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Thank you to Dog Focus for giving me the opportunity to write the Greyhound notes.

If you have any news relating to Greyhounds, show or otherwise please message me on Facebook or email

A cold and wet day at Richmond with some wind as well to top it off!
Nevertheless, the greyhounds were judged at a relatively warm part of the day and we were able to make the most of the ring.

Dave Howe winners were:
BOB was Claire & Liz Millward's & Lynda Race's Multi Ch Windspiel Northern Scribe For Alouann
BCC Lyndsey and Cara McLaughan's Boughton Bizzarrini at Azrams
RDCC Lorraine & Charlie Fitzgerald's Ch Boughton Bold and Brave at Dawnchase ShCM
RBCC Carol & Maria Hills Zoraden My Precious Love at Shimmeree
BPIB Elaine & Graham Bogart's Ina's Fashion Exalted at Incitatus

Adele Thompsons Ooh Ahh Nicola at Muicks won BIS at the Great Greyhound Gathering at the weekend.

An entry of 14 at Darlington on Friday, I hope to get over the watch the greyhounds.

Alayna Allen

At City of Birminghman's 75th Anniversary show we were judged by Mr Ian Bond.

BCC & BOB was Elaine Newsham's Ch Europa Decuma Via Windspiel (IMP), handled by Bob Newsham - they later went on to win the Hound Group under Miss Jenny Startup who had given her a CC at Leeds this year.
I watched them on the live feed for BIS and they put on a great performance.

DCC was Maggie Holder's & Dave Howe's Ch Boughton Blakeney ShCM, also BVIB and later VG3 under Steve Hall.

RDCC Andrea Blockley-Spurr's Grandcru Pierro For Suttonelms (IMP)

RBCC Clare Boggia & Ina Koulermou's Ina's Fashion Design By Boughton

BPIB Claire & Helen Rishworth's Out of the Blue Ad Honores (IMP FRA)

BJIB Denise Garatt & Sharon Oakey's Inchydoney Memories Oh My God with Caryna (IMP).

At South Eastern Hound Club Premier Show on Sunday a huge entry of 18 for Diana Webber with 14 present.

BOB and shortlisted for BIS Jody Cutter & Hadley Lubin's Zoraden My Girl for Chosovi handled by myself as Jody & Hadley were on holiday. I was delighted to be able to take home the beautiful trophy for them donated by Joy Battley, which replaced the missing trophy.

There were special rosettes and prize money as the classes were sponsored by the Greyhound Club.

RBOB was Maria Hill's Zoraden My Precious Love at Shimmeree.
BPIB Elaine Bogart's Ina's Fashion Exalted at Incitatus.

Some super photos of the day posted by Elaine on facebook.

Alayna Allen

At SKC on sunday only one entry with no CC's for Mrs J Kay. Taking BD and BOB was Kathy Spacey's Inchydoney Memories North Star at Halliam's.

Andrea Spurr posted on Facebook that her Grandcru Pierro at Suttonelms finished his ShCex in style at Leicester CS with BAVNSC and Hound Group 2. Believed to be the first greyhound to achieve this award. Congratulations.

We have CC's at City of Birmingham on friday and a fantastic entry of 18 at South Eastern Hound on Sunday for Diana Webber.

Entries close on Monday 2nd at midday for Driffield, we have a great classification of 20 for judge Mr Robin Searle.

Any news please let me know.

Alayna Alle

A very damp day out for Welsh Kennel Club where the rain got progressively worse throughout the day!
We were under cover and the weather was fairly good whilst the judging took place. Our ring was a little too narrow to turn easily at the end and not that level. The dogs and owners all seemed to cope well.

DCC and BOB was my own Zoraden Love Man JW, taking his 2nd CC, he now has 2CC and 4RCCs.
BCC was Clare Boggia's Whirlaway Boughton Big Bang, handled beautifully by Roisin Howlett. This was Pandora's 1St CC after many RCCs.
RDCC and BVIB was Maggie Holder's and Dave Howe's Ch Boughton Blakeney ShCM.
RBCC Bob and Elaine's Newsham's Ch Europa Decuma Via Windspiel.

BPIB was Claire and Helen's Rishworth Out of the Blue Ad Honores, who went on to win Puppy Group. A fabulous critique for her online from Puppy Group Judge Nick Gourley and I watched her put in a great performance on the live stream of BPIS.

Information about the Great Greyhound Gathering is now on facebook, to be held at Nottingham Racecourse on Saturday 7th September 2019.

The Greyhound Club Congress Committee are working very hard on the Greyhound World Congress for 2021.
To be held from Friday 2nd July - Monday 5th July 2021.
Any ideas for speakers, topics or activities please get in touch.

Not classes at Bournemouth, however, in AVNSC Hound under Mrs J Richard's - BD and BOB Roisin Howlett, Clare Boggia & Ina Koulermou's Ch Ina's Fashion Dedicated to Boughton.
RBD was Roisin & Michaela Howletts & Ellie Howden's Skyswift New Moon.
BB was Roisin & Michaela's Skyswift Moonlite Serenade.

I've just seen on facebook Joy Battley has donated a beautiful trophy for BOB at South East Hound to replace the one that was lost.

In the Summer edition of the Breed Record Supplement there were five new registrations of single dogs, one record of an import and three records of an exports pedigrees.

Any news please message me on facebook or email

Alayna Allen

No CC's at Paighton on Sunday.
Under Mrs J Cooper - BD and BOB Roisin Howlett, Clare Boggia & Ina Koulermou's Ch Ina's Fashion Dedicated to Boughton. BB Clare Boggia & Ina Koulermou's Ina's Fashion Design by Boughton. RBB and BPIB Claire & Helen Rishworth's Out of the Blue Ad Honores.

The South West Hound Open Show was also on the same day and I haven't seen any results other than Clare & Ina's Design winning BOB and a lovely of picture of her winning BIS 4 under Helen Wayman.

Another very happy photo on Facebook; of Kathy Spacey's Inchydoney Memories North Star at Halliam's winning RBIS at Kirkcaldy Open Show, a lucky show as he was BIS the year before.

No classes for us at Bournemouth this week but maybe a chance to get City of Birmingham, Richmond and Darlington entered!
There is also South Eastern Hound closing soon, there are 5 classes for judge Diana Webber sponsored by the Greyhound Club.

Any news please send to

Alayna Allen

Jenny Startup had an entry of 19 greyhounds at Leeds with one absentee.
It seemed quite a long wait being 3rd in the ring.
The ring was just large enough for the greyhounds to move out and felt quite a difference to me; after being in much larger ring earlier on in the day with the whippets.

The greyhounds had two lovely places in the stakes with Kathy Spacey's Inchydoney Memories North Star at Halliams coming 3rd in the Pets as Therapy stakes under Albert Wight.
Sue Shakespeare's Zoraden a Little Tenderness with Cairdean was 2nd in the Good Citizens stakes under Mr B Croft.
Both had very large entries and a good amount of prize money too!

Dog CC and BOB was Mrs L & Miss C McLaughan Ch Boughton Balance Of Power At Azrams
RDCC & Best Veteran in Breed was Mrs M A Holders & Mr D B Howes Ch Boughton Blakeney Sh.CM
BCC was Mrs E Newsham's UK Europa Decuma Via Windspiel (Imp)
RBCC was Mrs E Newsham's Windspiel Northern Stilo
BPIB and Best Speical B in Breed Mrs K Nutter's Nordic Queen, they later came 4th in the Special Beginner's Group under Mr T Mather.

Thanks to Lorraine Fitzgerald for the following information - Mrs I Horner (Bokoto) awarded Slippery Louise of Adachi Best AVNSC at Dorset County CS last Sunday. Lucky show for these two as they were awarded Reserve Best AVNSC last year, great result for her owner Jade Browne and her racing bred greyhound.

The Barley kennels spent Saturday night at the Peterborough Racing Stadium promoting their black greyhounds with their "50 shades or black" slogan. The greyhounds used their charms and hopefully some more will go to the homes they deserve, they also raised some funds for the Peterborough Greyhound Trust.

Over the week Helen Wayman did a facebook raffle in aid of the Barley Kennels and Karmas Cave Greyhound Sanctuary.
Helen had won a Tuffies bed herself and kindly donated it for the raffle.
The raffle sold very quickly and raised £150 for each charity.

No CC's next sunday for greyhounds at Paignton, there is an entry of three dogs in four classes for Mrs J Cooper, second in the ring after Wire-Haired Dachshund.

Any news please let me.

Alayna Allen

At Southampton Show this weekend; Michaela Howlett's - Skyswift Moonlight Serenade won Best of Breed under judge Lorraine Fitzgerald, Hound Group 1 under judge Richard Morris on the Saturday.
They returned to compete for Best in Show on Sunday and had a wonderful result with Reserve Best in Show under judge Sue Wilkinson.
Some lovely sunny photos on facebook as well as rosettes and a trophy. Well done!

On Sunday I travelled three hours to Oswestry Open Show and had the pleasure of judging a young greyhound male in the AVNSC puppy class.
I later found out this was Elaine Bogart's new import - Ina's Fashion Exalted at Incitatus at his first show
I was delighted to award him Best AVNSC Puppy and Puppy Group 1.
It was a lovely show, set in very large showground and the weather held out, not being too hot or cold.
I later made friends with Elaine on facebook and again some photos of the day.

At the Great Northern Greyhound Gathering, Best in Show for the second year running was Adele Thompson's boy - Puppy Eyes at Muicks (Eric). Congratulations!

Sorry if I missed any results as I said happy to receive any greyhound news.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Leeds on Sunday, an entry of 19 under Miss J Startup, we have 11 classes with Special Beginners being mixed sex. We are third in the ring behind Basenji and Finnish Spitz which gives me time to show my whippet puppy first!

Alayna Allen -

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