Whippet Breed Notes



Whippet Breed Notes 19th July 2021
Just two things to add to last week’s marathon report. Deb Yeates and Laurie Winter own Zoraden
Bright Star BISRC and not as written. Jackie Whitaker Crosby’s Mulcair Meerkat Marble was BVIB
at the E of E Championship Show under Anne Defaye.
The day of The Hound Association’s Championship Show dawned fine with not even the tiniest
wisp of cloud anywhere in the skies.
It was certain lovely to arrive and see everyone setting up outside as we used to do. The rings
were spacious and there was enough room for the tented ones to set up without encroachment
on another’s patch! Lots of space and managed and set out for the best, so full marks to the
Committee for all their efforts in preparation.
The judges for the sexes were replacements for the two overseas judges that had been eagerly
anticipated by many, but were unable to undertake their appointment s due to the travel
arrangements and restrictions with regard to Covid 19. However, a healthy entry was still attracted
of 219 whippets making 224 entries with 19 dog and 30 bitch entries absent on the day. Margaret
Dixon (Millwold) judged the dogs and Cathie Brown (Bluestreak) judged the bitches, both of them
having lost earlier appointments last year.
BOB and winning her 4th BCC from Cathie, was Mary Davis’s new Champion, Collooney Black
Velvet Pasharif (Collooney Black Comet ex Collooney Adorabubble Babe). I believe that the BIS
judge Stewart Mallard had to be called as referee when the ladies agreed to disagree.
Margaret awarded Ch Collooney Eye Love You at Stonefox (Brochinbelle My Sunshine ex Ch
Collooney Eye Candy) the DCC and was BOS, owned by Kathryn and Mark Fryer.
BPIB was Yvonne Hull’s and Mike Howgate’s Palmik King Arthur ( Palmik King Of Clubs JW ex Ch
Palmik Misty Eve JW ) who then went all the way to win the Hound Puppy Group and was
declared BPIS under Stewart. Congratulations on such a lovely win with this young Whippet.

Dan Richard’s had another good win with his Bruce, Richclass Run For Cover (Ch Cobyco
Chance of A Lifetime ex Richclass Hayley’s Girl ) who took the RDCC on the day. Mr and Mrs
Lawley won the RBCC with their Crosscop It’s Magic for Lawleymoon (Ardencote Star Gazer ex
Ch Nothing Compares to You at Crosscop). Angela Bray’s Cyangrange Giocomo Delfino (Ch
Collooney Billy The Whizz ex Cyangrange All That Jazz) was BVIB.
BPB was Colette and Roger Perkins’s Citycroft Americano with Silkridge (Silkridge Just Joey ex
Winter Is Coming to Citycroft) who also won the Royal Canin PB Stakes under Hazel Fitzgibbon.
BVD was Helen Johnston’s Ch Danluke Lord of The Dance JW ( Aus/Ir/Ch Collooney Move On
Over ex Ch Danluke Dance of Love).
Just a few of other Stakes Class places that need a mention. Di Morgan and Tracey Wilson’s
Shalfleet Amber Nectar at Meandi was second in the Leonard Pagliero Memorial Veteran Stakes
under Pam Marston Pollock and the ladies were third with a Whippet Brace in the Robert Greaves
Memorial Brace Stakes. Mrs M Webb’s Khabaraytime Hello Crosscop JW was VHC in the Veteran
Stakes mentioned previously. Also in the Royal Canin Puppy Stakes, James Winkley Balmer and
George Poole’s Edenwhip MacAllen was VHC and in the MPB Stakes class their Edenwhip Can I
Be Him was third. In the Dorwest Herbs Bred by Exhibitor Stakes AVH/BBE PD/PB Angela’s
Cyangrange Aleshanee was first. Congratulations to all.
I really felt for our two judges out there in that relentless sun in the centre of the rings. Apart from
anything, the black rubber on the tables must have been really hot under pad for the dogs and I
did see that one bitch was appearing restless, lifting her feet. Surely there should have been some
cover for the judges and the dogs? Exhibitors once finished can race off with their dogs to the
nearest shade but to have a stint out there with little respite must have been punishing. I did read
that there had been heat stroke victims over the day and that the First Aid Officer was kept busy.
One judge with a much smaller entry went off to the shade to write up the Cards, a totally
understandable decision and was disappointed to have had no shade whilst going over his entry
as the temperature had risen considerably since the 9.00am start.
Finally, before shows taking place in these slightly unusual times, most committees have posted
details on their Facebook page of the rules and regulations that they expect us to adhere to
before the start as well as Ring Etiquette reminders.
With the latter in mind, apparently there have been cases of perhaps over enthusiastic exhibitors
crowding or over running exhibitors in front of them in the ring. Everyone tries to show their dog at
the pace best suited to show case their attributes. In the breed over the years there have been
people that for a variety of reasons show their dog at a slower pace, often kindly going the the
end of the line to do so, allowing those who want or can show their dog at a faster pace. If one is
in the middle, allowing sufficient time for the person in front to head off is quite within the
capability of most, no one wants their dogs spooked or put off their stride by someone thundering
behind. Remembering the social distancing advice currently still advisable, it serves two
purposes and is a common curtesy. Bearing in mind, so many are glad to be back in the ring with
their dogs that small things may have been overlooked in the excitement, but over riding or
running is common place in the horse showing world and is best left there.
Claire Rishworth

Whippet Breed Notes 12th July 2021A host of Whippet exhibitors, many having decamped from NEWS, headed to the east of the country for three days of intensive showing at championship, open and limit show level.

The East of England held their Hound day on the 9th and the judge for the breed was specialist Anne Defaye of the Fedaye affix. An entry of 123 dogs making 142 entries was drawn, with only 10 absent on the day.
Another show held with Covid 19 restrictions to accommodate, as with the other shows held over the following couple of days. Weather was good and dry so tent city inhabitants were all happy as they clustered around each breed’s respective ring. In fact the sun broke through and its heat reminded us that we were of course in mid summer.Dog judging was done and dusted before mid day and Anne certainly did not dally with her choices for the top awards. Several exhibitors hit the road shortly afterwards as Friday traffic threatened to extend journey times home.

Anne’s BOB and winning the BCC, her second, was Creme Anglaise’s Vanilla Flavour of Gwendariff (Creme Anglaise’s Park Me In First ex Graffiti Vanilla of Victoria’s Gamble) owned by Diane Stewart-Ritchie and Messrs Van de Schaaf and Akerboom. She went onto Hound Group 3 under Sigurd Wilberg.
Winning his first DCC from Yearling, was Helen and Luke Johnston’s and Jake Wilson’s Aarminias Dragon Lord of Danluke (Ch Danluke Lord of The Dance JW ex Ch Collooney Queen of Dragons with Brochinbelle).
Best Puppy and BPB was Viv Coulter’s Collooney Lagertha (Collooney Drag Queen for Chapleigh ex Collooney Pearl’s A Swinger) following on her win last week. Russell Sykes took the RBCC with his Veredon Another Rose ( Ch Falconcrag Another Class ex Supeta’s The Special One of Veredon) and Jane Wilton Clark’s Shalfleet Heat Wave JW (Ch Shalfleet Another Lord ex Shalfleet Coffee N Cream) was the RDCC.
Mike Howgate’s and Yvonne Hull’s Palmik King Arthur ( Palmik King of Clubs JW ex Ch Palmik Misty Eve JW ) was BPD.
Zeta Perkins’s Dejare Would You Believe at Zeglynn ( Dejare Beau Ami at Sammoll ex Louidapl Venetian Whirl at Dejare) was BVD.Following on the theme of a cluster of shows held over a couple of days, the EAWC held two championship shows as well as one open show and a limit to accompany the former.
Another Club taking advantage of holding last year’s show as well as that of this.
The first day saw the holding of the Club’s Championship show of last year, with judges Rob Wheeler (Ranveli) for the dogs and Frank Kane ( Hirontower) for the bitches.
An entry of 146 (176) was received, with a split of 60 dogs and 86 bitches.
DCC later RBIS and BOS, winning his second CC, his first gained at Crufts 2020, was Dan Richards’s Richclass Run for Cover (Ch Cobyco Chance of a Lifetime ex Richclass Hayley’s Girl).
RDCC was Roger and Colette Perkins’s Silkridge Just Joey (Ch Citycroft High Society JW ex Silkridge Tutti Frutti). BPD and RBPIS coming from Junior, with Ashley Halliday handling was Loraine Bell’s Aarminias Change The Game (Aarminias Dragon Lord of Danluke ex Shiny Sensation’s Smooth Foxy Lady). Carolyn Nunneley’s Veredon Vanilla Sunset ( Ch Demerlay Regal Renown at Brockfield ex Veredon Vivienne Westwood) was BVD. BRC/D was Dark Wing (Midnight Dazzler at Derohan ex Derohan Attraction) owned by Di Webber.
Taking the time from the live video posted on social media, Rob had finished judging by about half past 11. The weather looked dull but dry if the footage was to go by of the onlookers.
Frank followed on in the same ring and BIS and Frank’s BCC winner was Collooney Eye Opener ( Ch Jesrae Game of Thrones ex Ch Collooney Eye Candy) handled by Charlie Donaldson and owned by Viv Coulter. RBCC was Kamasal Starlight Rascal at Huntinghill (Ch Palmik Whisper Again ex Kandalama True Romance) owned by Ann and Rachel Snelgrove. BPB and BPIS was Mike and Yvonne’s Palmik Guinevere, litter sister to Arthur .BVB and BVIS was Danluke Dicky Bird ( Ch Collooney Tricky Dicky ex Danluke Definition of Love) owned by Helen.
BRC/B and BRCIS was Kenaiteen Blizzard at Silvergarth ( Tallys Rambo ex Kenquince Lightning Fast) owned by Jackie Jones.

The Open Show judges were Holly Taylor-Smith (Whilloer) for the dogs with an entry of 38 and Katy Manners (Mannerpool) for the bitches with an entry 53.
Bitches were judged first to accommodate exhibitors showing in the Championship show ring.
Katy’s BB was Janine Wilkinson’s Citycroft Starfall (Ch Citycroft High Society ex Winter is Coming To Citycroft), later declared RBIS and BOS. Lisa Samson’s blue Romaclove The Power of Love ( Zoraden Surprise Edition ex Zoraden Attraction at Romaclove) was RBB. Citycroft Americano with Silkridge (Silkridge Just Joey ex Winter is Coming to Citycroft) owned by Colette and Roger was BPB. BVB and BVIS was Ger Ch Shiny Sensation’s Spirit Of Love for Supeta ShCM ( Boxing Helena’s Son Adore ex Shiny Sensation’s Golden Sunset) owned by Sue and Fiona Mycroft. Zoraden Fifty Shades Darker (Railfield Lone Rainger ex Zoraden Darkest Wings) was SRLCB owned by Di.
BIS and Holly’s BD was Colette’s and Roger’s Silkridge Just Joey. Citycroft Drumshanbo ( Ranveli Sunshine Man ex Citycroft Ginger Rogers) was BPD and BPIS owned by the Citycroft team. BRLCD and BRLCIS was Zoraden Bright Star owned by Di Webber.Onto the next day and Paul Glaholm (Gazenorth) was the judge for the dogs and Molly Head ( Demerlay) was the judge for the bitches, with an entry of 77 dogs and 89 bitches.BIS and the DCC winner was Crosscop I Want You ( Khabaraytime Hello Crosscop ex Bring Me Sunshine) owned by Leigh Morris, George Waddell with Sophie Mitchell handling on the day. Russell’s bitch Veredon Another Rose took the BCC and went RBIS and BOS.
Kevin Rees’s and Karen Jones’s Kierpark Dancing Queen (Wheelspin Silver Shadow Among Silkdance ex Kierpark Who’s That Girl) was BPIS and BPB. Jan Wood’s Ardencote Star Gazer (Ch Willingwisp Star `Trooper ex Ardencote Solitaire) was BVIS and BVD. Di’s Zoraden Fifty Shades Darker was BRCIS and BGCIS was Railfield Rainomen for Silkdance ( Wheelspin Silver Shadow Among Silkdance ex Railfield Raining Magic ) owned by Catriona Price. Crosscop The Show Must Go On (Ch Falconcrag Another Class ex Ch Crosscop Let It Shine for Supeta) owned by Miss A Brew was BSp BIS as well as BPD.Winning the RDCC was Sally Gibbon’s Osterfen Janus ( Ch Collooney I love You at Stonefox ex Osterfen Speculos). Zoraden Bright Star was BRCD. Annie’s and Rachel’s Palmik Carousel for Huntinghill JW ( Ch Jesrae Game of Thrones ex Ch Palmik En Vogue ) took the BRCC. Richard and Dawn Mason’s Aphrael Casting Pearl (Ch Nut Chip of Nevedith ex Aphrael Damhan Allaidh ) was BVB.

The Limit Show was held on the same day and the judge was Jo Strong ( Mackjama ) and Jo had an entry of 34 dogs and 43 bitches. BIS and BD was Lolani Cafe Amore ( Ch Zoraden Gingerbread Latte ex Danluke Dance Diva of Lolani ) owned by Debra Yeates and Laurie Winter. RBIS and BB was Jackie Whitaker Crosby’s Crosscop May Be One More at Mulcair JW ( Falconcrag Top Class at Crosscop ex Crosscop Let’s Rock).
Kevin and Karen’s Kierpark Dancing Queen was BPIS and BPB. BPD and RBPIS was Mike and Yvonne’s Palmik King Arthur. BVIS was Blandings Florentine JW ShCM ( Ch Shalfleet Simply A Lord ex Blandings Poetry In Motion) owned by Patsy Bird.BRCIS was Zoraden Fifty Shades Darker, with Dark Wing BRCD both owned by Di.
RBD was Enolacans Antonio Banderas at Chipperlake JW ( Blue Spring’s Irish Coffee ex Ainhugals Enola Goy) owned by Tony Timberlake. Citycroft Starfall owned by Janine was RBB. Zeta’s Dejare Would You Believe at Zeglynn SHCM was BVD.

Congratulations to the winners across all the shows held over the three days, a marathon for Whippets, owners and organisers!What a busy weekend for this small committee who obviously worked tirelessly over the duration to make it a memorable experience for judges and exhibitors. Once again, very appreciative comments have been posted and I would imagine Alayna and her team will be glad that the shows are over but hopefully feel all their endeavours paid off and the the weather looked kind from the photos shared.

I hope that I have not missed anyone off the long list of winners at all four shows. If I have omitted anyone’s dog and they want a mention please pm me and It will be added next week. A busy time at the laptop... keys are hot to the touch!

Claire Rishworth

Ed note: Well done Claire ! Marathon reporting!

Whippet Breed Notes 6th July 2021

NEWS hit the floor running last weekend, holding two back to back championship shows over the days. One was originally scheduled for last year held on the Saturday with Judges Jill Scott- Bisset ( Squirrelwood) for dogs and Marie Whyte ( Marvidara) for the bitches, Marie awarding CCs for the first time in the breed.
On the Sunday this year’s show was held, with Heather Cleaver (Pencleave) judging dogs and Ashley Halliday (Aarminias) another awarding CCs for the first time, doing the bitches. These were the first two breed club shows held with Covid 19 restrictions in place. Tents and gazebos were allowed, obviously held outside with masks worn in the ring, which certainly gave video viewers a challenge working out who was who if the dogs were new to the eyes!Jill had an entry of 54 dogs making 65 entries and Marie had 74 bitches making 90 entries.Looking at both photos and video clips on social media sites, the weather looked variable with rain evident in some shots and the sun shining in others.
BIS and Marie’s BCC winner was Romaclove The Power Of Love ( Zoraden Surprise Edition at Romaclove ex Zoraden Attraction at Romaclove) owned by Lisa Samson. A blue bitch, homebred and the first blue to be awarded a CC for over ten years. Congratulations!RBIS was Jill’s DCC, Ch Runaround Starman at Stormalong JW (Railfield Rainicon in Yialousa ex Runaround Serenade) owned by Carol Neale. BPIS was Crosscop Dream Come True ( Crosscop I want You ex Ch Crosscop Glittering Prize ) owned by Liz Salkeld. Marcia Dillon’s Ch Collooney Billy The Whizz JW (AUS/ IR/ Ch Collooney Move on Over ex Ch Collooney Chiquita) was BVIS. BRLCIS was Ringmore Hecate (Railfield Lone Rainger ex Ringmore Day Lily) owned by Vanna Leathart.Liz Winstone’s Lolani Moonshine Over Monelli (Citycroft Never Forget ex Danluke Dance Diva of Lolani) took the RDCC and Citycroft Storm in a Teacup (Railfield Rainmaster ex Railfield It’s Raining Over Citycroft) was the RBCC owned by Jo Whitehead, Rachel Smith and Anita Mixides. .RBPIS was Alayna Allen’s Zoraden Aladdin ( Zoraden Surprise Edition ex Marvidara Babyccino) and RBVIS was Cyangrange Glocomo Delfino (Ch Collooney Billy The Whizz ex Cyangrange All That Jazz) owned by Angela Bray.Zoraden Bright Star ( Ch Zoraden Gingerbread Latte ex Azarin Corsica at Zoraden ) was RBRLCIS, owned by Deb Yeates and Laurie Winter.

The next day at the same venue, the second show was held. Heather had an entry of 67 dogs making 83 entries and Ashley had 78 bitches making 94 entries. BIS and winning her all important third CC on the day was Mary Davis’s black bitch, Collooney Black Velvet Pasharif (Collooney Black Comet ex Collooney Adorabubble Babe). I understand that Bess is the first Champion of that colour for the Collooney Kennel so congratulations to both Mary and Viv Coulter. A difficult colour to campaign at the best of times, so no mean achievement. I read that Bess has become the 24th UK Champion for this Kennel which again is an impressive statistic!RBIS and winning the RBCC was Ch Adagio Deep Cover To Ranvelli ( Creme Anglaise’s Pancetta ex Adagio Outer Space Black) owned by Rob Wheeler. Carol Hawker’s Ch Jothryn Future Legend with Mollytop JW (Mollytop Dream Maker ex Jothryn Fly A Way Rebel) was the winner of the DCC and was BOSIS.BPIS was Collooney Lagertha ( Collooney Drag Queen for Chapleigh ex Collooney Pearl’s A Swinger) owned by Viv Coulter.BVIS was Angela’s Cyangrange Giocomo Delfino and BRLCIS was Zoraden Fifty Shades Darker JW (Railfield The Lone Rainger ex Zoraden Darkest Wings JW ) owned by Di Webber.Russell Sykes’s Veredon Another Valente (Ch Falconcrag Another Class ex Supeta’s The Special One of Veredon) was the RDCC from the Limit Class. RBPIS was Crosscop The Show Must Go On (Ch Falconcrag Another Class ex Ch Crosscop Let It Shine for Supeta) owned by Miss A Brew. Jan Wood’s Ardencote Star Gazer (Ch Willingwisp Star Trooper ex Ardencore Solitaire) was RBVIS and Vanna’s Ringmore Dalrymple (Ringmore Danny Deever ex Ringmore Fleur De Lys) was RBRLCD.
It certainly seemed a fun weekend and lots of very complimentary remarks have been made, thanking the committee for their hard work at going ahead and hosting not one but two Championships shows at this challenging time. The speed at which the names of the winning Whippets were shared as the shows progressed was amazing and that was due to Leanne Muir posting them as they were sent to her on the Facebook Group Whippet Show Results UK page. Much appreciated by all of us not able to attend this year.
Again, many thanks to all those that have helped me source owners and the breeding of the principle winners. It certainly is not easy without a catalogue or the KC site to refer to.
Thank you for your input.
Claire Rishworth

Whippet Breed Notes 28th June 2021And we are off!!Last weekend saw a number of Whippet exhibitors hit the road and travel to the first set of open or fun dog shows across the country. It was good to see the familiar posts of videos and photos of dogs and humans back on road trips and in the rings once more.The first result to share was a lovely win for Sarah Shepherd and her Kidaruka It’s Showtime at Oxana who went BOB and was shortlisted in the Hound Group, at Southampton DCS Open Show held last Sunday. The breed judge was Elaine Bogart and the Group judge was Clare Boggia. Alayna Allen’s Zoraden Aladdin was BP and Hound Puppy Group 4. Congratulations to both ladies and for getting “the ball rolling” so to speak!The first General Championship show of the year was SCCA held at the Newbury Showground. Hound Day was the Friday and Whippets numbered 168 (215) with 22 entries absent on the day. The judge was Phil Freer, I believe awarding tickets in the breed for the first time. The weather forecasts were monitored carefully during the week, hoping that the first major outdoor show would be blessed with dry weather. Although rain was forecast for the day the entire week leading up to the Friday, the dark clouds faded the nearer one got to Chieveley. Ideal showing weather prevailed all day which was much appreciated by humans and dogs. This was the first time we had experienced a non benched show of this scale, here on these shores. Gazebos and tents of all shapes and designs greeted the eyes on arrival and it was obvious to see those who had been a member of the scouting groups in their youth. A couple at the top end of the ground failed to take note of the prevailing wind and hence were nearly airborne when I past as they tried to hold down their shelter!Making one’s way to the Whippet ring, way off on the the far horizon, it was like walking through an Argos or Amazon virtual site for camping equipment. A vast number were pegged out and late comers then formed second or third ranks behind them. Not much care was given to permitting walk ways between the tents, which made getting to the rings a little indirect. When it came to dismantling time, the Wayman Ladies were most impressive, as their tent disappeared into its case with a few rapid arm movements watched by a number who were obviously making mental notes. Posts later revealed some required a small army of helpers to dismantle, but it would be unfair to name the strugglers. I am sure garden practice will occur over the coming days to hone skills that Dr Livingstone or Baden Powell would be proud of. Although the tents and gazebos worked well on this occasion, I wonder if we had been subjected to torrential rain and wind, whether people would be cursing, struggling with wet and heavier material, forcing it into bags and cases, with dogs milling around at their feet? If I am honest when looking around, unless you were in the front row and able to view the ring from that position, the people behind had little chance of watching the proceedings unless the windows of the tent in front were open or transparent. I would say that I cannot have been the only one that saw very limited judging, not wanting to leave the dogs unattended for any length of time but a row behind.Phil Freer judged in a mask and the vast majority of exhibitors were masked during their time in the ring. Not always was social distancing adhered, but I put that down to over enthusiasm and the general excitement at being back!BOB and winning the DCC, his first was Silkridge Just Joey (Ch Citycroft High Society JW ex Silkridge Tutti Frutti) owned by Roger and Colette Perkins. Joey went on to Hound Group 2 under Howard Ogden, so a great start back for them all.Another lovely win happened for the Mycroft Ladies as Sue’s and Fiona’s Supeta’s Little Darlin’ (Veredon Another Valente ex Ger Ch Shiny Sensation’s Spirit of Love For Supeta ShCM ) won her first CC and also went BP. The RDCC was Ch Danluke Lord of The Dance JW (Aus/IR/Ch Collooney Move On Over ex Ch Danluke Dance of Love) heading the Veteran Class, owned and handled by Helen Johnston. Jig was also BV and then went off and clinched Veteran Hound Group 1 under Dr Ian Gabriel.Pauline Oliver’s Spyanfly She’s A Swinger (Ch Citycroft High Society JW ex Spyanfly Shake It On Down) was the RBCC from the Open Class. Mike Howgate’s and Yvonne Hull’s Palmik King Arthur (Palmik King of Clubs JW ex Ch Palmik Misty Eve JW) was BPD. Jan Wood’s Crosscop She’s A Lady at Ardencote (Ardencote Star Gazer ex Crosscop Let’s Rock ) was BJ and she went on to take Junior Group 2 under Patsy Hollings.Best Special Beginner’s and Special Beginner Group under Hazel Fitzgibbons, was Erinnis Mignonette owned by Mrs C Baulch.George Poole’s and James Winkley Balmer’s Ch Edenwhip Quantum of Solace won the Champion Stakes under Sigurd Wilburg. Anne Prowse’s Freehamlet Creme Mover was VHC in the Good Citizen Stakes also judged by Sigurd.
What a fabulous start to the new season and a cracking set of results for our breed, hitting the top spots at this our first Championship show after such a long time away. Congratulations to all those that had such lovely wins with their Whippets. It was great to be back amongst the Whippet Gang and the atmosphere buzzed as 16 months of gossip was caught up on!Apologies if I have not included the breeding of your dog. There are not the hours in the day to try and find the breeding on the new KC site or if one is not on social media. Please feel free to pm the breeding if you can after a win and they will be noted. Once in my little black book all is good! Thank you !
Claire Rishworth

Whippet Breed Notes 20th June 2021Richard Mason, Secretary of the SYWC has asked me to let readers know that the Club are organising a Starter Evening on Tuesday 13th July for all those new to Whippet Showing or judging procedures. The event will be held at the Nevedith Kennels at Bolsover, North Derbyshire and numbers will be restricted to 30 attendees due to Covid restrictions. A donation of £5 is asked for to cover tea, coffee and cakes that will be available. It is a “pay on the day” so no complications reference payment. Please PM Richard to reserve your place and he will send you more information nearer the day. It will be a first come first served basis, so do not dally if you wish to attend and benefit from what sounds like an excellent evening.Social media is beginning to hum in anticipation of the gradual opening of the dog showing season and many are crossing off the days to the Hound day of SCCA to be held on the Newbury Showground at the end of this week. A number of exhibitors have started early with posts of friends, off to fun dog shows held in their local areas.There was even an Open show with the Whippet BOB videoed for us all to enjoy.
There must be a few Whippets that will be taken by surprise as coats are brushed, baths taken and show leads slipped over necks! The photos of show dogs stacked are proliferating and I have seen a few - not Whippets I hasten to add- with their wins listed in the post, notably those searching for the magical third big green card! Life is getting back to normal!Claire Rishworth

Whippet Breed notes 13th June 2021
The UK Whippet Breed Council hosted their last online event for the time being last Tuesday, with a very interesting talk by the well known judge Espen Engh.This time I was well prepared and having eaten, sat down just with a glass of fine wine to enjoy the session. Getting into the event was harder than passing the bouncers at the last Freddie Mercury concert without a ticket and I had begun to wonder as the security kicked in, whether I was in fact about to listen into a Government Cobra meeting as an observer. But at last entrance was granted and a very enjoyable evening was spent listening to Espen.
As with all grandees of the dog world, it is always an insight to learn what they are looking for in a dog when they are judging and what aspect or virtues are held higher than others when sorting for example, through a large UK entry of Whippets. Some lovely dogs were selected by Espen as his notables in the breed here in the UK, in the States and on the continent, some no longer with us or are ageing veterans at home in their beds. We will certainly be anticipating another good selection of events from the UK Whippet Breed Council as the winter nights draw in and can I thank on your behalf, Mel and Ann for working hard behind the scenes in organising the ones held so far.The Westminster Kennel Club held their show over the past few days and the Whippet BOB and going onto win the Hound Group, was the now world famous Bourbon, who graced the inside front cover of the last edition of The Whippet Review. GCHP Pinnacle Kentucky Bourbon is the Top Winning Whippet of all Time in the States. She is co-owned by Dr Kenneth Latimer, Judy Descutner, Nancy Shaw and Justin and Chesile Pickett Smithey, bred by Justin Smithy and Yvonne Sovereign and presented by Chesile and Justin. Bourbon is just three months off a litter and certainly looked great in both rings under breed judge Mr Harold Tatro and the Group judge.
Bourbon topped the Hound Group in 2020 and so we will wait with bated breath to see if this very showy girl can pull off the top award this year, going one step further than her RBIS in 2020.As I write, tomorrow will be a day that many will wait with a fair degree of trepidation to hear from PM Boris as he outlines what will be allowed the following Monday when theoretically all restrictions will be lifted. Methinks that some will be disappointed as to what is going to be revealed but hopefully will appreciate the fact that we have come so far, it would be so sad to lose all that we have gained with just going a dash longer with minor restrictions for greater freedom just a few weeks away as is hinted in the press.
Claire Rishworth

Whippet Breed Notes 7th June 2021
The entry details for SCCA Championship Show have recently been published and although a very healthy number of Whippets were entered at this the first big show (168/215), judging from comments posted on social media, there was surprise that the numbers were not even higher. However, saying that Whippets top the leader board for entries overall.With more and more shows now coming forth to accept entries, it has been a nasty shock to realise how quickly one can spend vast amounts of money on entries without even leaving the kitchen. Again, it will be interesting to see if our numbers fluctuate as the season goes on into the autumn. Dog showing has always been a costly hobby but with so many months away from the sport, some people must have spent or saved considerable funds that once would have been allocated for show entries in the past. Perhaps this pandemic will make us be even more selective as to where we go to show and with how many dogs. The long distances that we covered in the seasons gone, with accommodation factored in and the cost of fuelling such miles, the pounds soon add up and a weekend away to a show, very little change is seen from well over a couple of hundred pounds if we are lucky.The last UK Whippet Breed Council event is to be held tomorrow at 7pm, with Espen Engh as the speaker, the topic being “Whippets around the world- a judge’s journey through time, place and breed history”. I for one hope to have eaten well before the event begins and pasta is not on the menu!Claire Rishworth

Whippet Breed Notes 31st May 2021
Although the Bath Championship Show’s Bannerdown Fields were not hosting their event this Bank Holiday weekend, we can be cheered by the fact that we will be up there in just a few weeks time, if all goes to plan with regards to Covid 19 and its never ending mutations and strains cropping up to taunt us.Alayna Allen has asked me to include the following update from the EAWC. The schedules and online entry for the EAWC Shows are now available on Fosse Data. If you would prefer a hard copy of the schedules please text 07718630113 or email zoradenwhippets@outlook.comOn Saturday 10th July, the Championship Show judges are Rob Wheeler for the dogs and Frank Kane for the bitches.At the Open Show bitches will be judged first followed by the dogs. The judges are Holly Taylor-Smith (dogs) and Katie Manners (bitches)The next day the Championship Show judges are Paul Glaholm for the dogs and Molly Head is doing the bitches. The judge for the Limit Show is Jo Strong and once again, the bitches will be judged first.Alayna says that there will be no Wet Weather facilities but parking will be near the ring, the toilets will be those in the leisure centre and there will be a catering van onsite. The shows will be “very stripped back” and will be run in line with whatever Covid guidelines are in place at the time. Please look out for further announcements as we get closer to the shows.For camping - please ring the leisure centre from the 1st June between 9am and 12 pm, payment will be taken at the time of booking -£7 a night for a tent or caravan. Lastly, to quote Alayna, “Our Committee is a small, hardworking team so as it says in the schedule if the weather is bad, please at least bring a sunny disposition!”It is certainly heartening to read that there are, at last, “real” shows to look forward to and to enter our Whippets in classes for true competition. The many online shows that were nobly organised either for charitable purposes or to stop people from totally losing it, were appreciated over the lockdown periods. They served to fill a gap for some and were obviously enjoyed, judging by the comments posted on social media, but were of limited appeal to others. However, none of us can presume that we are out of the woods with regards to this pandemic. Unfortunately, this virus is continually proving that it has a variety of stings in its tail and has, without any doubt, no respect for dates and deadlines, let alone the wishes of the nations to return to things as they were so long ago. Personally, I am trying very hard to temper my excitement in anticipation of returning to showing with no more blips or cancellations for fear of massive disappointment, if all our dreams of a summer return to a season in the ring, disappear with a possible third wave of the virus hitting us broadside.Claire Rishworth

Whippet Breed Notes 24th May 2021

Melanie Sampson, Secretary of the UK Whippet Breed Council, has sent me the following to be included in this week’s Breed Notes.“Our final presentation for this initial set of events will be from the renownedand respected International Judge Mr Espen Engh. It will be at 7pm BST on Tuesday 8th June and tickets will go on sale Tuesday 1st June at 8pm BST. The usual cost of £3 a ticket.Espen will be speaking on his experiences of judging Whippets around the world and giving us an overview of the FCI system.We intend to run events again when the nights start 'drawing in', have one or two in the pipeline and welcome your suggestions and requests. In the meantime we can all look forward to seeing each other around a ring rather than on a screen!”This will be another interesting talk I am sure and that the tickets will be sold out quickly. One cannot fault our Whippet Breed Council for being so proactive over this difficult and challenging time, both mentally and physically, keeping us all well connected, as one with our beloved breed.I know that I am not alone in missing the social side of showing dogs. Many of one’s friends in the breed have similarly expressed this feeling. Some people we only meet at a show or even when side by side in the ring. However, this relationship may have been going on for years and years and one just carries on where one left off at the last show, perhaps months earlier.
We can almost start a count down of days before we can have a day at a dog show, with SCCA at the end of next month. Photos of people practising the assembling and more importantly, the dismantling of the said show tent have been posted on social media. I sincerely hope that the weather improves very quickly, as I am writing these Notes with the sound of heavy rain bouncing off the roof of the conservatory. Hardly a balmy summer’s day!It certainly will be an interesting show, with most of the younger members of the entry probably attending their first ever show, having missed out entirely on their puppy career, hence not learning their trade from the start as a show dog. Let us sincerely hope that we have some truly sensitive and gentle judges that appreciate this fact, that the mature looking youngster may be attending their first ever show. We want our inexperienced Whippets to be treated with understanding and gentleness, hoping that they go from strength to strength in the coming months, based on positive experiences under caring and empathetic judges at their early shows.Claire Rishworth

Whippet Breed Notes 17th May 2021

You could not make it up as they say. This past week, the dogs have had to put up with a number of workmen outside the house, digging and attempting to lay the new cable for the very high speeds of broadband now available to some. The road has been closed, diversion signs propped up and trenches cut and covered. As they stopped work on the first day, shortly before half past three, I found that Alexa and all gadgets around the house were worryingly displaying the “no internet warning” colour. I go out to investigate only to be told that someone had just cut through the old cable rendering the entire hamlet without wifi and land lines. Apparently BT had been informed and would be out within a few hours.To cut a long story short, life as we know it stopped for over twenty-four hours until BT, bless their little cotton socks, came out after my plaintive call to rejoin the damage.
A member of the merry gang had not rung as they had said, as BT were responding only to my logged call out request.The foreman of the work force said I was “lucky” he had not just back filled the trench over the cut cable, I begged to differ. Now a marked man as is the young idiot who drives the digger up and down the lane, head down and texting... presumably not to his mother!Further down the lane, the cottages’ drains are now blocked and their drive way is gradually filling with the torrential rain. Reading the comments on social media regarding the “progress” of this group throughout the area, I think we escaped quite lightly. However, the work is not finished and the trenches are still open, although they apparently have signed off the job as complete!The internet was restored, much to my joy and was heartened to hear that BT would be sending a large bill to this company.
That same day, late afternoon after reconnection, I was out walking the Whippets when I had a little reminder on the watch that the UK Whippet Breed Council Presentation with Bo Bengtson - “More than a 100 Years of Whippets, the Development of the Breed” would be starting in two hours. This took me by surprise as I thought it was scheduled for the next day!! Dogs were walked faster, with feed bowls washed up, I started supper preparation for myself. Table laid, pasta drained, wine glass filled and then I had a second reminder.....5 minutes to the start and please log in!
I had thought it was to begin at 7.30pm, but hey ho it was 7.00 kick off!One just can’t eat Spaghetti Bolognese whilst listening and watching a presentation with the little green camera on!!!!So eat as much as one can, standing up and out of view, in the 5 minutes that Mel Sampson and Ann Beckett Bradshaw gave as extra time for all other attendees to log on! The Presentation was the second one given by Bo Bengtson. I could see a number of faces I recognised as the evening progressed. (Incidentally, one brave person was eating their supper as it went on which did give me a bit of confidence, but I decided to just stick with the wine!)Certainly, a multi national event looking at the names of the viewers, all listening intently to Bo.
An excellent talk and I thoroughly enjoyed it, as did many that responded with written comments as it concluded. My first one experienced, apart from a Club AGM Zoom meeting. Lovely old photos and a number that were new and different. We certainly have some super dogs in the breed to look back on with pride, particularly if they are included in the pedigrees of the ones that are asleep at your feet in the kitchen. A big thank you to all that organised such an interesting event and also to Bo for delivering a second talk to accommodate us.I see that more and more tents are being purchased in anticipation of attending shows with one’s own shelter. The next Out of Lockdown stage has now been reached, one more step towards normality being restored and with sports events with an attendance of 4000 being allowed, we appear to be more confident with regards to entering the shows that are planning to go head in the near future.The fact that the Indian strain of Covid 19 appears to be of concern to those that are monitoring the situation, may impact on a smooth transition to the lifting of all restrictions by the 21st June. We will all have to wait with bated breath and just hope.
Claire Rishworth

Whippet Breed Notes 10th May 2021

This time in a week, with any luck, we will be another step along the road towards the lifting of the next set of restrictions. We will obviously learn more tonight as the PM addresses the nation in anticipation of the mid May developments.The most important one that show people will be watching with interest, will be the allowing of the gatherings of 4000 people at sporting events. That surely will have an impact on shows being able to take place with greater confidence. I must admit that I have to agree with the lady that posted on social media that she had not a clue as to what was being held, when, where and which year’s judges were officiating! At this rate, half of us are going to miss the deadlines for entering anyway and the other half will find themselves alone in a field in the outback, not knowing what’s going on but were familiar with the venue as a vague memory had been stirred whilst driving. This could become the show year of confusion. As it is I cannot even remember what the show names of my dogs are, it has been that long.With regards to the tent issue, I am pretty sure that some will have so much camping equipment that the dogs will have to be left. I wonder which one of us will be the first to miss their class as they are too busy putting up their gazebo!Next will be the fines and arguments as insurance documents will have to be produced for the inspection by the new “tent policing” stewards, which of course, will have been left on the kitchen table along with all the passes and the printed off catalogue. Exhibitors will have to ensure that their tent and guys are not a millimetre over the allocated size, regardless of what it said on Amazon, so include a builder's measuring tape in that show bag!Presumably if it has been wet, a show venue will look like Glastonbury on the last day after a festival of never ending heavy rain, discarded tents, broken umbrellas and the odd exhibitor found underneath, not having the energy or strength to carry soggy equipment back to their now deserted and solitary vehicle.However, when all is done and dusted, I am sure that around the Whippet ring it will look like The Field of The Cloth of Gold, putting both Henry and Francis in the shade along with the rest of the others at the event. Then, if the sun came out, judging elsewhere will have to be stopped as the others on the show ground are blinded by the reflection from the Whippet area! Bring it on!Claire Rishworth

Whippet Breed Notes 3rd May 2021
Hard to believe that it is already the fifth month of the year, we appear to be racing through 2021
and as yet, we still have not yet regained much of a semblance of our former life style. However,
we are slowly making steps and there has been much eating out, freezing to death as the winds
chill off coffees and scatter cake crumbs, all enjoyed as we start to meet up out of doors and
eating al fresco. As I looked around the other day, whilst at a local garden centre, famous in our
area for mammoth breakfasts and superb Sunday roasts, diners were heavily coated, many were
eating with gloves on and rain was dripping off the open sided tent. No one was complaining and
smiles abounded on faces, although noses were blue!
I saw a rather smart tent on social media, some are already making provision as to sourcing
personal tents for this year’s showing. I am sure there will be a growth in “beating the neighbours”
in who has got the flashiest tent at the ringside and unless there are strict regulations as to the
amount of space allowed, there will be no stopping some people. Perhaps there will be hospitality
tents where one can book a private area for cages and have an advantage viewing position of the
ring, with perhaps a complimentary glass of champers thrown in!
Two notices from the South Yorkshire Whippet Club to share with readers.
First that the Club will be holding its AGM for the year on 2nd June at 19.30 via Googlemeet. Only
for Members and please contact Secretary Richard Mason by 26th May for registration. The
Agenda will be available from the 5th May. Please email the Secretary at secretary@sywc.co.uk or
telephone 07725 338119
The second notice is as follows -
“At recent SYWC committee meetings there have been discussions re the future of the SYWC
Results Book.
At the most recent meeting, after much soul searching and with great reluctance, the committee
of SYWC agreed, with regret, that the SYWC results book will no longer be produced by our club.
The SYWC Results Book started 40 years ago with simply a list of Ch. show results. The
development into the current format was in 2002. Three people/couples have been responsible for
compiling the book since then, all of whom have found it stressful and very time consuming.
SYWC heartily thank those who have made the publication possible over the last forty years from
Jo Davies, who initiated the project, Richard & Dawn Mason, Luke Johnson and Mark & Kathryn
Fryer who compiled the most recent copies.
We also thank the many exhibitors who have given such positive feedback for the value of the
Anyone who has not received their 2019 and/or 2020 copy note that copies will be available to
most club Ch shows & some hound/all-breed Ch shows.
P&P can be arranged at cost. please contact Richard Mason (SYWC Secretary) for details.
There are also some back copies available, again please contact the SYWC Secretary via
secretary@sywc.co.uk for details.”
I am sure that I and so many others will read the latter with huge disappointment that such a
valuable tool and record resource will no longer be available for us to benefit from. A massive
thank you to all of those that over so many years have spent hours of their personal time collating
and producing such a fantastic publication. Keep those copies safe on the shelves and value
them, the envy of many. Thank you to the SYWC for being so proactive for so many years, a Club
that truly has the interest of the breed at its very heart.
Claire Rishworth

Whippet Breed Notes 26th 2021
Melanie Sampson, Secretary of The Whippet Breed Council UK has sent me the following to put
in this week’s notes.
“There is a second talk from Bo Bengtson on Wednesday 12th May at 7pm. The first one was
magnificent but we had a problem with the room not allowing everyone in and he very kindly
immediately offered to do a second one for those who missed out.
Those who could not get in have now received a complimentary ticket and there will be
some for sale. People can find the information on the Breed Council website and
Facebook Page. Sales will be staggered and I will hold some back until Breed Notes come
out next week.
May will prove very busy as Breed Council meeting is 9th May online - please get in touch
if you are a Breed Club member and would like to observe, Bo Bengtson, More than 100
Years, 100 Whippets on 12th May and the following week Professor Virginia Luis-Fuentes
is giving a presentation about Whippets and hearts on Tuesday 18th May. Tickets for that
will go on sale the week before - Tuesday 11th May at 8pm.”
I did see comments reflecting the disappointment that was felt when the talk was
unavailable to access by a few, but such good news that Bo has agreed to do a repeat
performance, so that no one has missed out on what was obviously a very interesting
Well, the weather here is spectacular and there have been numerous photos posted of
Whippets out sunbathing in their gardens. Our breed certainly loves the warmth of the
sun and with time skipping by, it will soon be transmitting greater strength as we head
towards the summer months.
Looking at the diary, It would have been WELKS last weekend and for once, all days
would have been blessed with fine weather. We would have definitely been in the sun, out
on the grass rings with not a single cloud in the sky.
Sadly, not to have been. I have an uneasy hunch that next year we could be either
watching rain tip down from the buildings if we are allowed in them or we will be
showing, emerging from our own Bear Grylls shelters to stand sodden in muddy rings
with miserable Whippets!
Claire Rishworth

Whippet Breed Notes 20th April 2021
The latest KCSB Breed Records Supplement came out recently, covering the months of
September through to December 2020. In the Hound Group, the number of Whippets bred over
the year is only eclipsed by the number of MSH Dachshunds, 4061 and 10,368 respectively. The
highest number bred over a period from 2011 to 2020 and in the League Table of the Top Twenty
Breeds in registration order, Whippets have risen from 15th in the table in 2019 to 13th in 2020.
A year that coincided with a pandemic, an absence of showing and a historic hike in prices over
all pedigree and crossbred dogs, of which much has been reported on previously in a number of
articles spread over various media forms.
Recently on social media, a table entitled “What are the most inflated puppy prices?” was posted.
Whippets ranked tenth. The March 2020 average value was £700 and the average 2021 value now
being quoted as £1820 - an increase of 160%.
For those that enjoy statistics the following may be of interest. All information has been taken from
the 4 BRS covering the year 2020 only.
Many, many litters registered over the year have both a sire and dam that carry no name or affix
that is familiar to those that pursue an interest in the world of showing dogs. There are a number
of litters where one parent carries a familiar affix but not that many.
Over the year, out of pure interest, I compiled a spreadsheet as each of the BRS came out,
recording the litters produced by known show kennels.
The criteria applied for inclusion on the spread sheet created, was that the affix of the Kennel
involved is one that is currently familiar with those that show dogs, and that are known to have
have or currently show dogs themselves.
Although all this information is freely available for anyone to read, I have decided not to name
kennels here.
A total of 63 “show” affixes were recorded over the four issues. Of which 46 kennels bred one
litter over the period and 12 kennels had two litters. Three kennels had three litters over the same
time, producing 21,15 and 14 puppies respectively. One kennel had four litters with 34 puppies in
total. Just one kennel had five litters registered over that time period, with 39 puppies registered.
It will almost certainly be discussed in depth at a later date as to the reasons why more puppies
were bred over this strange period of time. It will be interesting to see that when normality returns,
whether the numbers fall back to those of previous years or if this is going to be an ongoing trend
in our breed.
The latest edition of The Whippet Review has hit our shores. If one does not subscribe but wants
a copy, please contact Fiona Mycroft for this issue, the magazine’s UK distributor. However, be
warned, Fiona only has a limited number and copies are quickly snapped up.
Claire Rishworth

Whippet Breed Notes 10th April 2021
Mel Sampson, Secretary of the UK Whippet Breed Council, has sent me the following, hot off the
press, of another event hosted by the Breed Council, to include in this week’s Notes.
“We have a very exciting last minute addition confirmed to the programme. Our Chairman was
fortunate to have attended the 2018 International Whippet Congress where highly respected
Whippet breeder, judge, author and historian Bo Bengston gave a presentation on the
development of the breed from its early days through to the 2000's. She thought this was
something that would be enjoyed by those of us who didn't go and asked him if he would
consider doing it online at an event hosted by ourselves.
This is short notice and for that I can only apologise as the date was just confirmed last night after
completion of the latest Whippet Review. I am emailing everyone who has attended one of our
previous events and then information will be put up on our Facebook Page and website tomorrow.
The tickets will go on sale on Tuesday 13th April @ 8pm BST and we are increasing the number
to at least 120.”
That should be another super way to spend an evening and I am sure a wide audience will be
present on the night, drawn across several nations and possibly continents.
Well, the week has nearly dawned heralding the next stage of the country’s latest step to
lessening restrictions coming out of lockdown. Non essential retail will be open and gyms,
hairdressers, leisure centres and outside eating can start as from Monday 12th. There have been
many, very funny posts on social media of possible scenes outside, with the diehards eating and
drinking in gale force winds, but determined to get back out there at all costs. I am sure there will
be similar conditions faced by us at some of the later shows in the season, airborne Whippets and
drenched handlers but we will so be back in the rings where we belong!
Rachel Hambling, Secretary of The Midland Whippet Club, has asked me to notify you via these
Notes of the Proposed AGM of the Club via Zoom on 12th June. To attend one must be a paid up
Member of the Club. Please get in contact with Rachel via email at
The latest Breed Record Supplement has just been issued and some interesting reading has
resulted. Pages of litters of Whippets and so many registered from non showing stock, with one
breeder registering 7 litters, 64 pups in total and all sired by the same dog, in the 4 month period.
This must be a record in itself. The stud must be heading into the realms of becoming a maverick
sire and probably not once stepped into a show ring in his life.
The sad news of the passing of HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh on Friday has
saddened so many in our country and across the world. Much has been broadcast in the wake of
such national sadness and our thoughts are with the Queen and her family at this time. A colourful
and inspirational person, the British Monarchy will be a duller place without the Duke. Our
deepest condolences to Her Majesty The Queen at the loss of her beloved husband of 73 years.
Claire Rishworth

Whippet Breed Notes 5th April 2021
What a lovely surprise to receive the South Yorkshire Whippet Club Results Book for 2020,
dropping through the letter box just before the Easter break. The 18th Edition no less, although
the Club has surely produced more than that- unless it is marking its publication in this format, as
I have many more the same size as a dog show schedule, all neatly sorted and stacked, going
back to the 80’s.
Many, many thanks to Mark and Kathryn Fryer and the SYWC for this Results book. Obviously a
slimmer and lighter edition, just reminding us of all the shows lost over the past months. It will go
down as the only copy in recent times that can be carried comfortably in one hand!
Already into April and with just another week to go before non essential retail reopens, it is truly
countdown time. Once we can start to enjoy meals out and more careful socialising, it really will
begin to feel that we are starting to get our lives back on course.
The weather has once again given us another chance to marvel at its complexities, as on one day
warm, spring sunshine to enjoy, blossom and buds about to burst and then within twenty four
hours, biting wind and snow!
If more shows are going to be held outside regardless, the amount of clothes to cover all
eventualities that will need to be tossed into the car- as well as the show tent, for personal use
only, gazebos and sun umbrellas to boot, could mean that vans will be the only option as show
My dogs are not sure what to do with their coats at the moment, a few are beginning to lose their
winter wear and then have thought better of it and moult has been put on hold.
There are certainly some lovely posts on social media of Whippets out on the most glorious of
walks with their owners. Lambs and their mothers are now in the fields and it really is so sad to
see many dogs of all sizes, free of leads, despite the signs and pleas from the farmers to treat all
livestock with care and respect. The arrogance and ignorance of some dog owning people leaves
me speechless. When we are given access to such beautiful areas of our country to enjoy with our
dogs, there are many that abuse the privilege we have to do so.
If shows are given the thumbs up in the very near future, I do not think that I will be the only one
putting up the show table in the garden and practicing religiously with the youngsters and those
Whippets that have had such a long time out of a show ring, to see if they remember anything of
their past life. More importantly, I need to ascertain if I can move at any pace at all with a Whippet
after 14 months of solid eating!
Claire Rishworth

Whippet Breed Notes 30th March 2021
Well the big bubble has been burst, even though the majority would have wisely hedged their bet
if they honestly thought that without doubt, the great show of Crufts would have gone ahead as
planned. Just the imagery of a mid summer’s day with the associated high temperatures would
have meant that the air conditioning could have been on at the greatest level within the Halls,
providing ideal conditions for the virus to spread.
Disappointing for the entire spectrum of Crufts attendees- judges, exhibitors, visitors, trade stand
holders, volunteers and the Committee themselves. The only ones remaining totally oblivious to
others’ tangible disappointment are of course, the main players themselves - the dogs!!
However, on many social media sites it is quite surprising to read the comments of those that
have written stating that they would have given this year’s Crufts a miss. With the alarming rise of
Covid cases across the Channel, it is probably a really safe assumption that we would have had a
huge number of our overseas visitors and exhibitors absence from both the ringside and the ring
So perhaps it may have been a mere shadow of its usual self and the judges would have had a
reduced entry with possibly the most exciting classes of promising youngsters, missing from the
Windsor Championship Dog Show has similarly announced the cancellation of its 2021 show this
year, clashing with the Royal Windsor Horse Show apart from anything. With an outbreak of
equine herpes virus in the country, it is probable that their committee too, is keeping a watchful
eye on such an alarming condition for all horses.
Mel Sampson, UK Whippet Breed Council Secretary, has sent me the the following to include in
this week’s Notes.
“We have two online presentations ready to roll for May and June and watch this space for one
more we hope to bring to you in April. On Tuesday 18th May 2021 Professor Virginia Luis Fuentes
from The Royal Veterinary College will be talking hearts and on Tuesday 8th June Espen Engh will
be talking about Whippets around the world. The events will be the usual 7pm start, tickets will be
£3 and available from the Tuesday one week prior to the event at 8pm. Links will be on our
Facebook page and web site or you can go directly to Eventbrite.
The next Breed Council meeting is on Sunday 9th May at 10:00am via Google Meet. If you are a
member of a Breed Club and would like to attend the meeting as an observer please get in touch
by Email: UKWhippetBCS@gmail.com "
Stunning weather today to match the upbeat news that another step has been reached with the
uplifting of some of the restrictions. Whippets were stripped of coats and fleeces, sunbathing was
undertaken and with temperatures in the conservatory too high for some northern bred dogs,
retreating to the cooler, tiled floor of the kitchen was sought.
Claire Rishworth

Whippet Breed Notes 23rd March 2021
Many of you would have been aware of Kirsty Green’s tragic post on social media last Sunday
night, informing us of the sudden death of her beloved husband Thomas. Reading the numerous,
caring and loving comments posted from Kirsty’s friends, I hope that some comfort can be drawn
from them at this most sad of times for Thomas’s family. On behalf of us all, Kirsty, please accept
our deepest and most sincere condolences. Our thoughts, prayers and sympathy to you and your
With all the news of rescheduled shows being posted north of the border, one can imagine the
frenzy of planning and calculating that took place as exhibitors were trying to fathom how they
could enjoy such a dream of an opportunity of a total overload of showing. Reality and cost will be
secondary considerations I am sure.
Just a brief recap of last week’s notes which resulted in a variety of comments posted on the link
shared. Based on the wording of their remarks, a few readers appeared to have misunderstood
the content of the article. I trust that perhaps greater clarity, will follow.
Whether one is a breeder of racehorses, dairy cattle or other ruminants, pedigree cats or dogs,
there is a common theme- the improvement of breed type, with enhanced prized characteristics
whether to gallop faster, to produce more litres of milk or a greater quality of wool and whether the
animal in question is a beautiful example of its breed. This has driven the stock person for time
immemorial. The other shared strand being that improved stock quality resulted in greater profit in
the market place, figuratively speaking.
This is the enormous elephant in the room when the price of puppies is debated. Breeders are
now more open in declaring what they charge for a pup, whilst many are not. Everyone is aware of
the online site prices, blanche and throw their hands up in horror. The Breed Council responded
admirably and produced recommended guide lines as to what to expect to pay. The price of
Whippets soared as lockdowns presided over the country. Outcries on social media were voiced
as the infamous “greeders” infiltrated all breeds of pedigree and the various crosses multiplied
with the price of Whippets between £2k and £3k charged by some on these sites.
Nobody is challenging or decrying the fact that those that breed turn a profit with a litter - unless a
catastrophic birthing results.That is part of the natural process of rearing stock. A litter is
produced, from hopefully healthy parents, quality reared with care and atten

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