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Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog
SKC May 2018 – Portuguese Water Dogs.
A small but quality entry of 19 with 2 absentees. Pleased to see all with the distinctive well- muscled forequarters and most carrying their tails in characteristic fashion. Profuse coats of excellent presentation were a bonus. I was asked why the dogs were ‘walked’ back to their places after the up and down plus profile movement at the trot. The reason being that the Standard specifies the type of gait at the walk (and the gallop!) so it seems appropriate to assess this (even though I personally believe that very little can be established by watching a dog at walking pace unless it is dreadfully lame!). To assess them at the gallop would have been both hilarious and pointless, so I chose to ignore that particular description! (Although one or two broke into a short gallop in their eagerness to be moving!).
Junior Dog (2)
1st Bongiovanni & Heard’s Ankors Badaboum. 15 month black with white neck/chest marking. Correct rectangular body proportion and at an ‘almost there’ stage of development. Loved his head with prominent frontal bones, evident stop and muzzle of pleasing proportions, being neither too blocky nor snipy. A small tuft of hair on bridge of nose can give an incorrect impression of a roman nose but hands-on tells a different and correct story. Well angulated, especially on the rear and this showed in his rear movement and in profile. Slightly less neat movement coming to but this was nit picking when considering him for higher honours. Carried his tail happily and in typical fashion when he got into his stride. Very close to getting the RCC.
2nd Spencer’s Ilsekeepers Filho De Calice. 15 month black with such a lovely head and muzzle which was well balanced with correct proportions coming from optimum ratios of depth, width and length. Very well developed in rib (possibly better than 1st in this respect) with correct depth and giving a good short loin. Not quite as well angulated behind and tending to crab very slightly on the move today. Coming to, he had a super gait with true, straight reach with no deviations. Excellent tail carriage gave him that jaunty, happy to please impression.
Post Grad Dog (1)
1st Mrs &Miss Pike’s Breezelyn Blue Topaz. Much to like about this 20 month old black. A pleasing outline of correct rectangular proportions. Could have very slightly less pronounced wither. Excellent for depth of chest and ideal set of tail (which was correctly just short of the hock. Quality profuse coat with gentle waves. Moved with great energy and looked very eyecatching in profile and was true ‘coming to’ although maybe over-using his hindquarters ever so slightly from behind.
Limit Dog (1 – absent)
Open Dog (3)
1st Thompson-Morgan & Morgan’s Belleville Anjo Negro. Black with white chest markings. On his best form today and just looked the part from all angles. Such an attractive head with good ratio of skull to muzzle length. Good body proportions for length, depth and spring of rib. Well ribbed up with short, muscled loin. Happy tail carried up and in just the right position to enhance him. Super muscle quality throughout and in particular the definition on his hindquarters made him unbeatable today. CC BOB.
2nd Matton’s Winterkloud Trouble Maker. Another super head type on this black of excellent type, although ears could have been a tad shorter. A more obvious rectangular shape than 1st but not over-long by any means. Very pleasing tail carriage giving him style on the move. Good long rear pasterns giving him power in his easy movement. RCC.
3rd Tweedie’s Int/Ir/Nl Ch Fame Da Pedra Da Anixa.
Veteran Dog (2)
1st Johns’s Ch/Ir Ch Gemson Rabelias. 10 years old and not showing his age despite a little stubbornness until he received his treat bribery. A lovely light gait with well carried tail made him a pleasure to watch on the go-around. Pleasing head with eyes set well apart and giving that concentrated look. Short, strong neck, well-muscled forequarters and enough depth of chest. Still in profuse wavy coat of excellent quality. Gave way to the younger generation today, but a credit to his owner. BVIB.
2nd Mainland’s Be/Nl/Ro/ROGCH Dragonbank Sea Spider. 8 yr black of slightly more elegant type and not quite had his heart in it today. Head was balanced although a tad more strength of muzzle would have been my ideal. Very good hind angulation and with well defined curve of buttock. Moved soundly in all directions but carried his head rather low which detracted from that ‘tireless’ image of the breed. Delighted to see that his caring handler didn’t attempt to ‘string him up’.
Junior Bitch (3)
1st Spencer’s Islekeepers Filha De Calice. A case of swings and roundabouts here with this black having strength of head, well-muscled and an image of robustness all round. Good depth of chest and moderate tuck-up were in complete balance with her angulation. Well shaped muzzle with wide nostrils. Eyes set well apart but could have been slightly smaller to enhance her expression. Movement was varied according to her level of concentration but was sound although I would have preferred a more consistent performance!
2nd Johns’s Gemson Paloma. Such a promising youngster but giving away a lot in development today. Good proportions of skull/muzzle, height/length, depth of chest. A little more tuck up than I would prefer and together with the need for natural muscle development on the hindquarters, this gave her an impression of not being as robust as 1st. Moved so well and with lively, light steps. Just needs maturity now and this one will undergo quite a transformation I think.
3rd McGill’s Fire And Ice Jamalle Winterkloud (imp CZ).
Post Grad Bitch (1)
1st Mrs & Miss Pike’s Breezelyn Amber. Definitely a ‘hair on the back of the neck’ moment for me when this one came into the ring with her larger-than-life energetic attitude, her intelligent expression and ticking all the boxes today. On the stand she projected a super outline with slightly longer than tall proportions, correct strong, short neck, good depth of chest, well placed withers of correct width and well-muscled all round. Skull to muzzle balance was just right and ears of ideal length. On the move she really upped the ante with light, energetic steps, well carried tail and keeping a beautiful outline too. Possibly could do with a looser wave on parts of her coat but at this age, the optimum length has not yet developed. CC and pushed for BOB against the outstanding male.
Limit Bitch (1 absent)
Open Bitch (4)
What a lovely class of quality girls – each deserving of high honours for different reasons. Some nit-picking was needed to establish the winner.
1st Bongiovanni & Heard’s Ch Ankors Freya. Easy to see why this lovely brown is a Ch. Super outline with perfect neck length and corresponding muscle on forequarters. Good skull/muzzle proportions and well-shaped eyes set well apart. Ears of correct length. So much balance with her correct depth of chest, ideal croup and tail set, it was no surprise to see her moving to advantage. Excellent straight front with good pasterns, being long and upright. Lovely profuse wavy coat of excellent presentation. Have judged her before and thought she needed a little more definition of buttock at that point. This was not the case today and, together with her gentle tuck up, looks at her best. Such a close decision but opted for the energy of the PG winner ultimately. RCC.
2nd McGill’s Winterkloud Double Trouble. Another super type with excellent head piece – being balanced due to correct ratios. Good depth of chest and well ribbed with moderate tuck up under the flank. Profuse wavy coat in great condition. Possibly would benefit from a fraction more angulation. Moved well but not quite got her showing head on today so giving way a little on the energy front.
3rd Green’s Grandway Mistique. Such a lovely outline and stood ‘over herself’ well. Super hindquarters with ideal angulation and well defined muscle. Moved soundly but not quite moved to best advantage today.
Veteran Bitch (1)
1st Gemson Roberta Grandway. 10yr girl in good condition and only showing some subtle signs of age. Type was lovely and headpiece spot on for skull/muzzle ratios. Excellent short strong neck gave her such a good outline on the stand. Correct depth of chest with moderate tuck-up giving her the look of robustness I prefer. Could have had a little more definition of muscle on the hindquarters but nevertheless this didn’t stop her from sound easy movement in all directions. Gave way to the male for BV – I see they are littermates.
Judge – Del Richards.

The Portuguese Water Dog Club of Great Britain – Open Show 8/4/18

I really enjoyed my day with the PWDs at this friendly, well run show. Thank you so much for the support.
1 Johns’ Ir Sh Ch Gemson Rabelias. Best Veteran in Show. 10 years old and shown in really excellent condition. Pleasing head of good proportions with clear, dark eyes. Good breadth and depth of chest, strong well ribbed body. Strong well muscled hindquarters with decent angulation. True and steady on the move.
1 Dring’s Yelsek The One and Only. Good skull and hard expression. Strong shortish neck and good forehand. Good width and depth of chest, well ribbed back and excellent tailset and carriage. His strong well angulated hindquarters gave him an accurate and easy stride. Very promising.
2 Watt’s Micador Will I Am. Less mature in body than the winner but with an attractive head and good expression with dark, well-shaped eyes. Good length of rib. Nicely angulated. Couldn’t quite match the accurate hind action of the winner.
1 Spencer’s Islekeepers Filho De Calice. Pleasing for both balance and overall type. Good breadth of skull, pleasing eye. Shortish neck and good forehand with strong bone and well padded feet. Ribbed well back with nicely rounded, muscled bottom. Sound with a very typical action.
1 Steven’s Cartmel’s Galhardo. Good sized skull, defined stop and the darkest of eyes with good pigmentation. Very good forehand with well laid shoulders, good bone and typical feet. Decent forechest, good length of rib and strong loin. Strongly muscled quarters. His very good action and lovely temperament are a great bonus.
2 Mellor’s Austwell I Get Around. A handsome very typical dog of some quality. Good head properties, deep broad chest and good ribbing. A fraction longer cast than the winner. Strong, nicely rounded quarters.
1 Reddin & Williams’ Rarjo Quicksilver. Best Dog. Strong masculine skull of good breadth, dark eyes, strong jaw. Shortish neck with well laid shoulders and excellent forehand. Well ribbed with a strong short loin. Well angulated quarters and shown in good coat and muscular condition. Sound and typical on the move. Excellent temperament.
2 Samuelson’s Olhao Carlos Castro Marim. Reserve Best Dog. Slightly different type to the winner but he is a good example of the breed. Large, masculine skull, dark eye and typical hard expression. Strong neck and good, well ribbed body. Typical short gait and presents a most attractive overall picture.
1 Steven’s Cartmel’s Abbadessa. Unexaggerated and with lots of quality and some style. Shapely with a strong head and most pleasing expression. Lovely neck and shoulders. Well boned. Very good rib and forechest. Adequate hind angulation with good muscle tone and this was reflected in her very good action. Well presented jacket. Best Veteran Bitch.
2 Green’s Gemson Roberta Grandway. Again, she too was shown in great coat and condition, pleasing head. Good breadth and depth of chest. Adequate rib and strong loin. Well angulated and in profile has a very typical action.
3 Randall’s Rysalka Belle Ceira at Rusara. Attractive head and expression. Could have a little more forechest. Strong bone and good ribbing. Shown in good coat.
1 McGill’s Fire and Ice Jamalle Winterkloud. Best Puppy in Show. Very pleasing head, dark eyes, strong jaw. Shortish neck and good shoulders. Well boend with typical feet. Good depth of chest and strong, slightly arched loin. Good hindquarters. Moved well in a typical fashion. Very promising.
1 Hammon’s Moonstyle Surfs Up Baby. Just 13 months but excellent body and rib for age and this just gave her the advantage today. Good sized skull, keen expression. Decent breadth and depth of chest. Strong, short loin. Very good quarters and this was reflected in her true action.
2 Johns’ Gemson Paloma. Beautifully balanced and very typey. Most pleasing head with a lovely expression. Soundly made all through with well angulated, unexaggerated hindquarters. Particularly good hind action.
3 Dring’s Islekeepers Now You See Me at Yelsek. Quite an eyecatcher with a good sized skull, feminine expression. Good bone and feet. Has some strength over the loin. Very pleasing profile action.
I had no idea these two bitches were litter sisters but in my notes I wrote that there was little to separate them. Both have attractive, good sized heads with feminine expressions. Both are a good shape and with strong firm toplines. Lizzie has the slightly more generous hindquarters and this was reflected in her slightly better rear action. Both shown in good coat.
1 Mardle’s Auldhelm Bizzy Lizzie
2 Smith’s Auldhelm Clementina
1 Mardle’s Auldhelm Bizzy Lizzie
2 Feetham’s Islekeepers Summer Madness. Pleasing head with dark eye, large open nostrils. Decent forehand with good bone. Good ribbing. A little shy and this made her look rather un-coordinated on the move which was a shame as with a little more confidence she would present an attractive picture.
Post Graduate
1 Samuelson’s Somebody To Love Da Pedra Da Anixa. Well balanced and shapely with a strong short neck and sturdy, well ribbed body. Pleasing head with good furrow and brow. Shows to good advantage and her coat was in very good order. Impressed on the move.
2 Watt’s Melfield Precious Pearl at Micador. Feminine with a good sized head and pleasing expression. Good pigmentation. Good forehand with decent forechest and strong loin. Once settled, moved well with some enthusiasm.
3 Mardle’s Auldhelm Bizzy Lizzie
1 Woodcock’s Belleville Olhos De Anio. Reserve Best Bitch & Res. BIS. I thought she presented a lovely overall picture both standing and moving. Very pleasing head, strong short neck and good shoulders. Decent bone and feet. Ribbed well back with a good loin. Nicely rounded quarters with adequate hind angulation. Moved well both ways with an easy, fluid action.
2 Hopkins’ Claircreek Ocean De Fleurs at Cordula. I would like to see this bitch in different circumstances, on grass in a large outdoor ring as she is pleasing to handle and is well put together. Good forechest, well ribbed with a strong loin. Well balanced with a good body and attractive head. Didn’t quite do herself justice on the move today..
3 McGill’s Winterkloud Aurora. Not quite the body and rib of the two above, grand head with pleasing expression. Well coated. Most impressive on the move.
A lovely class.
1 Reddin & Williams’ Rarjo I Dreamed A Dream by Bregantia. Best Bitch & BIS. Top quality and has the temperament and condition to complement that. Very satisfying to handle with her good ribbing, strong short loin and well angulated (but unexaggerated) hindquarters. Well proportioned head, strong tapering muzzle and dark eyes. Excellent forehand with good bone and feet. Typical shortish true gait and her good coat is well presented.
2 McGill’s Winterkloud Double Trouble. Well balanced with a lovely head and penetrating expression, dark eyes. Good bone and feet. Sturdy, well ribbed body with short strong loin. Pleasing, well muscled quarters enabled her to move with an easy, true action.
3 Green’s Grandway Mistique. Beautifully balanced with a strong, yet feminine head. Good forehand, depth and breadth of chest. Well ribbed with a short strong loin. Tended to pace at times but once settled moved very well in typical fashion.
Judge: Tom Mather

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