at the end of the tunnel sooner rather than later. Ignore the hysteria on social media & keep up with developments from reliable sources. I am off to social distance at our scout hall with Isla & Rose to do some training.

Christine Marett.

Cesky Terrier Breed Notes 28.02.20

With Crufts around the corner I thought I had better catch up on some breed notes. Linda & David Burrage were at the East Kent Show where Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder was BOB & G4 under Tom West. Wally was also 3rd in the Champions Stakes under Ros Cramphorn. Komidion Prima Donna was RBOB.

Next show for Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder was in Birmingham at West Midland Terrier where he was BOB. Ch Komidion Night Music at Sametova was BVIS. The judges were Tom Davison & Sherril Goodwin.

At Channel Island Dog of the Year my Idefix Day Break at Gayteckels won through the semi final to be one of the Terrier representatives for the final. Idefix Day Break at Gayteckels & daughter Gayteckels Sister Act were Reserve Channel Island Brace of the Year under Tom Mather, expertly handled by Yakira Michel. Sadly the agility had to be postponed due to a waterlogged field so Sister Act has to wait until the end of March for a chance to represent the breed in the Channel Island Agility Dog of the Year. At the Gala Dinner I was presented with Jsy Ch Lastarean Grace And Favour for Gayteckels Champions rosette & certificate by Jersey’s Bailiff (Patron of the Kennel Club of Jersey & Jersey’s Chief Judge).
A week later I was rocking & rolling across the strip of the Channel between Jersey & Guernsey for the Guernsey Kennel Club’s Members Show. For the last three Guernsey shows nothing has been plain sailing literally! There has been a problem with the ferry on each trip, either weather or break downs. This time we headed to Guernsey 24 hours earlier & returned a day early as well! The nightmare trip was worth it though as Idefix Day Break at Gayteckels & Yakira started the day by winning the Junior Handling. Next they were BOB & won the Group finally coming RBIS under Julien Barney. Idefix & Sister Act won the Best Brace in Show, adding Gayteckels Bottoms Up & Jsy Ch Lastarean Grace And Favour for Gaygteckels they won Best Team. Grace And Favour was also Best Veteran Terrier.

Christine Marett

Cesky Breed Notes 31.01.20

I always considered January to be a long, dull month that dragged by however here we are at the end & I haven’t written any notes this year!

Linda & David Burrage were at a show just before Christmas. Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder was BAVNSC & G1 under Mike Blay while Ch Komidion Nightmusic at Sametova was BAVT under Mrs Kenny Marriott.

The first Champ show for 2020 was Boston. Miss Ann Bradley was the judge & there were no CC’s. BOB was Lee England & Linda Burrage’s Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder with BOS going to Sue Fewings Komidion Passionato. RBD & BP was Darren Pearson’s Placido Musical Mission. RBB was David & Linda Burrage’s Ch Komidion Night Music at Sametova. Best Special Beginner was Euphoriastaff Hana at Wherrypoint belonging to Paul Jackson & Paul Williams.

Manchester was our first Champ show with CC’s & our judge was Alan Small. BOB was David & Linda Burrage’s Ch Komidion Night Music at Sametova. BOS was Wendy Tobijanski’s Janski Bugurovski, this was his third CC making him a Champion subject to KC confirmation. The Reserves were Lee England & Linda Burrage’s Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder & Wendy Tobijanski’s Janski Ultra Violet. BP was Ruth Dukes’ Placido Musical Miracle.

At the Kennel Club of Jersey Members show my Gayteckels Bottoms Up was G1 & 2nd in the open stakes under Mark James. Idefix Day Break at Gayteckels & Yakira Michel won the 12-16yrs handling & BJH under Natalie De La Cour.

Christine Marett.

Cesky Terrier Breed Notes 20.12.19

As another year draws to a close this will be my last notes for 2019. Linda & David Burrage have been out & about & were successful at the Guildford Show. Lee England & Linda Burrage’s Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder won the Champions class under Roy MacDonald. Ch Komidion Nightmusic at Sametova was Best A.V. Veteran Terrier while Shasgav Nothin Else Matters by Ashleyheath was BOB & G3.
LKA was the last Championship show of 2019 & our judge was breed specialist Adrian Marett. BOB was Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder. BOS & BV was Jane Withers’ Fr Ch Hello Dolly Du Champ D’Eole. The reserves went to Ruth Dukes’ Janski Theodore by Runiks & Lee England & Linda Burrage’s Shasgav Nothin Else Matters by Ashleyheath. BP was Ruth Dukes’ Placido Musical Miracle. Ch Komidion Nightmusic at Sametova also won the Veteran Stakes under Anne McDonald.
I am please to report that my Jsy Ch Lastarean Grace And Favour for Gayteckels won the Guernsey Veteran of the Year Trophy, she achieved this by winning two Best Veterans in Show & one Reserve scoring 32 points. Her kennel mate Didi (Hon Cesky) was in 2nd place having won it last year. Gayteckels Bottoms Up has had her Prix D;Honneur confirmed, I am proud to say that this is my first home bred Cesky to gain this award & our third dog in 12 months to complete their 60 points.
Flint, aka Gayteckels Bak In The Abbott has broken up from school & received some dog treats for his efforts this term. If was nice to hear from his teacher that at parents evening all the children could talk about was reading with Flint, so nice to know we are making a difference.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. Don’t forge to let me have your wins or Cesky stories. My email is mickmarett@gmail.com
Christine Marett

Cesky Terrier Breed Notes 22.11.19

It seems ages since I have managed to sit down & tackle the breed notes so apologies for this. Puppies & general life do take up a lot of time so with my last pup travelling over to Guernsey I have suddenly found a free hour!
Our judge at Midland Counties was breed specialist Lynne Richardson. BOB was David & Linda Burrage’s Ch Komidion Night Music at Sametova. BOS was Lee England & Linda Burrage’s Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder. The reserve tickets went to Gavin & Sharon Samson’s Shasgav Sound of Silence & Wendy Tobijanski’s Ch Janski Kalliope Jones. BP was Wendy Tobijanski’s Janski Sodovuviitch.
The same weekend as Midland Counties I was in Guernsey for their Winter Open Show. The weather was nasty & with cancelled boats we had to travel over the day before we were due to leave. BOB & G1 was my Gayteckels Sister Act. Best Veteran Terrier was Jsy Ch Lastarean Grace And Favour for Gayteckels. Idefix Day Break at Gayteckels & Sister Act were Reserve Best Brace in Show & when we added Gayteckels Bottoms Up & Grace & Favour they won Best Team in Show. Idefix Day Break at Gayteckels was presented with his Prix d’Honneur which means he is now lifetime qualified for Crufts & can use P’d’H after his name. Idefix also won the handling with his best buddy Yakira Michel. The judge was Mrs S Marshall.
The following weekend I travelled across to the National Pet Show at the NEC & helped on the Cesky stand. The dogs who were wowing the public were Silus & Dora accompanied by Amanda Halling, Tomas, Eric, Xaver, Xanthe, Anika & Palava accompanied by Sheila Atter & Saffy, Rose & Grace accompanied by myself & Yakira. It was a busy two days with lots of interest in the breed. Saffy told people that she was on a girlie weekend away from the kids, Rose told them she was an agility star & Grace told them she was a Princess! Both days the dogs went on the Canine Catwalk to talk about the breed. On the first day Amanda went with Silus & Dora & on the Sunday it was my turn with Yakira, Saffy, Rose & Grace. My trip of course didn’t run totally smoothly as the gales struck again & our boat was cancelled! To make us feel better Yakira & me hit Cadbury World & got free chocolate. We eventually got home at 10.00pm on Tuesday night having dropped a Cesky puppy off in Guernsey.
For me a third weekend of dog activity followed with the Kennel Club of Jersey’s November Open show which is our last show of the year. Once again Ivan & his best buddy were strutting their stuff in the handling classes & pulling off another victory. Ivan was also BOB & G2. Grace was Best Veteran Terrier. The judge was Richard Kinsey.
Russell Marett has stepped down from being the webmaster of the Cesky Terrier Club website after 15 years. Russell is studying for an OU course so does not have the time. Ida Bouwhuis is the new webmaster & if you want anything published on the website please send it to Linda Burrage on lindaburrage@blueyonder.co.uk
The Champ show scene is winding down now but if you have any news from open shows or interesting Cesky stories please email them to me on mickmarett@gmail.com Breed notes should be about all aspects of owning a Cesky not just a list of results.
Christine Marett

Cesky Terrier Breed Notes 14.10.19

There was an entry of 3 at the Belfast Champ show for Mr. F Borg from Malta. BOB was Daveena Thomson & Caitlan Forbes’ Karensbrae Don’t Shut Me Out. BOS was David Scott-Downie’s Janski Quintavius at Vontac. RBB was Daveena Thomson & Caitlin Forbes Euphoriastaff Houska with Karensbrae.

South Wales only give us mixed classes these days & there were no CC’s on offer. The judge was Moray Armstrong. There was an entry of five with two absentees. BOB was Wendy Tobijanski’s Ch Janski Kalliope Jones who also won the YKC Stakes with Megan. BOS was Ch Janski Ultra Violet. RBB & BP was Janski Sudovuvitch.

At the Beckenham Canine Society Show Lee England & Linda Burrage’s Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder was BOB & G3. The breed judge was Cara Davani. David & Linda Burrage’s Ch Komidion Nightmusic at Sametova was 2nd in AV Veteran 7-9 yrs under Barrie Croft.

Christine Marett

Cesky Terrier Breed Notes 27.9.19

Finally a bit of spare time to catch up on the breed notes. Our Judge at Darlington was Roger Thomas & there were CC’s on offer. BOB & BV was Wendy Tobijanski’s Ch Janski Ultra Violet. BOS was the same kennel’s Janski Bugurovski. The reserves went to Gill Harris’ Ch Kessima Magic Moments & Lee England & Linda Burrage’s Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder. BP was Phyllis Taylor’s Oural Du Champ D’Eole.

At Driffield our Judge was Robert Blackley & there were no CC’s on offer. BOB was Wendy Tobinjanski’s Janski Duggee & BOS was Gill Harris’ Ch Kessima Magic Moments. The RBD was David-Scot Downie’s Janski Quintavius at Vontac. RBB & BP was Janski Sudovuvitch & BV was Ch Janski Kalliope Jones.

At the Kennel Club of Jersey’s Open Show Idefix Day Break at Gayteckels was BOB & G3 under Judge Sue Hewart-Chambers, piloted by his best friend Yakira Michel. Ivan & Yakira also notched up another Junior Handler win both in their age group & best overall. Ivan also came a respectable 2nd in the CC class at the Kennel Club of Jersey’s Supematch under Caroline Wheatley while I stayed at home & puppy sat.

Flint has gone back to school after his long summer holiday. He will be helping out groups of children from Year 1 & 2 at First Tower School with their reading. Two very excited classes of children met him this week & were pleased to welcome him into their classrooms. Flint looks forward to next week when he gets to start reading stories with his new pals.

Christine Marett
Cesky Terrier Breed Notes 9.9.19
Finally managing to catch up with myself! Mick & I took four of our Cesky’s to the Cheshire Game Fair where we helped man the breed stand in the World of Dogs. It was a very hot weekend & cool coats were the order of the day. Flint was very proud to wear his Pets as Therapy Bandana & was quite a talking point for the public who had never heard of the ‘Read2dogs’ scheme. At one point we had eleven Ceskys in the breed parade. It was delightful to meet up again with James, Zoe, Isla & Esme Boardman who brought their Cesky Otis along to join in the fun. Last year we met the Boardman’s who made several visits to the Cesky pen & as a result went on to buy their own Cesky puppy. James said to me this year ‘I thought you were quite a hard sell but this breed is everything you said it was!’

My Cesky’s feet had only been back in Jersey four days when it was time to go to the Guernsey Kennel Club’s Autumn show. Disaster struck, the ferry broke down yet again so instead of going on Saturday night they took us on Sunday morning. We didn’t arrive until 10.00am & the show was due to start at 9.30! Thankfully the GKC were kind enough to delay the start of their show until 11.00am to allow Jersey exhibitors to get there. Ivan’s handler, Yakira flew in from Southampton at the end of her holiday on Saturday evening to Guernsey which left her without Ivan as the Junior Handling started at 10.00am. Thankfully my friend loaned her an Irish Setter & she came a credible 2nd with a dog that she had met just 5 minutes before. Once the Gayteckels gang had arrived & unloaded the day only got better. Ivan & Yakira took BOB & G1 under Rachel Barney while Grace took Best Veteran Terrier. Ivan got his last four points (& more) towards the 60 points he needed for his Prix d’Honneur which subject to GK confirmation qualifies him for life at Crufts. All too soon it was time for BIS. In Guernsey & Jersey we place the BIS line up from 7th upwards. Yakira & Ivan were ready to strut their stuff & I said to Yakira’s mum ‘I just hope Ivan & Yakira are not called out in 7th place! He wasn’t! As each number was called out I was listening with disbelief as number 23 was still there until there were two dogs left. The CKCS was called out in Reserve which meant Ivan & Yakira were BIS! Shock & happy tears from Yakira with Ivan looking at her as if to say ‘have I done it wrong?’ Ivan won a trophy presented in 1905, against 1914 it is simply engraved No Show-War. Previous to Ivan’s BIS win I handled Grace to RBVIS with her best friend Didi, our PBGV winning BVIS handled by Mick, an extraordinary day for Gayteckels, it was ‘bubbles’ all round with our meal. The BIS judge was Sue Bird. The only down-side was that we were then stranded in Guernsey until Tuesday night again because of the ferries.
The same weekend was the Birmingham Champ show. Our judge was Frank Kane. There was an entry of 11 & no tickets. BOB was Wendy Tobijanski’s Ch Janski Kalliope Jones. BOS was Sue Fewing’s Komidion Passionato. The reserves went to Lee England & Linda Burrage’s Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder & David & Linda Burrage’s Ch Komidion Night Music at Sametova. BP was Wendy’s O’girl Du Champ D’Eole.
There were no classes at SKC but there were some Ceskys in the AV Terrier. David Scott-Downie’s Janski Quintavius at Vontac was 2nd in OD while Darren Pearson’s Zvonenka Hamentashen at Winoski was 1st in PB.

Linda & David Burrage had a good weekend at the London & Home Counties Terrier Show. Linda writes:
Brilliant results for us yesterday at London and Home Counties Terrier Show.
Wally, Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder ShCM , ShCEx, won Best of Breed under Jane Paradise
He then went on to go Best in Show under Paul Eardley.
Not to be outdone, Claudie, Ch Komidion Nightmusic at Sametova ShCM, ShCEx, VW, won Best AV Terrier and Best Veteran in Show also under Paul Eardley.
It is always special to have good wins at terrier shows.
Mustn’t forget, Camille, Talyot Camille at Sametova ShCM, our first Cesky, who is 14 today. A more loyal dog just doesn’t exist!

Christine Marett.

Cesky Terrier Breed Notes 19.08.19

Time to catch up with Cesky things after my dash to France with the Scout Band!! At Bournemouth our judge was Jeff Luscott, there were no CC’s on offer. BOB was Sue Fewings Karensbrae Warm Hugs for Komidion while BOS went to Judy Lewis’ Komidion Nickelodeon avec Dajaces. The reserves were Sue Ferwings Komidion Ostinato & Komidion Passionato. BP was Steve & Sue Fewings Citronek Cechovo Kvitko in Komidion.
The following weekend was WKC with breed specialist Beverley Deacon. There were CC’s on offer. BOB was Sue Fewings Komidion Passionato, BOS & the DCC went to Jane Withers’ Nesta Du Champ D’Eole. The RDCC went to Wendy Tobijanski’s Janski Bugurovksi while the RBCC, BV & VG4 was Wendy’s Ch Janskin Ultra Violet. BP was Phyllis Taylor’s Oural du Champ D’Eole.

David Scott Downie reports from a very wet Scotland where he atended the Turiff Agricultural Association. Janski Qunitavius at Vontac, aka Donald was BOB & G1.
Down in a blustery Jersey the KCJ was holding its last Championship Show of 2019 with judges Simon Parsons & Frank Kane. My Idefix Day Break at Gayteckels took G2 & the RCC under Simon Parsons piloted by his young handler, Yakira Michel. Idefix & Yakira also won the 12-16 yrs handling & the overall best junior handler. Jsy Ch Lastarean Grace and Favour for Gayteckels was best veteran terrier under Simon Parsons & finally went BVIS under Frank Kane. Grace also won the Open Stakes & was 2nd in the Good Citizen Stakes under Simon Parsons. At lunchtime there was a parade of working PAT dogs which Flint proudly took part in as he is a reading dog in school, although currently enjoying school holidays!

Christine Marett.

Cesky Terrier Breed Notes 02.08.19

Breed notes is not all about show results & this week Sheila Atter has sent me a piece from the Game Fair where despite the mud the Ceskys were out & about promoting our breed.

This year the Game Fair, the biggest and most prestigious event of its kind in the UK, was held at Hatfield House over the last weekend in July. Weatherwise we had everything - from the hottest day of the year when we were setting up on Thursday, through wind, rain, hail, thunder and lightning. And mud! Oh boy, was there mud! With getting on for a fifteen minute walk from the camping area to the Terrier Pavilion it was a losing battle trying to keep the dogs even moderately respectable. However, as the Skye ladies said "It does give prospective owners an idea of what they look like after a muddy walk!"

This year the pavilion was sited somewhat off the beaten track and the footfall was considerably less than in previous years. However, to compensate we did two separate breed parades each day, one in the working dog ring, and the other in the much more central Horse and Hound ring.

It's always nice when people come up who recognise the breed - even nicer when they actually own one, and this year we met Natasha Samways and her husband who own Stitch - bred by the late Diane Lewis. One of the benefits of smart phones is that it's easy to carry round photographs, so we had the chance to see how well he is looking.

As always, the dogs were the stars - Pamatka, Erik, Tomas, Anika, Xaver and Xanthe were there all weekend, whilst Remi brought Paul and Caroline Cashin on Friday, Radley and the Walker family helped out on Saturday and Evie Atkin's help was invaluable all over the weekend.

Next year the Game Fair returns to Ragley Hall in Warwickshire.

Going back to show dogs, two Ceskys received post this week from the Kennel Club announcing their stud book numbers, they were David Scott-Downie’s Donald & my Saphron (Saffy).

Christine Marett.

Cesky Terrier Breed Notes 30.07.19

Espen Engh was our judge at Leeds where CC’s were on offer. BOB & BV WAS Wendy Tobijanski’s Ch Janski Ultra Violet with BOS going to the same kennel’s Janski Bugurovski. The reserves went to David & Linda Burrage’s Komdion Night Music at Sametova & Ruth Dukes’ Janski Theodore by Runiks who also won the Special Beginners Group under Tom Mather.

At the Highland Canine Association show David Scott-Downie’s Janski Quintavius at Vontac, aka Donald was BOB. At the Fife Kennel Association show Donald was 1st in AV Open Terrier, BOB & then G1.

At the SWECA show Lee England & Linda Burrage’s Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder was BOB & G2 under Brian Collins.

Down in Jersey Ivan & Flint were busy trying out rally obedience in the extreme heat! They had fun & were worn out at the end of the day. The following day Flint went to the Kennel Club of Jersey Summer Sizzler Match & picnic & was 1st Open Dog Sporting & finally Reserve Best in Match. The venue was the Jersey Race Club where there was an amazing view of Guernsey & Sark from the headland.

Current top Cesky is Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder while Wendy Tobijanski’s Janski Duggee is top puppy.

If you want your news included in breed notes please email them to me on mickmarett@gmail.com. I do not like to pick them up from face book as I may miss some.

Christine Marett.

Cesky Terrier Breed Notes 18.07.19

Ken Bartlett was our judge at East of England. There were no tickets on offer. BOB was Linda Burrage & Lee England’s Shasgav Nothin Else Matters by Ashleyheath while BOS went to Wendy Tobijanski’s Ch Janski Kalliope Jones. The reserves were David & Linda Burrage’s Komidion Night Music at Sametova & Linda Burrage & Lee England’s Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder. BP was Phyllis Taylor’s Oural Du Champ D’Eole. BV was Wendy Tpobijanski’s Ch Janski Ultra Violet. Best Special Beginner was Ruth Dukes’ Janski Theodore.

At the Cesky Terrier Club Championship Show our judge was Joe Ashe. BIS & BVIS was David & Linda Burrage’s Komidion Night Music at Sametova while RBIS went to Linda Burrage & Le England’s Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder. BPIS was Wendy Tobijanki’s 0’Girl du Champ D’Eole at Janski. RBPIS was Sue Fewings’ Citronej Cechovo Kvitko. RBVIS was Brock’s Talyot Hermes.
After the Championship show was finished the Club put on special classes which were judged by Gavin Samson. 1st in Special Junior was Sue Fewings’ Citronek Cechovo Kvitko. 1st in PG was Ruth Dukes’ Janski Theodore & 1st in Open was Linda Burrage & Lee England’s Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder.

At Agility for Jersey’s two day summer show Ivan & Flint were strutting their stuff. Flint came away with 6 x 1sts from his 8 classes while Ivan managed to collect the rest of the colours from 2nd down to 6th in his classes.

Christine Marett

Cesky Terrier Breed Notes 02.07.19

The Champ show season is hotting up with Blackpool & Windsor on following weekends. At the Blackpool show their was a replacement judge as Mr Gadd was injured. John Scanlon judged & BOB & BP was Wendy Tobijanski’s O’Girl Du Champ D’Eole at Janski. BD was the same kennel’s Ch Janski Kalliope Jones while Janski Duggee was RBD & BJ. The RBB went to Darren Pearson’s Zvonenka Hamentashen at Winoski. There were no CC’s on offer.

At Windsor we had CC’s & the judge was Jeff Horswell. BOB went to Linda Burrage & Lee England’s Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder. BB,BV & G1 Veteran Terrier went to David & Linda Burrage’s Komidion Night Music at Sametova. The RDCC & BP went to Wendy Tobijanski’s Janski Duggee while the RBCC went to my Gayteckels Bottoms Up.

Christine Marett.

Cesky Terrier Breed Notes 20.06.19

There was plenty of events this weekend to keep Cesky Owners busy! Linda Burrage has sent a write up from the Cesky Fun Day, although it sounds as if swimming should have been on the agenda!

Having had a sunny day last year for this event, we were a little apprehensive to have a forecast of rain and gales this year. ....and that is exactly what we got! However, we are British and Cesky lovers, so the show had to go on.

Steve, Simon and David stoically set up the 2 marquees and lit the wood burner getting thoroughly soaked for their efforts. However, when the first people began to arrive, the weather was soon forgotten.

Activities included Cesky related quizzes, a raffabola with prizes for all, Sue’s famous ‘Find the flea on the Cesky’ game, a wine auction, grooming demonstrations from David, a great talk and discussions on ‘Vaccinations and Titre’ from Jo -Ann Parsons and the most fabulous buffet lunch.

We had a total of 29 people who braved the weather and this included 7 children. There were 27 dogs present, 21 of whom were Cesky Terriers. All were wonderfully well behaved.
Many thanks to Sue and Steve for hosting this special event and having all these people and dogs in their kitchen...it is rather large. We were able to spill over into the huge greenhouse and lounge. Thanks also to all the lovely people and their dogs who attended and to Platinum Dog Foods who provided sponsorship for the day. They provided 2 bags of food for the Raffabola and sample food bags for all participants to take home.

It was a shame we couldn’t do all the outdoor games like last year but we still had a great time and it was so fabulous to see so many gorgeous Ceskys. And getting down the marquees took less the brave threesome far less time.

I will let you have the date for next year’s event very soon so it can go in all your diaries.

Three Counties Championship show was the same day as the fun day. There were no CC’s & our judge was Dr Andreas Schemel. BOB was Wendy Tobijanski’s Ch Ultra Violet with BD going to the same kennel’s Ch Kalliope Jones. RBB was Wendy’s O’Girl Du Champ D’Eole at Janski while BP was the same kennel’s Janski Duggee. RBD was Ruth Dukes’ Janski Theodore.

The Kennel Club of Jersey were holding their Spring Championship show although it was far from Spring like, Jersey getting the tail end of the storms with high winds & rain. My Idefix Day Break at Gayteckels handled by his best buddy Yakira Michel was G2 earning a RCC under Liz Cartledge. Ivan & Yakira also won the handling & were 3rd in the Open Stakes. My Gayteckels Bottoms Up was VHC in the PAT Dog stakes & Jsy Ch Lastarean Grace And Favour for Gayteckels was 3rd in the Good Citizen stakes.

At the Newmarket & district Premier Open Show BOB was Linda Burrage & Lee England’s Shasgav Nothin Else Matters at Ashleyheath with David & Linda Burrage’s Komidion Prima Donna RBOB. Komidion Night Music at Sametova wasBest Veteran Terrier. The judge was Rawyn Dowsett. Ch Ashletheath’s Black Thunder was 3rd in the Champions class & Komidion Night Music at Sametova was 2nd in the Veteran Stakes under judge Doug Bedford.

Christine Marett.

Cesky Terrier Breed Notes 28.05.19

CC’s were on offer for the first time at Bath. Our judge was Paul Eardley. BOB & BV was Wendy Tobijanski’s Ch Janski Ultra Violet. BOS was Roy & Sue Burrows’ Pendevour Pierrot who also won the Special Beginner Stakes class under Pam Blay. The reserves went to David & Linda Burrage’s Komidion Nightmusic at Sametova & Wendy Tobijanksi’s Janski Dugee who was also BP. The Special Beginner was won by Ruth Dukes’ Janski Theodore.

My Rose & Flint were enjoying a three day agility fest at the Agility for Jersey’s May weekend. The judge Sam Butchart was new to Jersey having travelled all the way from Scotland. The courses were nice & flowing although there was plenty of tweaks to catch us out. Over the three days I notched up 60,000 steps!! Rose did very well winning 2 x clear round rosettes (awarded if you are within the course time but not fast enough for a place), 2 x 2nds, 5th, 6th & 7th. She came 3rd in the jumping pairs relay which I sponsor in memory of Flyte (Pajanticks Zidane) our first Cesky. Rose partnered a Cocker Spaniel from the UK called Tiffin & they stormed around the course getting a clear round each which gave them their final place. For anyone who hasn’t seen pairs the dogs run around the course individually & the first dog’s handler has to take the baton off the second handler before that dog can start.

Flint covered himself in glory by being placed in all his rounds & winning the trophy for the Best Dog in his section. He won 2 x 1st, 5 x 2nd & 2 x 3rd. He took part in the pairs with a mad working Cocker Spaniel called Toggle who is very inexperienced. Flint went around clear but Toggle got 5 faults as well as wasting time running off. Never mind Flint & Rose had a great weekend.
Christine Marett.

Cesky Terrier Breed Notes 22.05.19

There must be Cesky news from all corners of the Uk this week! At SKC our judge was breed specialist Norina Evans. There were CC’s on offer. BOB, BV & gaining her third CC was Phyllis Taylor’s E’French Connection Du Champ D’Eole via Polede, while BOS & BP went to Oural Du Champ D’Eole also owned by Phyllis. The reserves were David Scott-Downie’s Janski Quintavius at Vontac & Daveena Thomson & Caitlin Forbes Karensbrae Frozen Heart.

At the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show Meg Rogers & Ruth Dukes’ Janski Theodore was 1st in PG, BOB & G1 for Ceskys under Gordon Haran as well as 1st in AV Terrier Open.

At Wickford & Basildon Canine Society Show Lee England & Linda Burrage’s Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder was BOB & G2 under John Dare & 4th in the Open Stakes under Chris Chapman. Shasgav Nothin Else Matters by Ashleyheath was RBOB. Komidion Nightmusic at Sametova was 3rd in the Veteran Stakes with Ch Vandell Sweet Song of Sametova placing 5th. Both of these grand ladies now have their Veteran Warrants.

At the Guernsey Spring Open Show Idefix Day Break at Gayteckls piloted his handler, Yakira Michel to a win in the 12-16 yrs handling & then Best Junior Overall, the first time this partnership have competed in Guernsey. The judge was Jo Mauger. In the breed Gayteckels Bottoms Up was BOB, Best Locally Bred Terrier, G1 & BIS 3 under Hilary Male. Jsy Ch Lastarean Grace And Favour for Gayteckels was Best Veteran Terrier & then BVIS also under Hilary Male. Idefix Day Break at Gayteckels & Gayteckels Sister Act were 3rd in the Brace Stakes, add Grace And Favour to them to make up a team in which they came second.

Christine Marett

Cesky Terrier Breed Notes 16.05.19

Zena Thorn Andrews was our Judge for The National with an entry of 29. BOB & gaining her third CC was Gill Harris’ Kessima Magic Moments. BOS was Jane Withers’ Nesta Du Cahmp D’Eole. The RDCC went to Lee England & Linda Burrage’s Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder while the RBCC & Best Veteran went to Wendy Tobijanski’s Ch Janski Ultra Violet. BP was Wendy Tobijanski’s O’girl Du Champ D’Eole at Janski. Best Special Beginner was Gavin & Sharon Samson’s Opera Bohema Des Hauteurs De La Sole. In the AV Good Citizen Stakes my Idefix Day Break at Gayteckels was VHC in a class of 22 dogs under Howard Ogden.

Christine Marett.

Cesky Terrier Breed Notes 08.05.19

At Birmingham Gundog & Terrier Jane Withers’ Nesta Du Champ d’Eole was BOB under Sharon Samson while Phyllis Taylor’s Oural Du Champ d’Eole was BP. Wendy Tobijanski’s Janski Ultra Violet was BVIS & Janski Duggee won AV Terrier Puppy under Mark Cocozza.

At Chelmsford & District Canine Society Lee England & Linda Burrage’s Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder was BOB under Norman Bristow, going on to G1 under Jayne Eyeington. David & Linda Burrage’s Komidion Prima Donna was RBOB while Komidion Nightmusic at Sametova was 3rd in a large Veteran Stakes Class under BIS Judge, Barry Blunden.

At Marlborough & District Canine Society Open Show Ruth Dukes & Meg Rogers’ Janski Theodore won AVNSC Terrier & g4 under Adrian Marett & was also 3rd in a strong Junior Stakes Class.

Meanwhile down in Jersey, my Gayteckels Sister Act, aka Rose was strutting her stuff at the Jersey European Agility Festival which attracted dogs from Jersey, Guernsey, the U.K & Europe all competing to win a coveted teddy or wine glass & get enough points to progress to the finals. Rose was in the best form I have seen her in, she notched up 95 points out of a possible 100 in her qualifying rounds to come 2nd overall in her section & qualify for the final. We were lucky weather wise for this weekend, it was dry but not overwarm! Finals day dawned & Rose had a couple of warm up runs. All too soon it was time to walk the course & I must admit I was quite nervous as by this time in the show everybody settles down to watch the finals & although my late boy, Taj had been in the final before, I have never run in the final in all the years I have entered this competition. The course was a nice course, definitely some handling skills in there but I knew where all the turns & commands had to be! With the finals you run in reverse order to the position you qualified. Only the top three dogs in Rose’s section qualified so as I was placed 2nd my running order didn’t change. Rose was up against a Jack Russell from Jersey & a Cocker Spaniel from Guernsey. The Cocker Spaniel went first & decided to run out of the ring part way around & then take a wrong course, this meant sadly disqualified. Next it was Rose’s turn & we got around with five faults, she did her best & we made one mistake at the tunnel. Last to go was the Jack Russell who is usually a steady dog, she was going clear until the third obstacle from the end & disaster struck, she took the wrong jump & was disqualified which meant Rose was declared the winner. Rose won a larger teddy bear, a nice rosette & a huge bag of food, as for me, I couldn’t believe we had got to the final let alone gone on to win it! Not to be left out Rose’s half brother, Gayteckels Bak In The Abbott, aka Flint notched up 6 rosettes in his classes.
Christine Marett.

Cesky Terrier Breed Notes 02.05.19

There was an entry of nine at WELKS for Mark Walshaw. There were no CC’s on offer. BOB was Lee England & Linda Burrage’s Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder who was also short listed in the Group. BOS & 3rd in the Veteran Stakes was David & Linda Burrage’s Komidion Night Music at Sametova. RBD went to Amanda Hallings Grancek Slavny Sandor while RBB went to Lee England & Linda Burrage’s Shasgav Nothin Else Matters by Ashleyheath. BP was Darren Pearson’s Zvonenka Hamentashen at Winoski. Ruth Dukes Jannski Theodore won the Special Beginners Group.

At the first day of the Jersey European Agilit

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