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Cesky Terrier

Cesky Terrier
The Cesky Terrier Club Special Awards Classes
Sunday 30th July 2017
Judge: Maria Clark (Canequiss)
First of all I would like to say a huge thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge. It was an honour to judge at the first Cesky Terrier Championship Show! Overall the quality of the breed was good which made my decisions difficult!
Special Junior (6,5)
1st – Mrs S.J Fewings’ Komidion Passionata
What wasn’t to love about this young bitch!! Upon entry into the ring she caught my eye. At only 12 months old her head is very typical of the breed. Overall, this young bitch has a beautiful outline. She had the strongest head of the class. Very nice head with well set ears. Lovely strong neck of good length with the desired slightly loose skin at her throat. Well muscled, well laid shoulders. Good fore and hind quarters, Lovely topline with a slight rise over her well-arched loin. Well sprung ribs with a good tuck up. Well set tail which is carried well on the move. One of the best movements of today. She moved with plenty of drive and showed off the true Cesky movement.
2nd – Mrs L. England & Mrs L. Burrage Shasgav Nothin Else Matters By Ashleyheath
9 month old puppy of lovely type. Good head with lovely set ears. Good strong neck of good length. Well laid shoulders. Pleasing fore and hindquarters. Lovely round and arched feet. Well proportioned body for her age. Good length of body with the desired rise over the loin. Well sprung ribs. With a good tuck up. Slightly high set on of tail which at times was carried high but once settle she carried it out well. Moved out well.
3rd – Mr G & Mrs S Samson’s Shasgav Sound of Silence
4th – Mrs J. Lewis’ Janski Philosopher Dajaces
5th – Miss P. J Rusby’s Placido Just A Diamond

Special Post Graduate (4,4)
1st – Miss P. J Rusby’s Placido Barbarette
A lovely little bitch! She has a lovely head leading into a lovely expression. Good set on of ears which she used well throughout the class. Lovely length of neck with the desired arch and slight loose skin. Well muscled leading into a good lay of shoulder. Well sprung ribs. Good topline with the slight rise over the loin. Correct set on of tail – carried well on the move. Moved out well.
2nd – Mr & Mrs D & L Burrage’s Komidion Prima Donna Of Sametova
Another lovely bitch who pushed 1 but just preferred the overall outline of 1. Another lovely head. Good length of neck. Well muscled. Pleasing fore and hindquarters. Lovely round arched feet. Lovely cylindrical brisket. Good topline with the desired rise over the loin. Good spring of ribs. Moved out well.
3rd – Mrs C. V Marett’s Gayteckels Bottoms Up
4th - Mrs C. V Marett’s Gayteckels Back In The Abbott

Special Open (8,6)
1st – Mrs P. J Withers’ Fr.CH Hello Dolly Du Champ D’Eole
Wow what a bitch! This bitch ticketed all the boxes for me in terms of breed type. Overall she is everything you want in a Cesky! She had the best head of the day. Good ear size and set. She didn’t always use her ears to her advantage. Lovely length of neck with a good amount of loose skin. Lovely well laid shoulders with plenty of muscle. Lovely cylindrical brisket. Perfect topline showing well sprung ribs. Good length of loin. Strong hindquarters. Correct set on of tail and carried well when on the move. Best mover of the day – showing plenty of drive as she powered around the ring. Shown in great condition.
2nd – Mrs. C. V Marett’s Idefix Daybreak at Gayteckels
Overall a nice dog. Slightly too big for me. Good head. Correct bite. Good ear size and shape. Good length of neck. Good topline showing a slight rise over the loin. Well sprung ribs. Well muscled. Lovely round and arched toes. Well set on tail. Moved out well. Shown in very good condition.
3rd – Mrs C. V Marett’s Lastarean Grace and Favour for Gaytackels PHD
4th – Mrs S. J Fewings’ Komidion Madrigal
5th – Mrs P. J Taylor’s E’French Connection Du Champ d’Eole Via Polede

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