Pyrenean Mountain Dog Breed Critique

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

North of England Pyrenean Mountain Dog Open Show. 02.04.18

It was a real pleasure to judge at this friendly, well run show. Temperaments were excellent and all of the dogs were clean and well presented. Thank you.
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Puppy Dog
1 Dickson’s Kalkasi Fields of Gold. Best Dog Puppy. A really handsome, well-grown youngster with good bone and decent feet. Attractive masculine head with excellent pigmentation and dark eye. Well-proportioned head with very moderate stop. Adequate depth and breadth of chest, good topline. Still a little raw on the move coming back to me but impressive in profile and used his tail well. Shown in first class coat and condition.
1 Robinson’s Penellcy Warrior of the Gods. A very good moving dog who is well balanced and strongly boned. Pleasing clean head with strong muzzle and good pigment. Good breadth of chest with decent length of rib. Dense double coat.
2 Cubello’s Night Owl. Atttractive, well pigmented head. Decent neck and shoulders, good depth of brisket. Well boned with good feet. Could be a shade firmer in topline. Moved soundly and he presents a very pleasing overall picture.
3 Dickson’s Kalkasi Fields of Gold.
Robinson’s Penellcy Warrior of the Gods
Post Graduate
1 Holmes’ Lisjovia Estevez. Impressed for both power and size with good substance and bone. Strong masculine head with good pigmentation, well-shaped eyes which could be a fraction darker for perfection. Strong, broad level back with good length of rib. Free moving and absolutely sound.
2 Flounders’ Gillandant Spirit of Xmas at Lakamoni. Lovely head properties with a dark, almond eye. Strong, moderate neck which flows well into shoulders. Good body and rib. Strong, well arched feet.
3 Cubello’s Night Owl
1 Reilly’s Lisjovia Boris Bear at Darmaror JW ShCM. Best Dog & Reserve BIS. A very good moving dog with lots of quality. Beautifully balanced, strong and noble. Clean, well-proportioned head with excellent pigmentation. Good breadth and depth of chest, ribbed well back. Definite waist. In the challenge for BIS I felt that the maturity of the lovely bitch just gave her edge.
2 Holmes’ Lisjovia Takahashi JW ShCM. Reserve Best Dog. Close up and a dog I have admired before. He manages to combine strength with some elegance, handsome masculine head with excellent pigmentation. Strong neck and good shoulders. Good breadth of back and excellent topline. Impressed on the move with a very easy stride. Shown in excellent condition.
3 Flounders’ Gillandant Spirit of Xmas at Lakamoni
1 Pollard’s Ch Gillandant Sugar and Spice JW. Best Veteran in Show. It’s hard to believe that this lovely bitch is over 10 years of age, she’s a real credit to her owner/breeder. Presented in top form she has a most pleasing head and lovely expression. Clear, dark eye with good pigmentation. Strong muzzle. Good forehand and bone. Well ribbed back with strong broad back and good topline. Moved soundly.
1 Gibsons & Bowker’s Sajobien Gastons Girl Avec Febus. Best Puppy. Stood at the head of a good class. Most attractive head and expression. Dark, well-shaped eye, imperceptible stop, clean cheeks. Quite upstanding with a strong short neck and excellent topline. Good bone, legs and feet. Presents a most attractive picture in profile and used her tail on the move. Her presentation was impeccable. A most promising prospect.
2 Edwards’ Shanlimore Raffaella. Good skull, dark almond eye and excellent pigmentation. Soundly made all through with a good forehand and strong bone. Not quite the topline of the winner as yet, but good breadth and depth of chest and ribbed well back. Well presented, dense double coat.
3 Haley’s Kalkasi Lilac Wine at Mistymia. Less finished than the two above. Lovely head and expression with a dark intelligent eye. Good size and substance, decent breadth of chest. Moved out well.
1 Gibsons & Bowker’s Sajobien Gastons Girl Avec Febus
2 Haley’s Kalkasi Blue Moon at Mistymia. Strong yet feminine head, lovely eye and pigmentation. Shapely and well balanced with firm topline and good length of rib. Good quarters gave her some power on the move.
3 Edwards’ Shanlimore Raffaella
1 Gibsons & Bowker’s Sajobien Gastons Girl Avec Febus
2 Haley’s Kalkasi Blue Moon at Mistymia
3 Edwards’ Shanlimore Raffaella
1 Gibsons & Bowker’s Sajobien Gastons Girl Avec Febus
Post Graduate
1 Carlin’s Rosemere Yasmina. Presented a pleasing outline with her good carriage. Very pleasing head, dark almond eye, neat ears and good pigment. Strong and well made with good bone and decent breadth of chest. Dense double coat. Sound both up and down.
2 Holmes’ Lisjovia Emilio. Not in the fullest of coats but well-presented and she shows to good advantage. Strong, fairly short neck and she carries herself well. Good length of rib, broad back and excellent topline. Good quarters. Adequate bone. Impressed on the move.
3 Haley’s Kalkasi Lilac Wine at Mistymia
1 Pollard’s Gillandant Xmas Spice. Good quality and type. Well-proportioned head, dark eye and excellent pigmentation. Good forehand with decent bone. Strong body with good breadth of chest and back. Moved out well with an easy stride. Excellent coat.
A super class with four lovely bitches.
1 Bayliss’ Ch Shiresoak She’s The One JW. Best Bitch & BIS. I thought she was rather lovely. Very pleasing to handle as she is powerfully made with good bone, excellent depth and breadth of chest and good length of rib. Firm topline and good quarters. Very attractive, feminine yet strong head and expression. Quality, well presented jacket. Free moving and very sound both coming and going.
2 Thorne’s Belshanmish Pretty in Pink at Pyrajay ShCM. Reserve Best Bitch. Very pleasing head with kind, feminine expression, very slight stop, strong muzzle. Good strong neck with firm topline and broad back. Well boned with excellent forehand. Very impressive on the move with strong well muscled quarters.
3 Dunk’s Ch Bursville Summer Zizana with Zalute JW. A great character with a lovely head and expression. Good depth of pigment and pleasing dark eye. Well boned with some breadth at the front and she is free moving and sound.
Judge: Tom Mather

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