Basenji Breed Notes


Well that’s 2017 almost complete and I have absolutely no idea where the year went in such a flash, only seams a few weeks ago the summer had started and the new puppies were out!
2017 has been another very interesting year results wise and the top wards in our breed for 2017 are as follows:
Top Dog 2017 was Ch Faraoland Miss Flirtation (IMP SWE) 17points. Mimi is owner handled by Jo Stewart who has now returned to Australia after three years in the UK. Mimi was bred by the very successful Faraoland kennel in Sweden, led by Helena Strombert.
Top Brood Bitch 2017 is my own home bred girl Multi Ch Akmar Queen Ankhesenamun (Saba) - 14points).
Top Stud Dog 2017 is Ch/Int Ch Tokaji American Gigolo at Embeau - owned by Rusty Grayson.
Top Breeders for 2017 is myself (AKMAR). A huge achievement for us, as we are only a small hobby kennel and do not breed for the show ring often.
Finally Top Puppy 201 is Victoria Gaskell with her home bred Memetuka Cream O'the Crop – 5 points.
Sincere congratulations too all concerned, it really is great to see our breed represented so well throughout the year.
Looking back at my own data across the year sixteen different dogs have been awarded at least 1 CC, one has won 6 CC’s, another has won 5 and a third has won 4. Another single dog has won 3 CC’s and finally three dogs are on 2 CC’s. A further seven dogs have been awarded 1 CC this year. Yet again a very broad and interesting year.
To the best of my knowledge there are five new champions have been crowned this year, many congratulations to all concerned.
This also leaves around seven dogs currently sat on 2 CC’s, so hopefully all will achieve that special third CC during 2018.
As always please do contact me with feedback and topics for discussion in the New Year. Very best wishes for a healthy and successful New Year to all!!
Paula Steele (Akmar Basenjis) 07535 721012

My thanks to May Mills for providing the information on the winners of last weekend’s Northern Basenjis Society Open Show. Total entry was 41 dogs 54 entries (incl 5 NFC) and5 absentees.
Principle winners were Grayson, Arend & Rowlands Embeau Sun Seeker, who was Best dog, BPIS and BOS. BIS & BB went to Grayson & Arend African Mystery's Fahari. Best Veteran to Ruth and Ron Drummond’s Ch Kissangani Dream Maker at Djoser ShCM.
Judge for the day was Scott Wright (Elsco), and NBS committee member. I was not able to attend regrettably but judging by the comments I saw on social media all who did had a lovely day.
Midland counties on Thursday 26th October had an entry of 14 dogs and 4 absentees on the day, which is a pity.
Judge was Barbara Henry and BOB and BB went to Grayson & Arend African Mystery's Fahari and BD went to Amy Clinton’s Alfie Westalawn Diablo. BP was Martin Banton’s Embeau Sun Treasure.
I was fortunate to watch the Hound group judging via live streaming by Our Dogs and noticed the Basenji was not shortlisted this year. Basenjis have a decent record of group shortlists at this show usually.
Looking through the stakes classes I didn’t see any placements there either this year.
The highlight of November has been the World Dog Show – Leipzig, Germany.
German Winner show was first on Wednesday 8th November and 34 Basenjis were entered for Judge Mr Satoshi Bessho – Japan.
BOB Africanadian's James T Kirk (Behles Jennie & Krieger Amy & Allen Sanda, USA), BOS La Miss Of Swala Pala (Durlot Lise, France), CACIB dog, GW-2017 Africanadian's James T Kirk (Behles Jennie & Krieger Amy & Allen Sanda, USA), CACIB bitch, GW-2017 La Miss Of Swala Pala (Durlot Lise, France)
BOB veteran, GVW-2017 Mutabaruga's Jump Nyabinghi (Baaser Noel, Germany)
BOB junior, GJW-2017 Africanadian Legend Of Noah At Ahmahr Nahr (Behles Jennie & Krieger Amy & Allen Sanda, USA), bitch, GJW-2017 Chitara Aajana De Kungara (Lackner Viktoria & Fasching Evija, Austria) ROP brace Akela Akins/Evonty French Kiss (Sergeeva Yuliya, Russia)
Africanadian's James T Kirk was placed Group 2 also that same day. I am sure his Canadian owners were delighted with such results.
Following this was the World Club Show Leipzig and BOB went to Noel Basser’s Mutabaruga's Vita Third World "Marge". Who became World Junior Club winner, new German Junior Champion VDH & Club, best Junior from and entry of 37 dogs.
And finally WDS final day had an entry of 127 Basenjis for judge Lois Wilson.
I must congratulations the VDH for the speed of which the grades and results for each class were published on line, my estimate was only a 10/15 minutes time difference.
BOB again went too Africanadian's James T Kirk (Behles Jennie & Krieger Amy & Allen Sanda, USA)
BOS Selma Liwang (Müller Dorota, Poland).
CACIB dog, WW-17 Africanadian's James T Kirk (Behles Jennie & Krieger Amy & Allen Sanda, USA), CACIB bitch, WW-17 Selma Liwang (Müller Dorota, Poland)
BOB veteran, VWW-17 Bupe Itapuca (Balova Elizaveta, Russia)
dog, VWW-17 Bundustar African Elite (Chudzinska Krystyna, Poland)
BOB junior, JWW-2017 African Legend Made To Break Your Heart (Janicijevic Daniela & Steele Savio, Germany), bitch, JWW-2017 Adebanke's Euphoria (Balova Elizaveta & Popova Yuliana, Russia)
BOB puppy Signet Tis-A Singing In The Reign (Sosnovika Aksana, Russia)
BOB progeny class C-Quest Jokuba Dandy Shandy (Baaser Noel) This combination also were awarded group 2 on the day.
ROP brace Sulla Liwang/Selma Liwang (Müller Dorota, Poland)
Next year is the turn of Amsterdam for the WDS and I know this will attract a strong entry for Basenjis. I have my hotel accommodation booked already….see you there!
Paula Steele (Akmar Basenjis)
07535 721012

I attended the Kennel Club Breed Health Coordinators Symposium on Wednesday 4th October 2017. A first time for me in the role and at this event and I would recommend to anyone interested in breed health generally.
The Kennel club statement reads as follows: “Canine epilepsy, genetics, breed health and conservation, and how to find and interpret good quality information about dog health, were the subjects discussed at the Kennel Club Breed Health Symposium 2017.
The event, held at the Kennel Club Building at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire, brought together experts in dog health, breed health co-ordinators and other delegates with an interest in canine health, and aimed to improve people’s knowledge of issues in dog health, offer updates on current research, provide an opportunity to discuss future plans and answer questions within the group and on a one-to-one basis.
In previous years the attendance of this annual event has been restricted to breed health co-ordinators. However, due to increased interest, this year’s symposium was opened up to anyone with an interest in canine health and 200 people attended on the day.
Dr Katy Evans, Health Research Manager at the Kennel Club, presented on the Kennel Club’s Breed Health and Conservation Plans, a project currently being undertaken which aims to enable the identification of the most significant issues in each breed, where further research and support is required and the allocation of resources to these. Decisions will be made in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, including breed clubs, researchers and breed health coordinators to create bespoke plans for each breed. A further 50 breeds are currently being identified to have plans developed with them once the initial 17 are complete, and in time all breeds will have their own plan which will continue to be reviewed in the future.
Speaking after the symposium, Dr Evans said: “It was great to be given the opportunity to discuss the current work the Kennel Club is doing for dog health, and to talk with the breed health co-ordinators of many of the breeds we are currently working with for the Breed Health and Conservation Plans project. It was also encouraging to meet other co-ordinators we are yet to work with, who showed great enthusiasm for the project and requested to join on behalf of their breeds.
“The day was very well attended, with many breeds represented, and I was very pleased with how the symposium went. I enjoyed listening to the other speakers’ presentations and now have new ideas and information to follow up on from them.”
Professor Holger Volk, Head of Clinical Science and Services and Professor of Veterinary Neurology and Neurosurgery at the Royal Veterinary College, presented on epilepsy, explaining how it is the most common chronic neurological condition in dogs. Epilepsy is not a pure seizure disorder but also causes comorbidities such as behaviour changes. The cause of epilepsy can vary, but more and more genetic factors have been identified in recent years. Recent research has also highlighted that drugs are not the only answer for regaining control when managing a patient with epilepsy. A comprehensive approach is essential to improve quality of life and the management of epilepsy.
Dr Zoe Belshaw, from the Centre for Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine at the University of Nottingham, presented on how to interpret information about dog health at a time when there is an ever-growing amount of information available about dog health, particularly online. Working out which sources of information can be trusted and which research is relevant can be difficult. The seminar covered the principles to help find and interpret good quality information about dog health.
Dr Cathryn Mellersh, Head of the Kennel Club Genetics Centre and Dr Louise Burmeister, Postdoctoral Research Scientist, both of the Animal Health Trust (AHT), gave an update on the Give a Dog a Genome project, the initiative launched by the Kennel Club Genetics Centre at the AHT. Attendees learned that the project is now two thirds of the way through sequencing the 75 samples and that the results are already making a difference for participating breeds including the Swedish Vallhund and Lhasa Apso.
An update was also given on the International Partnership for Dogs (IPFD) by its CEO Dr Brenda Bonnett, who talked about the IPFD’s new Harmonisation of Genetic Testing for Dogs initiative which will be both a quality testing database and a genetic counselling resource, and will catalogue information provided voluntarily by genetic test providers. Dr Bonnett also briefly touched on the 4th International Dog Health Workshop which will be held in the UK in 2019.
The symposium ended with a question and answer session where attendees could visit each speaker in dedicated booths to find out more about their work and ask questions around various dog health issues. Additional guests also had booths to answer questions, including Dr Dan O’Neill of VetCompass at the Royal Veterinary College, a selection of breed health co-ordinator mentors and the Kennel Club’s Health team who answered queries regarding the Breed Health and Conservation Plans, Breed Watch initiative and genetics enquiries”.
I have a question to ask of the Basenji community:
• Is there any interest for a Breed health test results data base? At present several breeders do test their stock before breeding and these results are kept in a variety of places mostly not with general access. Therefore I am asking if they is a justifiable need and desire of anyone interested in sharing their results and for these to be kept in a public data base.
I welcome your thoughts and comments in due course.

Paula Steele (Akmar Basenjis)
07535 721012

Another excellent show win to report on this week. Jane Addis had a good show at Stafford and District Canine Society Open Show, where Savannastorm Born To Be Wild (Mojo) was 1st in Open, Best AVNSC and Hound Group 2. Judge was Joy Mahoney. Well done Mojo and Jane.
At Driffield Agricultural Society Basenjis have classes but not CC status. However Judge for the day was Mrs Lynda Ward and Best of Breed, BB and Best Puppy went to Victoria Gaskell’s Memetuka Rize'n Shine from junior class and Best dog was also from the same kennel but this time Memetuka Dealer's Choice. Res BD went to Linda Chavez-Novoa Woodella Vamos (Django) and res best Bitch was Dee Hardy and Trish Hallam’ Tokaji Klassic Trinity.
Looking at the results there were a few absentees, four in fact. However I gather the ground conditions were very muddy so not ideal for Basenjis. Congratulations to all the winners.
The final Breed Club show for this year was BOBA on Sunday 1st October. The judge was Breed Specialist Mr Len Newbold, who has an entry of 48.
BIS and BP: Embeau Sun Seeker. RBIS and BOS: Memetuka Hi Roller. RDCC, Westlawn Diablo. RBCC: Nailah in That Lil Red Dress for Woodella. BOSP Askaifleet Regal Rumour. BV and Best Tri, Ir Ch Tokaji American Dreams at Silverbriar. Best Brindle: Wazin Bri Master of Jenbasi.
Congratulations to all the winners.
I attended the Kennel Club Breed Health Co-Ordinator Symposium last week and will provide a summary of this very interesting and informative day next week.
Paula Steele (Akmar Basenjis) 07535 721012

Excellent show wins to report on this week. Marianne Wood (Cooperland) was the breed judge at West Bromwich and Wednesbury Open Show on 26th August and awarded BOB to Westlawn Diablo (Alfie), bred and owner handled by Amy Clinton.
Alfie went on to go HG1 from group judge Anne Barrett and then finally BIS from judge Angela Dodd. Many congratulations to Amy and Alfie and I have seen photos of the wonderful rosette given for BIS, it is fabulous. What a lovely win and many congratulations.
Breed Record Supplement for the second quarter shows lots of activity under the Basenji section, with 1 litter registered and no less than eight imports registered. Followed on by several changes of name and ownership associated with this time of year.
Three new Stud Book entries and eight CC awards are noted. One infrequent achievement in our breed is a Junior Warrant award and I am proud to report my homebred girl Akmar Empress of Egypt has successfully achieved this.
One Basenji was Hip Scored during this second quarter and I am delighted to see an excellent score was achieved. The breed Mean for Basenjis is 8.5, but as more are tested it will be interesting to see the broader picture, although I do consider Basenji to be low risk generally when careful breeding decisions are made.
For 2017 there have been 52 puppies registered, compared to 2016 where 32 puppies were registered.
There has been much discussion on social media about the KC’s new Judges Competency framework and all the associated implications, but something I did notice was the discrepancy in the judge’s requirements across our three breed clubs.
As far as I know the Basenji sits in Stud Book Band A and as such the KC recommendation is 50 or more dogs to have been judged for progress to A3. Of course there are several other criteria to be achieved and this is based on the current/old system.
Now I remember clearly the Basenji Club of GB reducing their requirement to 50 dogs for A3 some years ago. This was a positive action taken by the club to encourage new breed specialist along the process and as an intervention when entries were at an all-time low.
But I see NBS state the following: “4.To have judged a minimum of 75 Basenjis. (KC Policy)” and BOBA ask “To have judged a minimum of 80 Basenjis.” for inclusion to the A3 list. I do wonder if this is helpful in developing new breed specialists, at a time when our breed has lost so many breed judges in recent years.
The final Breed Club show for this year is BOBA on Sunday 1st October. The judge is Breed Specialist Mr Len Newbold, who has an entry of 48.
The last time Len judged the breed was 2011 at East of England Agricultural Society, so with a 6 year absence it will make for an interesting day for the judge I am sure. Wishing everyone a pleasant day.

Paula Steele (Akmar Basenjis) 07535 721012

Richmond Show was a damp affair from what I gather; we did not attend on this occasion.
Breed judge was Sue Ergis, well known for her Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshunds and Bassets over the years. Sue Ergis last judged the breed in 2012.
Entry of 35 dogs and 6 absentees, and looking at the results both the puppy classes were well attended compared to the higher age classes where there was only one present in Open bitch for example.
BOB and DCC went to Victoria Gaskell’s Memetuka Dealer's Choice, this is his first CC I believe. Dealer's Choice is by BIS, BISS Supreme AUS Ch Afrikenji Hot August Knight X GB Ch Hi-Lite Bulldobas Wild Child of Memetuka (IMP FIN).
RDCC went to Carl and Julie Nichol’s Finish import Nature's Masterpiece Fantastic Toyboy.
BCC went to Jo Stewart’s Ch Faraoland Miss Flirtation (Swd Imp), it has been a super year out showing for Jo and Mimi who is also Top Basenji 2017. What a way to finish the year and Jo’s UK adventure. Jo will be returning to Australia next month, and who can blame her with the British winter just around the corner. I wish Jo and her husband Mattia along with Basenjis Mr Cooper and Mimi the very best of times together and hope one day to visit Australia myself.
RBCC and BPIB went to Martin Banton’s young girl Embeau Sun Treasure, a first for Martin and Leni.
Best Veteran went to Lisa Tyler-Jackson’s Keiko, Akmar Nebettawy At Shernazar who is now rising 10 years old in December.
Puppy dog stakes and a VHC for the partnership of Hardy, Hallam, Kite and Gillespie with Tokaji Klassic Tribesman.
Looks like the weather put many off attending the stakes classes or the timing was off as I see there was I high level of absentees.
Many congratulations to all for coping with the British summer and all the winners at this show.
Darlington was next and BOB for judge Mr C Gillanders was Dr Miles Rogish and Ian Smith was Vestoid Sky Yelper, BOS was Isobel Leggett’s Ch Swanwite Karaleigh.
Best Puppy went to Dee Hardy and Trish Hallam’s Tokaji Klassic Trinity along with Puppy Group 2.
Best Veteran Ruth and Ron Drummond’s Ch Kissangani Dream Maker at Djoser Sh.CM.
Basenjis did well in the stakes classes at this show with Victoria Gaskell taking second with Memetuka Dealer's Choice, in the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme stakes Judge Mr J Horswell.
Isobel Legget taking VHC with (now champion) Swanwite Katrionah in the Open Stakes.
My own Ch Akmar Empress Of Egypt JW taking a Res in a very strong Champion Stakes from Judge Dr Ron James.
Ripon Racecourse Special Beginners Stakes judged by Mr R I Millar, Miss Jardine was awared RES with Woodella Hot Rod .
Many congratulations to all, lots of good results for Basenjis.

The KC has revised all the inbreeding coefficient calculators (COI) annual breed averages and for Basenjis this has moved slightly from 3.8% to 3.7%.
For anyone who has not tried this on line resource offered by the KC, I do encourage you to do so especially when considering a new litter. The Kennel Club recommend that breeders use Mate Select to calculate the inbreeding coefficient of the puppies that could be produced from a hypothetical mating.
“The COI calculator provides you with a percentage score; the lower the percentage, the lower the degree of inbreeding.
Therefore, an inbreeding coefficient of:
0% indicates a dog that comes from two apparently unrelated parents, based on all available pedigree information
12.5% would be the genetic equivalent of a dog produced from a grandfather to granddaughter mating, or the mating of a half-brother/sister
25% would be the genetic equivalent of a dog produced from a father to daughter mating, or the mating of full-brother/sister
Inbreeding is accumulative, so if it has occurred to a significant degree over several generations, the inbreeding coefficient may exceed 25%.
This annual breed average is calculated each June using Kennel Club registered dogs born in the UK between January and December of the previous year. Using this data is a more effective means of monitoring yearly change than by using the average of all living dogs in that breed.”
The KC also goes on to say “current Kennel Club breeding guidelines are that, where possible, breeders should produce puppies with an inbreeding coefficient which is at, or below, the annual breed average and ideally as low as possible.”
Here is the link for those interested in further reading:
Paula Steele (Akmar Basenjis) 07535 721012

Firstly apologies for the absence of breed notes, been rather busy with work over the last few weeks but hopefully back to normal now.
Quite a few show results to catch up on it would appear, although we have missed a couple recently due to Empress Neema’s “hunting injuries” caused by her over enthusiastic hunting of all things small in the woods around Lincolnshire. Thankfully nothing permanent, but she did need time to heal.

WKC had an entry of 26 dogs for Judge Jerry Robertson with 7 absentees. Weather was typical for this part of the UK with very heavy rain showers and bright sunshine the next minute, but goodness when it rained it really did. The rings were in the covered tent area as usual for Hounds but unfortunately part of the ring had become water logged and was very wet underfoot. In fact we could not use part of the ring for this reason.

DCC and his first for Brian and Theresa Hannah’s young boy Murray – Akmar Man of Steele For Milukris. Murray is by GB Ch Chagmas Dream On & Multi CH Akmar Queen Ankhesenamun. A great achievement when you consider Murray had endured several poor experiences from judge’s inappropriate handling on the table. Please do not touch Basenji tails, there is no requirement in the breed standard to do so under any circumstances!

Dog Reserve CC and his first went to Kimba - Tokaji Kassic Tribesman. Kimba is bread in partnership with Hallam, Hardy, Kite and Gillespie, and is an Anglo American partnership established for some years now. Kimba is from the first litter of this combination - GB Ch Tokaji Kentucky Blue & AM GB Ch Klassic's Girl With A Curl.
Bitch CC and BOB went to Swanwite Katrionah, which was her crowning 3rd CC, so many congratulations to Hazel and Isobel Legget. This is also the second sister of this litter to become a GB champion, so well done that’s quite an achievement. Swanwite Katrionah is by GB Ch Tokaji American Gigolo JW ShCM X Elsco Amastunner at Swanwite.
Bitch Reserve CC went to African Mystery's Fahari at Embeau (imp) and Best Puppy was also - Tokaji Kassic Tribesman.
Best Veteran was awarded to S DK Ch Khani's Midnight Star who is a Black/White living in Sweden, from the well know Swedish kennel Enigma - Madeline Lonn and Sophie Krigholm.

Madeline Lonn and her husband were taking an interesting show trip which included Ireland, Scotland and Luxemburg. Wonderful to see overseas exhibitors showing in the UK and that is certainly some miles they have covered.
Also pleasing to see a B/W shown in the UK, something which has become a rare sight over recent years I am disappointed to say. I do hope all the recognised colours will be seen again in the UK, so judges have the opportunity to see them. In most other countries I have visited all colours are regularly seen in the show ring, and with no colour bias.
After WKC we all moved to SKC August where Basenjis do have classes but no CC’s available. Judge was Mr W Armstrong and BOB was Ch Kissangani Caught In The Act For Milukris Sh.CM who also achieved group 3 in the hound group, many congratulations to Brian and Theresa Hannah, what a fabulous couple of shows!
RBD was Tokaji Klassic Tribesman owned in partnership with Hallam, Hardy, Kite and Gillespie.
BB went to Isobel Legget’s Ch Swanwite Karaleigh and RBB was Trish Hallam and Dee Hardy’s Tokaji Klassic Trinity, who later went on to Puppy Group 1. Congratulations to all, a really good day for Basenjis in the big ring.
City of Birmingham has classes but no CC, and judge Tim Ball had an entry of 16 dogs with no absentees. BOB was African Mystery's Fahri At Embeau (Imp) owned in partnership by E Arend and E Grayson. BD was Tokaji Kassic Tribesman owned in partnership with Hallam, Hardy, Kite and Gillespie, and RBD was Linda Chavez-Novoa Woodella Vamos.
Best Puppy was Tokaji Klassic Trinity owned by Trish Hallam and Dee Hardy and Best Junior was E Mattews Flugelberry Fizz Princess. Congratulations to all the winners.
Average show entries this year are holding strong at 36, which is a great improvement compared to this time last year where the average was 27 dogs.
Good luck to all showing this weekend at Richmond!
Paula Steele (Akmar Basenjis) 07535 721012

Firstly thank you for the positive feedback I have received about my continuing to provide a weekly instalment of all things Basenji, very well received.
As Breed Coordinator to the Kennel Club for Basenjis, can I ask if anyone has any health data or information they wish to share with me, now is the time. At the end of August I will complete the annual survey for the breed which is hosted by the Kennel club. You are welcome to contact me via the Facebook page: GB Basenji Health Forum or my email:
RBCC and her second to date went to African Mystery's Fahari at Embeau (imp), owned by Rusty Grayson and Erik Arend from Belgium.
Last weekend was the combined shows of Hound Association and BCGB Championship Show. HA has an entry of 59 dogs for judge Ben Reynolds-Frost and the club show judge is Marie Bryce-Smith who has an entry of 67 dogs, making 82 entries plus 5 NFC, making this the largest entry this year (aside from Crufts 87).
I was not present for the Hound Show but I understand the weather was dry, just about so all of the judging was finished before the rain started.
BOB and DCC went to Vestoid Sky Yelper (Sky) this is his first CC and a first CC for his owners/breeders Dr Miles Rogish and Ian Smith. Sky is a first litter for Miles and Ian and is by Ch Chagmas Dream On (IMP NOR) X Akmar Queen of the Nile. And if a first CC was not exciting enough, Sky was also awarded Group 4 by Judge Shirley Rawlings.
RDCC was also a first for Bahaticca's Inferno for Shyllar (imp) handled by Carl and owned by Carl and Julie Nicholls. Tigger is a Polish import by POL JCh C'bonn Jar Jar Binks Warrior of Burudika X Bahaticca's Belle Coccinelle. Good to see the other breed colours recognised too as Tigger is Brindle.
Not to be out done by the previous firsts, the BCC and BP was also a first for Aksaifleet Regal Rumour from the Puppy class at only 6 months of age. Tatyana Holloway is the owner and breeder and I understand this is her first CC in the breed. This is a second litter for Tatyana and this combination is a repeat of her first litter: Woodella Northern Dancer X Crystal Javelin Ontario.
RBCC was awarded to Jo Stewarts Ch Faraoland Miss Flirtation (imp).
Best Veteran was Ch & INT Ch Tokaji American Gigolo at Embeau JW SHCM, owned by Rusty Grayson.
Many congratulations to all, what an excellent start for several new show careers.
The Basenji Club of GB was the second show of the day, and unfortunately the weather had taken a turn and so the show was taken indoors.
A nice big ring was available however not quite the comfort that was provided by the HA last year with the wonderful pale blue carpet in the ring. Talking to others around the ring there appears to be a split in opinions about holding a club show along with a general champ show. For commercial reasons I think it makes sense and clearly puts less of a burden on the club committee, however this is at the loss of the club atmosphere. Looking into the future I can’t see any other way the breed clubs can survive and so I would expect this combined approach to continue. Overseas it is quite normal, so maybe something the UK showing community has to come to terms with.
Stuart Bell as always welcomes everyone with a smile to the BCGB which is well received.
BIS and CC was awarded to African Mystery's Fahari at Embeau (imp) owned in partnership by Rusty Grayson and Erik Arend. RBCC awarded to Jo Stewarts Ch Faraoland Miss Flirtation (imp).
DCC was awarded to Vestoid Sky Yelper (Sky) this is his second CC for his owners/breeders Dr Miles Rogish and Ian Smith. As this is only the second year this combined event has been running I am sure to win two CC’s in one day is a first in the UK, so congratulations……that rally is a day to remember!
RDCC and BVIS went to Rusty Grayson’s Int & GB CH Tokaji American Gigolo at Embeau JW SHCM.
Best puppy in show went to the ownership of Hallam, hardy, Kite and Gillespie’s young boy Kimba - Tokaji Klassic Tribesman. This was Kimba’s first Best puppy this year so another first.
The following Saturday was Bournemouth Championship show where judge Simon Parson’s presented BOB and BCC to Jo Stewarts Ch Faraoland Miss Flirtation (imp), who went on the Hound Group 3 from Espen Engh, who we all know loves a nice Basenji! Congratulations what a wonderful day for Jo and Mimi. RBCC went to African Mystery's Fahari at Embeau (imp) owned in partnership by Rusty Grayson and Erik Arend.
From a good entry on paper for this show I see there were a number of absentees, us included unfortunately. 2018 will be the last year with CC allocation at this show and the breed judge is confirmed as Glenway Dymock.
A first CC and BP for Embeau Sun Seeker – Senka, who is joint owned by Rusty Grayson, Jayne Rowland and Erik Arend. Senka is by GB Int Ch Tokaji American Gigolo At Embeau JW SHCM X African Mystery's Fahari at Embeau. RDCC went to Amy Clinton’s Alfie - Westlawn Diablo who also has 2 CC’s to his name.
What a wonderful day for Kennel Embeau and Faraoland!
Good luck to all showing this weekend and see you all Friday at WKC!
Paula Steele (Akmar Basenjis) 07535 721012

Well I just couldn’t keep myself away from anything Basenji related and I am pleased to carry on commenting on all things Basenji UK and overseas.
It is a peak of the summer show season so lots of show related activity both Open and Championship show level and delighted to see via social media how well our breed is doing gaining so many top awards.
East of England was on Sunday 9th July and judge/breed specialist Sally Wallis (Zande) had the pleasure of assessing the breed. Sally last judged Basenjis in the UK in 2008, although I know Sally has judged several overseas Basenji specialities since 2008.
There is an entry of 49 dogs making an entry of 70, and BOB and CC went to Mrs V Gaskell Finish import Hi-Lite Bulldobas Wild Child of Memetuka (imp). This is the 3rd and crowning CC at four and a half years. Freya is by BISS FI Ch, FIJW-09 NORDJW-09 NORdW-09 Kimwitu's Duke E / INT FI NOR EE Ch, ESTJW09 Bulldobas Crown Jewel. This is the fourth new GB champion of 2017. My congratulations to breeders and owner.
RBCC and her second to date went to African Mystery's Fahari at Embeau (imp), owned by Rusty Grayson and Erik Arend from Belgium.
DCC and his 6th this year went to Rusty Grayson and Sarah Dunsdon’s (Kwala) CH Abuluka Natemba for Embeau (IMP) bred by Erik Arend from Belgium. A successful day for this partnership.
RDCC went to Memetuka Dealer's Choice breeder/owner Mrs V Gaskell, along with best puppy with Memetuka Cream O'The Crop.
I very good day for these two kennels, my congratulations.
The rings were moved around which allowed for the tented area to be used as grooming and trolley park for many of the breeds in the ring and there appeared to be enough room for all. Big improvement for this show, the weather was even kind too with glorious sunshine all day.
The stakes classes were held in the main building at the top of the venue so most people move all to the main ring and indoors.
Several Basenjis featured in the various stakes classes, as follows:
• TOKAJI KLASSIC TRINITY, Dee Hardy and Trish Hallam, achieved a 3rd in the Bitch Puppy Stakes
• CH AKMAR EMPRESS OF EGYPT JW, my own girl was placed second in the Champion stakes by Judge Tim Ball.
• FLUGELBERRY CHERIE TRIFLE, owned and handled by Miss Mathews achieved a VHC in the Brace stakes.
NBS had a good entry of 66 dogs and 6 NFC for breed specialist Anneli Pukkila from Finland. Her top awards went to African Mystery's Fahari at Embeau (imp) owned by Rusty Grayson and Erik Arend, who gained her first CC and BIS. Fari is by BE NL JCh, INT NL Ch Abuluka Lusengo X African Mystery's Epesi Vizuri. Fari is bred by Hanneke Bijker.
DCC and BOS went to Marverick - Woodella True Song owned and handled by Janette Palubicki. This was his third CC and as such ( subject to KC confirmation) is Janette’s first champion. Many congratulations to owner and breeder and this is the fifth champion of 2017!
Dog Reserve CC and BPIS went to V Gaskell’s Memetuka Cream O'The Crop and RBCC went to my own CH Akmar Empress of Egypt JW.
Best Veteran went to Ruby - Ch Kissangani Dream Maker at Djoser owned by Ruth and Ron Drummond.
My congratulations to NBS who was celebrating its 50th Year and thanks go to the committee and volunteers for making the day possible. Especially nice to see the clubs President Mrs Connie Graham was able to attend and looking well.
Leeds Championship Show has classes for Basenjis but no CC on offer at present; although I am pleased to say from 2019 CC’s will be reinstated. Judge for the day was Mr Tom Rabbitte (Woodella), who I see is currently on the A3 judges list with NBS.
Total entry was 27 with 2 absentees. BOB went to Isobel Legget’s Swanwite Katrionah, handled by Hazel as usual. BD went to Best Dog : 63 THOMPSON, S, LEE, P & TAYLOR R & D Kimwitus Morales (Imp), RBD & BP Mrs V Gaskell’s Memetuka Cream O'the Crop, RBB & BV Ron and Ruth Drummond’s Ch Kissangani Dream Maker at Djoser Sh.CM.
Next show is the combined Hound Association Championship Show and BCGB Championship Show. HA has an entry of 59 dogs for judge Ben Reynolds-Frost and the club show judge is Marie Bryce-Smith who has an entry of 67 dogs, making 82 entries plus 5 NFC, making this the largest entry this year (aside from Crufts 87). Hopefully the weather will be kind to us and we can use the lovely outdoor rings. Keeping everything crossed!
Good luck to all showing this weekend and see you all Saturday!
Although the official breed and all breed system is no longer running due to the recent demise of Dog World, I have maintained the points system so if anyone is interested the current top 5 is as follows:
1. Ch Abuluka Natemba for Embeau (imp) – 14 points
2. Ch Akmar Empress of Egypt JW – 11 points
3. Ch Faraoland Miss Flirtation (imp) – 10 points
4. Ch Woodella True Song – 4 points
5. African Mysterys Fahari at Embeau, GB Ch Hi-Lite Bulldobas Wild Child of Memetuka and Nature's Masterpiece Fantastic Toyboy – 3 points.
With 7 sets of CC’s available I am sure it will make for an interesting next quarter! Good luck to all and well done to everyone who has achieved a CC so far this year.
Paula Steele (Akmar Basenjis) 07535 721012

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