Spaniel (Welsh Springer) Breed Notes

Spaniel (Welsh Springer)

Spaniel (Welsh Springer)
Sorry for not writing on here for a while, but what with judging Crufts which I enjoyed immensely and having a litter of Brittany’s I have been very busy. By now you will know the results from Crufts and the Welsh Springer of South Wales. The last show was the Northern club show where Jane and Tom Graham’s top winning dog was on good form to win BIS ShCh Taimere’s Twister round Nyliram JW. Res BIS was Glenbrows Memoir who collected her third CC on the day, well done.
Best Veteran was the lovely Jeavart different strokes by Tigerrock JW ShCm.
Best pup was Sarabande Dance to the Rhythm. The judges were Arlene Tester dogs and Suzanne Backhouse bitches.
The next Championship show is at the end of April the judge bring John Riley who has drawn a super entry of 115/155.

Welsh Springer Spaniels Breed Notes
Gill Tully

Hi my name is as you can see is Gill Tully, I have had Welsh for about 45 years now and have bred them, shown and worked them etc. I have judged them in Australia, Sweden, Finland and next year in the USA. This March I the enviable task of judging the breed at Crufts. Ok now I hope to report on the breed once a week but only with your help. If you have a story on anything your Welsh has been up to tell me, anything on showing, working, obedience, agility etc if your dog is a Pat dog tell me, if you are judging tell me and I will let other breed enthusiasts know.
If I can answer any question on the breed just let me know and I will answer them here on the breed Notes.

Gill Tully.

09th February 2018

Hi All, so only 4 weeks to Crufts at the time I am writing this. Well the entry is out and it is totals 219. Welsh are in Hall 2 ring 10 as always. The times are not out yet but I imagine the start of judging will be 08:30.
This year the judge is my good self.
I have been showing, breeding and working Welsh for a long time and I feel totally qualified to judge this breed at the greatest show on earth.
So I started in the breed with a bitch called Delkens Tamble and all my stock only comes from her. I soon split my Kennel into two branches A & B teams. The A team was the posher Welsh and the B team was more of the Spaniel. Both of my teams won well in the ring and both worked in the field.
I feel I have contributed to the breed successfully and Crufts is a fitting swan song for me to leave the breed to younger people and I will hopefully only judge the breed from now on.
I am so looking forward to judging the breed at Crufts and I will do my best but it is my day and everyone will start on a level plain at the beginning of the day and it’s my job to fine the best one in MY eyes to represent the breed in the gundog Group.
My only regret is that my mother and father are not able to see me judging at Crufts.

There is no other news for Welsh at the moment but please if there is something on your mind let me know.

As a foot note I am very worried about this new illness called Alabama rot in which the dogs show lesions on there feet and noses and is uncurable and mostly takes the life of the recipient. If you have it in your area and your vet has reported it ask them to ask the owners where do they walk there dog, what sort terrain and if it is where other dogs walk.

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