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Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier
Manchester Dog Show Society Champ Show, 20.01.2022.

I enjoyed my day on the 'woolsack' at Manchester Champ Show. Nice start to New Year with a couple of pleasing Breed entries. Thanks to the Officers & Committee for the invite and to my Ring Stewards, Preston & A Hoffenden, who did a stirling job on the day allowing me to concentrate on the job on hand. To the exhibitors, thanks for the entry, I enjoyed your dogs.

Scottish Terriers.
Puppy Dog. 5.
1st. Boyce's, Trakside Gabriel Oak, mature brindle youngster, pleasing head with well set ears, correct bite, good foreface, nice neck to well laid shoulders, goood ribbed body for age, strong loin, in lovely coat, well set tail. Went well to Best Puppy.
2nd. Ashworth's, Russalan Crimson Coburn, typy black dog, well balanced and good all round, head/neck/body proportions, good forechest, ample bone, well pigmented with correct double coat, moved & handled well.
3rd. Knight's, Divadell's Standing Bear.
Junior Dog. 4, 1 ab.
1st. Harrison – Brown & Norton's, Divadell Who's The Man, good headed black dog, nice profile with good bite & dark eye, lovely front, good rib & depth, strong hams, went well carrying a level topline & well set tail.
2nd. Knight's, Divaell's Standing Bear, brindle puppy with pleasing expression, lovely ears, dark eye, correct bite, strong loin, nice quarters,went well.
3rd. McCrae's, Divadell's Kicking Bear.
Post Graduate Dog. 5.
1st. Skudder's, Honeypaws Sweet Talking Guy, typy black brindle, good head & expression with dark eye, nice ears, correct bite & profile, good front & feet, pleasing body & quarters with well set tail, in good coat, went well.
2nd. Weall's, Wringtonbell Born To Rock, larger type than 1, good head & expression, nice furnishings, pleasing neck to well laid shoulders, in lovely coat, went well with good drive from strong quarters.
3rd. Allsopp's, Magic Murry.
Limit Dog. 4, 2 ab.
1st. Tyler's, Divadell Dr. Feeelgood, typy black dog with good head, well set ears, balanced & of good length with correct bite, pleasing front, well ribbed up with strong loin & quarters, well set tail, went well.
2nd. Norton's, Divadell Come Fly With Me, brindle youngster with pleasing expression, well set ears, good body for age, moved and handled well.
Open Dog. 4, 1 ab.
1st. Kelly's, Carseview Mr. Goodfella, strongly made brindle dog of quality, bit of an handful but showing all the time and moving true with good drive, lovely head & expression with nice furnishings, neat well set ears & correct mouth, good forechest with ample bone & good feet, pleasing neck to well laid shoulders, lovely short coupled body with ribs back & strong loin & quarters, in good double coat. Alert and on his toes, pleased to award him the Dog CC & BOB. I understand his 3rd – so well done.
2nd. Rutherford's, Ch. Carisco Follow Your Dreams, quality dog who carries his tittle well, lovely head & expression, long & clean with nice furnishings, good mouth, lovely in outline with balanced head/neck/body with ribs back, deep with strong loin, went with drive from well muscled quarters, moving true both ways to Dog Res. CC.
3rd. Mahmoudi's, Glengracie Jetson.
Veteran Dog. 1.
1st. McCrae's, Eshly Ir-it Scottish, lovely wheaten dog, golden oldie with grand head & expression, pleasing furnishings and good all round, nice neck to well laid shoulders, good thick set dog with well ribbed body & strong hams, in good coat & condition, moved and handled well to Best Veteran.
Puppy Bitch, 4, 1 ab.
1st. Norton's, Divadell Come Fly With Me, neat well balanced bitch with pleasing outline, nice feminine head & expression with neat well set ears, good foreface & corect bite, good front & shoulders, pleasing body for age, moved & handled well.
2nd. McGlennon & Norton's, Divadell Who's That Girl, off similar attributes, lovely head & expression with good foreface & correct mouth, nice all round but coat coming thru'. Went well.
3rd. Hoare's, Divadell Who's Next At Glenaffric.
Junior Bitch. 7, 2 ab.
1st. Marcinekova's, Carisco Dream Queen, brindle biitch of nice type & balance, lovely head of pleasing shape with neat ears, dark eye, correct bite, well ribbed body, strong loin with well set tail & well muscled quarters, in llovely coat, went well.
2nd. Palmer's, Steilaneara Wilde Is The Wind, pleasing outline on this typy bitch, nice head & expression with neat well set ears, dark eye, correct bite, good ribbed body with strong loin, in good coat, moved and handled well.
3rd. Mahmoudi's, Stellaneara High Society.
Post Graduate Bitch. 3.
1st. Lockwood's, Fillsile Living Miracle At Lochgems, lovely expression on this typy bitch, balanced skull to foreface with neat well set ears, nice dark eye & correct bite, , good front with ample bone, pleasing neck to well laid shoulders, nice ribbed body – short & muscular, grand hams, liked her a lot and pushed hard in the challenge. Moved & handled well to Bitch Res. CC.
2nd. Weall's, Wringtonbell Tilleys Truth, upto size with strong body, neat ears on pleasing head, good eye & bite, correct double coat, moved and handled well.
3rd. McGlennon & Norton's, Divadell Who's That Girl.

Limit Bitch. 5.
1st. Becquet & Darby's, Minorlines Royal Imperial Becscott, tidy bitch of nice size & balance, lovely typy expression with neat well set ears, good eye & bite with pleasing foreface, good front with well laid shoulders, well ribbed up & of good depth, strong musculor loin with strong hams, short backed with well set tail, moved true carrying a level topline to Bitch CC.
2nd. Maidment's, Berrybreeze Quiatadocious For Spinakers, typy bitch of quality, nice feminine expression with dark eye & correct bite, balanced skull to foreface, good forechest, nice neck to well ribbed body, strong loin, in good coat, went well carrying a level topline.
3rd. Kelly's, Corseview Gangsters Moll.
Open Bitch. 8, 3 ab.
1st. Kenny Marriot & Marriot's, Ch. Millingford Star Anise, black bitch of quality, oozes type with grand head & expression, balanced skull to foreface with clean bite, good ears, lovely furnishings & in good coat, pleasing front with ample bone, well laid shoulders & thick well set body with strong quarters which she used to to give good drive, moved and handled well.
2nd. Rutherford's, Carisco Candal Creme, wheaten bitch with lovely head, long & clean cut, good foreface, neat ears, balanced bitch of nice type with strong ribbed body of good depth, in lovely coat & condition, went well carrying a level topline.
3rd. Corseview Storm In A Teacup.
Veteran Bitch. 0.

Alan Small. (Judge).

Ladies Kennel Association. 10th. December 2017.

Well what can one say, what a day. A n early snowy drive in, snow all day and snow all the way home. Not just the exhibitors deciding to stay at home, or stuck on the way in, but Judges in the same predicament, A nightmare for the hard working Committee who must be congratulated on pulling out all the stops on the day.
I was present at the 'Great Snow In' at LKA way back in '89 when exhibitors ended up spending the night tucked up on the benches.
I was scheduled to judge the Scotties and a nice entry awaited me. Ended up judging the Lakies as well for Rachel Pearce was snowed in.
Thanks to all who braved the weather, and the long wait juggling the rings.

Scottish Terriers.
Minor Puppy Dog. 1.
1st. Harrison-Brown's, Eskwyre Carlito's Way, brindle youngster, pleasing head and expression with good bite and dark eye, good front and depth, nice body for age and in good coat. Went well.
Puppy Dog. 3, 1 ab.
1st. Cockayne's, Saredon Boom Time, mature black puppy with a cracking head and expression, best of ears , dark eye and correct bite with big locking canines, lovely front and depth, grand body and strong loin, in good double coat, moved true with good drive to Best Puppy.
2nd. Kenny-Marriott, Marriott 7 Kirk-Gellatly's, Millingford Hudson, nice youngster, not the maturity of 1 but typey pup with nice overall balance, pleasing expression – could be more positive on the move.
Junior Dog. 2.
1st. Boyce's, Trakside Royal Indian, loved his expression with well set ears and dark eye, correct bite, nice furnishings, good neck to well laid shoulders, pleasing body and quarters, short backed dog that went well carrying a level top line.
2nd. Rutherford's, Carisco Follow Your Dreams, short backed cobby dog, pleasing headand of nice type, good body and depth with strong hams, well handled.
Post Graduate Dog. 2 ab.
Limit Dog. 5, 3 ab.
1st. Meek's, Benartybrae Macarena at Benbetham, strong wheaten dog, good head and length, used his ears well, perhaps a bit light in eye but has many virtues, good front and depth, strong body wit ribs back and well muscled loin. In lovely double coat, big strong hams which he used to give excellent drive. Res CC.
2nd. Wilcock and Hebditch's, Millingford King of Hearts, nice dog, lovely head and expression with correct length of foreface, has a relutance to use his ears, well balanced typey dog, good ribbed body, strong loin and ell muscled quarters, pleasing profile with well set tail. Bit unsettled on the move.
Open Dog. 3, 2 ab.
1st. Kenny-Marriott and Marriott's, Ch. / Rus. Ch. Millingford Kings Choice, cracking dog, type/balance/'s all there, lovely head and expression, dark eye and lovely well set ears, best of fronts with well laid shoulders, short backed with good ribed body and strong loin, well muscled hams with nice bend of stifle. In profile he a lovely outline with a level top line and well set tail, moved true both ways with excellent drive. Dog CC and BOB.
Minor Puppy Bitch. 3, 2 ab.
1st. Beckton and Bouwhus', Perhaps St. Gladys, nice young bitch, typey head and expression with dark eye, good bite and well set ears, lovely front and depth, pleasing body for age, moved true with correct set on.
Puppy Bitch. 3, 1 ab.
1st. Knight and Poolton's, Orrscot Mod De Baliol, adorable young bitch, lovely head and expression, neat ears, good bite, good front and shoulders, short backed with pleasing rib for age and of nice depth, good moving bitch that went well.
2nd. Roe and Stewart's, Eskwyre It's A Lot Like Love, Bee, neat brindle bitch with lots to like about her, nice length of fore face and correct bite, pleasing ribbed body, just needs to drop a little but plenty of time, strong quarters and good set on, moved and handled well.
Junior Bitch. 4.
1st. Khenkina's, Gemma Stonehenge Vive La Vie, won a good class, cracking young bitch, lovely head, short cobby body, nice eye, ear and mouth, went with drive from strong quarters, pleasing ribbed body with strong loin and of nice depth, good in profile with nice set on presenting a typey balanced picture. Res. CC.
2nd. Rutherford's, Carisco Follow your Dreams, wheaten bitch that showed well, lovely ears, dark eye and correct bite, pleasing body and in lovely coat and condition. Went well.
3rd. Lawrence's, Sweetgarret Ocean Storm.
Post Graduate Bitch. 7, 5 ab.
1st. Weall's, Wringtonbell Ready To Rock, pleasing head and expression on this typey bitch, good bite and dark eye, well ribbed up with short well muscled loin, strong quarters which gave her good drive.
2nd. Cole's, Tinka Tykes Goldrn Girl, another nice bitch and splitting hairs here, typey bitch with nice overall balance. Went well.
Limit Bitch. 3, 2 ab.
1st. Lawrence's, Sweetgarret Highland Lass, alone but lots to like about this typey bitch, nice expression with well set ears and dark eye, correct bite, good front and shoulders, ribs back and of nice depth, went with drive from strong quarters.
Open Bitch. 6, 3ab.
1st. Kenny-Marriott, Marriott and Kirk-Gellatly's, Millingford Fire Queen, lovely bitch full of type, grand head and expression with well set ears, dark eye and correct bite, nice furnishings and length of fore face, good front and depth with good bone and feet, pleasing body with ribs back and short well muscled loin, strong in quarters which gave her excellent drive, presented a level top line on the move with correct set on, in good double coat. Moved and handled well to Bitch CC.
2nd. Rutherford's, Carisco My Leading Lady, nice bitch that went well, pleasing head, well set ears that she uses well, dark eye, correct bite, good front and bone, well ribbed up, went well.
3rd. Chapman and Bradley's, Ch. Bruelk Tickled Pink by Berrybreeze, nice feminine expression on this quality bitch, lovely furnishings, good eye and bite, pleasing front and depth with good overall balance, typey bitch that went with style.

Alan Small. Judge.

Welsh Kennel Club 19/8/17
Scottish Terrier
BEST OF BREED : 5130 KENNY MARRIOTT, Mrs A & MARRIOTT Mr J Ch & Rus Millingford Kings Choice
Dog CC : 5130 KENNY MARRIOTT, Mrs A & MARRIOTT Mr J Ch & Rus Millingford Kings Choice
Res Dog CC : 5123 FARRAND Miss B Ceilidh Quantum Maxxum At Amberyl
Bitch CC : 5131 KENNY-MARRIOTT, MARRIOTT & KIRK-GELLATLY Millingford Fire Queen
Res Bitch CC : 5135 PINTO Miss A Jsy Ch Brueik Bright And Bubbly At Mckalay
Best Puppy :
Best Veteran : 5113 CORNEY Mr R P & Mrs L M Rilynson Sunshine Princess

Class 1732 JD (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 5112 CORNEY Mr R P & Mrs L M Of Stonegarth Shaken Not Stirred At Rilynson. A good start to the day as he is smart, thick set and well balanced. Very compact with good rib, topline and tailset. Shows to advantage. Moved out well.
Class 1733 PGD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 5137 REES Mr & Mrs M Rabbonai Ringleader At Miacarla. Clean head of good length with well set ears. Good rib and body which is well slung. Strong loin. Moved well behind but tended to flatten out a little too much on the move.
2nd: 5132 LEWIS Mrs S J & Mr D J Samstevever Sir James Of Wiselds. Smart and very typical with a harsh jacket. Clean head, strong neck. A fraction longer than the winner and not quite his spring of rib. Good topline and tailset.
3rd: 5124 HARRISON-BROWN Mrs J Trefaldwyn King David

Class 1734 LD (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 5123 FARRAND Miss B Ceilidh Quantum Maxxum At Amberyl. Well schooled and his handler made the most of his assets. Pleasing head, with sharp intelligent expression. He has a good forehand with good breadth of chest, tight elbows, decent spring of rib. Harsh jacket. True and sound on the move. Reserve CC.
2nd: 5142 TYLER Mrs E Divadell Room At The Top. Good for type and balance. Masculine and thick set with a harsh double jacket. Moved soundly.

Class 1735 OD (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 5130 KENNY MARRIOTT, Mrs A & MARRIOTT Mr J Ch & Rus Millingford Kings Choice. Grand head, clean and of good length with a punishing jaw. Strong muscular neck which he used to advantage. Good breadth and depth of chest. Compactly made with a good topline and pleasing tailset. Moved well with some drive from the rear. In good coat which could be a shade harsher and excellent muscle tone. CC & BOB.

Class 1736 VB (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 5113 CORNEY Mr R P & Mrs L M Rilynson Sunshine Princess. At ten years of age she was shown in really good hard muscular condition. Attractive head and expression; strong, perfect dentition. Well balanced and presents a lovely outline. Good rib, topline and tailset, Harsh, well presented jacket. Best Veteran.

Class 1739 JB (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 5133 NORTON Mrs V R Divadell Izzy Whizzy. Slightly more thick set and with a little more substance than the 2nd. Good length of head, well ribbed with decent topline and tailset. Harsh double coat. Moved well with some push from the rear.
2nd: 5128 HILL Mrs V Samstevever Serenamay. Not quite the maturity of body of the winner but typical and quite stylish with her good head carriage, decent neck. Firm topline with well set tail. Moved out smartly.

Class 1740 PGB (6 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: 5144 WEALL Mrs J Wringtonbell Ready To Rock. Attractive head and expression with keen eye. Good neck and shoulders, decent brisket, well slung with good bone. Level topline with good tailset. Sound and moved out well to good advantage.
2nd: 5134 NORTON Mrs V R Divadell Fly Me To The Moon. Fractionally shorter in back than the winner but couldn’t quite match her in forehand. Very pleasing head and expression, well ribbed. Harsh double jacket. Very typical.
3rd: 5121 EMMINS Mrs M Miss Catastrophe Du Moulin De Mac Greggor

Class 1741 LB (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 5109 BECQUET, R N & DARBY, P W H Messrs Minorlines Princess Royal Becscott. Head of good length, keen intelligent eye. Strong punishing jaw. Decent forehand with good bone. Straight topline and good tailset. Strong hindquarters and moved out well with some drive and purpose.
2nd: 5114 CORNEY Mr R P & Mrs L M Rilynson Aruba Arehucas. Well balanced and very typical and shown in good coat and condition. Decent head with strong jaw and muscular neck. Firm topline.

Class 1742 OB (5 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: 5131 KENNY-MARRIOTT, MARRIOTT & KIRK-GELLATLY Millingford Fire Queen. Grand clean head of good length, strong jaw, keen intelligent expression. Good head carriage, decent forehand with good bone. Sturdy, well ribbed body with strong loin and firm topline and tailset. Good meaty buttock and she used herself well on the move with some drive from the rear. Shown in excellent coat and condition. CC.
2nd: 5135 PINTO Miss A Jsy Ch Brueik Bright And Bubbly At Mckalay. Has lots of quality with a nicely balanced head, keen dark eye and strong jaw. Lovely compact body with strong loin. Harsh, well presented double coat. Moved out well with some push from the rear. Reserve CC. I was told afterwards that I had admired her as a baby puppy when I judged in Jersey and she has fulfilled her early promise.
Judge: Tom Mather

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