Pointer Breed Notes


Results from The Pointer Club Breed Open Stake

Judges Steve Robinson and Roy Heath

1st Linda Westron's PB Godribb Florence (handled by Mark Adams today and thanks to him, this win makes her up into a FT Ch 😊)
2nd Paul Dale's PD Crimson Patch of Bladesdale
3rd James Coyle's PD FT Ch Koram Kaiser
4th Terry Harris's PB Sparkfield Twiggy

COM to Steve Lound's PD Godribb Judd

Great day with lots of birds and the rain held off.

Linda Westron

Judges Wilson Young and Paul Dale

1st Steve Robinson's ISB Coldcoats Little Pixie
2nd Roy Heath's PB Glencuan Molly
3rd Howard Kirby's ESB Upperwood Kynn Elle Aurichalcum

Breed Open
1st Billy Darragh's ISB Erinvale Jenna
2nd Donna Clark's ISD Bownard Cherry Cherry (handled by Colin Forde)
3rd Steve Robinson's ISB Coldcoats Little Pixie
4th Steve Robinson's ISB Tiguan Pippa

COMs to Davy O'Neill's ISD FT Ch Shan-Ry-Con Android, Steve Robinson's ISB Coldcoats Little Lottie and Sara Chichester's ISD Dunroon Ginger Storm at Wiscombe (handled by Maddy Raynor)

Very foggy first thing but cleared up during the breed Open to make spectating the reds so much easier!!

Congrats to everyone in the cards
Linda Westron

Results from English Setter Club Open Pointer/Setter Stake

Judges Julie Organ and Colin Adamson

1st Mr Hild's PB FT Ch Ardclinis Eva of Gerensary (handled by Richard MacNicol)
2nd Steve and Sharon Lound's PD FT Ch Frosted Elfin of Fleetstalk
3rd Mr Michel's PD Deeverspring Angus (handled by Alan Neil)
4th Jimmy Dalton's PB Shannaghview Gershwin De Lagopus

COMs to:
Jimmy Dalton's PD Lagopus Jester
John Naylor's PD Goddrib Bari of Bitternboom
Linda Westron's PB Goddrib Florence
Nicky Harris's GSB Trollsteinen's Neamour of Clitters

Nicky Harris also won Guns Choice with her Gordon

Another sunny day, congrats to everyone
Linda Westron

Results of The English Setter Club
Field Trial Novice Stake 17.07.17 held Eggleston

1st David Hall's PD Windhovering Alder

Judges Julie Organ and Colin Adamson
Linda Westron

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