Tibetan Spaniel Breed Critique

Tibetan Spaniel

Tibetan Spaniel
The Scottish Kennel Club 19/5/2018
Utility Veteran Group

Some really lovely representatives of their breeds in this good group.
Veteran Group 1 Hamilton’s Tibetan Spaniel, CH GALETIBBIAN MILLIE ON AIR. I thought she fitted the breed standard very well except that she forgot to be aloof with strangers! Quite charming and extremely typical with here fairly small head, good muzzle and chin. Excellent forehand with well feathered hare feet. In lovely coat and condition, she moved well with a true easy action.
Veteran Group 2 Fludder’s Schipperke, CH/AM CH EBONORTH NEVER ON SUNDAY. Anotehr very good quality, typical bitch. Lovely size and balance, keen expression, cobby with good depth and breadth of chest. Nicely rounded rump. Sound on the move with a relatively short stride.
Veteran Group 3 Wilson’s Akita, KITSUNE SEA THE STARS WITH INVERALICIA. Beautifully balanced and presents a most attractive outline when stacked with her good ears set, nicely crested neck and good tailset and carriage. Good sized skull, well boned straight front and shown in good body and muscular condition.
Veteran Group 4 Logan’s Lhasa Apso, LUEKIKI DIEMOS TO SPYANKI JW SHCM. The only dog in the final four and it was hard to believe he is a Veteran. Good head proportions, excellent forehand, good body with ribs extending well back. Shown in first class coat and condition.
Judge: Tom Mather

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