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Breed Notes for Brittany’s
Gill Tully

Hello everyone, as you can see my name is Gill Tully, I have been in dogs for over 40 years. In saying that I have only had Brittany’s for 12 years. I love the breed as it is quirky full of life and funny. They are very enthusiastic as young ones but soon settle down when older. I hope to bring you some breed news each week but it will be down to you to contact me and tell me what your dogs have been up to. Not just showing but working or obedience and agility. Maybe your dog is a pat dog or a scent dog but what every they do if you have a story to tell then tell me and we can share it with other breed enthusiasts.
So until then enjoy your lovely breed.

Gill Tully

Hi All,
Well we have the club show coming up on February 25th this year it is held at Yelvertoft village hall, NN66LY. This year the main judge is Ms Becky Johnson (Downstream).
This is Becky’s Resume.
My primary breed is Flatcoated Retrievers which I was born into (my parents having founded the Downstream Kennel before my arrival). I have always grown up around gun dogs and am particularly interested in the lesser known breeds. I love the versatility of HPRs - a dog for all duties. To me they are the ideal shooting dog. As the daughter of a gamekeeper I can fully appreciate why they are so popular.

My interest in the Brittany developed about 10 years ago whilst watching them in the ring one day whilst I was waiting to judge. I was just struck by how smart they were without being flashy and have followed them ever since. The fact that a breed not large in numbers can produce dual champions just goes to prove that they have brains as well as beauty. I am very passionate about the lesser known gun dogs and promote them at every opportunity. Currently I have the great privilege to handle a Sussex Spaniel. I consider a huge honour and privilege to be judging the Brittany Club of GB’s open show this year and am greatly looking forward to my day with you all.

My judging background obviously started with Flatcoats over 25 years ago. I am now passed to award CCs in 14 Gundog breeds and the Gundog group. I have a JDP credit in many breeds that I do not currently award CCs in, including Brittanys. Every appointment is an honour - but a breed show, especially when it is not one’s specialist breed, is particularly special.
The Memorial classes will be judged by Mrs F Mitchell (Sunsparke).
After the show we have the AGM so if you are a member please come along to see what you club is doing for you and your lovely breed.

On a different note there is a deadly illness called Alabama rot and it seems to be spreading around the country (There is no cure) no one know much about it but it is lethal. It shows its self with skin lesions mostly on the feet and nose but it could be anywhere. It affects the kidneys and kills the dog every time. Please please if you take your dog around brackish water and mud then when you get home wash your dog off with clean water. BEWARE.

If you have any new please email me


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