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French Bulldog

French Bulldog

An enormous thank you to the committee, officers for this invitation to judge at this warm and efficiently organised show, no mean feat to get everything into place at this time of the year. Also to all the “back room boys” who generously give up their time for the benefit of exhibitors and judges alike – you are the backbone of these shows and everyone appreciates all you do. Stewards fall into the same category – especially today – Graham who kept the ring going smoothly and the judge laughing!! Thank you Graham. I can honestly say that there is nothing that pleases me more than going over lots of dog. I absolutely love judging and today was a real treat as I had a fabulous entry with some real quality to asses. I cannot thank all the exhibitors enough, for bring your lovely dogs under me. Your sportsmanship in your acceptance of my decision was second to none and the kindness of your comments to me after judging was moving. As a judge we can only gain more experience by having good dogs to evaluate and you have all honoured me with you entries and I came away feeling as though I had gathered a wealth of knowledge, thank you.


JUN.D/B 5 / 0 abs (5)

1st. Timms Eastonite Moana. Brindle bitch in good form and condition presenting a good outline. Dark eyes held in appealing, feminine head. Expressive bat ears and good stop and muzzle. Correct amount of bone and a well sprung rib and deep chest. Standing on excellent round feet. Super effortless mover hence and easy choice for BP. RBOB and PG1

2nd Pleasance’s Katakia Last Man Standing. Pied male. Another with a good head and expression. Carried his ears well. Strong neck into well rounded back and displaying good tuck up. Good tailset and another who moved out freely

3rd Brooks and Cairns’ Corursus Under the Ivy.


1st Morgan and Lings’ Agramer’s No Alibi at Tytorro. This 8 months brindle boy is well grown on and maturing nicely. Masculine head with kind expression and used his good ears to advantage. Lovely movement from his strong round bone. Cobby dog with a strong front and rounded feet.

2nd Brooks and Cairns’ Corursus Handsome Cabin Boy. Another male, not as mature as 1 but still a quality exhibit. This pied with a good muzzle and dark eyes had a head which is developing correctly and a good flat scull. Strong neck into pleasing topline and brisket is dropping well.

OPEN D/B 6 / 1 abs (5)

1st Brooks and Cairns’ Corursus The Glamorous Life. Appropriately named as as this brindle bitch certainly oozed glamour and style today. Lovely head with broad muzzle and good earset. Nicely arched neck into well laid shoulder and strong rounded body. Well off for bone but not overdone in any way. The best mover in the class as she strode round the ring like she owned it. BOB

2nd Timms’ Eastonite Maui. Interestingly this fawn boy is also sired my BP winner. With a super masculine head and good shape to the ears he had a strong neck into a muscular cobby body and strong round bone. Correct tailset and powerful quarters. Just a bit wider that 1 on the move.

3rd Seffer’s Boule & Onuba Rachelle Catrelma JW.


JUN.D/B 5/2 abs (4)

1st Rushfirth’s Kikay’s Raising Eybrows. Compact young male with lovely head and kind expression and dark eyes. Arched neck into level back. Correct mouth. Arched neck into good back and well placement of shoulders. Tight feet. A smart dog who moved very well. RBOB.

2nd Goudie’s Pearlbefree Oso Amazing. A smart puppy bitch who took my eye. Ears set on well and she used them to her advantage. Nice red with good lay of front assembly but not over done and level back which she is growing into. Super turn of stifle again not excessively and cat feet. BP.

3rd Mothersdale’s Amivike’s I Am A Raven.


1st Mothersdale’s Amivike's Super Minx. This red bitch had a lovely coat in peak condition. With a pleasing triangular head and dark eyes. Standing on strong bone with an excellent topline and correct outlines. Had the edge on movement today.

2nd Bryans’ Marilouvales Queen of Hearts. Dark eyes and holding pigment throughout, this bitch had a good neck but would have preferred a more classic head shape. Good bone and held her shape on the move. Pleasing amount of bone.

3rd Marriott’s Amivike’s Mia Magic at Jarshimar.

OPEN D/B 9 /3 abs (6)

1st Goudie’s Pearlbefree Oso Grand Design. Loved this dog the minute he came in, a complete picture of good proportions. With an ideal wedge shaped head and small firm ears, a strong neck into level back and the right amount of angulation which enabled him to move perfectly round the ring. Round bone and lovely tight feet. A joy to watch on the move. BOB. G3

2nd Goudie’s Pearlbefree Oso Fab U’Lass. Well a surprise when I read that this is the litter sister of 1. A little lighter red than her brother but another super mover. Pleased to see a dark eyes and shape to head with feminine expression and neat ears. Well off for bone for her size and standing on well arched feet. Just lost to movement by the smallest margin.

3rd O’Brien’s Jilltrain Jack A Nory.


JUN D/B 5/2 abs (3)

1st Scales Zentarr Osbourne. Sometimes you see a dog who makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and this young male did just that. With a lovely kind expression and well placed dark eyes and a head developing correct proportions with a flat skull. His coat is still growing of course but had good texture on top and underneath. Super front assembly and level topline, standing and on the move. Excellent quarters really strong and with a good bend to stifle. But when this dog moved he lit up the ring and his excellent outlined was maintained throughout. He moved out and back true and straight showing plenty of pad and in profile had the drive you would expect from such good confirmation. BOB G1 and delighted to watch him go BIS in strong competition.

2nd Anderson’s Zentarr Albert. Another cracking type and litter brother to 1. but slightly shorter coupled. Pleasing shape to head holding dark eyes and good facial furnishing. Strong bone and good angulation and with many similar attributes as 1 but felt he wasn’t so balanced as his brother today.

3rd Hudson and Steele’s Alamiks I got you babe at Threadgold.


OPEN D/B 2/ 0 abs (2)

1st Hart’s Anjesics Kingsmaker of Khazedel JW. A compact dog presenting a classic outline and carrying a good coat. Lovely pigment and good stop and flat skull. Well off for bone and good front assembly. Flat topline and well sprung ribs. Super movement which won him the class today.

2nd Anderson’s Zantarr Brockman. Larger type than 1, but still balanced and making a good outline. Masculine head but not overdone with pleasing ears with great expression. Good front and depth of chest and standing on round pads. In good coat with a straight back and strong quarters. A little unsettled on the move today.


JUNIOR D/B 1 /0 abs (1)

Parker and McDonald’s Violis Vixen. Standing alone but not deterred this confident girl displayed a good head which she is growing into nicely with a good amount of stop, dark eye and length of nicely arched neck. Level back into strong, short loin and spring of rib. Moved out well. BP

POST GRADUATE D/B 4/1 abs (3)

1st Gudgin and Campbell’s Jennayr Eternity. A smart, compact bitch displaying a lovely shape and size. With a dark eye and good decoration on her head. Arched neck and strong bone, straight back and good ribs and well turned stifle. Coat was a good salt and pepper with a correct underlay. A well balance mover and a well deserved RBOB.

2nd Parker and McDonald’s Risepark Shooting Star. Another bitch who had a lot to like about her. Was not as outgoing as 1 today but I did like her size and felt she has a lot to offer with a dark eye and expression, Strong arched neck set on good shoulders and level back.

3rd Gudgin and Campbell’s Jennayr Organza.

OPEN D/B 3 / 2 abs (1)

1st Gudgin and Campbell’s Jennayr Obsession JWShCM. Striking salt and pepper male who made a clean outline. Alert expression and super masculine head, sufficiently broad and flat skull and excellent furnishings. Perfectly shaped ears, well set on, powerful neck and straightest of backs. Lovely spring of rib. Well rounded quarters into good bend of stifle and well let down hocks. You would expect good movement and he did just that. Straight out and back and drove well. BOB.


JUNIOR D/B 3 /0 (3)

1st Watson’s Miccosukees Guess who at Jalero. Smart young pepper and salt bitch with a good head and dark eye and keen expression. Love to to go over. Well off for bone. Arched, long neck, level topline, good depth to chest, muscular loin and tail carried well. Well laid shoulder, straight forelegs. Moving out well in profile, just a little loose in front, but she is young.

2nd Bradshaw’s Gateclyve Auroura from Kaiteriteri. Appealing puppy bitch with a great attitude. Liked her head planes and amount of stop. Straight fore legs and shoulder placement is not over done. Level back with slight slope and super quarters which are developing well and will muscle up beautifully. Drove out well. BP, PG4

3rd Lewington’s Zodiac Leebren Grand Calvera.


1st Lockyer’s Drusssilla of Cindy Land at Miccosukees. Salt and pepper girl, with flat skull and dark eyes and correct bite. Well bodied and with a good lopline and rear assembly. Strong straight bone. Moved the better of the two today.

2nd Lewington’s Oshea Khagrass at Leebren. An appealing head on this bitch, with good parallel planes and correct bite. Stood well on good bone and made a strong outline. Good tailset and round tight feet. Would have liked more drive.

OPEN D/B 5/0 (5)

1st Bawden and Brown’s CH Khanate Gin Fizz ShCM. What a lovely class of quality exhibits. But for me this dog stood out. Lovely to go over and watch. Excellent coat and texture and with a classic head with a good stop and skull shape. Neck the right length and strength with a good arch into good front assembly. Short strong and level back, with well rounded and muscled quarters. Beautifully balanced on the stand and the move. BOB

2nd Watson’s CH Jalero Miss Iowher. How lucky was I to have 2 worthy Champions in this entry, and the joy is not knowing any of them before hand. This darker salt and pepper bitch is so typical of the breed and her feminism showed in her elegant head and expression. A good neck into a good a good slope from the withers to the point of shoulder and good bone. Nicely developed brisket and super spring of rib. Good feet and so much to fill the eye with her confident and powerful movement. RBOB.

3rd Bradshaw’s Kaiteriteri Izbrannitza.


JUNIOR D/B 3/0 (3)

1st Howson’s Tairoko's Stand and Stare. Lovely puppy bitch of correct size for age and developing correctly. This red displayed a feminine head with good eye and good set forward ears. Correct bite and tounge and padding. Level topline into well developing loin and stifle. Excellent bone for her age and lovely feet. Moved with balance and drive and this won her the class, BP and RBOB.

2nd Sutherland’s Witchgate Just One Slice. This red bitch was larger and had grown on further than 1. But with a dark eye and correct head proportions for her size and a good strong neck into a well boned body. Standing on round bone and good spring of pastern. Well ribbed. Didn’t move as balanced as 1. today.

3rd Grimshaw’s Sharpuggles Maggie.

1st Grimshaw’s Hafferlaffen Moonlight Shadow at Shapuggles. A young bitch of pleasing proportions. With a correct head display a lovely bright expression and moderate wrinkle. Standing four square on good bone with a deep chest and level topline into good strong hips. Nice tail carriage. Would like to see more drive.

OPEN D/B 3 / 1 abs (2)

1st Dawson’s Loupei’s Paco Rabanne at Quinnhalo This lovely boy stood out with his balanced outline. Masculine, but not coarse head, with powerful muzzle, good bite and correct pigmentation inside. Standing on strong, round bone and a deep strong chest supported by a full, strong neck. Good back and tuck up into powerful quarters which made him the mover he displayed with a good length of stride and drive. BOB. Pushed for a group place.

2nd Lloyd’s Sharpuggles Talk about Luck. A female who stood well and was larger type than 1. Strong head and good mouth with nice ears and dark eyes and tight ears. Powerful shoulders and well off for bone. Nice round feet and good pasterns.


JUNIOR D/B 1/0 (1)
1st Maule’s Daltricia Arabella. Feminine 14 mnth with a classic head and dark eye. Nicely put together with a good forefront and feet and her bone is coming on as it should. Good body and ribs with strong backend for her age. Tail carried with style. Just seemed a little unsettled with all the noise. RBOB.


OPEN D/B 1/0/(1)

1st Maule’s Daltricia Kwakwali. JW ShCM. From the same sire as 1, this beautiful B/W took my eye and did not disappoint when I went over him, stylish to look at and to handle. Lovely head and expression, into well arched neck and well laid front. Perfect amount of spring to ribs and a perfectly developed loin and quarter. Loved his arrogant and driving movement. BOB.


JUNIOR D/B 3/1 abs (2)

1st Green’s Verony Vista La Luce. A stylish b/w bitch puppy with a style and class of her own. Beautifully balanced with a feminine head and expression with the right amount of curve to the skull. Furnishings growing well. Nice length to neck into correct lay of shoulder and straight bone, level back and excellent bend of stifle. But when this puppy moved she displayed her quality confirmation, for a puppy, displayed the balance and drive belied her age. BP and delighted to award her PG2.

2nd. Thomas’ Pet Pursuit Gathering Storm. (Imp Fin) This black girl, just a couple of mnths behind 1 and displaying this. A good head and dark eye into nicely developing neck and level back. Standing on good feet and her coat is coming on well. She is young and when her front tightens up she will be a a strong contender.

POST GRADUATE D/B 2 /1 abs (1)

1st Cherry’s Lynces Made in Heaven. Nice square bitch standing well on correct bone and feet. Dark eyes and right amount of stop giving good expression. In good coat with a thick underlay and showing a level topline. Strong ribs and good turn of stifle. Well set on tail, curling well and confident mover. RBOB

OPEN D/B 3 / 0 abs (3)

1st Thomas’s Int CH Layoli Dazzledby Smoke ShCM BE JR Ch. Indeed a worthy Ch this boy stood out with his perfect outline and aplomb. Masculine but not overdone head holding dark, well shaped ears. Excellent front assembly on good flat toes, well feathered. Level back into strong loin and well muscled quarters. Good turn of stifle and well let down hocks. Moved with drive, balance and length of stride.

2nd Cherry’s Lynces Whatever You Want. ShCM. Another pleasing type with moderate masculinity. His muzzle was a little shorter than 1 but this did not detract from his class. Good eye and head furnishing, strong neck and a good spring of rib. Correct feet. Well muscled hindquarter and well let down hocks. Pipped to the post on movement today.

3rd Green’s CH Verony the Usual Suspect.


JUNIOR D/B 2 /1 abs (1)
1st Hutchins and Griffith’s Parcheeni Con Fuoco. 7 mnth black Standard Poodle dog. Lovely chiselled head holding dark eye and expression. Good length to neck into fair lay of shoulder, Strong back and stifle developing. Tight feet. Not moving as well as I am sure he could do on another day. BP

POST GRADUATE D/B 2 2 abs (0)

OPEN D/B 5 / 4 abs (2)

1st Manners’ Chadbower Neveah Laheti. A young Schipperke bitch who sadly was not in full coat, but still had all the attributes. Feminine sharp head with good eye shape and good length to muzzle. Short neck on well broadening shoulders. Short, straight back and pleasing second thigh. Carried tail well. BAVNSC.

2nd Smith’s Kudryavyi Gnom Laskovyy May For Mezonyx. 18 mnth Apricot Min Poodle. This boy had fine sharp head planes into fair lay of shoulder and level back. Good bend of stifle. Did not seem too happy on the move today.

A.V. UTILITY VETERAN D/B 8 / 2 abs (6)

This class was full of superb quality and I was nit-picking in the final decisions.

1st Goudie’s CH Pearlbefree the Time Lord. Corking 8 yr. Shiba Inu dog in sparking form that I could not take my eyes off. Excellent head planes with a typical flat skull and alert expression. Good length to neck into strong withers and front assembly. Loved his bone and feet and making a classic outline he could not be ignored. Moved out and back perfectly and in profile held his good topline. BV.

2nd Gibbs’ CH Phadante Dixie Lily JW. I have judged this 9 yr old B/W Dalmatian bitch before and she has kept her shape and clean lines and was as good to go over as last time. Good decoration and pigment. Feminine head and ear placement into long neck and deep brisket. Well of for bone and super feet. Just dropping away behind a bit after a long day at a show. Her movement however did not disappoint and she drove well round the ring and was straight out and back.

3rd Bawden and Brown’s CH Khanate Euro Million.


My goodness, what a smashing group, full of quality exhibits, and an honour to judge. I was given a good sized ring so the dogs could really show their movement to their best and my steward kept everything running smoothly.
My winner of the group was the stunning Zentarr Osbourne. A Lhasa Apso, oozing quality and style but with the added joy of fitting the breed standard. What a pleasure to go over and to watch his impeccable movement, beautifully handled by his young owner, these two are destined for great things. The icing on the cake for them and myself , was to watch them win BIS. Under judge Mr. T Mervyn Evans.
Group 2 was the Schnauzer, Ch Khanate Gin Fizz ShCM. A worthy champion indeed and he was a superb example of the breed with strength, masculinity and class and another who’s movement put him in the second spot.
Group 3 went to Pearlbefree Oso Grand Design, the lovely Shiba Inu that had impressed me so much in the breed classes, with his excellent coat and superb head, he fairly strode round this ring with style and purpose.
Group 4 a B/W male Dalmatian with good decoration. Masculine head but in no way coarse, good amount of stop and dark eye. Long neck and well defined withers. Level back but would like to see more angulation front and back.


Puppy Groups are always interesting and a pleasure to judge as it give us an opportunity to go over the future and this group did not dissapoint.
Group 1 went to my stunning French Bulldog puppy, Eastonite Moana. A compact girl with a style befitting her quality. For me she just begged the group and never stopped showing. After a long day she still moved well and held her own in a good group.
Group 2. This Tibetan Terrier Verony Vista La Luce. I loved this young bitch and she certainly pushed hard for the number one spot, with her complete breed typical outline and faultless movement. Everything to like and a bright future to be had.
Group 3 went to a young male Dalmatian who I think, when he settles, will be good prospect. His head was just right and I liked his size for his age and with good bone and angulation he was and easy 3rd today.
Group 4. Schnauzers were definitely on form today and this super puppy Gateclyve Auroura from Kaiteriteri was no exception. She has just the right amount of maturity in attitude and confromation for her age and a classic head and expression. She moved as well in the group as she did in the class.


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