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I have taken up the mantle of breed note writer until someone else comes forward to take the reins. So this edition of breed notes will be brief until words gets about that if you would like your news published you must email me. Championship results I will source from Higham and Fosse but I don’t have time to source everyone’s successes on the open show circuit! Also, I take no responsibility for any mistakes published from the aforementioned websites.
Leeds Champ show was this weekend past and Mr Albert Wight judged our breed with 72 dogs making 72 entries. Best of breed and DCC Spavins Ch Dialynne Peter Piper, RDCC Suttons Ch Rossut Endeavoured, BCC Kristopha’s Ch Bayard Forgetmeknot JW, RBCC Spavins Quincerhound Britney Of Dialynne, BPIB Craigs Davricard Honeybee and BVIB Foster & Jones’ Ch Stormpasture Holimoli. Both D. Peter Piper and D. Honeybee went on to win the hound group (judged by Mr Mike Gadsby) and hound puppy group (judged by Mr David Guy) respectively.
Lots of talk recently about the new judging regs that are planned by the KC. It looks like you actually have until 2022 to get yourself sorted if you don’t want to fall behind and have to repeat things. I still have quite a few mixed feelings about the way this has been defined but I am sure there will be modification (hopefully for the better) and this initial format will change. It is welcome that the KC are showing an interest in this particular area of dog showing but like all new initiatives it will require tweaking. There are many strong opinions out there regarding this new format so may I suggest you write to the KC and air your views?
Coming up in the next couple of weeks is “Countryfile Live” which Ann Phillips and I attended last year. It was a good day out but we both felt that it was the watered down version of the game fairs and there was very little representation with regards to hunting and shooting. Although in saying that there was beagle representation from the RAGU foot hound pack and some foxhounds. I remember seeing the clumbers and being shocked at the marked difference between “working” and the show types. I feel that it’s worth attending once, it’s a nice day out so if you are not going down to Paignton or the Houndshow it might be worth a visit for you. It is set in the beautiful grounds of Blenheim Palace in Woodstock Oxfordshire.
“If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.” - Maya Angelou

Please do get in touch regarding wins and news – I will include all that is sent to me. Also, if you would like to write the breed notes please get in touch and the mantle will be gladly passed!

Andrea Keepence-Keyte

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