Beauceron Breed Notes


Hello dear readers, interested in our magnificent breed or already sharing your house with the big goofy and oh so lovable beauceron!

I am honored to write the first beauceron breed note for Dog Focus!

I believe all of us breed lovers are still living on the cloud nine, where we all found ourselves during our very first Beauceron Club UK open show. Maybe the weather was not too welcoming, but by now we all should be over our colds and runny noses and can only remember the best of what happened - the show was organised to the perfection, beautiful rosettes and glassware to the winners, a bunch of happy people and even happier dogs enjoying their day, and in the end of it - we all took the best dog home!

Not much has happened after the show, we have seen a photo report of Jackie Barnes and Steve Barnes, Doug Thrower and Cate Catrin Thrower having fun at Malvern Autumn show, where Jupiler du Regard Mordant spent his 7th birthday - hope he got loads of treats for the occasion and had great time representing the breed with his canine friends! Another bunch of news from Tallowah beauceron family is that there's a very exciting litter upcoming, and we're all waiting to see wiggly tails and tiny paws!

In another Country fair show was Sefton (Pebbleena Sefton Sequoia) with his family - he bragged on facebook about seeing horses and birds, and even we know that Sefton loves birds, especially those in the fields! Sefton's mom Lindy Cole got a cool new gadget that looks awesome and will make it easier to take Sefton on long walks - if you haven't seen it yet, find Sefton_the_beauceron on instagram and take a look!

Congrats to Peter Atkinson, a big part of our beauceron community, with his KCAI membership! We are excited and proud to have so many great trainers in our breed - well but what can I say, we have to stay sharp to outsmart our dogs or at least to keep up with them!

Meanwhile in the Overhill Kennels a companion show was held, filled with tents, dogs, burgers and everything needed to have a brilliant day, I hope the fabulous team of Kim Harrell and her handsome Eli (Chiceron Endeavour) are proud of their 4th place out of 15 dogs!

While all these exciting things are happening, we are taking it slow and enjoying the weather and the fields, Chaos is meeting cows and horses and getting used to her country life, while we're planning upcoming trips for the gang, oh and the most exciting part is that Chaos gets to meet the sheep and we will see how much of a shepherd she is - hope for the best, but oh well, we are preparing for the worst, maybe she will get scared of them! She also discovered a corn field and was so excited and puzzled - "why is the food stuck on these things, mum", she thought while munching what must be the third corn, "and where can we find a same field but with salmon growing?"

Those are all the news I have gathered, but I must not hold you for long - the sun is shining and the last days of summer are still here, let's not waste time and enjoy it!

With love and kisses,
Arnolda & Woodt Light Chaos

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