Norwegian Buhund Breed Critique

Norwegian Buhund

Norwegian Buhund

South Wales Kennel Association. October 2018.
Norwegian Buhunds.
Puppy D/B, Junior D/B, Open Dog – all no entries.
Open Bitch (1)
1st Lambert’s Sturtmoor Eezee Luvva. Beautifully balanced with square profile, refined throughout but not willowy in any way. Good head piece with correct wedge shape, tall, well-pointed ears and an alertness that hinted at her mental ability to work. Medium very dark brown eyes completed the picture. Stood with a level topline and sensible angulation. Thought about relaxing her tail at times but was expertly brought back into focus by her handler. Tail set excellent and following the line of spine for the first few inches before displaying a neat double curve (which could have been a fraction tighter). Handler moved her at the optimum speed to show light, no-nonsense strides combined with soundness and well carried tail. BOB.
Judge – Del Richards.

Crufts critique for Norwegian Buhunds 2018
I was very honoured to be asked to judge the Norwegain Buhunds at Crufts and I would like to thank my stewards for helping run ring so smoothly. A huge thank you also to all the exhibitors who entered under me giving such a fantastic entry of quality dogs, I really was spoilt for choice in several classes. I would also like to thank them all for sportingly accepting my decisions. I was looking for a dog as near the breed standard as possible and to able to work .They are in the Pastoral Group and Pastoral in the UK tends to mean rolling fields, but for this breed that is not the case. I have seen on several occasions the environment in which they are expected to work in Norway, it is mountainous with often a very hard often unstable surface, so to be fit for purpose the dogs need to cope with this ground and have a coat that would protect them in the often harsh climate, and they need to have to an outgoing character to help them think for themselves. All dogs were wheaten unless otherwise stated.
VD(6.1) A difficult class as you have dogs just into veteran and those who are more mature in years.
1.Hood & Collins. Ch Arnscroft Di Nah Sawr Us Rex .7yrs Good size lovely outline in superb condition and coat moved with drive, very attentive to handler .BV & RDCC.
2. Deeley’s .AM/Can GR Ch Kyon’s Bold Norseman.7yrs, lovely head but unfortunately the profile of this dog is spoilt by a slightly low tail set which is accentuated by the fact that he is inclined to drop his tail; this is shame as he moves with drive well and has quality with good bone.
3 .Vines .Ch Ailort Highlander At Parvodene JW ShCM.Almost 11yrs but not showing his age, smaller and more lightly built than 1& 2 , excellent breed type moved well, sadly he does not have the best feet, his front feet in particular spoilt the picture.
PD (2.1)1 Cobb, Cobb & Kent’s. Koromandel Best Served Cold At Knytshall. Stood alone but a worthy winner.10months good breed type and outline, lovely head, nice length of leg neat feet, well curled tail, lovely darker wheaten coat showing harness marks ,moved out well for one so young. BP
JD (1.1)
PGD (3) The first two are litter brothers and need time to reach their full potential.
1.Hood, Glaholm & Wildig’s. Sturmoor Eeza Geeza at Buhcafrey .A lot to like about this young man lovely head ,correct front angulations but needs more depth of chest and is rather leggy at the moment, good set and curl of tail, front movement a little loose but I am sure this will tighten up as he matures.
2. Bairer & Merry’s . Sturmoor Elfinn’s Luck. Very close up to one. Has a lovely head and more depth of chest than 1, good tail set and curl, unfortunately his overall balance was spoilt as his front movement is very loose ,I hope his handler will not be disappointed with this as Buhunds mature slowly and he has a lot of promise but was judged on the day.
3.Maynard’s Knytshall Black Orloff
Black,unfortunately the owner did not realise I was doing 3 critiques and left the ring.
L D ( 4.1) 1.Smith’s Arnscroft Never Say Di. This dog caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring. A lovely example of the breed. Well angulated both ends, correct top and under line, good coat, good rib cage moved with sound easy action with drive, just owning the ring as he moved round, was pleased to award him the DCC which gave him his crown & BOB.
2. Houscroft & Housecroft ‘s Rikarlo Harailt.Superb coat condition gleaming black ,head a little strong with a slightly light eye , neat ears , a touch heavy in body and I would like a little more length of leg for overall balance, tail curls well over the back but could be tighter .
3. Cook & Cook’s Arnscroft Di Ablo There is a lot to like about this dog he has a good head although a little light in eye, a little heavy in body but is short coupled has a good tail set and curl .Unfortunately he took exception to his owner showing me his teeth which excluded him from any higher award.
OD(7) What a lovely class.
1. Dobson Dobson Cale & Evans Ch /Ir Ch Arnscroft Di to Be a Sailor .Fabulous outline and breed type, held his top line on the move shown to perfection by his handler ,last time I judged him at the club Ch show I gave him BIS but today he had to give way to his younger brother for the top award .
2. Coe’s. Trelowen Big Daddy. I just love this dog he is such a character ,I awarded him the RDCC last time I judged him at the club Ch show, he was unlucky today to come up against some tough opposition. Moved out well with drive, he has all the breed characteristics except for one, he just needs a little more length of leg for overall balance.
3. Vickers.NJK NK BENELLUX WINNER NL17Keiron Yggdrasil Van Koekie’s Ranch.Rich wheaten colour,with good harsh coat texture ,good breed type ,very workman like dog, lightly built ,neat feet, moved well with level top line held on the move ,well curled tail over the back.
GCD (3) 1.Shorer-Wheeler,Wheeler & Gillies Ch Arnscroft Di Na Mo Farrah of Kormandel JW ShCM. Stood out for breed type and balance , lovely head, moved out well for his younger handler, keeping his top line on the move ,superb tail set and carriage ,unfortunate he has a skin blemish which at the moment excluded him from top honours at this level.
2 .Ch Ailort Highlander At Parvodene.JW. ShCM
3. Ricarlo Harailt.
VB(2)1. Cobb Cobb & Kent’s Ch Trelowen Veryan To Knytshall.Lightly built quality feminine bitch, compact, good overall balance, moved out soundly she has neat feet but back nails could be shorter and she has lost a front tooth.
2. Norman’s Marambu Tamnavulin nearly 11yrs she is beginning to show her age especially in her the movement,not helped by the fact that she obviously loves her food and is rather tubby, she does however have quality and substance and a lovely single curled tail carried well over her back giving a very nice outline .
PB.(2) Two wonderful puppy bitches who I am sure will change places on other occasions with both having a great future in the breed ring.
1 Butterworth & Butterworth’s Koromandel Gild the Lily Femine head with good expression and dark eye,good length of neck going into a level top line. Lovely curled tail. Neat feet liked her length of leg giving her good overall balance, she moved out well with such lightness . Found out later she is litter sister to my puppy dog winner, who she pushed hard in the puppy challenge, but I did not feel she moved so well in the challenge as she had done in the class.
2. Norman Hussey Isaac & Stirling’s Arnscroft Delilah At Veekay. Very showy, close up to 1, smart shaded wheaten, good breed type but would like a fraction more length of leg for perfect balance. .

JB (2) 1 Koromandel Gild the Lily
2 Arnscroft Delilah At Veekay
PG (2) 1. Crocker’s Knytshall Noor Ul Ain. I really liked this bitch .Black, good breed type short coupled with lovely curled tail carried over her back ,lightly built ,very feminine although she does have rather large ears which does detract a little from her femininity in the head, but does not affect the overall picture, moved well and sympathetically handled as she does sometimes become unsettled by activities going on around her, which is a shame as it does at this level restrict her from any higher award.
2.Bethell & Bethell’s Minforst Galadriel .There is lot to like about this bitch she is very feminine has a good head & expression ,but is rather long cast ,her tail has a good curl but is rather low set and sadly today she had left her clothes at home, which did not help the overall picture .She moved out soundly.I think she will be one of those Buhunds who mature late.
LB (8.2)A lovely class of bitches who I am sure would swop places on another day.
1. Garvie’s .Rhialis Lucina. Lovely feminine example of the breed has grace and elegance free of exaggerations, lovely head and expression, kept her top line on the move, lovely curl to tail carried well over her back. Loved her outgoing personality.
2. Butterworth’s Rikarlo Henrietta . Good honest example of the breed, compact short coupled, well balanced good tail and set, neat feet, unfortunately she has a slightly round eye.
3. Cale Stirling & Dobson’s Arnscroft Bibbity Bobity Bu. Another lovely example of the breed, has a lovely feminine head level top line which she kept on the move ,tightly curled tail, is still is rather leggy and immature so like several of the other exhibits will I think take time to reach her full potential.
OB (6) Spoilt for choice in this class,6 wonderful champions to choose from.
1. Shorer-Wheeler’s Ch Maidofcopper of Kormandel JW. Outstanding example of the breed, wonderful outline, lovely size and so well balanced, moved with drive. Has a wonderful outgoing personality.BCC pushed hard for BOB but could not deny the dog on this occasion.
2 .Garvie’s Ch Rhalis Pysche ShCM More workmanlike than 1 but a another good example of the breed, good overall balance moved well, perfect tail and set .
3.Rumsey & Rumsey’s Ch Arnscroft Di Nah May. Another beautiful bitch so close up to 2 very hard to split them, she was just lacking in jacket and a fraction longer cast.
GCB (3). 1.Shorer-Wheeler’s Ch Maidofcopper of Kormandel JW
2. Crocker’s Knytshall Noor Ul Ain
3.Norman’s Marambu Tamnavulin

Margaret Deuchar

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