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Bichon Frise
The Bichon Frise Club of Great Britain
Championship Show 19/11/2017
I was delighted to be invited to judge for the parent club for a third time. There was a lovely atmosphere and my two excellent stewards, Phil and Jan Shepherd made my task very easy. There were some exciting youngsters of both sexes but overall the quality of the bitches far exceeded that of the dogs. Temperaments were excellent and my only word of caution is that hind action leaves a lot to be desired in some cases. Please don’t sacrifice good muscle tone for the sake of coat. I was presented with a lovely scarf at the conclusion of judging which I am sure will be well used over the forthcoming winter months. Thank you all for your support and good sportsmanship.
Minor Puppy
1 Coombe’s Marinik Diamond Geezer. Mature in both body and attitude, attractive head with good sized, round dark eye. Good forehand, well ribbed for age with some breadth over the loins. Strong, well angulated hindquarters. Good quality coat that was presented to best advantage.
2 Sayles’ Avenir The Real Deal. Less finished at this stage than the winner but promising and has an air of quality about him. Very pretty head and expression with good eyes, and lovely haloes. Well balanced and he has a good tail set and carriage. Soft, silky coat.
3 Allen’s Lezalle Zachariah
1 Marquiss’ Quissmar Lightning Bolt. Best Puppy Dog. A well proportioned, free moving youngster. Most attractive head and expression with good depth of pigmentation, Nicely arched neck of good length and decent forehand. Pleasing coat texture. Smart and stylish and pleased me on the move with some reach and drive.
2 Bayne & Smith’s Manoir Mr Moonlight. Another good quality youngster who is a keen alert showman. Beautifully balanced with good rib and body. Pleasing head and expression. Plush silky coat that was presented to best advantage. Very good profile action but couldn’t quite match the drive of the winner.
1 Bennet’s Louisianna I Want It All for Marablitz. Almost 18 months of age and this was reflected in his very good body with decent forechest, well sprung ribs and strong muscular loin. Lovely tailset and carriage. Round, dark eye, adequate pigmentation. Dense silky coat. Moved out well in a very typical fashion.
2 Bayne & Smith’s Manoir Mr Moonlight
Post Graduate
1 Larkin’s Sherrosea Love Me Tender. Shapely and attractive with a good sized, masculine skull and pleasing eye. Very good forehand, well bodied with strong loin. Beautifully balanced and his coat is a good texture. Good profile action but could have a little more drive from the rear for me.
1 Piercy’s Arjanan Colour My World. Very attractive head and expression with a fairly large, dark round eye and excellent pigmentation. Good forehand, well laid shlouders and good rib and body. Good tailset and carriage. Good breadth of thigh and muscle tone and this was reflected in his good action on the move.
2 Parkinson’s Chazbam Devil Wears Prada. Beautifully balanced and very typical. On the table, he is satisfying to handle as he is well made with a pleasing masculine head of good proportions with good pigmentation. Excellent forehand, well ribbed with strong arched loin. Well angulated hindquarters. Moved soundly when settled. Dense, silky coat.
3 Hill’s Deizi Mr Fredrick The Bold
1 Gallagher’s Junanger’s Jimmi Choo JW ShCM. He has a really lovely head and expression, good pigmentation and fairly large, round eye. Well put together with a good forehand, decent forechest and sturdy, well ribbed body. Very typical, sound and stylish on the move. Well coated. A strong contender for the CC.
2 Hill’s Deizi Mr Fredrick The Bold. Overall a most attractive package, well balanced, good head proportions, dark eye which could be larger for perfection, good forehand with nicely arched neck, Well angulated and his good textured jacket is well presented.
1 Bradley’s Ch Avenir Above and Beyond. Dog CC. Lovely head with the most melting expression which is emphasised by the deepest black pigmentation. Nicely arched neck, good forehand, well ribbed and good depth of brisket. Strong well angulated hindquarters which he makes the most of on the move. Good coat texture. A lovely character in pristine condition. He really fills the eye.
2 Coad’s Pamplona Burneze Snobbie Robbie. Reserve CC. Beautifully balanced and very typey. Fairly large, round, dark eye. Good head proportions. Excellent forehand with some forechest and well laid shoulders. Sturdy, well ribbed body with strong slightly arched loin. Well angulated, muscled hindquarters. Free moving - most attractive.
3 Parkinson’s Delbrupar I Put A Spell On You
1 Walton’s Manoirs Just Like That at Keunnevek. Best Veteran. Balanced and very typey with a lovely clear, dark eye and very good pigmentation. Well bodied with good tailset and carriage. Some breadth over the hindquarters and he moved out really well with some reach and drive.
2 Piercy’s Hylacer Classic Style. A lovely character with a pleasing head and expression, good eye, well pigmented. Nicely balanced with good body. Shown in good muscle tone.
Minor Puppy
1 Marquiss’ Quissmar Marquise. Hard to separate these three quality pups but this bitch just had the edge in maturity of body and rib. All three were showy and shapely with very pretty heads and good pigmentation. Good textured jacket. Moved out well with some drive and her grand temperament was evident for all to see.
2 Sayles’Avenir Keep It Real. Really promising and with lots of potential. Pretty and well balanced with a good coat. Free moving and very sound. Lovely silky coat.
3 Macleod & Oak’s Quissmar Top Lightning
1 Coad’s Regina Bichon Zoom To The Moon at Pamplona. Best Puppy in Show. Mature for age and with lots of quality. Beautifully balanced. Good head proportions with a fairly large, round dark eye. Excellent forehand, well ribbed with some breadth over the loin and strong well angulated hindquarters. Free moving and sound.
2 Marquiss’ Quissmar Power of Lightning. Not the maturity of the winner but she has a lovely head and expression, lovely balance and type. Good tailset and carriage. Moved well and shows to good advantage. This exhibitor should have a good summer next year with her three exciting puppies.
3 Loye & Taylor’s Fribonch Miss Dior
1 Walklate’s Ashoka Crème Chiboust. Clearly of CC quality, very pretty and typey with a lovely feminine head and expression. Pleasing to handle on the table as she is so well put together with a good body, well set tail and beautifully balanced. Her snowy white silky coat was expertly presented and her excellent temperament and good movement make her hard to overlook.
2 Woodside’s Marablitz Rememberance Day. Plenty to like about this youngster as she is sound and well balanced with a good head and expression. Good rib and body. Strong, well angulated hindquarters gave her some drive on the move.
3 Woolmore’s Starlight Kisses
Post Graduate
1 Parkinson’s Linsanim Let’s Talk Dirty at Delbrupar. A good moving shapely bitch with an attractive feminine head, good pigmentation and haloes. Decent neck and shoulders with some forechest and sturdy, well ribbed body. Well preseted silky coat. Moved out very well.
2 Allum & Coster’s Portrena Midsumer Madness. Very typey with a lovely head and expression. Very typical temperament. Good forehand, well bodied. Not quite the drive of the winner on the move. Very stylish in profile.
3 Andrews, Rees & Newitt’s Pamplona Justa Dorable
Mid Limit
1 Holmes’ Marinik Sing My Song. A nicely balanced typical bitch with a pleasing head, good depth of pigmentation, black nails. Strong well developed forechest. Good body and tailset. Coat could be a little softer. Calm, steady and sound on the move.
A really good class.
1 Stafford’s Starforth Sweet Surprise. Shown in super coat and condition and this includes her good muscle tone. Lovely eyes with good depth of pigmentation. Excellent forehand, nicely arched neck, good rib. Good tailset and carriage. Strong well angulated hindquarters. Pleasing on the move with some reach and drive. Should finish at the top.
2 Clark’s Tripleo Powder Puff. Really pretty, feminine head with a lovely expression. Very well made and pleasing to handle and shown in pristine coat and condtion. I could happily have signed a CC for her and the 3rd placed bitch.
3 Male’s Marinik Saucy Minz with Maleblanc JW
1 Holmes’ Oramsarbour Isadora Dances. Well balanced and very typical. Pleasing head with dark eye of good size. Decent forehand with some forechest and good topline and tail carriage. Gay, sound and lively.
2 Vint’s Litinaz Precious Ruby. Quite eye-catching with her well presented, silky coat and attractive head and expression. Good rib and body. I would prefer a little more breadth over the hindquarters. Moves well in profile.
Four super quality bitches.
1 Wyatt’s Ch Bobander Too Kool To Care. CC & BIS. I thought she was lovely and just what I was looking for. I judged her earlier in the year in a stakes class and she impressed me then but she has now matured and is really looking well. Pretty head and expression with good depth of pigmentation. Good length of neck, well laid shoulders and good depth of brisket. Well ribbed with a strong short loin. Her carriage and deportment are exemplary and she is very free moving and really uses her hindquarters well. Needless to say, her silky, snowy white coat was expertly presented. I gave her sire the ticket last time I judged the breed and she really is a worthy successor to him.
2 Walton’s Marinik’s Mayhem In Love at Keunnevek JW ShCM. Reserve CC. Feminine and beautifully balanced. Adequate breadth of skull and good head proprotions, very good depth of pigmentation. Well developed forechest and good depth of brisket. Well ribbed. Free moving, true and sound. Shown in first class coat and condtion.
3 Bagnall’s Glenclor Voulez Vous Junior Ch.
1 Anderson’s Portrena Wish You Love. Moved out with some drive and style, pretty head and expression with strong white teeth and good pigmentation. Good forehand, well ribbed and shown in lovely coat.
Judge: Tom Mather

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