West Highland White Terrier Breed Critique

West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terrier
Manchester Dog Show Society Champ Show, 20.01.2022.

I enjoyed my day on the 'woolsack' at Manchester Champ Show. Nice start to New Year with a couple of pleasing Breed entries. Thanks to the Officers & Committee for the invite and to my Ring Stewards, Preston & A Hoffenden, who did a stirling job on the day allowing me to concentrate on the job on hand. To the exhibitors, thanks for the entry, I enjoyed your dogs.

West Highland White Terriers.
Minor Puppy Dog. 2.
1st. Squire's, As Good As It Gets Sunshine Celebration, mature youngster, lovely head & expression with neat ears, correct mouth, good neck to well laid shoulders, short back with strong quarters, in good coat for age. Went well.
2nd. Bouwhus & Hamilton's, Llovall Adam At Ladyleigh, just 6 months, lovely baby with pleasing head, correct bite, good eye & ears, coat coming thru' nicely, short backed with well set tail, moved & handled well.
Puppy Dog. 1 ab. Junior Dog. 0.
Post Graduate Dog. 11, 4 ab.
1st. Thompson's, Lynnsto Full Circle With Ashgate, typy dog of nice size, lovely head with gentle dome & well set ears, dark eye, good stop & muzzle with correct bite, good front & feet, nice length of neck to well laid shoulders, compact body with pleasing outline, in good double coat, moved true both ways to Dog Res. CC.
2nd. Jenkinson's, Highcross Buddy Holly, nice balanced dog with pleasing head & expression, good neck, well ribbed up, moved well carrying a level topline with well set tail.
3rd. Foster's, Thozow Master Of The House.
Limit Dog. 3 ab.
Open Dog. 4, 2 ab.
1st. Gillott & Carlin's, Lizandycris Paco Rooban, tidy dog of nice type, grand head with good skull & well set ears, dark eye, good stop with balanced foreface, good length of neck to well laid shoulders, good front with ample bone & well padded feet, short backed with level topline & well set tail, good loin, strong muscular quarters which he used to give good drive, in the best of double coats, moved and handled well to Dog CC.
2nd. Smith's, Lingbeck The One And Only, nice dog with pleasing expression, neat well set ears, good mouth, pleasing neck to well laid shoulders, Short backed & well ribbed up, went with drive cayying a level topline.
Veteran Dog. 1.
1st. Foster's, Ch. Hillsted Masquerade At Thozow, JW, ShCM, bred in the blue & carrying his tittle well, belies his age and pleasing all round, grand head, lovely neck to well laid shoulders, lovely body & quarters, best of coats, enjoying his day & went well to Best Veteran.
Minor Puppy Bitch. 4, 1 ab.
1st. Squire's, Bellevue Jump For Joy, pretty young bitch with nice feminine expression, neat well set ears, dark eye & good mouth, lovely front & shoulders short backed & nicely balanced, coat coming thru' nicely, moved true to Best Puppy.
2nd. Bouwhuis, Llovall All By My Self, nice youngster with similar attributes to 1, pleasing head and expression, at the moment tad longer cast than 1 and not the maturity, moved & handled well.
3rd. Szulzycka's, Newvoldemort First Class.
Puppy Bitch. 2, 1 ab.
1st. Szulzycka's, Newvoldemort Just For Me, typy puppy with nice head & expression,neat well set ears, correct bite, good front & shoulders, nice neck, short backed with good set on, moved true both ways.
Junior Bitch. 2.
1st. Thompson's, Ashgate Achray, nice headed bitch with dark eye, correct bite, nice in outline with balanced neck to body, level topline with well set tail. Moved & handled well.
2nd. Stankiene's, Fiona Krutiks Love Via Vivoluna (Imp Ukr), good skull on this young bitch, well set ears, good eye, correct bite, tad wide in front, good body & quarters, in good double coat, went with drive showing a pleasing outline.
Post Graduate Bitch. 6, 1 ab.
1st. Jenkinson's, Highcross Pandora, nice bitch with lovely head, neat well set ears, dark eye, good mouth & muzzle, nice front, good neck to well laid shoulders, good body & depth, strong loin & quarters, well set tail, went well presenting a level topline..
2nd. Davidson's, Smash Victoria Secret, (Imp Swe), typy bitch with pleasing head & expression, neat ears, good stop, correct mouth, good front with ample bone, nice moving bitch that moved true both ways.
3rd. Smith's, Lingbeck Hold The Dream.
Limit Bitch. 5, 1 ab.
1st. Edmondson's, Highcross Prosecco At Pepabby, quality bitch of lovely type & balance with pleasing profile, lovely head & expression, neat well set ears, dark eye, good stop & foreface with correct bite, good front, pleasing length of neck to well laid shoulders, compact well ribbed body of good depth, short backked with strong loin, in lovely coat & condition, moved true both ways presenting a level toplne & well set tail. Pleased to award her Bitch CC & BOB.
2nd. Stankiene's, Newvoldemort Cookie At Vivolunar, another nice typy bitch, not the coat of 1 buts lots to like about her, pleasing head, good eye & bite, nice stop, well ribbed body with strong hams. Moved & handled well.
3rd. Bouwhuis', Ladyleigh As Time Goes By At Llovall (Imp Can).
Open Bitch. 4, 2 ab,
1st. Storey's, Ch. Lizandycris Dior For Nossimp, quality bitch of lovely type, best of double coats with harsh top coat, lovely expressio with well set ears, good stop, dark eye, correct muzzle & bite, nice neck to well laid shoulders, good front & bone, well padded feet,n short backed with good ribbed body & strong quarters, went with drive moving true both ways. Well presented to Bitch Res. CC.
2nd. Mitchell's, Lynnsto Pandora's Box, strong bitch that moved tru, grand head wit dark eye, correct bite, well laid shoulders, good ribbed body, strong loin & quarters, well set tail, coat needs tidying, moved & hanled well.
Veteran Bitch. 0.

Alan Small. (Judge)

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