Lakeland Terrier Breed Critique

Lakeland Terrier

Lakeland Terrier
Manchester and District Sporting Terrier Club
Open Show ~ 15/4/18
Border Terrier
1 Metcalfe’s Billyboy Blue at Chevinor. BP. A delightful character, very typical head and expression, still needs to develop in body but he’s still a minor puppy with the benefit of time on his side. Spans easily and he has a good jacket and pelt.
1 Taylor’s Nottorg Nostalgia. Keen workmanlike expression, good forehand with deep, fairly narrow chest. Well balanced and moved out well with very good hind action. Harsh, well presented jacket.
1 Taylor’s Picer Angelica to Nottorg SHCM. BOB. Good head, sound and well balanced and her free, positive action gave her the edge today. Spannable with thick pelt.
2 Metcalfe’s Dandyhow Friendly Fire at Chevinor ShCM. Very pleasing head and expression, god balance, deep narrow chest. Harsh jacket.
Lakeland Terrier
Post Graduate
1 Vickers’ Ellenside Red Ike at Eskwyre. BOB. Ultra smart, keen expression with flat skull, well set ears. Good straight legs with decent bone. Well coupled with excellent topline and tailset. Excellent temperament. Moves and shows to best advantage.
2 Vickers’ Lacus Someone Told Me at Eskwyre. Very typical and well balanced, dark eye; neat well-carried ears. Strong back with good tailset and carriage. Moved well.
1 Vickers’ Ch Lacus Perfect Trouble. A really good moving bitch with a pleasing head, keen expression, neat ears. Well boned with a good forehand and decent body. Excellent topine and tailset.
2 Vickers’ Ch Eskwyre The Full Whack. Typical and well balanced. Good body, shows to advantage and really enjoyed her day.
Parson Russel Terrier
1 Bibby’s Ansabak Ryn. Good head proportions, fairly long clean neck, good shoulders. of good length. Spanable with strong loin. Sound both up and down.
Post Graduate
1 Neild’s Logierait Lambie Lalley. Very pleasing head and expression, adequate depth of chest, pleasing for both balance and size, could be a little stronger in pastern but moved well both ways. Good coat.
1 Neild’s Logierait Little Lotte. BOB. A well made, sound free moving bitch who did have some drive from the rear. Spannable with strong loin and good tail set. Strong quarters with fairly low set hocks.
Winners in Variety Classes included:
Thompson-Morgan’s Norfolk Terrier, Belleville In The Black. Very smart with plenty of substance in a small package. Pleasing head, good forehand with well ribbed body. Moved out very well.
Thompson-Morgan’s Norfolk Terrier, Belleville Villassa Jelliello. Compactly made and with a good head and expression. Sturdy, well ribbed body. Moved well with some drive from the rear. Good jacket.
Hurrion’s Norfolk Terrier, Ch. Valentines Cherry Crumble. Best Veteran. A bitch I’ve admired before and she is in remarkable form for her 10 years. Compactly made with excellent topline and tailset. Harsh jacket and true and sound on the move.
Thompson-Morgan’s Norfolk Terrier, Belleville Ovation. Has lots of quality and is very typical. Sturdy and well ribbed, compactly made with strong well-muscled quarters.
Best in Show
Group 1. Brookes’ S.F.T. Snugglewood’s Mefiston of Zetamaz. A really well balanced dog of lovely type. On the table he looks back at you with a sharp, keen expression. Excellent forehand with good bone and neat feet. Good depth of chest, strong loin. Well set tail. Stands well covering plenty of ground, he is most impressive.
Group 2. Vickers’ Lakeland Terrier, Ellenside Red Ike at Eskwyre.
Group 3. Brookes’ Irish Terrier, Turith The Lawyer at Zetamaz ShCM. Masculine but not cloddy or exaggerate in any respect. Good length of head with the neatest of ears. Good depth of chest and some length to body with slight arch to loin. Sound and free moving. Handled and presented to advantage.
Group 4. Gee’s Norfolk Terrier, Watercroft Top Totty. Topped a really good entry of the breed for judge Mark Walshaw and she is a lovely bitch of very obvious quality and type. Compactly built with a really good jacket and firm topline. Moved well with some push from the rear.
Best Puppy in Show
Group 1. Vickers’ Airedale, Eskwyre Sunny Bay. A handsome upstanding young dog. Good length of skull, neat, well carried ears. Clean neck and shoulders. Strong well ribbed body with good topline and tailset. Very pleasing on the move and he is a lovely character.
Group 2. Thompson-Morgan’s Norfolk Terrier, Belleville Back To Black. Her litter sister won a variety puppy class and she is so similar. Well proportioned head with dark, expressive eye. Very good forehand and good length of rib. Excellent topline and tailset. Moved soundly with a typical action.
Group 3. Brookes’ S.F.T. Zetamaz Carbon Copy. Very typey and well balanced, clean well proportioned head, lovely straight front and short, strong body. Moved well in profile with some drive from the rear. Very promising.
Group 4. Metcalfe’s Border Terrier, Billyboy Blue at Chevinor.
Judge: Tom Mather

Ladies Kennel Association. 10th. December 2017.

Well what can one say, what a day. A n early snowy drive in, snow all day and snow all the way home. Not just the exhibitors deciding to stay at home, or stuck on the way in, but Judges in the same predicament, A nightmare for the hard working Committee who must be congratulated on pulling out all the stops on the day.
I was present at the 'Great Snow In' at LKA way back in '89 when exhibitors ended up spending the night tucked up on the benches.
I was scheduled to judge the Scotties and a nice entry awaited me. Ended up judging the Lakies as well for Rachel Pearce was snowed in.
Thanks to all who braved the weather, and the long wait juggling the rings.

Lakeland Terriers.
Puppy Dog. 1.
1st. Whitehead's, Stanstead The Enigma Code, quality youngster, nice head with dark eye and well set ears, lovely front and shoulders, good neck and pleasing body and outline, in good coat, went well carrying a level top line, alert and on his toes, moved and handled well to Res, CC and Best Puppy.
Junior Dog. 0.
Post Graduate Dog. 2.
1st. Mathias', River Spirit of Dapperdax, well balanced dog in good coat, pleasing head, good bite, nice front with well laid shoulders, pleasing body and o/a length, went well.
2nd. Atkin's, Joto Angelo Gentle Star, strong headed dog, good mouth and dark eye, bit wide in front, good body and quarters, in good coat, moved and handled well.
Limit Dog. 0.
Open Dog. 3, 1 ab.
1st. Anderson's, Am. Ch. Hi-kei Terrydale Too Ray Pay It Forward To Nisyros, lovely dog of nice type and balance, lovely head and expression with well set ears and correct bite, pleasing neck to well laid shoulders, best of fronts, good feet and up on his toes, pleasing body and in good coat, presented a lovely profile and moved true to Dog CC and BOB. Pleased to see him go Terrier Group 3 in good company.
2nd. Broader's, Ir. Ch. Brookside Aristocrat, good dog with lots to like about him, pleasing head and expression, nice neck to well laid shoulders, pleasing body with good double coat, well set tail, bit dipey on the move. Well handled.
Bitches. All absent.

Alan Small.

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