Retriever (Flat Coated) Breed Notes

By Downstream

Retriever (Flat Coated)

Retriever (Flat Coated)
Flatcoated Retriever Breed Notes - 14th July 2017.

East of England saw an entry of 94 dogs for Roz Bellamy. She found her DCC (his 2nd) from Veteran - in Sue Knight's and Gemma and Mark Jabobs' Broomsward Hugo Boss By Gemswin SHCM and her RDCC from the other end of the line - Lyn Strudwick's Burpham Million Love Songs JW. BCC and BOB (also her 2nd) to Celia Malone's Kissock Weesleekit for Kirkbeck JW and RBCC to Ollersett Shining Nymph.

Julie had a good day as she also won BP with Ollersett Black Knight.

The layout of the show was much improved from previous years. I didn't get down to the Flatcoat ring as I had 3 breeds to judge at the other end of the showground but I had a wonderful ring and plenty of room to move the dogs around.

The KC have published the Minutes of the Breeds Liaison Council meeting held in May. I can confirm that they did reject the proposal to be able to include the initials SGWC after a dog's name and their reasoning for doing so is made very clear in the minutes - so the rule still stands - "on no account should the letters SGWC be used after a dog's name"

Leeds is next week which has attracted 101 for Mike Gadsby - another weekday show.

The National Gundog entries have just been published with a cracking entry of 157 for Elaine Whitaker officiating for the first time at Championship Level.

There seems to have been a lot of Social Media activity criticising breed clubs for a variety of reasons. As I am no longer a member (by choice) of any Flatcoat organisation I feel I can speak without prejudice - and what I would say is that a great many people give up their time voluntarily for the benefit of Flatcoat owners. There are people who have worked tirelessly over many years for the benefit of our breed. Rather than criticise them publicly via social media I would just ask those that are making these claims - "what have you done personally for the breed or any of the clubs".

And how much do you actually know about the history of the breed to make such claims?

Becky Johnson

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