Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breed Critique

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Midland Counties Canine Society. Championship Show. 27th. October 2017.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

My thanks to the Committee for the invite to judge the Staffords and looking after us on the day. Nice atmosphere around the ring and I enjoyed myself finding some excellent typy dogs on the day. Thanks to my Ring Stewards for keeping things moving. Thanks for coming.
Minor Puppy Dog. 2.
1st. Desmond's, Elitebull Challenger, b.b. youngster with nice expression, neat rose ears, dark eye, correct mouth, good front, pleasing body for age, moved & handled well carrying a level top line.
2nd. Thisby's, Taurinstaff Fist of Fury, well presented brindle dog with dark eye, correct mouth, of nice type with good quarters & nice bend of stifle, went well.
Puppy Dog. 3, 1 ab.
1st. Calonge;s, Diamonds of Blanch Knock-Out, mahogany brindle puppy with neat rose ears, correct mouth, pleasing front with well laid shoulders, nicely ribbed up for age, well presented with good coat & condition, moved & handled well to Best puppy dog.
2nd. Thisby's, Taurinstaff Fist of Fury.
Junior Dog. 7, 1 ab.
1st. Hunter's, Rowenda Brown Bomber, lovely brindle dog with grand head, lovely expression, correct mouth, good fronted dog with nice feet & turn out, well ribbed up with strong quarters. Moved & handled well.
2nd. Anchor's, Valglo Daddy Cool, another nice typy dog with dark eye, correct mouth, correct front & shoulders, neat feet, good body & quarters, moved & handled well.
3rd. Schneider's, Anpa A O Wicanhpi Move Your Body And Shake Your Ass.
Yearling Dog. 4.
1st. Breckell's, Chiswelstaff Lets Dance, pleasing head with nice expression on this b.b. Dog, neat rose ears, correct mouth, good front & shoulders, pleasing body with strong quarters & nice bend of stifle. Went well.
2nd. Fox's, Jolihem Stand By Me, quality white dog with darkest of eye, grand head & expression, rose ears, good front & feet, nice body, moved & handled well.
3rd. Kilbride & Simpson's, Briganah Black Diamond.
Post Graduate Dog. 12.
1st. Lee & Coleman's, Bullhawk Archie Bold, quality b.b. Dog with good head & expression, neat rose ears, correct mouth, lovely front with good lay back of shoulder, nicely ribbed up, straight off the shoulder, went with drive carrying a level top line. Well handled.
2nd. Molineux's, Druidhawk Jakdahat, another good dog, nice expression with dark eye, correct mouth, good front & shoulders, lovely ribbed body, nice bend of stifle. Moved & handled well.
3rd. Devlin's, Tightlines Dusty's Trail.
Limit Dog. 12, 3 ab.
1st. Lewis', Biggleswick Splash Of Ginge, quality red dog with white on front, lovely head, strong with pleasing expression, nice well set ears, correct mouth, nice arch of neck to well laid shoulders, straight front with good feet, good rib straight of the shoulder, good tuck up with strong quarters, nice balance to this typy dog, in lovely coat and condition. Moved and handled well to Dog CC & BOB. I understand this was his crown, so well done.
2Nd, Mayrend's, Bellarouge Adonis at Fergiestaff, another quality red with white collar & front, I liked him a lot with his lovely head, neat rose ears & dark eye. Correct mouth, well laid shoulders, pleasing body & quarters, again lovely coat & condition. Pleased to award him the Dog Res CC. His time will come...nice dog.
3rd. Davis'Tegumen The World Is Yours.
Open Dog. 10, 1 ab.
1st. Finney's, Ch. Ballindona Crafty Copper at Sanguliano, ShCM, Lovely expression on this grand, neat rose ears, dark round eye, correct mouth, balanced dog of quality with lovely ribbed body, went with drive from strong quarters, in fit hard condition with gleaming coat. Moved &handled well.
2nd. Hirst & Bibby's, Tariel Busta Rhymes,JW, nice dog with pleasing head, neat ears, correct mouth, nice arch of neck to well laid shoulders and straight front, balanced dog with nice ribbed body, went well.
3rd. McClelland's, Ch. Rochlawie Behold The Hour. JW.

Minor Puppy Bitch. 0.
Puppy Bitch. 8, 1ab.
1St, Lee & Coleman's, Berrystock Enigma, lovely head & expression on this b.b. with neat rose ears, dark eye, correct mouth, nice crest of neck to well laid shoulders, straight front with good feet and turn out, pleasing body for age, nice bend of stifle, in good coat & condition, moved & handled well to Best Puppy.
2nd. Owen's, Tagstane Bobby McGee, nice feminine expression on this pleasing b.b. Bitch, correct mouth, good front and feet, nice bend of stifle, went well carrying level top line.
3rd. Roger's, Berrystock Miss Spitfire.
Junior Bitch. 7.
1st. Jackson's, Jackabyte Miss Money Penny, lovely b.b. Bitch, good head with neat rose ears, correct mouth, nice neck to well laid shoulders, good front on this well balanced typy bitch with pleasing body & quarters, moved & handled well carrying a level top line,
2nd. McDermott & Bernhardsson's, King & Queens Over The Moon, another nice bitch with nice feminine expression, nice ears, correct mouth, ample bone, tight feet, good ribbed body, went well.
3rd. Mayren's, Joemikeste Queen Of The Nile at Fergiestaff.
Yearling Bitch. 9.
1st. Mudd's, Chiswelstaff Jean Genie, tidy b.b. Bitch, good head & expression with rose ears & dark eye, correct mouth, lovely front with tight feet, ample bone and good body, presented a nice profile with level top line and good set on, moved & handled well.
2nd. Simpson's, Briganah Body & Soul, another b.b. , good all round with good head & mouth, dark eye, neat well set ears, nice arch of neck to well laid shoulders, nice ribbed body with strong quarters, went well.
3rd. Calonge's, Diamonds Of Blanch Princess.
Post Graduate Bitch. 10, 2 ab.
1st. Cartwright's, Zakstaff Winterfell, well balanced bitch of nice type, pleasing head and expression, dark eye, correct mouth, well laid shoulders & good front, nice bend of stifle, good drive, went well.
2nd. Dyer's, Cadarnbull The Sixth Sence, eye catching mahogany brindle, gleaming coat & condition, pleasing head with rose ears, correct mouth, dark eye, moved and handled well.
3rd. Buchan's, Happystaff Could It Be Magic.
Limit Bitch. 11, 2 ab.
1st. Scotland's, Callastaff Moon River, lovely feminine head with neat rose ears correct mouth, good front with ample bone & good feet & turn out at pasterns, well ribbed up with nice stifles. Moved & handled well.
2nd. Cund, Yates & Tune's, Tusslestaff Black Diamond at Chelmbull, lots to like about this quality b.b., expression to die for with neat well set rose ears, dark eye & correct mouth, best of fronts with well laid shoulders, lovely feet with dark nails, balanced bitch with good quarters and well set tail, went well carrying a level top line.
3rd. McKimm's, Biggleswick Fifty Fifty, JW.
Open Bitch. 9, 1 ab.
1st. Hirst & Bibby's, Ch. Tariel Cara, JW, ShCM, Top drawer for me, stunning bitch that belies her age, it's all there, type, balance and movement, lovely expression , in lovely coat & condition, ample bone & up on her toes, moving well both ways presenting a level top line. Pleased to award her the Bitch CC.
2nd. Byrne & Gartland's, Ch. Carandstaff Moondance JW, another stunner and splitting hairs here, lovely expression and so much to like about her, on another day..who knows. Again top drawer, a beautiful bitch that moved and handled well to Bitch Res. CC .
3rd. Canavan's, Ch. Boldstock Am I Bovered. JW. Which made up a trio of grand bitches.

Gwen Small. (Judge)

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