Norwegian Buhund Breed Notes

Norwegian Buhund

Norwegian Buhund
I start with the sad news that Jean and Charlie Platt have died. Those of you that have only recently joined the breed may not have known them, but Jean (sometimes accompanied by Charlie) was regularly seen around the shows a few years ago with her Ch Ailort Just In Time (Bula), who was born on 23/10/2008 she was by Ch Olpenden Malachy at Parvodene ShCM(Tyler ) x Ch Fullani Farek of Ailort ShCM .Celia Vines used to show Bula for Jean and has kindly sent me an obituary for them.
“Charlie enjoyed his Buhund, they also had an Akita which Jean used to take to the beach and together they had lovely walks. Jean was thinking that the Buhund (Lucy) was getting older, and mentioned she would like another Buhund and did I know if anyone had a litter, I replied that my dog Tyler had been put to a bitch in Scotland and that I was hoping to have a Dog, and that she could probably have a bitch. It turned out that Farek had a litter of 9 so a bitch was booked for Jean.
They had a Holiday Park which kept them busy and their love of animals meant that there were always Donkey, Hens and Geese around, they would also take in foster animals to join the pets. Her garden was another of Jean’s pleasures as was baking and she would cook for the villagers, also the Bowls club and Quiz nights, she would use a lot of Clotted Cream so everything always tasted rather good. They lived in Cornwall and would either come up on the train or in their motor home to go to shows with Bula, I would show Bula as Jean found it difficult to move round the ring. Bula ended her show career with 6CCs and 3RCCs.
It was a shock that Jean should die 5weeks before Charlie, thoughts are with Miranda Taylor, Brandan and the family.” Thanks Celia, very sad news.
On a happier I am very pleased to say that another Buhund Bumble has taken place. Organised by Mary Dosson on the beach at Burnham On Sea, Somerset. Those joining were Camille Lambert-Dovey and her mum Marcia with Sheira (Ch Sturtmoor’s Free‘N’Ezee),Sue Crocker with Noor(Knytshall Noor Ul Ain and her daughter Tissy (Leggatts Voulez Vous )and of course Mary with Teddy(Kligenthal Bran Mak Morn) also joining the party for a chat was Alysha Branchflower. There was a lot of walking and talking by the humans and splashing about in the sea by the canines, who I am told were impeccably behaved with not a cross word with many of the other dogs on the beach.
On the same day and also down south but a bit further east, Crystal Palace Canine Association held their open show on The South of England Showground at Ardingly. There were no Buhund classes but Marie Corin entered her Kligenthal Almuric (Bergen)in the AVNSC Pastoral classes under judge Jenny Shorer -Wheeler, the classes were held in the Robins Building so out of the rather inclement weather, Bergen won Post Graduate and was then Reserve AVNSC, so many congratulations.
We will probably never really know how the shortage of fuel a few weeks ago affected the last day of the National, SKC and other canine activities but back in 2000, there were the same kind of headlines. Supermarkets saying, they were rationing food due panic buying, with a couple of saying they would run out of food within days, and were rationing some items. The Royal Mail also reported they did not have enough fuel to maintain deliveries, and some schools closed, the government began deploying military takers some with police escorts. Why, well petrol depots had been blockaded because of a series of campaigns held in response to the rise in petrol and diesel prices. It was at the time of Darlington Ch show when it was held actually in Darlington. Elisabeth Coloepy and I were both entered, we met at Peterborough (she was living in Newmarket at the time.) and continued in one car and manged to get some fuel in a garage on the A1. It was a real headache for the show as the judges were arriving by train and one of the committees had to go and pick them up each time, but the show went on.
We had an Elkhound at the time and I received a phone call from a breeder saying she would like to use him at stud, but because of the fuel crisis could she meet me half way and keep him for a few days, I knew her quite so said yes. Six puppies resulted and we had the pick of the litter and named him Bersin Krisen which means Petrol Crisis in Norwegian!
Stay safe everyone.
Margaret Deuchar

No Ch show with Breed classes to report on this week. Border Union Ch show took place over two days on the 4th /5th Oct straight after SKC.I have never known breed classes there in the 30yrs I have been in the breed and I am not sure if the show has ever had classes. So, it is down to the occasional representative in AVNSC classes. Lorraine Bolton our chairman did visit to watch a couple of breeds and said it was very wet cold and windy, so perhaps it was as well we did not have classes, especially so soon after SKC and with the fuel problem.
Talking about SKC, I have to apologise profusely to Albert Wight for spelling his name wrong in my notes last week, which was very remiss of me and I had no excuse as he has judged the breed on numerous occasions. I also manged to use an out-of-date site when giving his judging CV, so as my teacher used to say at school ‘must to do better’. In fact, Albert now gives CCs in 90 Breeds and at Birmingham National the week before SKC, when he judged the Hound Group that was his 98th UK Ch show appointment.
Maddy Norman who won the BCC at SKC with her Ch Arnscroft Delilah at Veekay has sent me her report of the show.
“The organisers of SKC had the changing Covid Regulations and Guidelines to contend with and then just before the show, along came the fuel problems. They must have been concerned that nobody would attend for fear of being stranded without fuel. I don’t know about the other breeds, but all the Buhunds entered managed to attend. Hopefully, everybody got home safely. Then the weather did not help, it was wet and cold and space in the marquee was limited to a very small area, the rings were outside the marquee and although it was dry and sunny at first, that soon gave way to rain with the result that the dogs and their handlers were running round on slippery grass and trying to avoid puddles. The Pulis suffered the worst downpour and judging was paused for a while but by the time the Buhund showing started, the rain had almost stopped and did not resume. Sadly, there were only two dogs entered but there was more competition for the bitches. Despite the onset of Autumn, I think a good day was had by all”. Thanks, Maddy I think all the summer shows were really lucky with the weather, gazebos would not have been funny in very wet windy weather.
‘Buhund Bumbles’ are walks with Buhunds and their owners around the area where they live and often people who want to learn more about the breed join them, which is a fantastic way to find out about the breed. Aline Angus has kindly sent me details of a Scottish Bumble that she and her daughter enjoyed.
"We had four households of Buhunds, Jan and Alan Linstead and their daughter (they also organised the Bumble) they brought Magnus and Loki, Morgan Ellis and James with Oskar, Pauline Van Weymers and Ruari with Miko and Tarik and myself and Lizzy with Bosun and Maisi. We met up in North Berwick on a damp day in August by the beach. Luckily, we managed to avoid the worst of the weather. As a group we laid claim to a corner of the beach by the paddling pool and let the dogs do their thing. I was impressed at how good natured they all were generally. Maisi decided that pack activities just weren't for her and spent the hour barking her wee heart out, or being fussed over by wee boys. The pack jumped in and out of the waves and quickly separated out into the swimmers and fetchers, and the paddlers in the shallows. Humans stood around and nattered, got shaken on by numerous wet dogs, threw balls and fetched wee bags of poo and occasionally had to dash off after one or another dog that went exploring on their own. Bosun got a bit ratty and fractious towards the end - I think an hour was enough for him with this new experience (there was a lot of testosterone - all boys bar Maisi, still barking and keeping out of it). It would have been nice to stay for longer and maybe have a cuppa tea but the weather was on the turn and sitting outside was NOT a good idea. We headed out of North Berwick in various directions with wet, sandy and exhausted dogs." Thanks Aline sounds fun. Two more Bumbles have been planned one by Mary Dosson at Burnham on Sea, Somerset on 16th Oct at 10am, if you go onto the forum and click on events at the top of the page details are there. The other is being organised by Marie Corin and will be on November 6th in Hyde Park London starting at 2pm, I am looking forward to writing about these two.
Margaret Deuchar

Birmingham National was the first indoor Ch show since Crufts 2020, the show was held over 4 days, all the halls were used including the Margaret Everton Building and there was also a large marquee with 8 rings outside, near the pavilion with an area behind the rings for exhibitors open door so plenty of fresh air, and nice and cool for the dogs as it was quite warm outside.should it be wet, so no gazebos needed! Inside the rings were well spread out and all the doors were open where possible.
Pastoral day was again the Friday, we were in Annexe one which is off the main hall. We were first in the ring starting at 9am, so along with some other exhibitors as it was a Friday we stayed locally, but those who came up on the day did not seem to have any traffic problems, probably because they needed to leave home at silly o’clock! We all set up the cages and show paraphernalia by the far wall near an
This year the show had no stakes classes or puppy or veteran groups but it had a number of breed club Ch shows every day.
Due to Covid travel restrictions we knew early on we had a change judge from Dr Annukka Paloheimo who lives in Finland, to breed specialist Christine Chapman (Bukris). Chris has judged abroad on many occasions and gives CCs in a number of breeds in the Pastoral and Working Group. She also holds sessions on Critique Writing, Stewarding, Requirements of a Dog Show Judge and Conformation and Movement at Ch shows for those wanting to judge. Kristy Irvine has taken and passed two of these with Christine getting 96% so well-done Kirsty. In the late70’s & 80’s Christine was a breeder and exhibitor of Buhunds among which was a very attractive Wolf Sable Alkola Alexis. Chris had her first judging appt in 1984 and this one was her 16th. She found her BOB & DCC his 4th in my and daughter Debbie’s Ch Rikarlo Gable JW he is by Ch Koromandel Best Served Cold at Knytshall (Jamie) x Ch Kimura’s Vera with Tapui he also has 4RCCs. Last week I wrote about special events making memories and so it continued at the National, as the RDCC went to a delighted Mary Dosson’s Kligenthal Bran Mak Morn (Teddy) his first, he is by Ch Arnscroft Di Na Mo Farrah of Koromandel x Koromandel Gild The Lily who is Jamie’s litter sister. Memories continued to be made this time for Millie Lambert’s with her home bred Sturtmoor’s Free’n Eezee (Sheira) as she won the BCC and her Crown, she is by Jamie x Stutmoor’s Free‘N’Ezee. She was BP & RBCC at Crufts 2020 under Kerry Frost, we then went into lockdown, at our first show back which was National Working and Pastoral Breeds Society Ch show Sheira won her first CC under Lynne Salt she was also BOB and shortlisted in the Group, her second CC was at Bath under Hedd Richards. We also had our club open show there and under Paul Conway she was RBIS. After the judging Millie wrote, “Today has seen me realise something that seemed to be out of my reach, with silly things happening over the years to my dogs, I have finally bred my very own UK Ch! I have bred UK and AKC Keeshound Champions, I have made up Champions for others as well as myself but this is the first time, I haver bred and owned UK CH. Good things come to those who wait, and I have waited a long long time !!” So, a memory was definitely made.
It was great to see Sue Sercombe her daughter Jacqui and lovely granddaughter Charlie, who I think might be a junior handler in the making. We have not seen them since Crufts 2020 when their Trelowen Dizzy Rascal won her crown, here she was RBCC, she is by Ir Ch Tokyn Durian x Trelowen Pink Pigeon. They live in Northern Ireland and Sue told me that shows have not really started up again there, but they are hoping to go to Belfast Ch show at the end of October.
BV was Jacqui and Michael Cobb and Nancy Kent’s Ch Trelowen Veryan To Knytshall RL1 mind you Higham Press put her down as BP! she does not look or behave like a 13yr old but BP might be pushing it! She has 7CCs & 9RCCS and is by Ch Knytshall Ferdig x Int /Ir Ch Trelowen Yn Tek to Benzara. Sadly, there were no puppies, Friday being a working day was one reason.
The announcer for all of the show was our own Jenny Shorer-Wheeler, once she had opened the show she manged to pop over and watch the judging looking very smart in her green uniform.
It is not all about Ch shows, open shows are just as important and are a great way to advertises the breed. To encourage exhibitors to attend open shows the KC brought in Certificates that can only be won by attending Open shows. Neil Hood’s Ch Arnscroft Di Na Saw Us Rex VW ShCM(Dino) already has his Show Certificate of Merit and his Veteran Warrant as he is 11yrs old, both of which he won before the pandemic but a pandemic was not going to stop his winning ways. On 26th September Neil contacted me to say that at the Poole Canine Club Premier show held on the Bournemouth show ground, Dino was BOB and G3 under judge Karen Angier, and this award gave him enough points for Dino’s KC Show Certificate of Excellence (ShCEx). This is a relatively new award and Dino is the first Buhund to gain it as he was with the Veteran Warrant, so more letters after his name. To win the award the dog must obtain 50 points in group competition shows judged on the group system these must have been won after 1st January 2018, so not at all easy to gain, so many congratulations. Later Neil told me Dino had also won the Pastoral Veteran Group and was then RBVIS under Jane Eyeington what a fabulous result. Neil’s Sturtmoor Eeza Geeza at Buhcafrey was also RBOB so certainly a very good day at the office.
Buhunds love to do things right from an early age. Toni Kania’s Gladidegelli Erik Trana has just passed his Bronze Good Citizen Award at just 17weeks old, and the day after Darlington Kirsty &Alex Irvine and Callum Gillies Tapui Let’s Blaze, was 3rd in his first scent trial at only 8months.Clever puppies.
Stay safe everyone,
Margaret Deuchar margaretdeuchar@gmail.

The Scottish Kennel Club normally runs two Ch shows held in the Exhibition Centre on the Royal Highland Showground in Ingliston Edinburgh, one in May which is an All-Breed show so has CCs for Buhunds the other held in the beginning of October does not have classes for the breed. This year the May show was postponed and was run with the October show, going over 4 days. There were two schedules one for the May show and one for the Oct show. I take my hat off to the organisers running two Ch shows together but for those breeds that have CCs at both shows it was certainly worth the trip. There were classes, groups and BIS for both shows with prejudging of the groups. Then of course there was the fuel crisis just before the shows started!! Masks were meant to be mandatory but watching the live stream I think probably it was only 50%.
This is the last show to be held in the Royal Highland Exhibition Centre this year, as the centre feels there will be spike in covid from the end of October onwards. This was hard as it meant the cancellation of two Ch shows and six partnership shows which were already taking entries, one of the Ch shows is Working and Pastoral Breeds of Scotland, but it does make us all realise the Pandemic and its effects are still far from over.
We used to go every year to SKC often taking the caravan and doing Agility, Obedience and Showing and my first Buhund Okie aka Ch/Ir Ch Wolfen Just In Time won his crown there. The May show always used to be outside until some years ago a storm flooded the showground the night before the start, and the show has to be moved into the Exhibition Centre at the last minute, there were no benches and it was slightly chaotic but the committee did their best, they obviously decided they were not going to risk that again as the show has been inside ever since.
This year Pastoral Day was the Saturday and with the large number of classes the breed was in a marquee, with in/out rings and exhibitors were allowed to set up behind the rings which was just as well as there was sunshine and showers.
Our judge was the well-known allrounder Albert White (Sharval), he has judged the breed on numerous occasions in the past and gives CCs in 74 breeds including 16 Pastoral Breeds, the only group he does not give give CCs in is Gundogs and he judged BIS at Crufts in 2003.He found his BOB and DCC his 11th Nancy Kent, Jacqui & Michael Cobb’s Ch Koromandel Best Served Cold at Knytshall (Jamie) by Am/Can/Uk Ch Kyon’s Bold Norseman x Ch Maidofcopper for Kormandel JW (Imp Fin), he also has 12 RCCs. BCC her 5th Maddy Norman’s Ch Arnscroft Delilah At Veekay by Ch Arnscroft Di To Be A Sailor x Ch Arnscroft Di or Comply she also has 6RCCs.RBCC her 3rd Lesley and Liz Butterworth’s Koromandel Gild The Lily she is Jamie’s litter sister and also has a CC.
BP Kirsty & Alex Irvine & Callum Gillies Tapui Let’s Blaze by Jamie x Ch Kimura’s Vera with Tapui (Imp Nor), he was also VHC in the puppy stakes under Rodney Oldham, his litter sister Michael Patrick and Leigh Ashman’s Tapui Starla was BBP.
BV Lillian and Michael Rumsey’s Ch Arnscroft Di Nah May by Ch/Am Ch Visions Dino of Trollheimen x Arnscroft Di Sing On Ice she has 6CCs and 7 RCCs
Millie Lambert’s newly crowned Stutmoor’s Eezee Luvva, was third in the Good Citizen Stakes under Irene Green.
Having gained his 4th CC with BOB at Birmingham Nation, Time aka Ch Rikarlo Gable JW had a really good day at the office in another disciple on Thursday Sept 30th.He loves doing scent(looking for a small piece of material with the scent of cloves ) and at the end of last year just before the last lockdown he won out of level I gaining the last 2points of the 20points needed. So, this year we started in level 2 but not of course until lockdown was over and then only in very carefully run covid safe trials. We had zoom lessons for the activity during lockdown which of course had been great but not the same as actually having lessons. Level 2 is obviously much harder as the dog has to find 2 hides instead of 1 in each of the 4 searches. 6 finds are needed to qualify and 8 for a clean sweep. There is an Exterior search, things you might find in a garden, inside where one is on a Table or Chair and one on an item around the perimeter something you might find indoors like a broom, vacuum cleaner etc. Vehicle where the scent is on 2 out of 3 cars or 1 on a car and one on a wall. Boxes and Luggage with 1 hide on a box and another on a piece of luggage. At this level once the dog has found a hide in each section the clock is stopped and the dog can be taken out of the search area and rewarded, it then returns to the search area and the clock is started again. The hide has to be out for at least 10 mins before he dog starts the search, and there is a drawn order so no dog has the advantage of always going first with a fresh sent or the disadvantage of going late on when in particularly on a wet windy day outside the scent can move around in the wind.
We did 2 trials before lessons started again and although he qualified at both, he only found 7 out of 8, one I called it too early thinking he had found it on a chair the other one he did not find one of the outside items. Then after a few face-to-face lessons we seemed to get it together and gained a fourth place, only being beaten on time and with me losing a handling mark (5 marks are given for handling each search and they are very hot on any tightness of a lead hence loss of a mark).
On Thursday it was one of those lovely days when everything went right. We were first to go on the outside items and right from the start Time was in a good search mode, finding the two hides in 37secs.Then came tables and chairs where we were 7 to go, it was on a chair and round the perimeter on a vacuum cleaner 27secs. We were drawn 3rd for the vehicle search which was one car and a wall 20secs, and last which is always the least popular search with everyone as so often it causes the most problem was Boxes and Luggage, we were 6th, he found the one on the Box first, then the Luggage item 25 secs. We ended up winning with a total time of 109 secs and full handling marks for me, definitely a day to remember. A lovely red rosette and nice glass trophy. The following Sunday he was second in another Level 2 trial giving him his ‘Excellent’ meaning he had gained 20 points at that Level. Now he has to be introduced to Gun Oil as in Level 3 both scents are used in each search.
Mary Dosson is organising a Buhund Bumble on October 16th at 10am at Burnham on Sea, details will be on the Forum.
Stay safe everyone.
Margaret Deuchar

Pastoral day at Darlington Ch show was the Friday, a few days earlier watching the weather forecast it looked as if it was going to be a very wet day, happily as the week progressed the forecast improved and in the end the weather was almost perfect, a little chilly to start but as the day wore on it warmed up being mostly sunny with a slight breeze.
When I first started to show, Darlington was held actually in Darlington at South Park where it had been for years, but when the park was renovated, it moved to Newby Hall Park and although a lovely setting the ground did not drain well, and there was a year when dogs were carried from the benching area to the rings but these were very muddy and, in some cases partly under water, so in 2013 it moved to Ripon Racecourse.
Apart from SKC, Darlington is the furthest show for us, so we decided to stay locally the night before arriving first the next day along with Maddy and Ron Norman, who also stayed overnight. Again, there was no wet weather arrangements so gazebos were allowed, Maddy and Ron quickly erected theirs but after the farce we had taking ours down the week before ours stayed in the car. Luckily our ring was at the end of row so once up Maddy’s gazebos became the focal point for the Bu community, and like Richmond it was a lovely social gathering with a great atmosphere.
We were third in the ring after Australian Calle Dogs and Lancashire Heelers, our judge was Espen Engh from Norway who is passed by the FCI and the American Kennel club to judge all breeds and has judged all over the world including Westminster in the US and several world shows. He judged us at Crufts in 2017 and in 2014 at Birmingham National.
Various special events in our lives give us memories, in the dog world it may be the first class you won or the first RCC or CC or a BOB or made up a Champion and for a few people going BOB at Crufts, or even winning the Dog and Bitch CC, so I expect for Sarah Stonton who did the latter the memory of Darlington 2021 will stay with her for some time. This was only Sarah’s second show this year, one reason being her Ch Arnscroft In Di Ana Jack RLIEx had been in his underwear for some time but had his new suit in time to gain BOB and his 8th CC he also has 9RCCS.He is by Ch Arnscroft Di To Be A Sailor x Ch Arnscroft Di or Comply, Espen gave Jack BP when he judged the breed at Crufts. RDCC his 12th Nancy Kent, Jacqui & Michael Cobb’s Ch Koromandel Best Served Cold at Knytshall (Jamie)by Am/Can/Uk Ch Kyon’s Bold Norseman x Ch Maidofcopper for Kormandel JW (Imp Fin) he also has 10 CCs. BCC her first Sarah’s Trelowen Andrea AW(S)(Loxy)by Ch Trelowen Conar Tun x Trelowen Kyoo, she has two RCCs her first at Birmingham National in 2012 under June Purves where she was also BP the other under the late Gail Hussey at Crufts in 2013.The AW(S) after her name is an agility qualification meaning Agility Warrant Silver so while many were competing in the breed ring she was competing successfully in agility, so has only been very lightly shown, she was also in Our Obreedience team on many occasions doing the retrieve exercise, since the pandemic Sarah has decide to retire her from agility as she is now 10yrs, but she has successful taken up scent qualifying in level I and 2. RBCC her 6th Maddy Norman’s Ch Arnscroft Delilah At Veekay who is Jack litter sister she also has 4CCs,she was also 4th in the Champion Stakes under Mr M Gilchrist. BP Kirsty & Alex Irvine & Callum Gillies Tapui Let’s Blaze by Jamie x Ch Kimura’s Vera with Tapui (Imp Nor), he was also shortlisted in the puppy group under Murray Armstrong. BV Loxy. It was great once again to have a breed representative in three groups, they may not have been placed but they were there.
Stay safe everyone,
Margaret Deuchar

Pastoral day at Richmond Ch show was the Friday, not the best day for travelling especially if you have to negotiate the M25, but we were third in the ring after GSD and Pulis, so there was a little leeway time wise but most chose to arrive early at the start of the show, a few from the north stayed overnight locally.
Richmond Dog Show Society has been running Championship dogs shows since 1895, and moved to the home of the More-Molyneux family at Loseley Park Nr Guildford in 2004, the show was previously held on Ascot Racecourse.
Our judge was breed specialist Camille Lambert (Sturtmoor), she found her DCC & BOB in Nancy Kent, Jacqui & Michael Cobb’s Ch Koromandel Best Served Cold at Knytshall (Jamie)by Am/Can/Uk Ch Kyon’s Bold Norseman x Ch Maidofcopper for Kormandel JW (Imp Fin). He is definitely on a roll this year and this was his 10thCC he also has 10RCCs,he was handled as usual by his breeder Jenny Shorer-Wheeler. RDCC his first was awarded to Kligenthal Almuric owned by a delighted Marie Corin and Adam Camm. He is by Ch Arnscroft Di Na Mo Farrah of Kormandel x Koromandel Gild The Lily who is Jamie’s litter sister. This was only his 4th show as he was ready to start his show career when we went in to lockdown last year, so very well done as it has been hard for the dogs that missed showing as puppies, and I know Marie struggled to find a ring class club until just recently.
If your dog gains her/his crown it is always a day to remember, as it was for Kirsty Irving as her Kimura’s Vera with Tapui(Imp Nor )(Betty) gained that all important third CC, she was bred by Terje and Katrine Lindstrom (Kimura)by their Multi Ch Kimura’s Peer Gynt x Nor Ch Kimura’s Nelly. She has been only lightly shown due to Kirsty’s family commitments. Her first CC was at Darlington in 2019 under Mr A R R Doedjins (Netherlands) her second this year at Leeds under the well know all-rounder Jeff Horswell, she also has a RCC. This win was even more special to Kirsty as Betty’s great grandfather is Kirsty home bred Nor/Swe/Ch Tapui Tane, he went to the Kimura Kennel in Norway for a few months to help the gene pool, he also had a very successful time being shown. Terge and Katherine always said Kirsty could have a puppy when the time was right for Kirsty and that puppy was Betty. Her litter brother is in Australia and has helped the breed to be established over there.
Maddy Norman’s Ch Arnscroft Delilah At Veekay by Ch Arnscroft Di To Be A Sailor x Ch Arnscroft Di or Comply gained her 5th RBCC she also has 4 CCs. BP Kirsty & Alex Irvine & Callum Gillies Tapui Let’s Blaze by Jamie x Betty so keeping it in the family. He was also 2nd in the minor puppy dog stakes under Marion Sargent.
Winner of the Limit Bitch class was Nancy, Jacqui & Michael’s Knytshall Eloise this was her first show since being on maternity leave, she had a busy couple of days as the following day she went to her first Rally Event at West Buckland and gained a qualifying score, showing once again how versatile the breed is.
You will know if you read these notes regularly that I am not a fan of the Gazebos system although of course I fully understand why this year it has been necessary, but I think it can be very antisocial and the weather needs to be relatively good with no high winds or heavy rain, so far, the weather has co-operated. Maddy and Ron had arrived first so we set up behind them, with others joining as they arrived so on this occasion it was a nice Buhund gathering. There was a light drizzle as we arrived so we decided to put up our gazebo for the first time, in the words from the film ‘Pretty Woman’, big mistake, huge. Why, well putting it up was easy it just popped up, taking it down and trying to get it back into its bag was quite another story, I just wished I had videoed it all as ‘the other side of dog showing’ as it was definitively the entertainment of the afternoon. Debbie and Nancy managed to get it folded up but certainly not enough to go into its bag, Jenny and Kirsty then took over and after a while some one joined them saying they had one at home, well about half an hour later it did go into its bag! I now know people leave their gazebos behind at festivals, and of course we did not need it as the rain never came to anything and the sun even made an appearance!
Before the pandemic Buhund owners round the country had Buhund Bumbles where they met up and took their dogs for a walk. They are starting up again so please do let me know if you organise or go on one.
Thanks to Sarah Stonton for telling me about the latest one.
‘Cambs Buhund Bumble’.
Several Buhunds and owners have met up regularly in the Cambridgeshire area for group walks at various country parks or similar areas over the last few years. Sunday 5th September we were out again at Hinchingbrooke Park, Huntingdon. Two of our original “crew” have moved from the local area, namely Lillian & Mike with Anja and Darcy who were much missed. Another original Teya owned by Sue & Martin were away having a break.
Lisa & Alex brough along Eris (who is now off maternity leave) and Loki, and I brought Loxy and Jack as always. The group of us also arrange to meet new people interested in the breed to see Buhunds out and about having fun and socialising. Sunday we were joined by Saga, a beautiful wheaten girl a year old, bred by Sue Crocker.Her owners were a joy to meet and have previously owned Buhunds and Elkhounds. Saga was a dream, happily socialising with the group and other dogs and owners out walking and also having her first swimming lesson in the lake to retrieve balls or sticks. Let’s just say she is a super-fast, super keen, Olympic swimmer in the making. This time we were also joined by two Australian Cattle Dogs and their owner who Margaret and I met at a scent trial. She was smitten by the Buhunds; having previously been considering a Finnish Spitz in the future she is now interested in our breed. We also enjoyed spending time with her breed and admiring their wonderful off lead training; sadly, they had to rush off after an hour as they had a training lesson. The rest of us meandered on, chatted lots then had a beverage outside at the park’s café. A wonderful time for us and I understand there were 5 tired and contented Buhunds that afternoon – which was a success!
Thanks Sarah.
Stay safe everyone.
Margaret Deuchar

Driffield Ch show held on Wetherby Racecourse no longer schedules classes for the breed. The show itself was held at Doncaster racecourse for 30 yrs. moving in 2006 to Wetherby due to building works being carried out at Doncaster. The committee chose Wetherby as they felt there was easy access to venue, and had facilities for cars to be parked behind the benching marquees, the rings were originally in the centre but latterly there were the in/ out rings by the benches, this year of course there were no benches but Gazebos were allowed. Luckily the weather was dry if rather windy and cold, there were small gazebos over the judging table but there were no wet weather rings if the weather had turned, it was lucky it was dry as in the past the show has suffered from wet and windy weather and being in the middle of the racecourse the area is very much open to the elements. When the show was at Doncaster some of the racecourse buildings were used for rings so it was not nearly so vulnerable to the weather, but it is only 1mile from the town centre so access was perhaps not quite so easy as Wetherby.
The breed had CCs at Driffield from 2007 but Pastoral day was always Thursday and we always seemed to be first in so the entry was never very good, although funnily enough we often had the best of the weather, with it going downhill the following days. Then from 2019 the KC added six All Breed Ch shows to the four that that already had CCs for every breed, some breeds had extra sets of CCs but because we never have a very high entry, they just moved the Driffield set to Darlington which was one of the new all-breed shows, so not surprisingly Driffield did not schedule us anymore.
However, the breed did have a representative this year Anne Smith took her Ch Arnscroft Never Say by Ch/AKC Ch Visions Dino of Trollheimen (ImpUS) x Arnscroft Di Sing on Ice, he certainly kept the Buhund flag flying by being BD AVNSC under Darren Clarke.
Those of you who read my notes regularly know that I like to write about things Buhund owners do as well as commenting on shows.
I am very grateful to Lisa Strong for writing her about her first-time stewarding.
‘As my Eris had puppies a couple of months ago, I currently don’t have a dog at home to show so I thought that now would be a good time to learn how to do Stewarding and volunteer to help out at some shows, with a view to being able to help out at shows in future if they were short of stewards and potentially starting judging training.
Neil Hood was Chief Steward for the Horley Dog show this year at Ardingly and he offered to put me with an experienced Steward, if I went along to the Show and I happily accepted his offer. As the weather had been very variable, I put waterproofs, wellies, towels, change of shoes, water and sunscreen in the car plus various layers of clothes and set off. On arrival it was chilly so I put a fleece on and went off to find the Chief Steward’s Tent. I was welcomed, given a steward’s rosette and sent off for a hot brew to start the day. I was then introduced to the steward I was helping for the day, a lovely lady called Jane. We were assigned to ring 2 and there were to be Hound classes in the ring with three changes of judge so off we went with our box of class packs in tow. Jane first of all had us walk around the ring in order to ensure that there was nothing like plastic, string, paper, glass etc in the grass that could hurt or distract the dogs when they were in the ring, plus check there were no deep holes in the ground that people and dogs could hurt legs in. Once we were happy that all was well, we set up the judge/steward table and the table for the dogs, learning that you needed to position things so people and dogs didn’t get blinded by the sun. We then checked the running order for our ring and made sure our breed folders were in the correct order and prepared the rosettes and cards for the first breed, Jane then explained about checking the ages on the entries to see if any puppies had been entered in classes other than puppy, as this would need to be noted for the Best Puppy rosette. Our first judge arrived and Jane checked the set-up of the ring with the judge and found out how the judge liked the results to be recorded. Jane and I were to alternate between recording the presence/absence of entries and the results and the calling of the classes, the lining up of the exhibitors, giving of the cards/rosettes and calling out the winners. The show was announced open and off out into the ring I went to call the first class!!
As the classes progressed it warmed up and the sun came out so off came the fleece and a breeze came up at times so the cards and rosettes started to get blown about, thankfully Jane had some items in her stewards’ bag to weigh things down. I learnt about putting dogs that had been seen by the judge in a previous class to the end of a line up and letting the judge know which ones had been seen and how to line up dogs in a challenge as well as when to gather the results strips from the judge and take them to the Chief steward. As we set up for each breed, we double checked the cards and rosettes which proved useful as in one pack we were a rosette short and in another we didn’t have a Best of Breed but instead 2 reserves. As we had 3 changes of judge, I saw how different judges like to run things. Before I knew it, it was 2pm and the judging in the ring was complete, so I was sent off for lunch and realised I was starving. On a trip to the ladies, I looked in the mirror and
realised I was a little pink. oops!! so it was off to find some more sunscreen’.
Thanks Lisa shows are always asking for stewards so I am sure it will not be long before you will be the experienced steward.
There were no Buhund classes at Horley but with Neil as Chief Steward, Lisa stewarding and Di Butler (Telstar)judging the Reserve BOB competition members were certainly well represented.
Stay safe everyone.
Margaret Deuchar

Shaftesbury and Gillingham Agricultural Show was held on the 18th and 19th August on its own Turnpike showground in North Dorset, it is the biggest Agricultural show in the south, this year it was restricted to 2 days due covid planning/restrictions. It always starts on the third Wednesday in August, and often has attendance of over 24,000 visitors. Held alongside the Agricultural show is the Pawscars nominated Gillingham and Shaftesbury 2-day Open dog show, with our own Jacqui Walmsley as Secretary, with assistance from Alysha Branchflower this year. There were 6 entries for the two classes PG Dog /Bitch and Open Dog /Bitch, for judge Debbie Stansbury who is on our judging list. Knytshall Eloise won the PG class, she is owned by Jacqui and Michael Cobb and Nancy Kent; this was her first outing since being on maternal duties. In 2nd place was Mary Dosson’s Kligenthal Bran Mak Morn (Teddy to his friends). Ch Trelowen Veryan won the open class and was BOB she is owned by Jacqui,Michael and Nancy. Sine Riley-Moore brought along her Osker (Koromandel Bated Breath) to watch, she only lives 10miles away and enjoyed meeting up with other owners and their Buhunds.
The show is very much the old-fashioned Open show, with big prize money for the Stakes classes, donated by local businesses, with Arden Grange as the main sponsor. Free tea and coffee is given to all the exhibitors in the afternoon as a thank you from the committee for entering.
I think Jacqui must have been exhausted by the end of the show having previously worked for a week at Bath being on the committee, then working 3 days at Paignton and 3 days at Bournemouth.
Much further north Pastoral day at Blackpool Ch show was Sunday 22nd August. The show started back in 1921 but it was not until 1934 that the first Ch show was held in the tram sheds in Blackpool. The show has often been the first to do things, in1939 it was the first show to ban dogs remaining on the showground overnight, most shows followed this lead by the late 40’s. In 2001 it was the first show to announce all show entries would be sent to the printers to be processed, now this is the norm for most Ch shows. The show has had several homes, for a time it was at the Oval at Stanley Park, when it out grew this venue, it moved to land near Blackpool Zoo. Later moving to Lytham St Anne’s on part of the Royal Guardian Insurance Estate. Then in 2000 the society purchased its own land just 1 mile away, but this did not work out as the site was very exposed, and the land did not drain well. So the show moved again to Redwood Park, Inskip Nr Preston.Now Manchester Ch show is held at Stafford, Blackpool is the only General Ch show in the North West of England.
When the show was held at Lytham St Anne, I would often go for all three days showing the Papillon, Elkhound and the Buhunds, the dogs all loved their beach walks but they had to be after the Papillon had been shown, as sea and sand was not quite the right preparation for the show ring, for a Papillon!
I would like to thank Nancy Kent for her report on this year’s show: -
“Blackpool is my local show, only an hour away, so we left home at a civilized 9.00am. We were due in the ring after the Dogue de Bordeaux, but not before 11.30 so plenty of time to find the other Buhunders and get set up. It was drizzling when we left home, the rain got worse as we neared Blackpool. However, on approach to the show ground the rain stopped. When we arrived, there was little evidence of recent rain, the ground being mostly dry. The weather for the day alternated between sunny & warm and breezy & cool. Jackets came on & off but it was very pleasant for the dogs. Due to covid the show was unbenched but the showground was set up in the usual manner with four large tents along two sides. They were empty so there was plenty of room for anyone who wanted to be sheltered from possible rain or sun, to set up inside. The main ring and admin was on the 3rd side. The rings were laid out in the middle with the Trade Stands setup in between. The rings were spacious and allowed plenty of space between for exhibitors. (No gazebos were allowed). The ring adjacent to ours was empty when we arrived so we set up near there. We could keep an eye on our ring so we knew when it would be our turn but not get in the way of those exhibiting. The empty ring was shortly reassigned to the Siberian Huskies so we became an island of wheaten surrounded by the most magnificent colours. Our turn came, Graham Hill being our judge. He was good with the dogs, gentle and kind but moved through them efficiently. We had only a small entry, 7 dogs entered. There was one absentee so we were Blaze, Betty, Anja, Darcy, Hildy and Jamie. They all showed beautifully and there was delight all around when Hildy was awarded BOB. Well deserved” Thanks Nancy”.
The full result was BOB & BB Lesley & Liz Butterworth’s Kormandel Gild the Lily (Hildy) by Am/Can/Uk Ch Kyon’s Bold Norseman x Ch Maidofcopper for Kormandel (Imp Nor)
RBB Kirsty Irvine’s Kimura’s Vera with Tapui (ImpNor)(Betty) by Multi Ch Kimura’s Peer Gynt x Nor Ch Kimura’s Nelly.
BD Nancy Kent, Jacqui& Michael Cobb’s Ch Koromandel Best Served Cold at Knytshall (Jamie) he is Hildy’s litter brother.
RBD& BP Kirsty & Alex Irvine & Callum Gillies Tapui Let’s Blaze by Jamie x Betty
BV Lillian and Michael Rumsey Ch Arnscroft Di Nah May by Ch/AKC Ch Visions Dino of Trollheimen(Imp US) x Arnscroft Di Sing On Ice
Later in the day Blaze represented the breed in the Puppy Group with a 4th place, another great result, the judge was Patsy Hollings, many congratulations.
It was great that we could again sit at home and watch the live stream of the groups, but sadly at Blackpool not the puppy group as it did not go into the main ring.
It was a good day for breeder Jenny Shorer-Wheeler (Kormandel ) as in Gelsenkirchen Germany the same day Kormandel Kjaereste was graded excellent and took BOB CAC & CACIB, for those that do not know that is the CC of the country and the International CC.
Stay safe everyone.

Margaret Deuchar

Bournemouth Ch show ran on its original dates but the group days were changed, so Pastoral day was Monday August 16th.I am always very interested in how shows start in some cases they increase in size and become very popular open shows, a few become Ch shows others for one reason or another fold.
The town of Bournemouth is now a very popular coastal resort in South East Dorset but it had a very interesting beginning, with cattle grazing on heathland until the early 19th century, when in 1810 a Mr Tregonwell and his wife visited the beach, the wife loved the area and persuaded her husband to build a house there. He purchased eight and a half acres and built a house and two cottages one for his gardener and one for his butler, these were the first houses to be built in what is now Bournemouth. By 1840 a village had built up around these first houses and the stage coach which travelled from Southampton to Weymouth would stop there, the same year a guide book was also published.
The Bournemouth Canine association was founded in 1911 and held its first show the same year. Their first Ch show was held at Meyrick Park Bournemouth on 1st June 1927, and as so often happens with the UK summer, instead of it being a lovely warm day, the month of June that year turned out to be the coldest June on record since 1763!
The show then moved to Dean Park in the centre of Bournemouth until 1969, when it again moved to Canford Park Poole, and when it had to leave the Park a farmer’s ground in Sturminster was hired for a year. The following year it moved to New Park in Brockenhurst until 2011 when finally, the association purchased its own ground and in 2012 its first show was held at Pikes Farm, Organford which is only 11 miles from where the first show was held in 1927.It is so much easier if shows have their own land as they can gradually do any improvements necessary, having been the secretary of a very big one day horse show for 25yrs, it always adds more work to what is always a difficult job when shows have to move locations.
The show was the second in a row without CCs, but as I have so often said we are so grateful to these shows for scheduling the breed, as without them the show scene would be very sparce. Our judge this year was Catherine Moffat who first started judging in 2003 and now gives CCs in a number of Pastoral breeds and also judges most of the working breeds, Golden Retrievers and Portuguese Podengos.
I am again indebted to Millie Lambert-Dovey for sending me a report of the show: -
“There were 4 Buhunds entered which is quite low compared to our usual entry at this show. However, all four were present for judge Cath Moffatt (Kyleca). With two breeds in front of us, our judge made hasty work and we went in the ring at approximately 11am.We had two boys and two girls, so the green cards were split between everyone! Catherine found her BD in Neil Hood’s Dino (Ch Arnscroft Di Nah Saw Us Rex VW ShCM) with the RBD going to Neil’s Geeza (Sturtmoor Eeza Geeza At Buhcafrey).BB & BOB was my own Sheira (Sturtmoor’s Free’n Eezee and RBB Jacqui Walmsley,Kerry and Fritz Frost and Addrienne Frost-Treadwell’s Bunny(Trelowen Amelia at Frostisen). Later in the day, Sheira went into the AV Good Citizen Stakes which was supposed to be judged by Britt-Marie Young, but we had a change of judge to Michael Coad, who is known for his Bichon Frise and Standard Poodles as well as handling several other breeds. Out of 15 dogs Sheira was placed 3rd, so a very nice placing for a Buhund in good company! There were three groups on the day, the Pastoral was judged was Patsy Hollings (Gunalt Weimaraner’s). We did not get anything but it was lovely to represent the breed again, although Sheira was flagging a little by then! Lockdown certainly has a lot to answer for -as usually by now the dogs have been used to hanging around all day. It seems be taking some time to adjust for our baby girl! We have a few weeks off now to recuperate!” Thanks very much Millie
Sheira is certainly on a roll, this was the fourth BB for her in a row. She is by Ch Koromandel Best Served Cold at Knytshall x Sturtmoor’s Eezee Luvva. Dino is by Ch/Ir Ch Arncroft Kimura x Ch/Ir Ch Arnscroft Di -Nahs -Mite. Geeza is by Ch Arnscroft Di Na Mo Farrah of Koromandel JW ShCM x Sturtmoo’s Dream Maker At Gazenorth. Bunny is by Ch/Ir Ch Trelowen Conar Tun x Trelowen Lola.
A little bit of trivia I leaned while watching TV, an Elephant’s sense of smell is four times stronger than that of a Bloodhound.
Stay safe everyone the pandemic is definitely still with us.

Margaret Deuchar

Paignton and District Ch show had its beginnings back in 1909 when the late WJ Nichols judged the dog section of the Paignton Fanciers Association in the basement of the Public Halls in Paignton, which housed the various livestock sections of the Society. In 1923 their first open dog show was held, increasing in popularity year in year out. There were no shows during the war years. The last open show was held on 19th July 1950 with an entry of 584 dogs. The following year on 4th July the first Ch show was held at Queens Park, the show was well received with comments saying ‘it was a lovely show in a superb setting’. There was an entry of 1260 dogs representing 35 breeds with 342 classes. It was the first all-breed Ch show to be held in the county.
This year the show was celebrating its 70th Anniversary and ran on its originally planned dates, starting on Saturday 7th August and ending on Monday 9th which was Pastoral Day. The show is held at Westpoint Exeter, the venue is used as a conference, meeting centre as well as a wedding venue, but also offers everything for a Ch dog show, with space for caravans, free car parking and plenty of room for show tents and trade stands, and is only 1 mile from the M5. This year it was one of the few Ch shows to have benches, and the main hall was used for the BIS ring. It is also one of the few Ch shows to have open Agility and Championship Obedience classes which this year were held on Friday 6th.
I have not been to Paignton for a number of years, I used to go every year to the previous venue with the late Elisabeth Coleopy, in those days they also had Elkhound classes and as I had both breeds, I would show them both and one-year open dog in both breeds was on at exactly the same time in next door rings!
This year I am indebted to Millie Lambert for sending me a her report on the show.
“I must say Paignton show was as enjoyable as ever, with a super friendly committee who are willing to help with anything you need, it made for a great day. Danco benches were in attendance, the first benches we have seen since Crufts 2020! I will admit, although I would have liked to be using our benches, there were a lot of large dogs around us so we moved to a quieter area closer to the ring and entrance. Our judge was Mr Shaun Watson, who I believe is British but lives in Cyprus. He was a very pleasant judge and was super with the dogs giving them lots of time without taking forever! Only two entries in Buhunds but with the several litters on the ground at the moment, it’s not a surprise. Mr Watson awarded my Sheira (Sturtmoor’s Free’n Eezee) Best Bitch and Best of Breed, with Mary Dosson’s Teddy (Kligenthal Bran Mak Morn) taking Best Dog (his first such award!). Mary spent the whole day with Mum and I, we had a great time with lots of laughs and some training too! Teddy is quite definitely in love with Sheira, in true ‘bitch’ fashion, she would start to talk to him (with a view to playing) and then tell him off because he just wanted to show her how handsome he was! LOL! The group came and went with no love for the Buhund, we had a change of judge from Steve Hall to Jill Peak. Sheira wasn’t impressed with being indoors but showed better than I expected (the hall was extremely noisy). She was also very bored considering we thought we were pushing it being late to the collecting ring, then found that we were one of only two people present! We eventually got into the group at least 20 minutes later by which time she’d had enough and wanted to go home! Just goes to show that dogs aren’t machines!
All in all, it was a lovely day, and now we are looking forward to Bournemouth.” Thanks very much Millie.
I finish with the good news that my and daughter Debbie’s Rikarlo Gable (Time) has had a clear eye test.

Margaret Deuchar

Pastoral day at Bath Ch show was Tuesday 3rd of August having been moved from its original date because of covid restrictions. It is one of the new All-Breed Ch shows that gives CCs to all the breeds that have them. Originally it was for a trial period of 3years from 2019, but then came covid so we will wait and see what happens. The show started at 9am, so some stayed in the caravan park, some in hotels but we left at silly o’clock especially as it was a weekday. Our judge was the well know working and pastoral group specialist and breeder of Newfoundlands Hedd Richards. He was giving CCs in the breed for the first time. It is great to have new CC judges, as with a numerically small breed that you can show until well into double figures, you really do need a good gap between appointments, otherwise judges are seeing the same dogs all the time. BOB & Dog CC his 9th as at Leeds was Nancy Kent, Jacqui& Michael Cobb’s Ch Koromandel Best Served Cold at Knytshall (Jamie) by Am/Can/Uk Ch Kyon’s Bold Norseman x Ch Maidofcopper for Kormandel JW (Imp Fin) (Pikka) he also has 11 RCCS, he was handled as usual by his breeder Jenny Shorer- Wheeler. RDCC his 4th my and daughter Debbie’s Ch Rikarlo Gable JW L1ex (Time) he is by Jamie x Kimura’s Vera With Tapui (Imp Nor) (Betty). BCC her 2nd this year after only 3CC shows Millie Lambert’s Sturtmoor’s Free’n Eezee (Sheira) by Jamie x Stutmoor’s Eezee Luvva. She also has a RCC which she won at Crufts 2020 where she was also BP. RBCC her 5th Maddy Norman’s Ch Arnscroft Delilah At Veekay(Lottie) by Ch Arnscroft Di To Be A Sailor x Ch Arnscroft Di or Comply she also has 4CCs.BP Kirsty & Alex Irvine & Callum Gillies Tapui Let’s Blaze by Jamie x Betty he has a RCC won at Leeds.BV Neil Hood’s Arnscroft Di Nah Sawr Us Rex (Dino) (ShCM)(VW) he has 8CCs and 6RCCs and is 11yrs old, he has been and still is a fantastic show dog, highlighted by the fact that he was shortlisted in the veteran group under Dr RW James, he is by Ch/Ir Ch Arncroft Kimura x Ch/Ir Ch Arnscroft Di -Nahs -Mite. Special beginners Marie Corin’s Kligenthal Almuric(Bergen) by Ch Arnscroft Di Na Mo Farrah of Koromandel x Koromandel Gild The Lily who is Jamie’s litter sister. It was lovely to have a representative of the breed in every group again.
It was a good day at the office for Maddy and Lottie because as well has winning her 5th RBCC she was also 4th in the Champion stakes under Mr R Allen.
In 2019 we had our club open show at NW&PBs, it was alright but could have worked better as there was another breed in the ring first, which was not ideal. This year we were going to have it at WELKS which does not have CCs now, but we thought it would help boost their numbers as well as ours, in the end WELKS was cancelled, so we decided to partner with Bath, which really worked well. They gave us a ring for the day which was great, it was at the end of one of the two marquees and had a good space between the ring and the end of the marquee, where exhibitors and their family could sit with their dogs and watch. The show did allow gazebos which were in very organised rows but I think only one of our exhibitors used theirs, as they had other dogs with them. The show also provided a couple of extra tables one for the club shop and the other for the club rosettes, trophies and the generous prizes donated by the judge and the towels donated by Jenny for the principal winners, all of which had the club badge on them, there was also a small box of goodies for every prize-winner with the place rosette, a toy for the dog and some sweeties for the handler, so the whole table looked very impressive and colourful.
Our judge was Paul Conway (Sparwood), he has been involved in dogs most of his life and was a very successful junior handler. He has shown Swedish Vallhunds Affenpinschers and Whippets and has a wide interest in a number of breeds. BIS & BD Time, younger brother Blaze was RBD & BPIS. Dino was BVD & BVIS. Sheira was BB &RBBIS. Jenny Shorer -Wheller’s Ch Maidofcopper for Kormandel JW (Imp Fin) (Pikka) was RBB she is by Gnipagrottens QU x Multi Ch Cipacan Mila Magia and has 8CCs & 11RCCs.VB &RBVBIS Neil Hood’s Trelowen Dark’N’Stormy (Storm) she is by Ch/Am Ch Visions Dino of Trollheimen x Tokyn Ebony and has a RCC. Special Veteran Bitch & Special Working Bitch Jacqui & Michael Cobb & Nancy Kent’s Ch Trelowen Veryan At Knytshall RL1 by Ch Knytshall Ferdig x Ch/Int Ch Trelowen YnTekto Benzara, she is 12yrs old and has 7CCs and 9RCCS.
Being a club show there are Best of Rosettes and Trophies for every class scheduled, which is lovely especially for those attending their first club show. I was thrilled when looking at the trophy Time won for BIS to see that my first Buhund Ch/Ir Ch Wolfen Just In Time won it in 2000, he is Time’s GGGG Grandfather and gives Time his pet name.
Best Junior & Best Post Graduate Bergen. Best Novice Mary Dosson’s Kligenthal Bran Mc Morn (Teddy)he is Bergen’s litter brother. Best Limit Time. Best Open Jamie. Best Veteran Storm. Best Special Vintage Veteran Dino. Best Special Working Time. Best Black Sue Crocker’s Knytshall Noor Ul Lain (Noor) who has a RCC and was top puppy in breed in 2016.Best Brace Sue Crocker’s Noor and her daughter Leggatts Voulez Vous by Ir Ch Frostisen Winsome she also has a RCC won as a puppy, both mother and daughter won their RCCs at NW&PBs, a lucky show for them. Best Breeders Sheira. Special Not Bred by Exhibitor Lottie. Progeny Group Jamie, with his progeny Time, Sheira and Blaze.
At the end of the show the judge commented that although we are a numerically small breed there was such quality in the exhibits. There was also a judge being mentored and she commented on what a lovely atmosphere there was around the ring as did the Old English Sheepdog judge, who was judging across the gangway so lovely comments and so nice to hear.
It was really lovely that James Stewart came down from London to see us, having recently lost Sasha it was great to be able to talk to him about her and the memories we have of her.
I end with the good news that Anne Smith’s Ch Arnscroft Never Say Di has had a clear eye test.

Margaret Deuchar

I start with show updates. At Birmingham National our judge will now be Christine Chapman and not Annukka Paloheimo, due to covid travel restrictions. Christine was a successful exhibitor and breeder of Buhunds in the late 70s & 80s under the Bukris affix, Chris also started judging in the 80s and this will be her 16th appointment her first appointment was at WELKS in 1984. For some time now as well as judging Christine attends Ch shows and tests judges wanting to progress up the judging ladder on ‘The Points of The Dog’. I am very happy to say Kirsty Irvine passed this test at Leeds.
Sadly, Midland Counties this year has been cancelled, we do not have CCs there and in 2019 we lost classes due to lack of entries but were meant to have them back again this year.
In 2024 -2028 the club can hold two Ch shows a year so long as one is held in partnership with or goes back-to-back with a general Ch show. It will not mean that we have an extra set of CCs as we are losing them at Richmond. The allocation of CCs is based on the average entries per year over a 5-year period, these numbers were taken of course before covid which we all know is affecting numbers in many breeds. The KC says it is putting clubs on notice that future increases or reduction in the number of CCs available, will depend on overall entries and will be shared between general Ch shows and breed Club Ch shows. 22entries or under 11sets of CCs 2 at club shows. 22+entries-30entries 13sets of CCs 2 at club shows. Entry numbers are very difficult I only have one Buhund now but in the past when I had 3, Finn Kiki and Fizz I would show all three but now with £29 the average entry fee at a CC show I probably would not do that, and with fuel and sometimes a stop overnight it makes for a very expensive day out. It is very difficult with a numerically small breed such as ours to keep numbers up so we do not lose CCs. Having shows back-to-back or in partnership with a general Ch show may sound to be a good idea, as it saves money for clubs not having to pay for a venue and for those entering having shows in one place saves on travelling, and I assume the KC is hoping that it will increase entries at general shows, but it is hard on dogs that may be out of coat and on puppies, I always remember Kiki missed out on being able to go the club show as he was one day too young, so he could have missed out on two shows.
There is a saying, ‘If at first you don’t succeed try try again’, this was certainly true for Sarah Stonton who writes: -
‘Third time lucky for Jack (Ch Arnscroft In Di Ana Jack RL1Ex)! At his third Scentwork UK trial at Withersfield Village Hall near Haverhill he excelled. He found all 4 scent hides and after each he trotted back to the car with a spring in his step, gazing at me the whole time knowing he has done well and pleased me. My handling was deemed spot on so we finished with a perfect score of 100.Rosette placings are based on time taken to find the 4hides (a total of 12minutes is allowed being 3 minutes for each)-Jack finished with a total time of 179.77 seconds and finished in 3rd place. End result one extremely happy and proud Buhund Mum’. Many congratulations Sarah and Jack.
Carolyn Solomon who lives in Liskeard Cornwall has asked to be remembered to all who knew her when she showed, she has Torren (Ch Tokyn Sequoia) and Freya (Tokyn Bonyava), she says she often walks the dogs early in the morning on the beach before they get too busy. Carolyn also says she has a couple of beds if anyone is down her way and wants to stay and dogs are welcome of course. Contact Carolyn at
Stop press Sarah and Jack were third in a Level 1 trial at Hethe Village Hall, Oxfordshire, again with full marks with a very good time of 67seconds the winner had 53 seconds, so very well done again.
Margaret Deuchar margaretdeuchar@gmail .com

I hope that you and all your animals were able to cope we the extreme heat we have been having, unusually for us it was more in the West Country, Wales and Northern Ireland, where as normally we have it hotter in the south east, mind you it was still hot enough. Cool mats, doggy paddling pools, fans and cool coats all being used, of course it is not just dogs that need to be kept cool, my friend has an old Chinchilla, a breed from the Andes Mountains in South America and she has struggled to keep him cool. Hopefully people

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