Old English Sheepdog Breed Critique

Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdog
South Wales Kennel Association 2017

Old English Sheepdog

I would like to thank the exhibitors for allowing me to go over their dogs, and to thank my stewards for making my day very enjoyable. I am sorry not being able to stay for the groups, but due to my car light problem, I had to get home before dark.

Minor Puppy Dog 3 (1a)
1st Reeves Mrs K. Shaggyblue Bob’s Xerxes at Brinkley (IMP)
Very nice puppy dog, good mouth and head, correct eye colour, straight front with good bone, well placed shoulders with deep brisket, well let down hocks move well both ways Best Puppy Dog

2nd Robertson Mrs S. Hickorystix Mischielf Maker
Just 6 months, correct mouth and head, good eye colour, straight front, not bone of first. Needs time to improve overall shape

Puppy Dog 1
1st Kirby Mr R. & Mrs J. Macopa Moment In Time
A rangy type of dog with good bite but small teeth, nice eye and head, good front, well boned, with nice run-in of shoulder, a little longer in back than I like, hocks a little straight, very nice coat colour, but seems a little over groomed, move ok, just needs time to look his best

Junior Dog 1
1st Huggan Miss J.L. Jandoes Born To Be Wild at Jazziespad
Plenty to like about the boy, good head, mouth and eye, with a nice stop, well placed shoulders, front well boned, rear end well-muscled, with well let down hocks, move well both ways, coat changing nicely pleased to give Res CC

Post Graduate Dog 2
1st Ferguson Mrs A. Mellowdee Moriarty with Lexalby
Mouth correct, nice stop, good eye and colour, would like more rise over loin and better neck/shoulder placements. Nice hocks moved well.
2nd Sharp Mrs J. Brackenhome Boy Blue.
Not his day today seem unhappy. Overall a nice dog but did not want to show at all.

Limit Dog 2 (1a)
1st Evans Mrs C. & Mr B.J. Bracalgem Ray Of Sunshine.
Stood alone in this class, good head with good bite, correct eye colour, correct neck and run in of shoulders, with a nice rise over loin, straight front and well boned, well-muscled back end with well let down hocks, moved very well both ways, coat texture and colour very pleasing. Pleasaed to award him DCC.

Open Dog 3 (1a)
1st Deakin Miss S.J. Ch. Oldoak Kings Randsom At Darwillow.
Correct mouth and teeth, good head, nice eye and pigment, correct front with good bone, shoulders good, with good rise, backend sound, coat was too dark for me and needed to clear.
2nd Steele Mr A.F.J. & Mrs J.M. F/Int Ch. Irresistible Boy Of Reality Dream With Arthrug (IMP FRA)
Everything was outstanding about this dog, except for one fault which I could not overlook.

Veteran Dog 0

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog 0

Minor Puppy Bitch 3
1st Matthews Mrs M.J. Hickorystix All That Jazz At Gojolega.
Very feminine baby, all in proportion for age, head and mouth good, good shoulders and front, nice bone for age, good bend of stifle with well let down hocks, moved well, coat changing nicely.
2nd Robertson Mrs S. Hickorystix Keep The Faith.
Nice puppy for age, slower in part, but has time on her side. head correct in all departments, front straight, but not as well boned as first, moved well.
3rd Jones Mr C.J. & Mrs E.S. Kerjalee Dream Moments At Wenallt

Puppy Bitch 2
1st Crane-Duplock & Duplock Mrs I. & Mr G. Shaggy Blue Bob’s Way To Go
With Mirene (IMP Deu)
Nice type of puppy, correct head, mouth and eye, good run in of shoulders and rise over loin, straight front good bone, good bend of stifle with correct hocks, coat is changing slowly, moved as one with owner. Pleased to have awarded her Best Puppy, and pleased to hear she went Puppy Group 3.
2nd Winson & Winson Dr J. & Mrs S. Jandoes Cristal Sparkles At Meisan
Larger type of bitch, overall everything was in place and good, nice bitch, with very good coat colour, moved well.
Junior Bitch 2
1st Jones R.F. & A.M. Quemerford Bewitched
A very nice young bitch, with very nice head and mouth, correct ear placement, straight front well boned, nice run in of shoulder, good rise over loin, correct bend of stifle with correct hocks, moved well, coat very good for age. Pleased to award her RCC.
2nd Esposito Mrs Dalewood Now Your Talking.
Just come out of puppy, and giving a lot away to the first with age, correct head and front, good bone, well let down hocks, movement a little close going away. Coat changing slowly.

Post Graduate Bitch 4
1st Oakes Mr D. E. & Mrs A Bovaron Charisma At Ambleoak
Correct mouth, nice head good stop, good eye colour, straight front, good bone, nice neck and good run in of shoulder, correct rise over loin, nice bend of stifle, well let down hocks. Coat changing very well at 22 months of age, moved well.
2nd Sharp Mrs J. Brackenhome Summer Breeze
Very little between these two, just preferred the run in of shoulder of first.
3rd Cossins & Sharland Mrs A & Mrs F.M. Neidersachen’s Pride Katinkabell At Juvalyn
4th Amos Mrs E. Molyneux Cracklin Rose

Limit Bitch 2
1st Terry Mrs S.J. Shaggylands Wot A Cracker
Correct head, eye, and muzzle, mouth pincer bite, straight front, good bone, correct run in of shoulders and rise over loin, tucked well in at elbows, deep brisket, well let down hocks moved well, good coat, just preferred the junior for the RCC.
2nd Castle Mr G & Mrs D.A. Molyneux Live The Dream
Slightly bigger bitch, head and mouth good, eye correct, straight front good bone, darker coat than I prefer, a little close on moving away.

Open Bitch 4 (1a)
1st Harris Mr G. & Mrs H.M. Ch. Aryakas Stefania At Beauvallon
The one I could take home with me, a perfect size, correct mouth, jaw and muzzle correct eye and ears, straight front with good bone, lovely neck and run in of shoulder, good rise over loin, correct bend of stifle with well let down hocks, moved really well both ways, her coat beautiful both in colour and profuseness very pleased to award her Best Bitch CC and BOB well done.
2nd Powell Mrs L.J. Kerjalee Beautiful Moment At Wookeymill
A little out classed by the first, but still a nice bitch, with good head and mouth, good bone, nice bend of stifle with good hocks. Moved a little close behind going away, with her coat a little darker than I like.
3rd Palmer Mr M.P. & Mrs D.J. Zottels Dream Of Me At Hazyland

Judge Mike Tovey

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