Border Terrier Breed Critique

Border Terrier

Border Terrier

Manchester and District Sporting Terrier Club
Open Show ~ 15/4/18
Border Terrier
1 Metcalfe’s Billyboy Blue at Chevinor. BP. A delightful character, very typical head and expression, still needs to develop in body but he’s still a minor puppy with the benefit of time on his side. Spans easily and he has a good jacket and pelt.
1 Taylor’s Nottorg Nostalgia. Keen workmanlike expression, good forehand with deep, fairly narrow chest. Well balanced and moved out well with very good hind action. Harsh, well presented jacket.
1 Taylor’s Picer Angelica to Nottorg SHCM. BOB. Good head, sound and well balanced and her free, positive action gave her the edge today. Spannable with thick pelt.
2 Metcalfe’s Dandyhow Friendly Fire at Chevinor ShCM. Very pleasing head and expression, god balance, deep narrow chest. Harsh jacket.
Lakeland Terrier
Post Graduate
1 Vickers’ Ellenside Red Ike at Eskwyre. BOB. Ultra smart, keen expression with flat skull, well set ears. Good straight legs with decent bone. Well coupled with excellent topline and tailset. Excellent temperament. Moves and shows to best advantage.
2 Vickers’ Lacus Someone Told Me at Eskwyre. Very typical and well balanced, dark eye; neat well-carried ears. Strong back with good tailset and carriage. Moved well.
1 Vickers’ Ch Lacus Perfect Trouble. A really good moving bitch with a pleasing head, keen expression, neat ears. Well boned with a good forehand and decent body. Excellent topine and tailset.
2 Vickers’ Ch Eskwyre The Full Whack. Typical and well balanced. Good body, shows to advantage and really enjoyed her day.
Parson Russel Terrier
1 Bibby’s Ansabak Ryn. Good head proportions, fairly long clean neck, good shoulders. of good length. Spanable with strong loin. Sound both up and down.
Post Graduate
1 Neild’s Logierait Lambie Lalley. Very pleasing head and expression, adequate depth of chest, pleasing for both balance and size, could be a little stronger in pastern but moved well both ways. Good coat.
1 Neild’s Logierait Little Lotte. BOB. A well made, sound free moving bitch who did have some drive from the rear. Spannable with strong loin and good tail set. Strong quarters with fairly low set hocks.
Winners in Variety Classes included:
Thompson-Morgan’s Norfolk Terrier, Belleville In The Black. Very smart with plenty of substance in a small package. Pleasing head, good forehand with well ribbed body. Moved out very well.
Thompson-Morgan’s Norfolk Terrier, Belleville Villassa Jelliello. Compactly made and with a good head and expression. Sturdy, well ribbed body. Moved well with some drive from the rear. Good jacket.
Hurrion’s Norfolk Terrier, Ch. Valentines Cherry Crumble. Best Veteran. A bitch I’ve admired before and she is in remarkable form for her 10 years. Compactly made with excellent topline and tailset. Harsh jacket and true and sound on the move.
Thompson-Morgan’s Norfolk Terrier, Belleville Ovation. Has lots of quality and is very typical. Sturdy and well ribbed, compactly made with strong well-muscled quarters.
Best in Show
Group 1. Brookes’ S.F.T. Snugglewood’s Mefiston of Zetamaz. A really well balanced dog of lovely type. On the table he looks back at you with a sharp, keen expression. Excellent forehand with good bone and neat feet. Good depth of chest, strong loin. Well set tail. Stands well covering plenty of ground, he is most impressive.
Group 2. Vickers’ Lakeland Terrier, Ellenside Red Ike at Eskwyre.
Group 3. Brookes’ Irish Terrier, Turith The Lawyer at Zetamaz ShCM. Masculine but not cloddy or exaggerate in any respect. Good length of head with the neatest of ears. Good depth of chest and some length to body with slight arch to loin. Sound and free moving. Handled and presented to advantage.
Group 4. Gee’s Norfolk Terrier, Watercroft Top Totty. Topped a really good entry of the breed for judge Mark Walshaw and she is a lovely bitch of very obvious quality and type. Compactly built with a really good jacket and firm topline. Moved well with some push from the rear.
Best Puppy in Show
Group 1. Vickers’ Airedale, Eskwyre Sunny Bay. A handsome upstanding young dog. Good length of skull, neat, well carried ears. Clean neck and shoulders. Strong well ribbed body with good topline and tailset. Very pleasing on the move and he is a lovely character.
Group 2. Thompson-Morgan’s Norfolk Terrier, Belleville Back To Black. Her litter sister won a variety puppy class and she is so similar. Well proportioned head with dark, expressive eye. Very good forehand and good length of rib. Excellent topline and tailset. Moved soundly with a typical action.
Group 3. Brookes’ S.F.T. Zetamaz Carbon Copy. Very typey and well balanced, clean well proportioned head, lovely straight front and short, strong body. Moved well in profile with some drive from the rear. Very promising.
Group 4. Metcalfe’s Border Terrier, Billyboy Blue at Chevinor.
Judge: Tom Mather

Driffield Championship Show 2017

Border Terriers

Apologies to my exhibitors , my technology has failed to send this when first done.

Trying conditions for the society due to heavy rainmeant that parking was a long way from the rings unlike the behind the tent easy access we are used to. The ground underfoot was very trying, but thankfully our ring was only churned up in a couple of places. Once againI thouroughly enjoyed my day and appreciated the tenacity of the exhibitors for coming and their sporting acceptance of my decisions. Only one o two fine showers marred the day.

A diversity of size and construction came forward, and I wass struck by how many took a rather short stride going round the ring. Some paid the price on the day for lack of coat, but mainly for being big in rib and heavy when picked up.

I was very pleased with my line ups and thought them a good representation of what I consider "essentially working terriers" being lithe in body with narrowness, free moving soundness and good type to fulfil the criterion of the standard.

MPD (6/2ab) 1 Russell and Maynard, Keebank Jack Frost. Narrow balanced, good moving puppy in heavy double coat, but wa a nice size and spanable to go over. Head still needs to develop, promising. 2 Gregory, Remony For A'that. Up on leg, coltish and needs time to drop into his legs and fill in. Slightly bigger in rib than winner, but in super flat hard coat, also moved well. 3 Adams, Fisherbloom All Eyes On Me.

PD (2) 1 Gregory, Remony For A'that. 2 McDowwell Mebrock Dennis The Menace. Top size for me, plainer in face that winner and slightly narrower set eyes. Excellent double coat and pelt in top condition, picked up heavier and less spanable than 1st. Moved soundly both ways.

JD (6,2ab) 1 Barratt, Howthwaite In Voice. Attractive grizzle and tan, up on leg with light frame. Head is well balanced with nice eye and expression, but without any furnishings looks optically plainer, has big teeth and strength in muzzle and underjaw. Narrow front, well ribbed up spannabble body, short strong loin and racy, wirey muscled rear. He moved with a long light free stridewith accuracy. Put down in lovely coat and fit condition. 2 Winder, Achnagaim Bailey Sweet. Beatuful headed dog, gorgeous eye and expression, not quite as long in the leg as winner, but deeper in brisket, which made him harder to span. Topcoat was good texture, but very little undercoat and thus pelt was thin. Moved very accurately, but not quite the freedom of the winner today. 3 Hollingsbee, Tarkaswell Smart Move To Otterwood.

PGD (9.1ab) 1 Brewster and Green, Breckgreen Soldier Blue. Old fashioned pattern blue and tan, whose outline always draws my eye. Lovely sizeand balance, with super length of body but without any weakness as he is well ribbed up with short very strong loin showing his fit condition. Masculine head and dark eye with very little stop, good bite and strong underjaw. Keeps his good firm topline and tailset, both standing and on the move. Moved accurately, pleased to award him the RCC. 2 Hollingsbee, Otterwood Caius. Strong headed dog, excellent bite, eye well placed but could be a little darker. Nicely ribbed up and easy to span, not too heavy to pick up. Moved very soundly, but lacked a little verve. 3 Sharp, Rozzum Gwilym.

LD (8, 2ab) 1 Hughes and Kendrick, Chatmoss Bullet Tooth Tony. A very typical "all Border". Light grizzle masculine headed dog of handy size. Very well balanced and free striding accurate mover, he came in very good double coat and has a thick pliant pelt. Came to hand well, but not quite as lean and fit as the top winners, but was strongly considered for top honours today. 2 Brewster and Green, Stowthorney Mr Tickle. Upstanding masculine lad, with good head and kind eye, not quite the angulation in front as the winner, but handles well and moves accurately. Very good topcoat but not quite the depthof undercoat of above. 3 Barber and Barber, Alcumlow Parsley.

OD (7,2ab) Goddard and Goddard Kgills King Of Swing At Awbrocksby. Handy sized red grizzle with lovely outline, well balanced head with well placed eye, not too deep in stop. Good reach of neck with nicely angulated front, his length of upper arm allowing leg to be under the body. Wll ribbed back, strong loin, well angulated rear with well let down hocks which drove him round the ring on a long stride with plenty of scope. Came in good double coat and moved accuratleyin very forward going fashion, with style, keeping his topline and good balance. Expertly handled, was pleased to award him DCC and understand this is his third. Many congratulations. 2 Barratt, Howthwaite Grainsgill. Good moving narrow, dark grizzle, with nice head and eye, narrow front with lovely clean shoulders, excellent topline, tailset and tail. not quite in bloom today and not as well muscled as he could be. 3 Anderson, Minx Diamond.

GCD (1) 1 Birrell, Otterpaws Munin. Topsize boy with slightly wider front and more sring of rib. Not enough depth of coat today, moved positively.

MPB (9,1ab) 1 Lowry, Ravenside Calima, excellent coat and colour bl/t. Nice kind eye and expression with well placed ears and typical puppy head. Clean narrow front, lovely legs and feet. Nice shape and length to body, very good rear, deep double coat in lovely bloom. moved very soundly and accurately, keeping a firm backline. Well set and shaped tail. A quality puppy whose career I will watch with interest. BP. 2 Keefe, Keebank Snow Queen. Another very promising puppy, on the leg, light framed and narrow fronted. Moved accurately coming and going, not quite the drive yet of today's winner. Without her topcoat she appeared raw, but another whose career I shall follow. 3 Turner, Northorg Nostalgia.

PB (7,3 ab) 1 Payne, Alcumlow Heather. Nice size and balanced outline light grizzle. Head is balanced in proportion, but still needs to broaden to balance slightly heavy ears. Good topline, equally angulated at both ends so moved soundly with accuracy. Excellent coat and pelt. Spannable, but could lose a pound to advantage. 2 Lowry, Ravenside Masena. Lovely quality grizzle, built on balanced lines. Quality otter head and eye, narrow front, good legs and feet. Very good shoulders and excellent rear. She didn't get her act together today and was rather dour and recalcitrant making her front movement erratic, but she moved very well behind. Excellent pelt and coat. 3 Sneddon, Rhozzum Wink At Kersfell.

JB (8,4ab) 1 Duxbury, Ridgebow Pendle Witch. Attractive bl/t and handy size with typical head, nice narrow straight front, clean medium boned legs and good feet. easily spanned well ribbed up body, good width over quarters. moved very soundly keeping her topline. 2 Hollingsbee, Fisherbloom Diaboli. Another blue from a slightly bigger mould, balanced all through with very nice head, slightly heavy in ear. Not in as good depth of coat as winner. Moved very soundly. 3 North, Northborders Twist And Shout.

YB (8,2ab) 1 Duxbury Ridgebow Rusty Rivet. Litter sister to Junior Bitch winner. Stylish red grizzle, built on similar lines to her sister, but a little more eg. Attractive head, eye and expression with neat ears. Light in frame thus easily spannable, iin good double coat, moved very well driving of her hocks with a long free stride. Considered for top honours.

PGB (10,3ab) 1 Barratt, Howthwaite Gold Dust. Elegant lithe and narrow blue and tan, with very good topline and tailset. Straight narrow front with nice bone right through pastern into good feet. Feminne head and expression, just coming into coat with pliant thick pelt. Moved freely with scope and accuracy. 2 Taylor, Picer Angelina To Nottorg. Honest, sound, very typy grizzle of lovely balance, moves very soundly and has a very nice head. Not quite as light framed a the winner amd came lacking coat todat. One I always look at twice as she is so typical. 3 Rostron, Keebank Withy Song.

LB 1 Robert, Smalesmouth Skylark. Light grizzle blue I have admired before. Very feminne head with lovely flat refned ottery skull, lovely dark eye and well set ears. Good reach of neck into super clean well laid shoulders, good return of upper arm and super legsand feet. Easily spanned rib and good length and shape, with fine loin and well angulated hindquarters, with well let down hocks. Deep double coat and lovely thick pliant pelt. Comes alive on the move, light, free and long striding. She fair floated round keeping her outline at all times. Very accurate out and back, her copybook front movement clinched her BCC and BOB. Good luck in the future. 2 Keefe, Keybank Charlie's Crackeer. Typical and sound this grizzle bitch is also light framed and easy to span. Narrow front, good legs and feet with geminne head and eye. 3 Gregory Remony Frosted Ivy.

OB (10,5ab) 1 Goddard and Goddard Awbrooksky Geeteethree. Red grizzle bitch who has matured very nicely since I gave her BP last time I judged. Lovely size and balance, very good topline and tailset. Feminne head and good eye, nice reach of neck, narrow front, good legs and feet. Elegant outline with span of rib and good rear. In lovely coat and condition. She moved effortlessly and accurately. Pleased to award her RBCC. 2 Barratt, Howthwaite In Vogue. Lovely size feminne grizzle, narrow and well made all through, so moved very soundly and accurately. Not in coat today but plenty of undercoat. 3 Wright, Borderexprss Miss Potter.

GCB 1 Taylor, Picer Angelica To Nottorg. 2 Dixon, Foxcraig Magic Diamond. Typey bitch with stronger head, not as narrow in front and not moving as freely today as winner.

Janet Lee (Tythrop)

Darlington Dog Show Society 15.09.2017

Border Terriers – Judge Tracey James (Blackmine)

Thank you to everyone who entered under me. It was a fantastic entry and I thoroughly enjoyed my days judging. It is a beauty competition and it is much easier to assess a dog when it is well trained and well turned out. Showmanship sometimes comes naturally to some dogs and then others you have to work hard at. I was very pleased with all my winners.
VD (4,1)
1. Spencer’s COBSTONEWAY RIVER MAGIC JW SHCM, balanced upstanding male, strong masculine head, good shoulders, straight front, spanable, nice bend of stifle, level topline and lovely carrot tail. Thick harsh double coat. Moved out well with plenty of drive.
2. Anderson’s MINX’S DIAMOND, Strong headed male, straight narrow front and good level topline, Not as balanced as 1.
MPD (3,1)
1. Gregory’s REMONY FOR A’ THAT, rangy puppy with a lovely straight narrow front, level topline and good rear angulation with low set hocks. Excellent double coat and thick loose pelt. Positive mover.
2. Birrell’s OTTERPAWS MOUNTAIN HIGH, smaller type, lovely headed puppy, broad in muzzle and skull, needs to settle on the move.
PD (3,1)
1. Ruth’s BOWENCLOUD BUSY BEE, upstanding racy male, pleasing masculine head, straight front, well ribbed back with good underline, good front and rear angulation, level topline. Steady true mover. Balanced outline. Would prefer a shorter tail. BPD
2. Khatchikian’s JRASAMUYR CODEX, Would prefer stronger head and smaller ears, Straight front, narrow throughout. Harsh double coat with a thick pelt. Moved well.
JD (10,1)
1. Bailey’s LOCKHAUGH LINX TO GRINDELVALD, stood out in this class, balanced with no exaggerations, good head with broad skull, straight front, easily spanned, good topline and tail set. Thick double coat and loose pelt. Moved with purpose. Showed well.
2. Fraser’s HOLDENELM WORTH THE WAIT VIA YCART, well presented male with keen expression, best of fronts and narrow throughout, easily spanned, crisp pin wire coat. Lovely carrot tail. Made the best of himself. Preferred head of 1.
3. Armstrong’s LYNSETT LEWIS
YD (2,0)
1. Barrett’s HOWTHWAITHE IN VOICE. Racy but balanced male with pleasing expression. Straight narrow front, level topline and tailset, low set hocks. Double coat. Move with drive.
2. Johnson’s KARISON KUSTARD. Smaller type. Strong masculine head, nice straight front with good angulation, easily spanned. Tail set could be better.
PGD (10,0)
1. Baxter’s MYSULAN GOING SOLO JW. Good head, broad muzzle and skull, straight front, a little more upper arm angulation will balance him off, lovely underline with ribs carried well back. Level top line and correct tailset. Low set hocks. In excellent coat. Moved true. Showed well.
2. Hollingsbee’s OTTERWOOD CAIUS JW SHCM, masculine head, straight front, another with a good underline and rib. Level topline and good tail carriage. Moved with purpose. A lot to like about the dog but not the showman of 1.
LD (12,1) Really please with all my 5 placed dogs.
1. Haughton’s CHORBECK CHATTY MAN JW SHCM, super headed male, strong in muzzle and broad flat skull, narrow throughout and easily spanned. Well ribbed back. Level topline. Excelled in coat and pelt which actually made him look bigger than he was. Nicely angulated front and rear. Level topline and correct tail set. Moved straight and true and with lots of drive. Showed well. Would prefer better tail.
2. Irving’s DANDYHOW GALLOPING GOURMET JW. Different type to 1 not as strong all round. Pleasing head and expression, straight front, easily spanned, good underline. Racy quarters. Level topline. Moved with drive. Not as neat in front as 1.
OD (9,2) Three lovely champions headed this class all worthy of the CC.
1. Hall & Ellis’ CH BRACKENFELL BOK TO BACH JW, upstanding masculine dog with a strong but not overdone head with best of expressions. Straight front with good upper arm angulation. Spanable with ribs carried well back giving a good underline. Level topline and correct tailset. Racy well-muscled quarters with low set hocks. Good muscle tone. Steady true mover and carries himself well around the ring. Real showman. CC, BOB, TG4
2. Armstrong’s INT CH IR CH PLOUGHDOWN PLATO. Close up to 1. Maybe not quite the head of 1 but still excelled in angulation, topline, rear quarters and coat. Particularly good in rib and easily spanned. Moved and showed well. Res.CC
VB (5,2)
1. Baxter’s AM CAN INT CH SULAN FANCY THAT. Smart well turned out oldie. Feminine head, narrow throughout, good topline. Moved and showed well.
2. Armstrong’s CARRICKFARM MIKA SHCM. Pleasing head, neat ears, easily spanned, not the showgirl of 1.
MPB (7,0) Lovely class of puppies.
1. Pickering’s PICER BETH CHATTO. This one really caught my eye. What a picture, strong but feminine head, good reach of neck, straight front, ribs carried well back giving a good underline. Super double coat and loose pelt. Level top line and correct tail set. Needs to settle on the move but moved with drive. BPB & BP
2. Lowry’s RAVENSIDE CALIMA, different type to 1. Feminine head but not as strong as 1. Narrow throughout with good length of rib, level topline. Harsh double coat. Positive mover.
PB (9,0)
1. Horner’s STINEVAL KORDIA. Pretty bitch with strong but feminine head. Easily spanned and ribs carried well back. Nice bend of stifle, lovely carrot tail. Very showy bitch and made the best of herself.
2. Ruth’s BOWENCLOUD THE BEE CHARMER, close up to 1. Upstanding bitch with lovely head, straight narrow front, good length of rib. Level topline. Not the show girl of 1.
JB (16,4) 3 Lovely youngsters headed this class
1. Johnson’s KARISON KRUMBLE, pretty feminine bitch shown in heavy double coat. Lovely head and expression. Narrow throughout, easily spanned, level topline. Would prefer better tailset.
2. Fraser’s ACHNAGAIRN TOUCH OF CLASS, stronger bitch, beautiful head and expression, straight front, ribbed well back, level topline and correct tailset. In heavy double coat. A lot to like about this bitch but not handled to advantage.
YB (7,1)
1. Duxbury’s RIDGEBOW RUSTY RIVET. Lovely head; strong but feminine. Good reach of neck. Straight front, easily spanned. Lovely level topline, nice bend of stifle. Shown in heavy double coat. Moved true and with lots of drive. Had a tendency to stand untidy in front.
2. Armstrong’s PLOUGHDOWN PALOMA. Close up to 1. Pretty feminine head, not as strong as 1. Balanced with good front and rear angulation, straight front. Good length of rib. Good topline and tails set. Low set hocks. Positive mover. Not in best of coats.
PGB (19,6)
1. Docwra’s BANDICOOT DRAGON GLASS. Lovely upstanding racy bitch. Pretty head with lovely expression, straight front, narrow throughout, ribs carried well back giving good underline. Super double coat and loose pelt. Level topline. Racy quarters. Moved and showed well. RCC
2. Horner’s STINVEVAL MALIZIA. Pleasing head, straight front, easily spanned, narrow throughout. In excellent coat. Not the balanced outline of 1.
LB (12,1)
1. Brannan’s BRANKELL DOUBLE OR QUITS JW. Very pretty bitch with a strong but feminine head. Good reach of neck. Straight front. Easily spanned. Good front and rear angulation. Strong quarters which she used to power around the ring. Very showy girl. Would prefer her a size bigger.
2. Baxter’s SULAN STRICTLY BLUES DANCIN’. Pleasing head, straight front, ribbed well back. Well angulated front and rear. Level topline and correct tailset. Moved with purpose. Very showy. Preferred the head and overall balance of one.
OB (8,3)
1. Spencer’s PLOUGHDOWN PERSEPHONE, Upstanding strong but feminine bitch. Lovely head with broad skull, dark eyes, neat ears and strong over muzzle, good reach of neck into well placed shoulders. Straight front. Ribs carried well back. Nice bend of stifle. Level topline and correct tailset. Thick double coat and loose pelt which made her look heavier than what she was. Steady true mover. Showed well in the challenge. CC
2. Ritchie’s CH IANTEG RED RUBY JW SHCM. Pretty bitch with lovely head, dark eye, and neat ears. Easily spanned and ribs carried well back. Well angulation front and rear. Moved with drive. Would prefer her a size bigger.

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