Spaniel (Clumber) Breed Notes

By Maureen Taylor

Spaniel (Clumber)

Spaniel (Clumber)

Clumber Spaniel Breed Notes – 5th October 2021

I am recovering from a very long day at the Clumber Spaniel Club Championship show for 2021, following on from the 2020 one just 10 days ago. It was certainly an epic journey for judge Gordon Sutherland, accompanied by Eileen, as they live in the Highlands of Scotland and it must have been a rather difficult day being among so many Clumbers so soon after losing their Clumber Clyde.
I will start with the results. DCC (his second) and BIS was Vanitonia The Force Awakens, owned by Lee Cox, Adam Gardner and Blake Crocker - Yogi has not been shown much due to Lee’s judging commitments. Bitch CC, Res BIS and BOS was the Kirkman Clan’s Sh Ch Wymeswold Butterscott at Kirkara. The Res CCs both went home with me, with Maursett Malfoy and Maursett Mercy. Best Puppy was Pickering’s Wahnahnish Super Man and Best Veteran was Izzy and Julia Hirst’s Sh Ch Ceeaark Artreyu.
Ian Dawson was due to judge the Special Classes, but was not well enough to do them. Our thoughts are with him and his family. Sue Graves took over the appointment and Peter and Jackie Sheppard’s Star Isle of Sancerre among Whissgig won Puppy. There were no juniors entered. Post Grad was won by Izzy and Julia Hirst’s Snow White Source of Happiness for Creeaark and Open by Chris and Carol Page’s Micklemess Fundamental. There are certainly some long names about!
I was surprised to see that even though it is advised to wear masks at indoor venues, non were being worn, I abandoned mine as it there was no point me protecting others if they were not protecting me. Only one window was open, so no through draught of air, I opened one near me where I was sitting and there was no hand sanitiser evident - luckily I took my own. The ring, by common consent ,was far too small and could easily have been made bigger with the removal of the table which for some reason was across the end of the ring. Not sure where the mats came from, but they were slippery as was the floor and this made it difficult to move the dogs easily. I was disappointed to see a dog in the kitchen where food was being prepared as I am sure a KC Field Officer would have noted this as being against Health & Safety regulations. I know we allow it at home, but when feeding other people who are paying you for food it really is a no no, I dread to think what the authorities would say!
One new exhibitor was rather upset as another exhibitor had rather angrily told her she should not be showing her dog due to an obvious fault! Well, I do not know of a perfect Clumber being born yet so the old adage of “don’t throw stones in glass houses” springs to mind. No one has the right to tell an exhibitor not to show and many of us were appalled at this person’s attitude. We made sure this lady and her son were made to feel welcome and advised her to ignore the rude exhibitor. I for one look back at the first dog we showed and cringe when I think of what he looked like, I would not dream of showing him now, but we all have to start somewhere and new exhibitors need to be encouraged.
It was certainly good to catch up with Dee Carter Hunt and Kath Kirkman who were both on form, much to the disgust of their respective offspring who only seem to allow them out for special occasions! Much laughter, reminiscing and general light heartedness was order of the day at our end of the hall, even though we were referred to as a coven of witches. How rude! Between the three of us - with a little help from Lee and Sara - we managed to remember every person and dog from the past that we were referring to; oh, the joy of ageing all the answers are there- it is just getting them to the fore.
Do please keep the news coming in.

Maureen Taylor

Clumber Spaniel Breed Notes – 26th September 2021

Thursday brought us a double show day, starting with The National where Daphne Bailey was judging us. Dog CC (his second in a week) was Tweedsmuir Just Cruzin’ Among Suelynda, owned by Dave and Sue Boden and handled by Hilda Monaghan. Res DCC was our own Maursett Malfoy. In the bitches, it was that all important third CC for Hilda and Paul Monaghan’s Tweedsmuir Just a Dream (litter sister to Cruz) and - something that will certainly cheer Marjorie Charlesworth Ironside up - her puppy Tavirosh Sugar Plum Fairy, handled by Dave Boden, was Res BCC and BP.
We then went on to have our breed club show. Well, what can I say? The Clumber Spaniel Club Championship show 2020 was certainly lacking many things and many of those present shared that view. The Clumber Spaniel Club has a splendid cloth for the judge’s table, but that was not present, and I only saw two officers at the show (and, prior to the show, one committee member who I assume had left before the Club show started). At every show I can remember in the past there has been a raffle. In short, zero commitment by the Clumber Spaniel Club to really put on what should be the culmination of the show year. It rather indicates the lack of commitment to the show side of our breed which is a matter of great concern. Other breed clubs holding their shows at The National had gone out of their way to ‘put on a show’, personalising their rings to create a good atmosphere. If you put yourself forward to serve on a committee you must be willing to turn up at events and work! Our breed club’s championship show has always been special in the past. In view of the fact that members got nothing from the club for their membership in 2020, and the fact that the club was effectively “closed down” for part of the year at the direction of one of the officers, you would have thought some effort could have been made to make the show a bit special. What a great shame. Lets just hope the 2021 Championship show next weekend is better.
Anyway onto results, BCC, BVIS and BIS gaining her 2nd CC from Russell Mosedale was Julia and Izzy Hurst’s Sh Ch Creeaark Fantastica. Res BCC and Res BIS was the now Sh Ch Tweedsmuir Just a Dream; the dog CC (his second) and BOS went to our Maursett Malfoy (I was shocked to be presented with a rather tacky key ring to signify the BOS award – it did look rather like something that falls out of a Christmas cracker). Res DCC was Sh Ch Creeaark Arteuy.
Meanwhile, on to the Clumber Spaniel Club’s Special classes which eventually got into the ring just before 5pm, meaning poor Eddie Boden had a very long wait before getting in to the ring to judge. Special Junior was won by Hilda and Paul’s Tweedsmuir She’s So Sheek, handled by Sally Rugman, Special Post Grad Linda Thorogood’s Anbrook Don’t Stop me Now at Harrifield and Special Open was our Maursett Malfoy. It was a shame that 1 dog was absent from the Sp Open class even though it was present at the show as it was allegedly tired!
It is good to see we have a new exhibitor in Kasia Kat Teslenko and also one returning to the show ring after a long absence Jacqui Nicholson, who first graced the ring back in 1993! It was also nice to see Lyn Guy at the show - she may have thought she was going to have a quiet day spectating, but got roped into handling Marjorie’s dogs at the Club show. She did a great job and the two girls seemed not in the least bit fazed by being handled by someone new.
Peter Sheppard has told me that the Clumberfest calendars will be on sale at the Club Championship Show on 3rd October and also raffle tickets, I understand that the prize is once again Hernia Henry and this will be drawn on 31st October 2021.
I understand that our judge for SKC will now be Sandra Marshall, as there are no longer CCs on offer for the breed. I gather that SKC did contact the Clumber Spaniel Club regarding a change of date, but the breed club refused to move dates. Considering the loss of CCs that the breed is being hit with, I am left speechless. Surely, moving the breed club’s date could have been attainable?
The Rugmans moved house on Friday and I am sure we all wish them happiness in their new home - Sue managed to do the National and the Club show the day before the move, wow!
And finally, I have to end on a very sad note. Gordon and Eileen Sutherland have lost their much-loved Clumber Sh Ch Maursett Murtagh at Eilandon (Clyde to all who knew him). It is still a wonder to me to this day how his mum Doris, who to be honest was no oil painting, produced such a good-looking boy as Clyde. He must have taken after his dad Jubilwell Riff Raff for Maursett. Our sympathies go to Gordon and Eileen they will miss him terribly as he went everywhere with them and we could not have asked for a better and more loving home for Clyde.
Do please keep the news coming in.

Maureen Taylor

Clumber Spaniel Breed Notes – 20th September 2021

I had a short trip to Darlington Championship Show at Ripon Racecourse on Saturday and a very enjoyable day it was with likeminded folk - we even got told off for making too much noise laughing, it was all Lee Cox’s fault!
Among the winners was a first CC for Dave and Sue Boden’s Tweedsmuir Just Cruzin Among Suelynda who was handled by Hilda Monaghan. It was a first Reserve CC for both dog and owner, Mary Hanney must be still on cloud nine with Maursett Moruisg, aka Walter at his very first Championship show. Next stop is the National and the 2020 CSC Ch show – sadly, still no idea of what the entry is for the club show.
I have received an email from Barbara Weston who tells me that yet again their Festive Clumber Walk in Clumber Park which marks the end of their annual program of walks, has proved to be the most popular. The walk is not until Sunday 5th December, but they have had to formally announce that it is full. They have already started a reserve list and will be asking all those with a place to let them know if their circumstances change so that they cannot attend. This will enable them to invite someone from the reserve list - so it is still worth registering if you want to go.
Walking with Clumbers have three other walks this year which still have places available. They are all on Sundays: 26th September at Queen Elizabeth Park in Hampshire, 17th October in Shipley Park, Derbyshire and 7th November in Dalby Forest, Yorkshire.
The usual procedure applies for all their walks, which is to send an email to or ring 01530 456071 to request a registration form.
Meanwhile, the other half has acquired a new guitar for his collection. This time an electric one which he tells me is rather special. He has been going on and on about twin humbuckers (whatever they are) and all sorts of other things that are completely meaningless to a tone deaf yours truly. No doubt he will be staring lovingly at this new instrument for the rest of the year. And I thought we were all mad in the world of dogs!
Do please keep the news coming in.

Maureen Taylor

Clumber Spaniel Breed Notes –15th September 2021

We made the long trip down to Richmond last weekend. It was a late set off as my chauffeur (Hannah) was working meaning we did not arrive at our hotel until 10pm. Foy enjoyed his stay in the hotel, bringing me various gifts during the night, including a shoe retrieved out of the show bag - I was sure I had zipped it up! We were also presented with the cardboard cover for the room key along with a bath towel. He certainly does not improve with age.
It was a fine day for the show, although getting in from the car park was an exhausting experience for me as we were parked at the top of the hill and the long grass made walking very difficult. Our judge was Janet Richards, who was down to judge us for the first time at Windsor last year, but of course the show was cancelled. We did have a few absentees which was a shame, but Dog CC went to Izzy and Julia Hirst’s Sh Ch Creeaark Arteyu with our Maursett Malfoy taking the Res CC. In bitches, it was a second CC for Paul and Hilda Monaghan’s Tweedsmuir Just a Dream who was also BOB. Yet another Res CC for Marjorie Charlesworth Ironside’s Tavirosh Limestone, ably handled by Dave Boden with Dave also handling Marjorie’s Tavirosh Sugar Plum Fairy to BP.
Birmingham National has a good entry of 32 dogs making 35 entries. We are third in ring 25 in the Argyle Hall (situated between the Sandylands and Prestwood Halls to the left of the main hall) after 42 Curly Coated Retrievers making 43 entries and 29 Sussex making 33 entries, who will not be in before 10.30am. Clumbers will not be in before 11.30, and this will of course be followed by the 2020 Club Ch show. I think the timings are a little optimistic looking at the entries. It seems we will have a rather long day assuming the Club entry is similar if not more than the National entry. On the plus side, there is just the one ring in that hall. For Clumbers to regain the CC allocation that has been lost the breed must average over 30 entries so hopefully this may be the start of a resurgence. I might add a number of CC breeds have had an entry below 30, not just at this but at other shows over the summer.
I mentioned last week about the need to have a Covid passport if going up to SKC. Well, it now seems that if the Westminster government’s Plan A fails to curb Covid cases this Autumn/Winter, then plan B will include the same rule for indoor events with 500 people or more attending (unless, of course, you can demonstrate a relevant exemption or for children).
The home for the bewitched and the bewildered once again sees him indoors undergoing surgery at the end of the month to replace his implanted Morphine Pump as it must be renewed every six years. So, fingers crossed things go according to plan as it is possible that other bits may need replacing once they get in there! Wonder if they do brain transplants?
Peter Shepperd has had some fabulous premium quality A4 Clumberfest 2022 Calendars made with the proceeds going to Clumberfest (which of course is a weekend for all Clumber enthusiasts to get together, share experiences and aims to promote Clumber health). The calendars are £8 if collected, £10 if posted to mainland UK and £8 plus postage at cost for overseas. I have seen the calendar and I must admit to being very impressed - each page has a number of Clumber photos on and space to write next to the date. I need mine to remind me to enter shows etc. Peters contact details are or check the Clumberfest website.
As I write these notes, demon puppy Ayda who is, at just turned 3 months old and about the size of Foy’s head, sat on top of Foy ragging his head and ears. He is such a big softy. She is in for a shock next week as ring craft classes begin!

Do please keep the news coming in.

Maureen Taylor

Clumber Spaniel Breed Notes –3rd September 2021

First an update on Marjorie Charlesworth Ironside I understand that Marjorie has now been transferred to a care home until provision can be made for her to return home. Marjorie will not be allowed visitors for 10 days due to Covid restrictions so I am sure she would welcome a card or a few lines - the address is Nightingale House, Main Road, Bucknall, Lincs, LN10 5DT. It will no doubt take a while for her to get back to being fighting fit and going to shows, but we look forward to seeing her ringside in the not-too-distant future. The dogs meanwhile are being looked after by Hilda and Paul Monaghan and Dave and Sue Boden which is very good of them.
Driffield was last week and although it had moved from October, it conspired to bring the October weather with it for Gundog day on Friday as it was cold, wet and miserable. Driffield has never rotated it’s days, with Friday always being Gundog day. However, I understand that from next year it will now be rotating the days. We have classes without CCs, but as it is local to us we went along, This was mainly to give Marnie a day out and to see how she reacted to being shown, having not been out since Crufts 2019. I am pleased to say that we did the double with Maursett Malfoy going best dog and Best of Breed and Marnie (Maursett Marnie) going Best Bitch under Bill Orzell. Marnie looked as though she had never been out of the show ring. The group took place quite early, so we were able to get home and start to thaw out by half past five.
A reminder that a number of entries are closing soon including, the Clumber Spaniel Club shows, SKC and Birmingham National.
SKC had us all very confused. Many months ago, when the rearranged date was announced, I queried what would happen to Clumbers having CCs as it clashed with our CSC Ch show. The officer from SKC said that unless the breed club changed date, SKC would drop the CCs. I was a bit confused when the schedule came out to see we had CCs. A friend had entered and paid CC price and then I had an email asking if I knew what was going on as someone else had tried to enter and it was trying to charge the non-CC price. The following day, I scrolled right to the bottom of the page on Higham Press and lo and behold, suddenly, right at the end, it said no CCs for Clumbers. So, with shows cancelled we have lost yet another set of CCs this year that could have been avoided had the breed club changed dates. Many are rather annoyed, and rightly so, that they have not moved dates. The following weekends in October are all free, as South Wales KA and Midland Counties have been cancelled. The breed club dates are not set in stone and there are venues a plenty available. Perhaps if there were people on the committee of the breed club who show regularly a different result would have taken place.
If anyone is going up to SKC then please be aware that Covid rules in Scotland mean that a copy of a current Covid Vaccination Certificate must be shown on arrival at the venue, unless you are exempt or a child.
Richmond has 19 dogs making 19 entries and we are first in Ring 24 at 9am. Darlington has 21 dogs making 22 entries and we are second in Ring 22 after 53 English Springers making 49 entries (yes, I know, you work that one out – I assume there are some ESS entered not for competition). Again, judging starts at 9am.
Some will I am sure be wondering what they get for their membership subscriptions. During the pandemic, many other breed clubs have held online shows, online seminars about health and also breed specific seminars – the Clumber Spaniel Club appears to have done absolutely nothing, other than two rather poorly attended quiz nights. It has been left to people like Peter Sheppard, (Clumberfest) Barbara Western (Clumber Walks) and Adrian and Lynne Peters (various online seminars) to give those in the breed something to look forward too. It has also been pointed out by former secretary Kath Kirkman that some breeds had not appointed a Kennel Club Breed Liaison Officer. Clumber Spaniels is one of these breeds. Kath points out that this means the committee will appoint someone when it could quite easily and realistically have sought nominations to be considered by the Annual General Meeting, a level of openness and transparency that I sure everyone in the breed would appreciate.

Do please keep the news coming in.

Maureen Taylor

Clumber Spaniel Breed Notes –21st August 2021

I will start with the bad news. Marjorie Charlesworth Ironside has had a fall and broken her hip. I am sure many will want to send her best wishes for a speedy recovery. The address for cards is Shuttleworth Ward, Lincoln County Hospital, Greetwell Road, Lincoln LN2 5QY.
Now, on to the Clumber Club Show where James Taylor was the judge. Best Bitch and Best in Show was the Kirkmans’ newly crowned girl Wymeswold Butterscott at Kirkara, Res Best Bitch, Best Veteran and Res Best in Show was Izzie and Julia Hurst’s Sh Ch Creeaark Fantastica. Best Dog and Best Oposite Sex was Paul and Susanne Whitehouse’s Maursett Malachie at Molvonia. Best Puppy was Marjorie’s Tavirosh Sugar Plum Fairy.

On to Blackpool where there were no CCs and once again Best Bitch, Best Puppy and Best of Breed (this time under Jane Eyeington) was Maursett Marvella at Bebecova owned by Ricky Furnell and handled by David Alcorn, she then went on to Puppy Group 4 under Anne Ingram. It was Peggy’s last puppy class and every time she has had Best Puppy at championship shows she has gone on to be placed in the Puppy Group.

I understand the AGM was a rather charged affair. As I understand it, many questions were were not answered and, perhaps most worrying of all, the 2020 Accounts had not been audited and so were not passed. The committee will have to come back to the membership when hopefully these anomalies have been resolved and the accounts can then be passed.

Do please keep the news coming in.

Maureen Taylor

Clumber Spaniel Breed Notes –6th August 2021

It seems like a good news bad news week this week in my breed notes, so let’s start with the good news.
Ricky Furnell and Maursett Marvella of Bebecova (aka Peggy) were at Paignton, in fact Peggy has become quite a traveller as she accompanies Ricky to shows where he mans the Royal Canin stand. Hilary Male was the breed judge and Peggy was Best Puppy, Best Bitch and Best of Breed, ably handled by David Alcorn. Ernie Patterson was the Puppy Group judge and he gave Peggy Puppy Group 2, so a very happy Ricky and a very happy us.

Now to two notifications I have received from Eunice King and Peter Sheppard who have asked that they be published. The Clumber Spaniel Club AGM is on Sunday and I think that many questions need answering, it is just a shame that some of us are unwilling to attend due to not having prior notice of the safety measures that will or will not be in place. I understand the entry for the show is 21 dogs, very poor and many have apologised to James Taylor for their non-attendance as per the reasons just quoted.

Firstly, Eunice King has asked me to publish the following:

“KC Allocation of CCs for Clumber Spaniels

On the 3rd August 2021, the committee of the Clumber Spaniel Club posted an
announcement saying that it had not been consulted regarding the allocation of CCs
for the breed from 2024 onwards.

This statement by the Clumber Spaniel Club is incorrect since, on the 2nd December
2020 (at a time when I was the Honorary Secretary of the Clumber Spaniel Club), I
had received correspondence about this matter from the Kennel Club and
immediately forwarded it to all the Officers and Committee of the club. At that point
in time, I was unwell and unable to deal with the matter myself and subsequently
resigned as Secretary the following month.

Eunice King”


Secondly, Peter Sheppard has asked me to publish his open letter as follows:

“An Open Letter to All in the UK Clumber Spaniel Club
From Peter Sheppard 1st August 2021

We have at last Annual General Meetings scheduled for 15th August 2021. The very delayed 2020 and the slightly delayed 2021. I know that a number of you have been waiting for these to make your feelings known, particularly about the accounts and more recently about the Challenge Certificate (CC) allocations, but can I advise a degree of caution?

In my view, these AGMs will achieve very little, and the UK Clumber Spaniel Club (CSC) will continue to fail to deliver for the next few years. The accounts are actually a distraction. All that shows is a lack of ability in the Treasurer (cockā€up over conspiracy) and poor management by the committee in failing to identify the issues occurring in the management of the finances at the committee meetings during the year. I am sure that “pushing the Treasurer under the bus” will occur if other skins are to be saved!

[You may also wish to ask how auditors for the 2020 accounts have been agreed, after all, that is a usual question on the AGM agenda and requires the approval of the members present. Also ask; has or will the treasurer be taking an honorarium, when bearing in mind the mess made of the accounts (it has been allowed for in the accounts, but needs the approval at the AGM!)]

Additionally, if you look carefully on the revised 2020 accounts an amount that was erroneously identified against Clumberfest is now simply “Cash Shortage” – were the auditors advised of this change?

Prior to a recent announcement from the KC, the prime area of concern was the apparent lack of effort by the current committee in the area of investigating, improving and maintaining the health of our wonderful breed.

Following the recent announcement by the KC and the loss of 5 sets of CCs at Championship Shows for Clumber Spaniels (for comparison, Sussex Spaniels have gained 4 sets of CCs in the same review). This clearly indicates to me that the committee are failing not just to attract, but to retain members who want to show Clumber Spaniels. If you also consider that for the last few years, the number of “Working lines” Clumber Spaniel puppies born far exceeds those born to “Show lines” then the proportion of Clumber Spaniels that actually meet the breed standard are decreasing year on year!

I would have expected at the very least, some statement from the club as to how they will proceed and maybe even challenge this decision. However, the bureaucracy of the club is such that I doubt if anything will happen before the AGM (or even after)!

Based on my past experience as a member and committee member (I tried to make changes but failed) that these attitudes (following excessive bureaucracy being very slow to react) are extremely unlikely to change with the current committee.

Furthermore, can I just remind members that the Kennel Club only allow one breed society to interact with them on health matters, in the UK that is the CSC. So even if another society or group of people spend money investigating a health issue and (for example) find a genetic test, without the CSC support NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.

To remind you – one of the “Objects” of the Society is to

c) To advance and protect the interest of the breed at all times

As far as I can see from the website, meetings and anything published by the CSC, over at least the last 12 months (closer to 24 months) the CSC through the Breed Health Coordinator (BHC) have actually done very little in support of the health of the Clumber Spaniel. I believe there has been one survey with a small number of returns (and where is the feedback from that?) But much worse the BHC has actively worked against and prevented other groups from performing research, by claiming the CSC were already doing it – which turned out to be incorrect, so an opportunity missed.

Lockdown can be used as an excuse, but just look at what other groups/societies have achieved in the same time (they have embraced COVID19 and found it powerful as a new way of working to improve their reach including internationally); there have been many surveys, investigations, webinars all of which have informed owners of how to look after their breeds and improve the quality of their time with us and their longevity!

I suggest you ask the BHC what the CSC are doing with respect to recently identified health issues including Incomplete Ossification of the Humeral Condyle (IOHC), or Inverterbral Disc Disease (IVDD) or late onset Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). They may have put a few words on the website – normally just in response to another group doing it first, but what has the BHC and CSC committee actually done to improve the health of our wonderful pets?

That is the question that should be asked, not can the Treasurer add up! It is all poor management, but one level of poor management has far greater and far longer reaching effects than the other.
People should be on the committee to help and support this breed, not inflate their egos and add to their CVs!

I will not be at the AGM as when I asked the Clumber Spaniel Secretary for sight of the COVID risk assessment, I received the following reply:

“In view of the fast changing situation and in order to ensure that we do not confuse people by having to continually update and change information we are waiting until nearer the time to complete our Covid 19 risk assessment. This way we can be sure that it is tailored to our own show as per the KC guidance. We have already made this announcement on our Facebook page.”

As a professional safety engineer, I consider that is a very poor response, particularly as the KC have recently provided guidance on what shows should do. In particular the risks are well known, what may change is the detail of how they are mitigated and there is no reason why that cannot be written down.

So, as I cannot be assured of a reasonable level of safety, particularly inside in a village hall, I will not be attending. Another example of a lack of communication and organisation from the CSC committee.

To summarise, for those who attend the AGM, good luck, if you succeed in making changes, well done, but I doubt that you will; and this intolerable situation will continue. AGMs are where members just let off steam and at the end nothing actually changes, that is why it is
not worth risking my being there!

If you want a change, to improve the health, challenge the KC not to remove the CCs and to be more welcoming to new members it has to be a focused meeting, with a single topic, such as a Special General Meeting (SGM) where we can call for radical changes to be made in the management of this Society.”


Do please keep the news coming in.

Maureen Taylor

Clumber Spaniel Breed Notes –6th August 2021

It seemed like a good idea at the time to enter two shows on one weekend, but it certainly took it out of me, even though daughter Hannah did the majority of the driving.
So first to Bath where Valda Day was judging the breed. The rain kept off and we certainly had a healthy glow after a day in the sun and wind! It was a first CC and BOB for our Maursett Malfoy, with a Res CC for Marjorie’s Tavirosh Stonewall. In the bitches, it was that long awaited third CC for Ginny Heaume’s Suelynda Diamonds R’ Forever - as Ginny travels from Guernsey for these shows it is no mean feat to do what she has done. The Res CC went to Georgie Claxton with Anbrook Olivia Rose at Fiverites, whilst BP was awarded to Crawford’s Abbyford Moonlit Serenade.
Next day saw us at National Gundog under Tom Graham, where after early rain the day was fair. We were second in the ring and as there were so many in the barns and Covid restrictions were possibly being breached, we were given the option of being judged outside - if we stayed inside, we were told that everyone would have to wear masks all of the time. Needless to say, we plumped for outside. I do wonder how shows like the National will cope with many breeds being indoors and they also have breed shows taking place.
Anyway, back to the results. The dog CC was Sh Ch Anbrook Burma Star at Brazenhill (Foggy) owned by John and Margaret Newsham, with the Res DCC going to the Rudbach’s Sh Ch Micklemess Making Music at Clumberdane. In the bitches, it was once again an all-important third CC and BOB for the Kirkman Clan with Wymeswold Butterscott At Kirkara. There was also another Res BCC for Marjorie Charlesworth Ironside’s Tavirosh Limestone and yet another BP for Tavirosh Sugar Plum Fairy. Congratulations to all, especially the two new Show Champions.
As we had not heard any response from the Clumber Spaniel Club with regard to the reduction in our CC allocation from 2024 to 2028 a number of us exhibitors who regularly show and the majority of whom award CCs in the breed decided that a letter should be sent to the Kennel Club. We have been assured of a reply by the KC so do watch this space. The CSC, I understand, have subsequently issued a statement to say it had not been consulted with regard to the reduction, even though the KC has said breed clubs were contacted.
SKC have CCs on offer with the judge being Mr B Bosch who last judged us at Windsor in 2017. This is the same date as the Clumber Spaniel Club 2021 Ch show, being judged by Gordon Sutherland. I wonder if this may split the entry, with those in Scotland and the North heading to Ingliston and those in the south heading to Roade in Northants.
Darlington is also closing shortly with Mr E Engh being our judge, whilst Driffield has classes but no CCs on offer - our judge there is Bill Orzel. I was asked recently if the entry for the CSC Open show entries had been published, as yet I have not heard so, as the show is only 9 days away I would have thought they would be available by now.

Do please keep the news coming in.

Maureen Taylor

Clumber Spaniel Breed Notes –26th July 2021

It was a nice cool day for Leeds where Sara Kirkman was our judge. Dog CC and BOB was Sh Ch Anbrook Burma Star at Brazenhill (Foggy) owned by John and Margaret Newsham. Res DCC was our own Maursett Malfoy. In bitches, it was again one of ours - this time Maursett Mercy - adding to her Res CC gained in 2019 when just out of puppy. It was a second Res BCC for Marjorie Charlesworth Ironside’s Tavirosh Limestone and another BP for Tavirosh Sugar Plum Fairy.
When Hannah and I returned from Leeds, Hannah (who is a Nurse Practitioner) checked out Tony’s leg and ankle which had not improved. She diagnosed a DVT (blood clot) and he was duly whisked off to hospital, who agreed with Hannah. He is now on tablets to thin his blood and is having a further scan tomorrow. Meanwhile, I am to have three monthly check-ups as the Squamous Cell Carcinoma that was removed from my arm was a tad too big and could have spread via the lymph system (I will need to check myself weekly) and could also appear elsewhere. Not exactly the news I wanted to hear, but at least they got the whole thing out of my arm and will keep a close check on me for the next few years.
Hannah and I are off to do Bath and National Gundog at the weekend. We decided that, as the weather forecast was not looking good for Bath, we should invest in a pop-up tent. Tony is staying at home, but is willing to pay good money for a copy of the video, should anyone like to film our attempt at putting it up. I think he has a cheek!
I understand that the Clumber Spaniel Club have extended the date for entries to close for the show to the end of the month. Below is my emails and the answer, or not that I received!
I wonder if you could answer me a few questions as I want to enter the show, but am concerned regarding safety aspects now that restrictions are being lifted. I am classed as vulnerable so must take extra care.
If the weather permits and the judge requests it, will judging be held outside*?
Will social distancing and masks still be mandatory within the hall*?
Are there sufficient * disabled parking spaces?

I did receive a reply from the Acting Secretary, but there was no definitive answer given to the questions highlighted by the asterisks. I was also, I have to say, somewhat disappointed (if not angered) by the rather patronising suggestion that I should not enter in order to protect my health as a vulnerable person (not an acceptable suggestion given the demographic that dogs shows deal with in terms of exhibitors)!

Meanwhile, a note from Barbara Weston tells me that Walking with Clumbers is going West! They have had several successful walks in the NT Killerton Country Park near Exeter and are pleased to be going back on Sunday 22nd August. They will be doing the Deodar Glen Walk which includes grassy fields and woods with beautiful views across the Devon countryside ending with a close-up view of the old quarry and an extinct volcano. The start time is 10.30am and they will return to the café courtyard in time for a drink and a snack lunch. They still have a maximum number so everyone is required to register in advance and forms are available by request from

Further details of other walks planned for this year can be found on their Facebook page and website.

Do please keep the news coming in.

Maureen Taylor

Clumber Spaniel Breed Notes –15th July 2021

After heavy rain on the Friday it was fair (and not too hot) for East of England, where Joy Cunningham gave CCs for the second time. DCC was Jon Rudbach’s Sh Ch Micklemess Making Music at Clumbadane with Linda Thorogood’s Sh Ch Winhampton Over the Yardarm of Harrifield picking up the Res DCC. In bitches, it was first for both the CC and Res CC winners - Tweedsmuir Just a Dream, owned by Paul and Hilda Monaghan was BCC and BOB, whilst Marjorie Charlesworth Ironside’s Tavirosh Limestone received the Res BCC; not to be outdone, her kennel mate Tavirosh Sugar Plum Fairy was BP. Well done to all the winners.
Next up is Leeds, with Sara Kirkman awarding CCs for the second time, followed by the weekend of two Championship shows on consecutive days, namely Bath (Valda Day is our judge) and National Gundog, where Tom Graham has an entry of 17 dogs making 20 entries.
The entries for the Clumber Spaniel Club Open show on 10th August close tomorrow. We have been attending this show for nearly 40 years and it looks like we will have to miss this one, I have copied below an email that I sent to the Acting Secretary hoping for a reply to allay my fears - as of the present time no reply has been received.

I wonder if you could answer me a few questions as I want to enter the show, but am concerned regarding safety aspects now that restrictions are being lifted. I am classed as vulnerable so must take extra care.
If the weather permits and the judge requests it, will judging be held outside?
Will social distancing and masks still be mandatory within the hall?
Are there sufficient disabled parking spaces?

If anyone on the committee is reading these breed notes, perhaps they can let me know the answers as we are not the only ones that have concerns.

Do please keep the news coming in.

Maureen Taylor

Clumber Spaniel Breed Notes –3rd July 2021

Well, it seems chez Maursett is now known as the house of crocks. After being in plaster and having metal rods and screws fitted in his ankle and leg, as well as having a good amount of arthritic bone removed, Tony is now plaster free (he had surprised us all by opting for a vibrant pink coloured cast). The bad news is that it has been replaced by a fancy moon boot with air pods! He now has weekly visits to the occupational therapist to keep him happy - not! Hopefully, when all is done, he will be a lot more stable on his feet. Of course, Tony is the perfect patient and is not demanding in any way….I’m sure you all believe that!
Meanwhile, I have had a rather painful carcinogenic melanoma removed from my right forearm and, to add insult to injury, it has become infected and there is a haematoma under the wound; so, here I am on my second week of antibiotics, but on the plus side, the stitches are at long last out, whoopee. All I need now is a letter telling me they got it all and no further treatment is needed. It is a nervous wait.
Just to add to the chaos, Marnie produced seven lovely pups earlier this month, (they are all spoken for); on the plus side, Hannah’s setter pups are now safely living the life of luxury in their new homes. Like so many, we are having problems getting the pups registered while we argue the difference between ‘Separate’ and ‘Joint interest’ in an affix. Looks like another morning will be taken up on Monday as we try and get it all sorted.
There were no breed classes for Clumbers at Southern Counties, but Ricky Furnell and Maursett Marvella of Bebecova kept up their winning ways with Best AVNSC Puppy under Keith Thornton, then going on to Puppy Group 3 under Jacqui Ward. That is three shows and three best puppy awards - they are certainly having a good time.
The Clumber Spaniel Club’s Open show had been cancelled and this has now been rescheduled for 15th August 2021. I do hope that the date will not affect the entry for Richard Morris, who is judging Clumbers at Bournemouth on the day before.
I do not visit the club’s Facebook page, but I have been told that there has been an announcement that anyone critical of the club will be removed by the administrator – this does sound rather melodramatic and over the top, particularly for a members’ club where transparency should be paramount.
Breaking news, the 2020 CSC Ch show will be judged by Russell Mosedale who last judged us at LKA in 2018. Again, I wonder why the membership were not given the opportunity to put forward and vote on names for this – I appreciate timescales are short, but this was surely possible to organise.
Do please keep the news coming in.

Maureen Taylor

Clumber Spaniel Breed Notes – 6th June 2021

We are now into meteorological summer and are at long last enjoying some sun and heat. There has not been much to write about of late and, as Tony has had part one of his ankle reconstruction done and I am having a couple of health battles myself, I decided a break would do us all good. I would add that Tony has a cast on his leg and has been unable to weight bear for a month now - of course, he has not been demanding in any way and been the model patient!!! Only another couple of months to go.
Even so, I have been quite busy as Hannah and Dave, with whom English Setter Fathom now lives, decided to give us a surprise at the end of April. Fathom had been mated, but when one of our vets scanned her after four weeks, declared that she had missed and there would be no puppies. Fast forward another four weeks and Hannah rang to say Fathom was in milk! A second scan revealed a puppy and two days later Fathom went into labour, due to complications a C-section was needed and low and behold 2 puppies were delivered, one of each. Now, as Hannah works full time, it fell to us to rear said puppies, no problem! After we had been told Fathom had missed, we decided to mate Marnie and yes - you guessed it - she has taken and is like a barrel on legs and due in the next day or so. The two setters are now nearly six weeks old and luckily no bother; both are spoken for as are most, if not all, of the Clumber puppies. The next few weeks are going to be a tad hectic.
Meanwhile, last Saturday I packed the car, bathed the dogs and trotted off to my first show since Crufts 2020. I was very nervous prior to the show, as were many others, but once onto the showground, it seemed like we had never had 14 months of no shows. The weather was glorious and the show was completely outdoors, with big rings and plenty of space. We all dispensed with masks as it was so hot, but had to wear them in the ring - believe me trying to run, in heat wearing a mask is no fun. Well done to North Riding Gundog Club for organising the show, the entry in many breeds was huge with exhibitors travelling from all over the UK.
Only five Clumbers were entered and all our Maursett breeding. Maursett Mercy was BOB and shortlisted in the BIS; her daughter, Maursett Marvella of Bebecova owned by Ricky Furnell, was BP and Res BOB she also went BPIS 3 under David Howarth. It was really good to be able to catch up with all my gundog friends and, being local, not even an early start to contend with. I was surprised how our three took everything in their stride - Ella (Maursett Mirella) has not even been to training class and not met any strangers, whereas Foy (Maursett Malfoy) at least did get to a few shows prior to the lockdowns, I was worried they would be nervous, but they were fine.
Peter Sheppard has messaged me to say Clumberfest will be going ahead from 5th -12th July with the usual events and activities, plus Hoopers, I know Hettie who we bred and belongs to Sue Fenn loves Hoopers. Full details on
Entries to the CSC Open show close soon, so do support your judge James Taylor. Sue Brookshaw has had to stand down as judge for the 2020 CSC Ch Show due to be held in conjunction with Birmingham National in September this year. Although it is some time since Sue stood down, no judge for the show has been announced. When something like this happened before the second place judge was offered the appointment, but in this case I think Sue was the only nomination for 2020.
Do please keep the news coming in.

Maureen Taylor

Clumber Spaniel Breed Notes – 26th March 2021

Well, another one bites the dust - this time it is Three Counties that has just cancelled their next show (I must admit, I thought that they would under the circumstances). At the time of writing, there is still no news on whether Windsor will be going ahead.
I am also fearful that other shows will have to cancel as a third wave of Covid has hit Europe and we have been told that it will come here too. I understand that travel abroad should be avoided, so what this will all mean regarding Crufts and our European friends travelling over here to compete is very much up in the air (no pun intended).
If I remember correctly, the Kennel Club had said that schedules for Crufts would be available at the end of March (i.e. next week). Fosse Data are now saying they do not have a confirmed date for entries to Crufts to open. It will be interesting to see what format Crufts will take. It has also been reported that social distancing and the wearing of face masks may go on for years, rather than months. Social distancing and the physical actions of laying hands on a dog do not necessarily go hand in hand; Crufts, of course, is indoors and benched to add to the complexity of the decision making that the Kennel Club must surely be considering. At least most of the other shows are outdoors and have said there will be no benching, therefore making social distancing more feasible. I think SKC are perhaps the only other show held indoors in the summer. I suppose we are just going to have to wait and see how things pan out in line with the instructions from government.
Looking through social media, I came across someone in Europe who was panicking about a puppy they had bred as the lower eyelid was not tight. They were wondering if they should get a vet to do something about it! This eye shape is, of course, not unusual in our breed as the standard allows for some haw to be showing and the diamond eye shape was in the UK breed standard for many years.
Talking of vets, I once saw a picture of an adult Clumber after it had undergone surgery for entropia at just six months of age. The vet took a strip of skin out from across the forehead - you can imagine what it looked like when mature as the eyes appeared as if they had been pulled round to the side, poor thing. I always impress on my puppy owners to contact us should their vet suggest surgery of any kind whatsoever. Overly zealous surgery cannot be rectified.
Another social media post showed a Clumber in the show ring jumping up at its owner for a cuddle which I have no doubt some would frown at. It seems that in some countries showing is taken far more seriously than in others. I am pleased that in the UK, Clumber exhibitors take a relatively relaxed approach to our hobby – yes, we want to show our dogs to the best advantage, but do not get too uptight in the ring. Indeed, we have been told by adjacent breeds on more than one occasion to behave and to laugh a little less! For most, it is a day out to meet up with friends, have a good chin wag, put the world to rights and have a laugh - getting a CC or a good placing is secondary and long may it remain so. Many years ago, we once had a veteran roll on his back for tummy-rub from the judge, unfortunately the judge was a staid old-school type and was not amused. I certainly was as I watched Tony descend into a state of complete and utter embarrassment.
After the year we have all had, I for one am looking forward to resuming showing, though not the early morning starts. I wonder if our dogs agree. I would also hope that our dogs remember that the UK clocks go forward this weekend giving us an extra hour of sleep….I wish!
Do please keep the news coming in.

Maureen Taylor

P.S Recent announcement, Crufts has been cancelled

Clumber Spaniel Breed Notes – 18th March 2021

Hot off the press, SKC has just announced they are holding their May and August Shows back-to-back. This will mean that gundogs will clash with the Clumber Spaniel Club’s championship show on 3rd October, where Gordon Sutherland is judging.
I understand from the Convener of SKC, Stuart Payne, that the breed club takes precedence over SKC and if the Clumber Spaniel Club is unwilling - or cannot find an alternative date - that SKC will have to cancel their CCs; this will, of course, deprive Sheila Appleby of an appointment and we exhibitors of qualifying for Crufts or to gain CCs.
As we have lost a number of shows this year and SKC is the only show in Scotland with CCs for Scottish Clumber owners, one would hope that the CSC will be able to shift dates. One alternative would, of course, be for the Clumber Club to hold their championship show in conjunction with SKC - after all, we are the Clumber Spaniel Club of Great Britain, not just England. I remember recently only 3 bitches were present and a few of dogs at SKC, so a joint show would surely boost their entries too. I hope someone lets me know what the outcome is, as I hear nothing from the CSC these days.
I thought I had better do a run down on how things stand re Ch shows at the moment - I hope I have got these right as my diary has more crossings out than I don’t know what! So here goes with the shows for 2021:
• 5th September City of Birmingham cancelled - no new date announced. The judge for City of Birmingham had not been announced for Clumbers and (with the find a judge site on the KC website still not fully operational) it is difficult to double check re judges’ appointments)
• 13th June Three Counties (date unchanged at present) - judge Russell Mosedale
• 26th June Southern Counties – this is a revised date (no classes, but I know some do like to enter AVNSC)
• 1st July 2021 Windsor (pending, but no confirmation of the date as yet) – judge Keith Young
• 10th July East of England - judge Joy Cunningham
• 17th July Crufts - judge Ian Layfield
• 24th July Leeds - judge Sara Kirkman
• 31st July Bath - judge Valda Day
• 1st August National Gundog - judge Tom Graham
• 21st August Blackpool (no CCs, but breed classes are scheduled)
• 11th September Richmond - judge Jane Howarth
• 18th September Darlington - judge Mr E Engh
• 23rd September Birmingham National – judge Daphne Bailey and Clumber Spaniel Club Championship Show (2020) – judge Sue Brookshaw
• 3rd October Scottish Kennel Club (rescheduled May and August shows) - judge Sheila Appleby (for the show with CCs)
• 3rd October Clumber Spaniel Club Championship Show – judge Gordon Sutherland
• 10th October South Wales Kennel Club - judge Linda Thorogood
• 13th October Gundog Society of Wales - judge Jane Graham
• 11th December Ladies Kennel Assocation - judge David Shields
So, as it stands at the moment, there are sixteen sets of CCs on offer and I just hope that this does not reduce due to circumstances.
It will be so nice to get back to some semblance of normality, although I think the “new normal” is going to be a lot different for some time ahead.
Do please keep the news coming in.

Maureen Taylor

Clumber Spaniel Breed Notes – 3rd March 2021

Spring is officially here, well meteorological spring anyway. Snowdrops and crocuses have now been joined by a few daffodils and the camelia is in flower too.
I understand that the 2021 Clumber Spaniel Club’s Open Show will be held on 4th July at Countesthorpe Village Hall, Station Road, Countesthorpe, Leicester LE8 5TB. followed by both the 2020 and 2021 AGM (which as the membership have not accepted the 2019 accounts may prove interesting). I would imagine there will be a good turn out and envisage a rather long day. It would be nice if those standing for officer and committee could supply a short resume of their previous experience on committees so that better choices can be made, especially for the main posts of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer as it is imperative that we have experienced people running the CSC.
James Taylor is our judge and as this may be one of the earliest shows going ahead, hopefully he will get a good entry. James will, I am sure, be understanding if some of the dogs are not as well behaved and socialised as they would normally be. Let’s face it, the puppies and the majority of the juniors will not have been to a show, while many in Post Grad will have only made a couple of shows before the first lockdown. This will be the ideal environment to introduce youngsters to the show world, provided the weather holds and we are not inside a cramped hall.
Windsor, which has Keith Young judging the breed, is on 1st July and is, I understand, under threat as Windsor Horse Show have now got that weekend. It will be a shame if Windsor is cancelled as they had gone to great lengths to provide a safe environment for us. A statement from Windsor is expected shortly. Meanwhile Blackpool is now 21st August for Gundogs, no CCs but usually classes for us. SKC has just announced they are cancelling their May show and are looking into rescheduling it later in the year. Three Counties in June are still planning to go ahead so will be our first chance at Classes with CCs on offer should it do so, the judge is Russell Mosedale.
Do keep the news coming in.

Maureen Taylor

Clumber Spaniel Breed Notes – 22nd February 2021

As most will no doubt know, the Clumber Spaniel Club’s SGM has been cancelled following the withdrawal of the proposition.
I understand that the open Show and AGM on 4th April has also now been cancelled along with the AGM. Although the Kennel Club are allowing AGMs to be held via Zoom, this only applies to routine AGMs where no contentious issues are involved. That therefore almost certainly means that the Clumber Spaniel Club AGM could not go ahead given that the membership has still not seen and approved the accounts for 2019 – that being the case, it will be impossible for the 2020 accounts to be produced as there will be no opening balances nor, indeed, have the membership approved auditors for 2020. There are many questions that will need to be answered by many different people so we will have to wait until later in the year when it is safe for a ‘normal’ AGM to be conducted.
Meanwhile, I see that from 21st June (if all goes well) that events will be allowed. If the evidence proves that the virus is under control the show season could be up and running before long. This could potentially start with Blackpool, where the breed unfortunately does not have CCs on offer - if it is the first ‘big’ show to return, it could well draw a larger than usual entry from exhibitors who have been deprived of the pleasure of a show day. I must admit, I do like Blackpool as it is such a nice run over the Pennines for those of us in Yorkshire. Windsor would be the first show with CCs on offer, so again could draw a good entry. Unfortunately, on the down side, Welsh Kennel Club has already cancelled their championship show due to restrictions regarding the venue in Wales. At least the latest news regarding the relaxation of restrictions gives us all something to look forward to.
Like many of the older generation, I have had my first Covid vaccination and look forward to Tony eventually getting his. I just wish that people would note that the fact that you have had the vaccination does not mean that you cannot still contract the virus and there is no evidence as yet that having the vaccine prevents you from spreading it – we know this from first-hand experience in my own family, so please do take care folks.
Thankfully, we all seem to have survived the snow and frost which came with the so-called ‘beast from the east’. Today is very spring-like, so the dogs will now be donating their hair to the bird population to insulate their nests. Tony, ever the optimist, tells me that we can expect a covering of Sahara sand shortly – I think he is reading the weather forecast too intensely!
Do keep the news coming in.

Maureen Taylor

Clumber Spaniel Breed Notes –26th January 2021

Clumber Club Resignations Amid Allegations of Bullying and more
The news that the Secretary, Vice Chair and three committee members of the Clumber Spaniel Club have resigned will have come as a shock to many. There have been rumblings for a long time with regard to how the club has been run and now this appears to have come to a head. It is certainly a very odd occurrence for so many to resign en bloc.
The former Secretary has forwarded a copy of her resignation letter to me for publication which reads as follows:
25 January 2021

Dear Mrs C Page Officers & Committee Members of the Clumber Spaniel Club

I write to inform you of my resignation with immediate effect, as Secretary of The Clumber
Spaniel Club.

I love The Clumber Spaniel Secretary Role, a role that I have Carried out to the best of my
abilities with passion, putting the members first and breed first. I have thoroughly enjoyed
the Many hours I have spent communicating with events and latterly on the phone with
Vice Chair Dave Boden taking to members who was on their own during Covid & Lockdown
restrictions. To me communicating with members is so very important.

I have files of Correspondence, emails and Texts from the Committee which have been sent
to me, many are aggressive and clearly show examples of bullying & harassment. We are all
Volunteers in the roles we undertake, having been voted in by the Membership, I may seek
Legal advice on this.

I am deeply perturbed with the lack of Committee financial goverence, a task that is clearly
a Committee responsibility and the lack of action during the past 2 years. This being allowed
to happen and swept under the table at Committee Meetings.

I am also very unhappy with the Current management style and the direction of the Club is
going in.

I will cooperate with the handover, which I acknowledge will be difficult in Current Covid

Eunice King

I have also sought and obtained permission from Dave Boden to quote directly from his social media posting which appeared on the 25th January 2021 – this reads as follows:

"This is a letter I needed to do I am shareing it on FB so everyone is made aware.
Hi everyone
It is with real sadness that I must now resign from the CSC committee as Vice chair Under its present leadership I can see no way forward , under its current leadership the club is being taken in a direction I do not agree with, over the past months I have witnessed bullying, intimidation, firstly when the country went into its first lockdown we heard nothing from the chair for 4 months Eunice and myself attempted to keep in touch with members we felt were alone or vunrable. Something I know was appreciated by many. We also addressed many issues without the chairs input,
Whenever a question is put to the committee that does not fall in line with the current chair it is ignored, over the last few months I have voiced my concerns over issues within the club I have also put forward sugestions such as our members to recieve their membership 2021 subscription paid for this coming year as they have recieved nothing from its club in 2020. As usual this was ignored buisness was suspended against the will of some and against club rules the members were never informed, the only real reason was a personal attack on the secratary brining in the ICO. Re GDPR, a complete waist of time but again a diversion of the clubs real issues, the chair has refused over the weekend to condone the action of the field trials secratary her husband for his out right attack on the Crufts judge comments I think say more about his judging than that of the crufts judge.
The club is at present being run by a dictator who I'm affraid will distroy our club. I have never walked away from a battle but feel under the constaints the Chair has put upon its committee it would be more beneficial if I was free to express my concerns without fear of condemnation. I thank all those members who voted for me but now feel I am unable to carry out my duties in the intersets of the members. I am now prepared to add my name to the list requesting an SGM. As I feel our club is being mismanaged by its current chair.
Finaly just to confirm this is my resignation from the CSC committee with immediate effect. And a copy of this letter will posted on my F.B page and the clubs own F.B page So our members are fully aware of the current discord in the Committee."
Sent from Sky Yahoo Mail on Android

The above are both quoted directly and have not been edited by me in any way. What a terribly sad state of affairs for this grand old Club to find itself in.
In the meantime, I would like to thank Eunice King, Dave Boden, Sue Boden, Hilda Monaghan and Barbra Weston for their hard work and trying their best to keep the club going. Clearly this matter does need to be investigated and resolved. One other point I have been asked to make is that Sue Boden remains as Rescue Coordinator, a position that is of course, elected by the members of the Clumber Spaniel Club.

On to other matters now, I have just read the announcement from Windsor Championship show regarding their upcoming show on 1st July. They really have looked at the situation and made so many changes. No public allowed in, no benching, staggered judging times and you are asked to arrive in time for your breed slot only and go home straight after judging, lots of open space with no tentage apart from that above each ring, less trade stands, no tents or gazebo’s and lots more innovative ideas. I just hope the Crufts organisers pick up on some of their excellent ideas (such as no public, a not before time for judging, so we can arrive later and going home straight after judging). I must admit the thought of being cooped up from early morning till 4pm in a hall at the NEC is not appealing under present circumstances.
The Covid situation at my daughter’s continu

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