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Norwegian Elkhound

Norwegian Elkhound

As you all know, last weekend saw two Championship Shows held at New Cumnock in Scotland by the NEAS. I posted the results but what I didn’t write about was the nightmare journey Jill Cowper endured, to and from Scotland. I didn’t write about it because when I wrote and sent the notes late on Monday, she still wasn’t home. The problems started when she drove up the M6 nearing Sandbach where traffic was at a complete standstill while the police dealt with a very bad accident. They eventually got the standing traffic off the motorway to crawl nose to tail through the town and back onto the M6 beyond the accident, which took nearly three hours to clear. However, before she reached Dumfries, her car started losing power and, having crawled with flashers on at 30 to 40mph she realised the turbo had gone.
She set off towards the A74, only to find that the police had closed the road. The diversion took her back into Dumfries and out the other side to take the other route. Just what you don’t want with a sick car. Having phoned the B&B who were expecting her for an evening meal, she finally arrived sometime after 8pm. The B&B managed to keep her a meal hot. Jill phoned the AA first thing Saturday morning and they confirmed it was the turbo and must not drive it any distance or speed. The next two days she limped to and from the shows and to the dinner but was told she must NOT drive any distance. They said she should ring to arrange to get the car taken home on the Monday morning as nothing was likely to happen on a weekend.
What happened next beggars belief. She duly rang the AA at 8.30 am Monday and was told by a lady on the phone that they couldn’t do anything that day as they were very busy, then she insisted Worcestershire was out of their area so they couldn’t do anything at all. When Jill got angry and pointed out her age and on her own with two dogs, and needed to get home that day , she was then told “Oh but we won’t take any passengers because of covid.” What was she supposed to do? Walk?
The next statement by her was that they wouldn’t take the dogs in the breakdown truck. Well that’s pretty standard for any breakdown and Jill already knew that, and was quite happy to leave them in the car in their crates but the woman was still insisting that they wouldn’t take her either. So Jill sensibly told her that if she was forced to drive the car home against the engineer’s advice, and the engine blew up, the AA would get a bill for a new car and she would sue. Miraculously the woman suddenly discovered that they could take her and the car. A breakdown truck would arrive around 10.30am.
10.30 then became `11.45. When still nothing had arrived Liz from the B&B kindly made her a packed lunch. An ancient breakdown lorry finally arrived shortly before 2pm, not an AA transporter but subcontracted to a breakdown lorry which rattled its way down to Charnock Richard, arriving at just after 6pm when he unloaded the car and dumped it in the lorry park in the dark. Now the AA do arrange relay for long distances so it was obvious someone else would arrive to do the second leg but the driver couldn’t tell her who or when and didn’t even ring head office to find out. By this time Jill’s phone was almost flat and a dark lorry park is a pretty scary place. The replacement lorry finally arrived at 8.30pm. What a difference; a brand-new truck, really comfortable with a helpful driver who even offered to have the dogs in his new truck even though he didn’t really want to. Jill declined; they were happy in the car that they knew. Finally after one brief stop that the driver had to make by law, she reached home at midnight and her car was unloaded. Obviously, a complaint will be made.
All breakdown cover guarantees to get you and your vehicle home; not to refuse to go so far, refuse to organise relay or to refuse to take the driver. I strongly advise anyone who is planning a long journey with their dogs to check first with their breakdown company to find out exactly what their policy is.
When we had the caravan, we didn’t use the AA because they would not recover a caravan if the tow car breaks down. Thankfully we only ever had to be brought home once from Anglesey when they thought the clutch had gone. The first garage wouldn’t take dogs so, as it was high summer and too hot to leave them in the car on the trailer, another garage was used. We were taken home and even helped to unload the car of dogs and a week’s worth of self-catering stuff – just as it should be.
It wasn’t just Jill who had problems. Stuart Horner was taken ill at the show and had to go to the hospital with what turned out to be an infected hand. At least 5 people told me how worried they were as he looked so ill on Sunday morning. Thankfully he’s recovering now with a course of antibiotics.
Elkhounders were certainly in the wars as I then heard from our treasurer Stuart that, despite double vaccination, he was on day 8 of a bout of Covid which has really knocked him out. Thankfully he has managed to avoid infecting Karen who has a long-awaited operation due soon and then I was told that Jannice and Tim also have Covid. I sincerely hope everyone makes a quick and full recovery.
Was there a good point to the weekend for those people? Well yes Jill was delighted that Finn won his first CC , Stuart Horner is recovering , Stuart Byrne is recovering, Karen hasn’t caught covid and the shows were much enjoyed.
Take care everyone and get your jabs. This new version of covid is spreading very quickly and check your breakdown cover.
I almost missed the results for Belfast this weekend. There were only two entries. I guess the travel restrictions put off anyone else. The Irish Government as suspended all checks but the rules remain in place and spot checks can still be done.
DCC and BOB was Jerry Daly’s Whittimere No One’s Fool; BCC and Best Puppy was Theresa McKittrick’s Graythor loves the Elara. There was one absentee. The judge was Dr Ron James.

Diana Hudson (

There’s just one notification of entries closing this week. LKA which is on Sat 11th December has Postal entries closing on Mon 18th October and online entries on Mon 1st November.
This weekend the two NEAS Ch Shows took place. At Saturday’s show the judge was Lorraine Bolton. Results were as follows. I hope I have owners’ names correct as they were not included.
BIS - Ch Grasilva Little Rock Avec Gilkaro JW - Tress
RBIS - Skogly’s Kamerican Vika - Haugstad
BPIS - Graythor Loves the Elara - McKittrick
RBPIS - Treskha Tanqueray -Tress
BVIS - Ch Graythor Norwegian Lights ShCM - Middleton
DCC - Ch Grasilva Little Rock Avec Gilkaro JW Tress
RDCC - Whittimere No Nonsense of Rothenborg Cowper
BCC - Skogly’s Kamerican Vika - Haugstad
RBCC - Treskha Just the One - Tress

At the second Show on Sunday, the Judge was Linda Middleton. The results were
BIS - Kestos Rex of Rothenborg - Cowper ( his first CC)
RBIS - Ch Grasilva Little Rock avec Gilkaro JW - Tress
BOS - Ch Laakso Dana - Mortimer
DCC - Kestos Rex of Rothenborg - Cowper
RDCC - Ch Grasilva Little Rock avec Gilkaro JW - Tress
BCC - Ch Laakso Dana - Mortimer
RBCC - Bowerhinton Bee Portia - Maun
BPIS - Treskha Tanqueray - Tress
BVIS - Gilkaro Tomatin in Skogly - Haugstad
I hope everyone got home safely. Some had massive distances to travel and I know Jill Cowper was still trying to get home on Monday with a broken-down car and the AA claiming they didn’t go so far and wouldn’t take a passenger because of Covid. What’s the point of having breakdown recovery if they won’t take you and your car all the way home? I’ve had problems in the past when Green Flag refused to take our dogs in the cab and it was far too hot to leave them in the car. Apparently, the decision is down to the individual garage used. Do check what your own company will do.

I hope everyone is prepared for the dreaded Bonfire night which is rapidly approaching. I do wish they were restricted to just the one day and only at official organised events. Those with older dogs will know how to cope but for those with puppies or their first dog, there are numerous things you can do to help them with fear. Firstly, do not react yourself. The more normal the atmosphere the better the dogs will be. Close the curtains and put the TV on and act as you normally would. Make sure they have been out to potty and for a walk before it goes dark and don’t let them out again until the noise has stopped. I’m fortunate that I have never had a dog with a fear of fireworks or thunder; maybe because we totally ignore them. Don’t be tempted to make a big fuss of your dog if it is scared; it will only make it worse and reinforce the fear. You can get a DAP diffuser to plug in from your vet which gives off calming pheromones. The vets use these themselves in their kennels to calm anxious dogs and cats. Bach Rescue remedy dropped on nose or tongue can help some or wearing a thundershirt. I used a thundershirt when Poppy went through a fear phase when she was going deaf. When you first put it on they tend to freeze and not try to move at all, but they very quickly get used to it. It worked well on Poppy who used to wear it on her walks. Alternatively, you can try an anxiety wrap. Google will tell you how to wrap one. Make sure the dog has a safe place to go to; some prefer to be under furniture like a bed and some choose to lie in a bathtub, especially for thunderstorms. Don’t try to pull them out to be with you. They will choose their own safe place. Whatever you do, if there’s the remotest chance of a rogue firework while you are walking them, do NOT let them off lead. A frightened dog will bolt. Good luck and don’t forget next morning to check your garden for spent fireworks which can be toxic to dogs.
Don’t forget that Halloween can also upset them and with the easing of covid restrictions, there could be more callers than usual this year.. Coming face to face with someone in a scary costume or mask can terrify some dogs and even if you dress up, your dog may not realise it’s you so it’s best to put on your costume where the dog can watch you. If you get children trick or treating at the door, keep your dogs safely away from the door, either behind a baby gate or shut in another room. If you are unfortunate enough to get a lot of callers, it can be very upsetting for the dogs to hear the doorbell repeatedly. You could also meet people in costumes on their walks and even the most placid of dogs could react in an unexpected manner. The law now requires that anyone should be able to come to your door without being frightened by a dog so it’s best to keep them well away. We have a small porch with a door, so I always shut the dogs behind the porch door before opening the front door. It also stops them from slipping out.
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27th sept 2021
There were two shows in the UK this weekend but first I have to say how lovely it was to be able to watch the National Specialty live from the USA on Friday when Pat Trotter was judging. It was streamed live by AKC TV although a lot of people had great difficulty finding a link that actually worked. It was a big entry and went on for several hours. How Pat Trotter, at her age coped, I can’t imagine as it was a very hot day. All the dogs waited under cover, only emerging for the actual judging of each dog and the final choice. Pat Trotter seemed to enjoy it and spent quite a while talking to various exhibitors. I don’t yet have the full results but I must say how nice it was to see far more people free standing their dogs without stacking and half strangling them. Quite a surprise for an American show. I’m afraid I’ve seen a little American style of stacking and racing round the ring at top speed creeping in over here but Elkhounds look so much better shown free standing and moved at a steady trot which shows their movement so much better.
Funnily the streaming from the USA worked far better than Our Dogs attempts to film the Group at Stafford where the signal was atrocious. They tried so hard and it was eventually filmed from the balcony which gave a good view of the Elkhound moving but they didn’t catch the final selection in the Group.
The two shows were obviously the National and the NECGB Club Show.
At the National judged by Mrs Anne Macdonald, DCC and BOB once again went to Treena Maun’s Bowerhinton Bassanio giving him his title. RDCC was Jill Cowper’s youngster, Kestos Rex of Rothenborg. Bitch CC went to MIddletons’ Graythor Gates of the Artic -her first with RBCC going to Jacquetta Brown’s Laakso Cara
Best Puppy was Maun’s Bowerhinton Bright Lady.
I hope everyone got home safely without running out of fuel. I know a few people didn’t go at all because they couldn’t fill up. I hope there are no problems travelling to Scotland next week.
The National was followed by the NECGB Ch Show judged by William Croxford; his first-time awarding CCs after his original appointment had to be postponed last year because of Covid. Many thanks to Linda Middleton for sending the results.
BIS and BCC was Tanja Mortimer’s Ch Laakso Dana. Winning DCC and BOS and RBIS completed a wonderful day for Treena Maun with Bowerhinton Bassanio. Two CCs in one day and a Champion title must be unheard of. Tanja Mortimer must have been delighted to also win RDCC with Ch Laakso Canute. RBCC went to Am Ch Kamgaard Kounterpoint owned by Mc Hugh, Simmonds and Mott. Best Puppy was Alan and Karen Gold’s Graythor the Venetian with Llassah with RBP going to Tress’s Treshka Tanqueray. Best Veteran and VB was Middleton’s Bowerhinton Be Madam’s Spy at Graythor Sh CM and BVD went to Horner Simmonds and Mott’s Ch/Am Ch, Can Ch Ch Kamgaard Kut Above who was also oldest veteran. I hope I haven’t missed anyone as I haven’t yet had time to collate all the results.
The police issued a warning last week to dog owners that they could face a fine of up to £5000 if they do not have an ID Tag on their dogs. The warning comes as more and more dog owners opt for a harness over a collar for their dogs when they go out. However, unbeknown to many pet owners, it is actually a legal requirement for every dog to wear a harness or collar with a tag attached with the owner's contact details but people have been forgetting to change them over. So, if you use a harness instead of a collar, do make sure you attach their tag to the harness.
Entries closed this week for the two NEAS Ch shows. I hope you weren’t too late.
Jill Cowper was once again promoting our breed on the days either side of the shows by attending “World of Animals” at Malvern showground which I mentioned last week. She was there both Friday and Sunday as well as attending the National and arranging the Club show on the Saturday. She said the weather was kind, in fact too hot on the Friday and the dogs she took were very tired. (While Lancashire shivered in strong winds and rain). There were not as many animals being exhibited as usual but still a lot of people there to see the animals and there was huge interest in our breed. She said here were a lot of enquiries where to get an Elkhound which were of course referred to our secretary. However, Linda posted only last week that no one is telling her about their breeding plans. Please remember to inform her of your breeding plans even if a year early and even if you already have a waiting list so that she can refer enquiries. Demand is outstripping supply but it would help people to get onto a waiting list. I see a lot of posts on Facebook asking where to find a list of breeders and most are told to contact the secretary but if she doesn’t know what’s being planned, how can she put people in touch?
Diana Hudson (

If you are within reach of Malvern, do go along this coming weekend, Sept 24th, 25th and 26th to the Annual Autumn Fair. Called “World of Animals” it celebrates all domestic animals ( except cats) with displays of Llamas, Alpacas, Dogs, Sheep, Ducks, Goats, Donkeys and many more. You name it, they have it. For dogs there is a parade with a commentary about each breed. It is the same weekend as HAS but if you are not going there, this really is a weekend not to miss if you love animals. Jill Cowper will be there on the Friday and Sunday to represent Elkhounds so if anyone can give her some help it would be very welcome- even 10 minutes for a loo break or half an hour to tell visitors about the breed. Held on the same showground as the dog shows, there’s far too much to see in just one day. A fabulous family day out.
Adverts and schedules for the Nordic are now out on Fosse Data. It will be held on 27th November . The judge for Elkhounds is Phil Freer and classes are mixed Puppy, Jun PG, Limit and Veteran plus OD and OB.
There are only one entry closing this week. Don’t forget NEAS are holding two shows on consecutive days in October. Postal entries have closed but online entries close on September 26th. Judges are Lorraine Bolton on the 16th Oct and Linda Middleton on the 17th Oct.
As I write (Sunday), today is Darlington Ch Show; another unbenched show where your own tents or gazebos are needed. The layout looks adequate but late arrivals could end up with no view of the rings. There will be covered rings if the weather turns bad but the Society emphasises that these are NOT for exhibitors. The judge is Stuart Horner but Elkhounds are scheduled 4th in the ring following 3 breeds which are to be judged by Espen Engh. He is a decisive judge and not slow so, although I thought it could be a long day, breed judging was over by 2.30.
The main winners were
Judge: Mr J S Horner
BEST OF BREED : SIMMS, Mr N & SIMMS, Mrs K Ch Seasara Earl Grey
Dog CC : SIMMS, Mr N & SIMMS, Mrs K Ch Seasara Earl Grey
Res Dog CC : MAUN, Mrs T Bowerhinton Bassanio TAF
Bitch CC : BROWN, Ms J Laakso Cara
Res Bitch CC : MAUN, Mrs T Bowerhinton Bee Portia
Best Puppy : GOLD, Mrs K & GOLD, Mr A Graythor at the Venetian with Llassah
Best Veteran : GILBERT, Mr & Mrs R Rothenborg Nanya for Balsemasi

Very well done to Karen and Alan Gold who also came VHC in the Eukanuba Pup of the Year Stakes and also Christine Gilbert whose Rothenborg Nanya for Balsemasi was shortlisted in the Veteran Group.

Please make sure you have sent in your contributions and adverts for the Magazine. The deadline was Sept 20th.
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Richmond CH Show was this weekend and not only did Elkhounds have CCs but an Elkhounder travelled all the way from Sweden to judge Swedish Vallhunds. After an enormous amount of organisation; testing and checking of requirements for travel, Wendy Sharman ( Naraena) made the trip over. I hope you get back without any trouble Wendy.
There were only 11 Elkhounds entered for Ken Sinclair to judge but he had the pleasure of watching his BOB win Group 3, being handled by Sophie Wildig. His DCC, BOB and Group 3 was Treena Maun’s Bowerhinton Bassanio TAF. Treena had a good day as she also won res BCC with World, Dutch Ch Bowerhinton Bettina and BP with Bowerhinton Bright Lady. Res DCC went to Jill and Britt Cowper’s Ch Whittimere No Nonsense Of Rothenborg and BCC was won by Tom Croxford’s Whittimere No Matter What. It was nice to see Jill Cowper and Gill Bingham’s Kestos Rex Of Rothenborg winning two classes; a real boost for Gill who can’t now get to shows. She may no longer be able to exhibit or breed but Gill hasn’t lost her interest in the breed and she is missed. I’m sure she would love to hear from any of you who remember her although she’s no longer able to reply.
There are just two entries closing this week. The Norwegian Elkhound Association of Scotland is holding two Ch Shows on consecutive days on Sat 16th October and Sunday 17th October. Postal entries for both close on Sat 18th September and online entries on Sun 26th September. Then, Belfast Dog Show Society online entries close on Thu 16th September 2021. It has been announced that the EU regulations for travel to Belfast have been suspended and things are back to how they were before but remember this is only for travel direct to Belfast, not via Dublin.
There was also a revised announcement from SKC that covid passports will not now be required but this could change again depending on what the Scottish Government decides later this week.
Congratulations to Janice Meyrick on a new litter, all looking very healthy.
The Club sent a letter by email and by mail last week to all members but something went badly wrong and 40 emails bounced back. If you didn’t get yours, please let the secretary know.
A quick word of warning now. It’s plum time. They are rapidly ripening and falling off trees. An occasional plum stone shouldn’t harm your dog and should pass through but large numbers can cause a blockage and wasps are very attracted to plums and quickly become “drunk” and aggressive. Please pick up windfalls but check first for wasps.
A Reminder now, the deadline for sending articles for the NECGB Magazine is only 7days away on September 20th.
I still have no volunteer to write local area news for the South or Lincolnshire so if you can manage a page of news from the past year (Not just show news) please let me know quickly.
I have had a wonderful article from a gentle man in Canada, not a Club member yet only a couple of articles from anyone in the UK. If you had a story to write about on Facebook then please send it for the magazine. It’s YOUR magazine and YOUR news. Remember adverts must be with me by Sept 20th and payment made or they won’t go in.
Also, this is the last Magazine I will be doing so we need someone to take over as well as an editor for the Journal. You don’t have to do both. The volunteer we had for the Journal has sadly had to back out. You just need to be computer literate. I will help you. Please don’t think “I wouldn’t know where to start”. I will hold your hand through it. It would be dreadful to lose the Journal after more than 100 years.
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Sept 6th 2021
There’s very little news this week. NO one has sent in any show results and there are only two entries closing to report. If anyone is going to try to brave the new regulations to enter Belfast, then postal entries close on Thu 9th September and online entries close on Thu 16th September. Hound Association of Scotland - Postal entries have already closed and online entries close on Wed 8th September 2021.
A post this week by SKC has created uproar online and produced lots of requests for entries to be refunded. They have stated that, following the Scottish Governments rules, no one will be allowed entry to their shows without showing proof of vaccination. It seems a bit strange as the Scottish Government doesn’t actually meet until this Monday to discuss the matter. Personally I don’t see the point of proof of vaccination. It has been clearly shown that even after two vaccinations you can still catch covid and can still spread it ; also that immunity wanes after several months. Surely it would make more sense to require a recent test result?

There was good news last week that the change of law on pet theft has been agreed. Pet theft will now become a separate crime with a possible maximum sentence of 7 years. The tougher law is being introduced to reflect that pets mean more to their families than the laptops or phones they may lose in a burglary, and that the animals themselves suffer when snatched from their homes. Home Secretary Priti Patel said ‘Stealing a pet is an awful crime which can cause families great emotional distress while callous criminals line their pockets.
‘The new offence of pet abduction acknowledges that animals are far more than just property and will give police an additional tool to bring these sickening individuals to justice.’
Other moves in the crackdown include making it easier for details of stolen animals to be found by police and vets on microchipping databases and tracking unscrupulous sellers by forcing them to show ID when they place adverts and banning cash sales. Owners could even register their dogs with police and store their DNA on a database in projects considered by some forces.
Ministers also commit to making it easier for lost or stolen dogs to be tracked. Although all dogs have to be microchipped, there are 16 different databases, and the taskforce said it was ‘extremely difficult for owners and enforcement agencies’ to navigate between them. They recommend a ‘single point of access’ to all of the information stores ‘that is accessible to vets, police and local authorities’. Pet sales websites will be encouraged to require proof of ID when sellers place adverts, as well as encouraging cashless sales, in order to trace those trading in stolen pets.
Justice Secretary Robert Buckland said: ‘These proposals will make sure police can better identify and track down criminals who peddle in this heartless trade, while ensuring they are appropriately punished for their actions.’
Let’s hope that Magistrates and judges really do give the maximum sentence.
Finally a comment from KC with clarification about Partnership shows which says ; “Due to the current increase in partnership shows being held, the Kennel Club would like to clarify its position with regard to judging at such events.
Partnership shows are those which are held where a host society and another club share a venue and facilities in order to allow exhibitors the opportunity to exhibit at two events during the duration of the host society’s show. In most cases, the host society’s event will be a general championship show held over a number of days.
At partnership shows, a judge should not officiate at one show and enter and exhibit at the other show even if they are exhibiting a different breed on another day to that which they are to judge.”
Last week the NECGB sent out a letter to all members, either by email or by post. If you didn’t receive yours, please check your Spam folder and let the secretary know. Please be sure that the Club has your correct email address.
Diana Hudson (

Last week was Blackpool Ch Show without CCs where the judge was Miss E Ann Ingram. The weather was not kind and since Gazebos were not allowed, only the wet weather tents were available. I’m told that almost everyone crowded into these and social distancing was non existent. There were many complaints and numerous people just stayed in their vehicles.
BD and BOB was AUS CH Graabine Last Man Standing at Whittimere (Imp Aus) owned by Croxford and Callow. Best Bitch went to Maun’s Bowerhinton Bee Portia and RBD was also won by Maun with Bowerhinton Bassanio. RBB was AM CH Kaamgard Counterpoint) (Imp USA) owned by Mc Hugh Simmonds and Mott. BP was Treena Maun’s Bowerhinton Bright Lady.
This weekend was the turn of Driffield Show, also without CCs which saw Laura Stephenson make the 6.5 hour journey up from Devon in heavy Bank Holiday traffic for her first time judging at a CH Show. It was a hot day so there was no worry about squashing into wet weather tents as at Blackpool. Once again, BD and BOB was won by Croxford and Callow’s Aus Ch Graabine Last Man Standing At Whittimere, with Middleton’s Ch Graythor Norwegian Lights Sh.CM taking BB. RBD went to Tress’s Grasliva LIttle Rock avec Gilkaro and RBB was McHugh, Simmonds & Mott’s m Ch Kamgaard Kounterpoint (Imp USA). BP was Tress’s Treskha Tanqueray and BV went to Gilbert’s Rothenborg Nanya for Balsemasi.
There are a few show entries closing this week. Hound Association of Scotland; Postal entries close on Wed 1st September and online entries close on Wed 8th September 2021. Border Union Agricultural Society, online entries close this Monday, Aug 30th. Both SKC shows have online entries closing on Tuesday 31st August and for the National Dog Show, online entries close on Thu 2nd September 2021. Those are all Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs this week.
Our Dogs has started running their top dog tables again this year. The results so far show a terrific year for Tanja Mortimer.. In the most recent results, Laakso Dana was top dog; Top Brood bitch was Grasilva Cruggleton with Laakso,; Top Stud dog was Ch Laakso’s Lone Ranger and Top breeder was Tanja Mortimer. Apologies I’ve lost the top puppy result.
It’s hard to believe we are already into September and Autumn is starting yet shows have really only just got going again. From now on they are going to have to plan for worse weather or for taking shows back indoors.
There are now only 3 weeks before submissions close for the NECGB Magazine. Many thanks to those who have already promised or sent articles but as yet we have no Memorials, Affixes or adverts. Please send them soon while there’s still room for them.
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23rd August 2021
I have to start this week with an apology. In the list of shows last week, I completely missed out the Hound Association of Scotland Ch show where Karen Gold is the judge on 29th Sept; it’s the day before SKC so you can take in two shows in one trip. The second SKC show of course has no CCs for Elkhounds and no classification so has only AVNSC Hound.
I hope no one missed South Yorkshire Hound’s Open show on September 12th where there are 4 classes for Elkhounds; puppy, yearling, limit and Open. All are mixed classes. The show is at Killamarsh, Sheffield S21 2DR and the judge is Nigel Luxmoore-Ball (Tanneron) . Online entries closed on Sunday 22nd August.
Just one Ch show has entries closing this week and that’s our own - The Norwegian Elkhound Club of GB Ch Show on Sat 25th September. Postal entries close on Sat 28th August and online entries close on Sun 5th September.
Please do not forget to send in your adverts and articles for the Magazine by September 20th. Payment direct to the Club please and photos as jpgs. It’s tempting to send an advert as a pdf but they really don’t print at all well. You can send Memorials for the beloved dogs you have lost; (£5 for a half page text box or £15 for full page with photo), an affix in the Breeders’ Register (£2.50) or a normal, full page advert (£15). Don’t forget your stories about your dogs. I would particularly like any stories about camping with them please as well as any other tales. Are any of you poets or able to create a puzzle of some sort?
Diana Hudson (

There was only one show last weekend where we have no classes and the one result came out too late to include in the notes. At Paignton, Reserve Best Dog in AVNSC Hound was Croxford and Callow’s Aus Ch Graabine Last Man Standing At Whittimere . Well done.
At Bournemouth Championship show, again we have no classes but 3 exhibitors entered in AVNSC.. Laura Stephenson entered AVNSC Hound where Norvin Marvel of Brawdor was 1st in Post Graduate and Reserve Best Dog. Bowerhinton Bangalore at Brawdor was 1st in Open, Best Dog and Best AVNSC Hound. Croxford & Callow’s Aus Ch Graabine Last Man Standing at Whittimere was 2nd in AVNSC Open. Treskha Taplow owned by newcomer Dr John Kingston was 1st in AVNSC Special Beginner and Best Puppy! A good day for the breed. Well done all.
So many shows were cancelled or re arranged this year, it’s been difficult to remember which are going ahead or when the new dates are so here’s a list of those where schedules are available so far.
Driffield 26th August Mrs L L Stephenson
Blackpool 20th august Miss E Ann Ingram
Richmond 10th Sept Mr Ken SInclair
Darlington 17 Sept Mr JS Horner
National 23rd Sept Mrs A Macdonald
NECGB Ch Show Mr W Croxford at National
SKC May 30th Sept Mrs J Peak
SKC Sept 30th Sept No classes. AVNSC Mrs EA Macdonald
Border Union 20th Oct no classes. AVNSC Mrs Irene Mc Manus
Belfast 23 Oct Dr Ron James.
Entries closing very soon are Scottish Kennel Club (Both shows) for which Postal entries close on Tue 17th August and Online entries close on Tue 31st August.
National Dog Show for which Postal entries close on Fri 20th August and Online entries close on Thu 2nd September.
Darlington Dog Show Society for which. Postal entries closed on Tue 3rd August and Online entries close on Tue 17th August.
NECGB Ch Show. Postal entries close on: 28th August and Online entries close on: 05th September.
The schedule is available on Fosse Data.
The subject of Reverse Sneezing has cropped up again. Anyone who has a dog can experience this but the first time you see it, it can be very worrying and leave owners thinking the dog is in distress.
Reverse sneezing, also known as the “mechanosensitive aspiration reflex,” is a common phenomenon in dogs. The exact reason for reverse sneezing episodes is unknown, but may be related to allergies, nasal irritants, nasal inflammation, pharyngeal irritation, or sinus drainage. It also occurs in some dogs when they are excited or due to foreign object obstruction in the nasal cavity. It is not a harmful condition and there are no ill effects. Nothing works consistently to stop a reverse sneeze. Some dogs have reverse sneezing episodes so often that various medications may be needed to reduce their frequency. If reverse sneezing occurs frequently (daily or several times a day) and is associated with other clinical signs, then further evaluation should be completed by your vet.
How do I get my dog to stop reverse sneezing?
You can try the following:
Don’t panic, reverse sneezing can be normal and is not life-threatening. Be patient and give your dog a little time to get over the spasm. Gently hold your dog’s nostrils closed and rub their throat. Blow softly in your dog’s face. Offer a treat or small snack. Offer fresh water or an ice cube. Stay calm, pet your dog, speak softly, and reassure them that things are okay. If the reverse sneezing is occurring indoors, take your dog outside into the fresh air and away from any fragrances. Remember a lot of essential oils can be dangerous. If the reverse sneezing is occurring outdoors, take your dog indoors and away from outdoor fires and smoke. Offer a distraction, such as favourite toy. Take note of anything that may have led to the event, such as smoke, a burning candle, or aerosol products.
Now I make no apology for repeating something I put in last week, just in case some missed it. Xylitol has rebranded and is now also known as Birch Sugar. Check labels.
The Club’s Christmas Magazine is in production but I need articles from all of you VERY soon. The deadline for sending in articles and adverts is not set in stone yet but will be approximately the second week in September (only around 4 weeks) so please get going if you are sending in Affix adverts in the breeder’s register or Memorials. An Affix box is only £2.50, a full page advert of your dog £15. If you have lost a dog over the past year and want to remember them in the Magazine you can have either a half page text box for £5 or a full page with a photo for £15. Please note photos should be in jpg format. Pdfs do not print well.
Diana Hudson (

After the long notes last week, I’m afraid these are shorter and will only appear in the NECGB website and on Dog Focus.
I just had time to squeeze in the brief Bath results last week so in case the late bit of news didn’t get added, later that day came the terrific news that Tanja Mortimer’s Ch Laakso Canute not only won BOB but went on to win the Group. A fantastic day. Well done. Unfortunately the Our Dogs video was filmed from so far away from the dogs it was very difficult to see them. WiFi problems I believe but you could clearly hear the enormous cheer.
I think I’m right in saying there are no more Ch shows this month until Blackpool near the end of the month where, of course, we have no CCs. 11 dogs have made 13 entries. We are the 5th breed in ring 14 for Miss E. Ann Ingram to judge on the Saturday. In the past Blackpool has had extremes of weather from heatwaves to storms so bad that tents were destroyed and the show had to be abandoned, so here’s hoping the present rain eases off by then.
Our Dogs has restarted their top dogs’ competitions this year. Top puppy so far in Elkhounds is Treena Maun’s Bowerhinton Bright Lady.
Now I have an important warning. We all know how dangerous the artificial sweetener Xylitol is for dogs. Please be aware that xylitol has rebranded and is now also known as Birch Sugar and can kill your dog. Check ALL labels including cakes and biscuits you have bought from which you may give your dog a tiny taste. Even a tiny taste is dangerous; even one piece of chewing gum picked up on the street can kill a dog.
This is not a warning but is something you might like to be aware of, especially if you feed your dog grain free food. Not enough research has yet been done to prove a causative link to the problem. Scientists in Massachusetts have found a link between canine consumption of peas and lentils and the development of canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) – an often-fatal condition that causes a dog's heart muscle to enlarge. Grain-free' dog foods containing legumes instead of grain have already been investigated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Although the scientists have now revealed a link between canine consumption of legumes and DCM, they don't know how the former causes the latter. The researchers specifically looked at compounds in grain-free dog food that have been flagged as the FDA as potentially causing DCM. They believe more research is needed into how pulses may cause the condition and are not advising a product recall for grain-free dog foods until more is known.
I don’t think my garden thieves will come to much harm from their occasional small crop of peas.
Finally, a reminder that the NECGB Ch Show schedule is available now on
I am still looking for help or someone to take over creating the Christmas Magazine/Newsletter and for articles that have anything to do with Elkhounds. Come on folks. I can’t write it myself. Send in your contributions; funny stories, poems, crosswords, jokes, all very welcome. We also take adverts and memorials. A text box is free, a full page with photo incurs a very small charge.
Diana Hudson (

I’m starting this week’s notes with some news and a big request.
The news is that I will no longer be writing the Breed Notes in Our Dogs. They are long this week so sit down with a drink. I agreed to take them on temporarily while Robert was ill, the intention being to hand them back to him when he recovered which of course sadly didn’t happen. He was so proud of having written them for over 30 years I believe. I was already writing for Dog Focus and our own NECGB Website after Dog World disappeared so one extra email wasn’t a problem. However, Our Dogs would prefer that breed notes in the paper should not be published anywhere else. Obviously, my commitment must remain with those I was already writing so, as from next week, I have handed the Our Dogs notes over to Laura Stephenson. I may still contribute occasionally as Our Dogs has invited me to continue to add notes if and when necessary. It’s not a bad thing to have different people writing breed news from different perspectives and possibly better memories and Laura is still showing regularly. I will still be doing the Notes on Dog Focus and on the NECGB website. Good Luck Laura.
Now to my request. I need help ideally from someone who does NOT show their dogs. As several of you know I have spinal problems which are getting worse and make sitting at a computer for any length of time, very painful. This means that writing the NECGB Christmas Magazine/Newsletter has become a problem. So, I am asking for someone to help me or to take it over completely. You just need to be able to type and above all, willing and able to pester people to write articles, poems, stories etc. The Magazine was started to give something to those people who don’t show; who have Elkhounds just as pets or who do other activities with them. Over the years there have been stories about importing a dog and putting them through quarantine during an outbreak of rabies; stories about tracking bears with an Elkhound, about the history of the breed, about doing other activities instead of showing; obedience, tracking, bike-joring; pieces about grooming and training. There have been poems, funny stories, articles written by the dogs themselves, crosswords, wordsearches as well as breed news over the year. I hope they have been of interest to everyone, not just show people.
Please contact me if you think you can help; maybe you’re a secret story writer who has longed to create a magazine. It is NOT about shows and wins but about the breed we love and live with. If you can create it in Word format, I can convert it into a format to print if necessary. If you have Publisher or In Design, all the better. You just need to be a member of the NECGB.
For everyone else now, I need your input. It’s time to start gathering articles to go in this year’s magazine. This is YOUR magazine. PLEASE contribute. Don’t think you can’t spell- it doesn’t matter. Don’t think people won’t be interested- they WILL.
What have you done during lockdowns? How have your dogs coped with having you working from home? What mischief have they got up to when you were working? How have YOU coped for that matter? Can you write a poem, create a crossword or wordsearch? Know any jokes? Have you got a new puppy? Is there anything about the breed you have always wanted to know or wished you’d known before getting one? Can you think of anything else that people may like to read?
PLEASE send absolutely anything to me no matter how long or short. May I also ask those who normally write area news to let me know if they are still willing to do one A3 page with news from late 2020 through 2021.
Well, the weather has changed just in time for Bath Show this weekend where 20 dogs have made 21 entries for Frank Kane. Hound day is Monday so I will be posting this a day late. From my window despite the change of date, it looks as if the show may live up to its nickname of Mud Bath. Let’s hope the rain eases off. Safe journey and good luck to everyone. I hope you don’t have to be towed off the ground. At least the site is better than it was years ago when there was a steep slope up off the showground onto the road. If you are not going to Bath, do support and enjoy Spitz in the Park.
The Kennel Club announced this week that they will be reassessing the allocation of CCs after 2024 using a new model.” The new model offers a transparent system of CC allocation, with an even-handed scale for every breed. The allocation is now split into breed club shows and general shows, and the future allocation for both sections will be dependent on the average entries. “. Entries have dropped dramatically and many breeds, including ours, are getting only one entry in many classes so it’s time for a rethink. They will not be looking at entries for 2020 and probably not 2021 but after that, entry numbers will be scrutinised and I suspect many breeds will see a reduced number of CCs. The table in this week’s paper seems to indicate that from 2024 we lose CCs at East of England, Richmond, Belfast and HAS. The table is also in the Kennel Gazette. If we want to maintain the number we have left, entries will have to rise substantially from what they have been in the past few years so please do your utmost to encourage new people to show. You can read they full details on Stud Book Band A will require average entries of 0-22 to get 11sets of CCs. To get 13 we will need an average of 22-30.
The KC has also announced that the proposed limitation of Hereditary Clear Status to just 2 years, will be postponed until 2023.
The Schedule for the NECGB Championship Show on September 25th is now available on Fosse Data. Schedules will be posted to members who have exhibited previously. This is the rearranged 2020 Show. Judge Mr William Croxford.
Finally some judges for the rest of this year and for 2022.
Belfast 25/09/21 Mr MG Cocozza. LKA 11/12/21 Mr KS Wilberg. NEAS 17/10/21 Mrs L Middleton. HAS 09/04/22 Mrs C Gilbert. Eof E 08/07/22 Beth Benner. SW KA 07/10/22 Miss EW Newton. Manchester 20/01/22 Mr H Ogden. LKA 10/12/22 Mr M Caple. WKC 19/08/22 Miss E McKnight. Richmond 10/09/22 Mr KD Sinclair. Bath 27/05/22 Mr MG Cocozza. Darlington 16/09/22 Mr J Robertson. Mid Cos 27/10/22 Mr E Engh.
Late news, Midland Counties in October has been cancelled. See their website for press release.
Bath Results just in. Goodness, what a day it was for Tanja Mortimer who took Dog CC, Bitch CC, Res Dog CC , BOB and her male sired the Best Puppy. Well done. The judge was Frank Kane.
Dog CC and BOB was Mortimer’s Ch Laakso Canute, who then went on to win the Hound Group
RDCC wasn’t to Mortimer and Hodkinson’s Laakso Brokki. BCC giving her her title in just 3 shows was Mortimer’s Laakso Dana. RBCC went to McMahon’s Barbelka Uczta with Seasara. Best Puppy was Ms K, Mrs H and Mr A Tress’s Treskha Tanqueray while Best Veteran went to McMahon’s Barbelka Ucz.ta with Seasara. Sad to say there were 9 classes with no dogs; two did have one dog entered but absent. It’s no surprise that we are due to lose 4 sets of CCs in 2024.
Many thanks to those of you who have sent in information for these notes. Happy Showing. See you on Dog Focus and
Diana Hudson, (

I’d completely forgotten it was Leeds Ch Show this weekend. Well done to all the winners. The judge was Mr C Ashmore who chose Maun’s, World Ch, Ch Bowerhinton Brouhaha for DCC and BOB. RDCC went to Cowper and Bingham’s, Kestos Rex of Rothenborg. BCC was Middleton’s Ch Graythor Norwegian Lights ShCM and RBCC went to Croxford’s Whittimere No Matter What. BP was Maun’s Bowerhinton Bright Lady.
Thank goodness the oppressive heat of the past couple of weeks finally reduced to a very normal, refreshing temperature with a lovely cool breeze. I hope everyone got home safely as severe thunderstorms and possible flooding was forecast for the Southwest.
I have an apology for last week. I missed the full name of the Middleton’s Best Veteran dog at the Club Open Show which should have read as BV Ch BOWERHINTON be Madam’s Spy at Graythor. I got the complete results so late I copied them from page photos in a rush.
Just one Ch Show entry closing this week. Driffield: Postal entries close on Tue 27th July 2021; Online entries close on Tue 3rd August 2021.
Don’t forget Spitz in the Park from July 30th to August 1st.
Do keep an eye on your dogs at the moment for any signs of irritation in skin, feet or ears. I thought I was going to have to take Otta to the vet as she was shaking her head a lot; obviously one ear was bothering her. She’s often walked up on the moors where the grass is very long and in full flower and seed just now. Grass seeds can cause untold damage if they get into ears or under the skin. Because the awns are often barbed, they can work their way in and can end up in extremely difficult places needing surgery to remove them. Do get anything unusual checked out quickly. Luckily a drop of olive oil sorted out Otta’s ear. It was just dirty.
I hope everyone has coped with the heat recently. It’s been far too hot for dogs to be out after about 9am yet I’ve still seen people dragging them along red-hot tarmac mid-afternoon. Recent evenings have culminated in long periods of thunder (oddly no lightning or rain, just continuous thunder) which really scares some dogs. It’s rather too warm for a thundershirt but rescue remedy works well and Denes have tablets which calm dogs during storms. Our cool mat has been the best buy I’ve ever made. I could do with one for myself.
Diana Hudson ( )

I have to start this week with a message from Vanessa McHugh who asked me to include the following.
“At the Norwegian Elkhound Breed Council AGM on 12th July, Marjory MacGregor was elected to the position of Chair of the Breed Council, a post left vacant by the untimely death of Robert Greaves, the former Chair, in 2020. The Treasurer, Stuart Byrne, kindly agreed to continue in his role; he had also served as Acting Chair of the Breed Council since 2020. Nicola Callow, the Acting Secretary, having retired from her position, Vanessa McHugh was appointed Secretary. The new Chair proposed a vote of thanks to Nicola for all her hard work for the Breed Council, which was unanimously agreed by all those present.”
July 17th was, of course the Hound Association Ch Show with which is combined with the NECGB Open Show to be judged by Sue Heward. Elkhounds were 4th in the ring after other entries of 24, 24 and 9 with the Open Show immediately afterwards I hope I get the results in time to add them.
The NECGB AGM took place last weekend A summary of the proceedings by the new Chair person, Christine Gilbert can be found on the Club website and the Club’s Facebook page. New committee members from the postal ballot were Britt Hounslow, Wendy Threadgold and Annabelle Cook.
Don’t forget Spitz in the Park on the weekend of July 31st at Padworth Hall near Reading. Just remember that meals need to be ordered in advance. It’s a wonderful, fun weekend, not just restricted to Spitz breeds. You can find full details in their flyers on Facebook.

At the Hound Assoc Ch Show there was a new Stakes class in memory of Robert Greaves. “The Robert Greaves Memorial Brace Stakes”. It was nice to see that Laura Stephenson’s Elkhounds came second. Rather appropriate to have Elkhounds among the winners.
In the breed classes, here are the results the judge, Miss Dianna Spavin chose; BEST OF BREED :, Mr N & SIMMS, Mrs K Ch Seasara Earl Grey and Dog CC: HODKINSON, Mrs J & HODKINSON, Mr A & MORTIMER, Mis Laakso Brokki. Bitch CC : MORTIMER, Miss T Laakso Dana. Res Bitch CC was MCHUGH, Mrs V J & SIMMONDS, Ms S & MOTT, Ms M Am, Ch Kamgaard Kounterpoint (Imp USA). Best Puppy :, Mrs K & GOLD, Mr A. Graythor at the Venetian with Llassah. He was also 3rd in the Minor Puppy Dog Stakes. Best Veteran : HORNER, Mr J & MOTT, Mrs M & SIMMONS, Mrs S Am Can GB Ch Kamgaard Kut Above.

At the NECGB Open Show, judged by Sue Heward, BIS and Best Dog was MIddleton’s Graythor Rocky Mountain. RBIS went to Hodkinson & Mortimer’s Laakso Brokki who was RBD. Best Bitch was Middleton’s Graythor Gates of the Artic. And Res Best bitch was Middleton’s Ch Graythor Norwegian Lights ShCM. Best Puppy dog went to Gold’s Graythor the Ventian with Lassah while Best Puppy Bitch and overall Best Puppy was Maun’s Bowerhinton Bright Lady. Best Veteran in Show was Middleton’s Ch Be Madam’s Spy at Graythor and oldest Veteran was Horner, Mott and Simmonds, Ch/AM. Ch/Can, Ch Kamgaard Kut Above.
I hope everyone is managing to keep themselves and their dogs cool during this heatwave. I was told that several people fainted at the Hound Show as it was held outdoors with no tents for shade but thankfully shade was found for the Open Show. It would appear that small gazebos just don’t have any airflow through them and can be as hot as outside. We haven’t set foot outside today and even Otta’s just run out for the necessary and straight back in again. Thankfully no one has been walking dogs. My gardener is due to finish off our front garden tomorrow. I really don’t envy him working in this. We’ve been trying to get the old garden ripped out for 3 years but never found anyone brave enough to tackle two, 5 foot tall, almost dead, conifer hedges. It looks wonderful now; so much more light in the house and far easier to maintain and Otta can finally see people walking past and all those cars she barks at. She’s barked far less since she can see who they are but I may have to move my desk, so she doesn’t stand on my laptop.
Please spare a thought for all the people affected by the horrific flooding in Germany, Holland and Belgium. I’ve had a penfriend in Germany since I was 11 years old and was very relieved to hear from her, all safe and sound. However, the devastation started just 20km from where she lives.

Diana Hudson (

Apologies for an error in the comments on Southern Counties last week. Wendy Threadgold was present and actually won Limit bitch .
Apologies also for what will be brief notes this week. Husband is away so I haven’t had a second to sit and write. Last weekend of course was East of England CH Show. Prior to the CH show hey held heir usual open show. I’m afraid the only results I have for hat include pet names of dogs. Treena Maun wrote that “Ylva went best puppy; Portia won PG; Freddie won open and BOB. Cara was second in open. Nothing in the groups”.
The results for the Ch Show are online but he main winners were as follows. There was one entry in each of the classes except for Limit in both sexes.
Just two Ch shows with entries closing very soon. Blackpool & DCS (CG) on Fri 20th August 2021, Postal entries close on Mon 12th July 2021; Online entries close on Mon 19th July 2021. Bournemouth Canine Association (CG) on Sat 14th August 2021. Postal entries close on Fri 2nd July 2021. Online entries close on Fri 16th July 2021.
The AGM of the NECGB was held the day after Hound Day at Peterborough but there was a very poor turnout. More details next week, hopefully.
Diana Hudson. (

In last week’s paper I noticed a comment in the OES notes about the out of hours emergency services that vets are now using ; a service which I consider to be extremely important. I just happened to have received an email from my vets the day before about the same thing.

I've been with the same practice now since 1963 and never changed for two reasons. One is they always have had a vet who will think "out of the box" and not throw unnecessary treatments at you just for money but the main reason is that they still do their own out of hours service. Some years ago, we had neighbours who had a Labrador with terminal cancer. They had started using one of the big multi national vets and when the dog started fitting during the night and screaming in pain, they were forced to do an hour's drive to the on duty service and were held at the door until they'd paid before they would even let them take the dog in. Knowing absolutely nothing about his history, the dog was unceremoniously put to sleep. Their experience made me realise just how bad it was getting and I determined to stay with my vet .

However the day before last week's paper came out, I got a letter from them which said ; I quote-""In recent years veterinary services have undergone significant changes.

The amount of out of hours emergency providers have significantly increased.

From our own research we know our clients prefer it when their pet stays with us, their usual vet, in familiar surroundings. This is why we are making a plan to continue offering these vital services.

It is getting increasingly more difficult to find experienced vets and nurses to cover these emergency hours and provide them with the compensatory time off required. This has made it a costly service to provide.

Our new emergency care plan aims to solve these issues. Prices start from a small monthly cost of £5. Subscribers will not be charged surcharges for our of hours emergencies only normal daytime fees will apply*.
For more information, please visit our website.
Sign up today to receive the full benefits immediately when the plan launches on the 1st July!"

So, I have a quandary. I have my dog insured so out of hours charges don't matter that much but I feel that by paying into the proposed plan, I'm simply making things cheaper for the insurance companies and paying to support a service that's important to me but for which I don't need to pay. However, I want to make sure they are not forced to stop doing their own out of hours treatment so part of me wants to support their service. I did have to use it two years ago when the dog grabbed some chewing gum with xylitol at 11pm and have previously had a dog with chronic pancreatitis who would frequently have flare ups at night. Even with insurance I would have to pay the excess.
I fully support them and understand the reasons yet, do I pay for something I don't presently need to pay for just to keep them going? I Normally cancel insurance once the dogs reach 9 years old and prices skyrocket so I could need it then.
For those who don't have insurance it's a no brainer. If you sign up for their plan, the savings are massive. An 11.30pm appointment would cost £259.55 but if you sign up to the plan It would be just £42 although you would also be paying £60 over the year for a service you may not need . If you did need it, you would still be saving a possible £150 each time.
Please let me know what your vet’s out of hours service is like or whether they still do their own.
One piece of news I was very pleased to see last week was that two men who had stolen a litter of puppies at knifepoint were given a combined sentence of 35 years and 5 months. Finally, a judge who recognised the seriousness of their crime. Maybe it might just put off some thieves if more judges gave the maximum possible sentence.
NECGB Members, please don’t forget the AGM on July 10th. Coffee from 9amm and the meeting starts at 9.30. As there is no Contest of Champions this year, members are needed at the meeting to create a quorum.
Diana Hudson (

Just 3 exhibitors braved Southern Counties on Friday for their first show in a year under covid Rules. Of course we have no CCs at Southern Counties but we do have classes.
BOB was a completely new face, an import from 2019 I believe, just before Robert’s sad demise. He would be delighted to see him win at his first show. This was AUS CH GRAABINE LAST MAN STANDING AT WHITTIMERE (IMP AUS) owned by (MR W S & MS N D CROXFORD & CALLOW).
Best bitch was Treena Maun’s BOWERHINTON BEE PORTIA.
Res Best dog went to Jill Cowper and Gill Bingham’s KESTOS REX OF ROTHENBORG at his first ever show. He also won Best Junior. Such a shame that dogs of his age missed out on all their puppy classes.
Res BB went to Treena Maun’s NED CH BOWERHINTON BETTINA and Best Puppy, BOWERHINTON BRIGHT LADY was also bred and owned by Treena.
There was one absentee, Wendy Threadgold’s NORVIN JOYEUX NOEL .
Don’t forget entries closing soon for the Hound Association. Postal entries close on Tue 29th June 2021; Online entries close on Wed 30th June 2021. Same day is he NECGB Open Show for which postal entries close on Wed 23rd June 2021 and online entries close on Wed 30th June 2021.
Now, a few words from Marjory Macgregor on the sad passing of Edith Jamieson.
Edith was a long-standing member of the NEAS, joining soon after she had her first show elkhound in the mid-1960s. This was Centa of Harith, bred in one of Fred and Agnes Anderson's early litters and Edith's foundation bitch producing her first litter in 1969. Over the next three decades or so Edith bred a succession of winners both for herself and others, the most successful being her Ch Harith Polly in the mid-1980s and the Maclennan's Ch Harith Boy of Invergloy in the mid-1990s. Approved to award CCs in the 1980s, Edith judged Crufts in 1999 and was for several years a valued committee member and treasurer of the NEAS. In the late 1990s Edith and husband Harry moved from their kennels in Guthrie to the nearby town of Friockheim, and both breeding and showing activities were reduced. She continued to be a welcome visitor to Scottish shows and member of the NEAS, and will be much missed for her kindness and cheerful nature.
Diana Hudson (

I had news last week from Maggie Mott about the Westminster Show in eh USA. The show was moved out of New York to a venue where most judging could take place in the Open Air. Many judges had to be replaced as they weren’t allowed to travel. Two of the 8 Elkhound entries withdrew because of the change of judge.
The results were Best of Breed ; GCHB CH Solegia Sangrud Heaven's Light Leo
Best of Opposite; CH Highpoint's Bjornlass Raise Your Glass
Select Dog; GCH CH Highland's Criminal Minds Bad Boy At Ashlu'S CGC
Award of Merit; CH Vin-Melca's On Your Mark RN TKI .
The full entry was 7 D CH Vin-Melca's On Your Mark RN TKI ; 8 B GCHS CH Silhouette's Hope Solo; 9 D GCH CH Highland's Criminal Minds Bad Boy At Ashlu'S CGC; 10 B GCH CH Kamgaard Kintyre; 11 D GCHB CH Solegia Sangrud Heaven's Light Leo ; 12 B CH Highpoint's Bjornlass Raise Your Glass .
The covid precautions were extremely strict. Maggie said “the protocol for being able to go maskless was a 5 step process which I started weeks ago. Showing proof of vaccination, registering with Westminster for that, getting your approval, then downloading an app that renews every 18 hours asking key questions so that you get a green check on your phone which was scanned upon entry (which took 15 minutes at the gate). Then temperature checks at the gate, pass scans, app scans, parking scans, etc. VERY detailed. There was a separate section for unvaccinated people and I counted a dozen or so during the groups compared to the roughly 1000+ that were. I felt very safe and it was all outdoors and just group

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    Refreshments at the seminar were pretty good too. There were about 8 homemade cakes on offer, baked by volunteers - delicious!

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    Love your Breednotes Diana, hope your eye is better soon xx

  3. John poole

    Hi Diana pleased to see you still doing good work for elkhounds nice to be able to read the breed notes afraid I no longer have elks and have down sized to cats however I was at the great Dorset steam fair back in August and had the pleasure of meeting 6 elkhounds with their owners and had a nice chat with them I did not know but at leased one of them shows and he remembers my wife Deirdre when she was still with us I now live in Somerset keep up your good work best wishes to all John Poole.

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