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Border Collie

Border Collie
North West Border Collie Club
Open Show ~ 18/2/18

I thoroughly enjoyed my day with the Border Collies. Temperaments were excellent and all the exhibits were shown in good condition. My thanks go to the Officers and Committee for their invitation and their kind hospitality. My excellent steward, Glynis Dowson did a sterling job and finally my thanks to all of the exhibitors for their good manners and sportsmanship.

Minor Puppy
1 Buckley’s Caleykiz I Got You. He provided a good start to my day as he is well balanced and very typical in outline. Flattish, fairly broad skull, mild expression. Well boned with nicely padded feet. Good forehand, just a shade close behind but profile action is very pleasing.
1 Wiltshire’s Dark Side of the Moon at Caleykiz. Best Puppy in Show. At 10 months of age his extra maturity gave him the edge in the challenge for Best Puppy. A grand showman, well proportioned skull, neat ears. Good reach of neck and well laid shoulders. Very good front action with little lift and he looks most shapely and pleasing in profile.
1 Harper’s Fayken Into Darkness with Arrodare. A typey handsome youngster. Attractive head and expression, neat ears. Good breadth and depth of chest, well bone with good feet. Well ribbed with strong loin. Moved soundly but without much enthusiasm.
1 Wiltshire’s Dark Side of the Moon at Caleykiz
2 Harper’s Fayken Into Darkness with Arrodare
3 Buckley’s Caleykiz I Got You
Post Graduate
1 Schofield’s Rogansrock Just The One. Pleasing head with a keen, mild expression, good ears. Good forehand with decent bone and good feet. Well ribbed with good depth and breadth of chest. Moved soundly both ways keeping a good outline at all times.
2 Tiller’s Fozbarton Kings Knight. Sable. Very handsome and eye-catching, lovely mild expression. Excellent reach of neck with slight arch. Well ribbed with good body proportions. Good length of tail. Dense, good textured coat.
1 Wiltshire’s Thwaitlake All Fired Up JW. Reserve Best Dog. Masculine, well balanced and athletic. Very free moving and he moved out with good length of stride and minimum lift. Pleasing head, good neck and shoulders. Good topline, well ribbed with strong loin. Good quarters. Shown in good coat and first class muscular condition.
2 Surridge’s Goytre Saucie Moment JW. Another good quality dog of lovely type and style. Well proportioned head with dark, oval eye, mild expression. Good breadth and depth of chest. Well ribbed. Sound and accurate on the move. Not quite the athleticism of the winner.
Open Dog
1 Schofield’s Rogansrock Beautiful Dream JW. Best Dog and BIS. Well balanced and with a smashing head and mild expression. Excellent forehand with good bone, legs and feet. Nicely arched neck. Strong, well ribbed body. He has a lovely flowing outline and on the move, he was most impressive with his moderately low head carriage and accurate footfall with minimal lift. Shown in peak condition, I thought he was good value for the top spot today.
2 Hargreaves’ Hartbecca Shadow Dancer. Appealed for size and overall balance. Typical head with flattish skull and good expression. Decent forehand. Well ribbed. Once settled moved soundly.
3 Entwistle’ Janbell Here Comes Trouble
Special Open (AOC)
1 Tiller’s Fozbarton Kings Knight
Special Open (Confined to Members)
1 Tiller’s Fozbarton Kings Knight
1 Winup’s Coussiere Black Magic at Rogansrock. A handsome, well made dog, good bone, legs and feet. Typical head and expression, Good ribbing with strong loin. Good breadth of quarters and well carried tail which could be longer for perfection. Moved out very well.

Minor Puppy
1 Akester’s Thwaitlake Magical Love. Best Bitch Puppy. Just six months of age but mature in attitude and with bags of confidence. Feminine had and expression, good forehand with decent bone and well padded feet. Good ribbing for age but in no way overdone. Good quarters with shortish rear pastern and well set and carried tail. Very free moving with typical head carriage and minimal lift in front. I thought she was very promising.
2 Wiltshire’s Caleykiz I Got A Feeling. More mature in both body and coat with an excellent head and expression. Dark oval eye, neat ears. Nicely arched neck, good topline.
3 Ward’s Diamonds Are Forever in Starside
1 Ward’s Diamonds Are Forever in Starside. A most attractive blue merle. Excellent type and balance, attractive head and expression with neat ears. Well bodied. Accurate both out and back but could have a little more extension in profile. In gleaming coat and condition.
1 Tiller’s Lesnuages Persephone by Foxbarton. Sable. Beautifully balanced with a feminine head and expression. Good rib and body. Well set and carried tail of good length. Moved well covering some ground in very typical fashion. Shows to good advantage.
2 Baldwin’s Breevana Queen of Hearts. Attractive and feminine, neat ears. Good forehand with adequate depth and breadth of chest. Well ribbed. In good coat and condition. Moved well in profile.
3 Ross’ Bordaquest Rich Tea
1 Tiller’s Lesnuages Persephone by Foxbarton
2 Rottger’s Caleykiz Let’s Dance. Well balanced and with a typical attractive head and expression. Good depth and breadth of chest. Good body proportions. Well angulated. Couldn’t quite match the movement or vigour of the winner.
1 Akester’s Thwaitlake Magical Love
2 Wiltshire’s Caleykiz I Got A Feeling
3 Rottger’s Caleykiz Let’s Dance
1 Baldwin’s Caleykiz Vision In Black. Typey and well balanced, flattish skull, strong muzzle and pleasing mild expression. Well boned with nicely padded feet. Good ribbing. Strong loin. Sound and free moving and shown in first class condition.
1 Entwistle’s Rogansrock Dream Maker at Beesting. Best Bitch and Reserve BIS. She impressed me greatly on the move with her freedom of action, smooth tireless gait with minimal lift. Excellent forehand with good reach of neck and well laid shoulders. Very well balanced. Not in the fullest of coats but what is there is a good texture and enhances her outline. Feminine yet workmanlike and I could easily imagine her working all day. I later discovered she was the litter sister to the BIS wining dog.
2 Winup’s Rogansrock Born To Be Free. Dam of the Best Dog and Bitch! I liked her head and mild, alert expression, perhaps not quite the reach of neck of the winner but she has a good forehand and is well ribbed with good body proportions. Moved out soundly with some extension.
3 Collier’s Tonkory Jumping For Joy Over Collherd
1 Barratt’s Starside Sadie of Pendleway. Reserve Best Bitch. A flashy, most attractive bitch of some quality and lovely type. Excellent forehand with well laid shoulders, good bone, legs and feet. Adequate depth and breadth of chest. Lovely outline. Ultra sound with a free, easy, tireless stride. Shows to best advantage.
2 Hargreaves’ Harbecca Call Me Madam. Typey with an attractive head, flattish skull and strong muzzle. Kind expression. Pleasing balance. Excellent profile action but just a shade close going away from me.
3 Ross’ Bordaquest Diamond Dust
Special Open (AOC)
1 Tiller’s Lesnuages Persephone by Foxbarton
Special Open (Confined to Members)
1 Tiller’s Lesnuages Persephone by Foxbarton
1 Collier’s Moshanta Midnight Star Over Collherd. Best Veteran. Typey and well balanced with a feminine head and expression, good forehand with clean, well laid shoulders and good body. Sound and free moving and presented in tip top form.
2 Winup’s Beesting Just En Jou at Rogansrock. A shade heavier than the winner but well made and pleasing to handle. Good skull. Keen expression and nice bone, legs and feet. Well ribbed. Good croup and tailset. Moved soundly.
3 Hargreave’s Harbecca Miss Chief

Judge: Tom Mather

Durham Canine Open Show 16th July 2017

Border Collie (Dogs)

Puppy (No entries)
Junior (No entries)
Post Graduate Dog. 1st Martell’s Caldonbeck Winter Soldier. Blue and white, 3 years old with a typical border collie outline. Masculine head with eyes of a good shape, his nose is correct for his colouring, topped off with medium sized ears. Good clean teeth. He has strong bones without looking too heavy. Good forequarters with good shoulder placement and front legs straight when viewed from the front. Well sprung ribs, broad chest, good length of loin. Well angulated hindquarters and moved with ease.
2nd Ambler’s Caleykiz Time To Boogie. Black and white dog 3 and a half years. Has many of the qualities to 1, but preferred shoulder placement and movement of my winner today.
Open Dog. 1st Ambler’s Caleykiz Born To Boogie. Stunning black and white dog who caught my eye when he entered the ring and he did not disappoint on handling. Super balanced head with medium sized semi-erect ears, eyes good shape and size. Good length of neck leading to best shoulder placement today well laid back and elbows close to body. Ribs well sprung, deep chest and good loins, with muscular hindquarters sloping gracefully to set on of tail which was of good length. Good bend of stifle and hocks well let down. Stood foursquare without over-handling and moved with ease and minimum lift of feet. Pleased to award him Best of Breed with the agreement of my co-judge.
2nd Bell & Sloan’s Janbell Midnight Sun ShCM Black and white heavier coated dog. Masculine head, medium sized ears, good eye shape. Moved soundly, preferred topline and length of loin of 1 today. 3rd Maxwell’s Bordertime King of Queens.
Karen Bugg

Midlands Border Collie Club Open Show 1st October 2017
As a founder member of the club it was an honour to be asked to judge at the 25th Anniversary Show. Thank you to the officers and committee and to my hard working stewards, I really enjoyed my day.
Minor Puppy Bitch (1) 1. Dominiczak’s Fridfion Amorphis 7 months old blue tricolor, very raw baby, sound overall construction, moved well when settled.
Puppy Bitch (6) 1. Austin’s Hysteps Made to Measure B/W 11 months. Super feminine puppy well made throughout, lovely head well set ears, clean teeth and good bite. Well placed shoulders and good ribcage, sufficient length in body, well set on tail. Good rear angulation, best movement in class today. Best Puppy In Show. 2. Gregory’s Tonkory Some Have It, a lot to like about this young bitch and pushed hard for first place. Very feminine head, good reach of neck, straight forequarters, neat feet. Good overall body shape. Movement let her down today. Reserve Best Puppy In Show. 3. Tiller’s Lesnuages Persephone by Foxbarton. Res. Lucas’ Aculsia You Down Own Me VHC. Dominiczak’s Fridfion Amorphis.
Junior Bitch (9,1 abs) 1. Preiss’ Anadune Great Expectations B/W 13 months. Stood out in this class, lovely type with good overall balance. Super feminine head, nice brown eyes of correct shape. Good straight front, good brisket, excellent shoulders, well spring ribs. Firm topline leading to good turn of stifle and well let down hocks. Good length of tail, which was carried well whilst moving with reach and drive. 2. Entwistle’s Beesting Last Waltz R/W 13 months. Lovely head, eyes slightly rounder than 1 but correct for coat colour. Good ear carriage, nice length of neck. Little out of coat today but this did not distract from overall balance which was good. Moved well. 3. Hamson’s Wizaland Celestial Sapphire. Res. Rottger’s Calykiz lets Dance. VHC. Johnson’s Tonkory Run Around Sue
Novice Bitch (6) Both seen previously preferred eye shape of 1. Preiss’ Anadune Great Expectations. 2. Austin’s Hysteps Made to Measure. 3. Tiller’s Lesnuages Persephone by Foxbarton. Res. Hamson’s Wizaland Celestial Sapphire . VHC. Greening’s Kanameran Hold On My Heart
Post Graduate Bitch (7,1) Super class of quality bitches. 1.Entwistle’s Rogansrock Dream Maker at Beesting. Beautifully balanced b/w stood out in this class from the moment she entered. Super feminine head with well used ears, and dark correctly shaped eyes. Good length of neck leading to an excellent lay of shoulder, good brisket and stood foursquare. Good topline, croup and bend of stifle, well let down hocks. Moved soundly in all directions. 2. Mann’s Borderpride Quan Yin B/W Another quality bitch, lots to like about her from her feminine head to her neat feat. Stood foursquare, nice front with good depth of brisket, would prefer a slightly longer upper arm. Well sprung ribs leading to nicely angled rear. Moved well. 3.Oliver & Ratcliffe’s Arrodare Game On. Res. Hodson’s Littlethorn Cortina. VHC. Facecett’s Laceway Enchanted Voices.
Limit Bitch (8,1) Another class of quality bitches. 1. Fawcett’s Laceway Echo Falls JW. A beautifully balanced b/w presented in excellent condition, stood foursquare . Best of heads with neat ears, lovely eye shape and expression. Good reach of neck leading to well laid back shoulders. Super front with good depth to brisket and well sprung ribs, leading to good length of loin. Good rear angulations with well muscled thighs, well let down hocks and neat feet. Fluid movement in all directions and was in complete harmony with handler. Considered for top honours. 2. Wiltshire & Rottger’s Caleykiz Boogie On JW. Another b/w bitch of good quality. Pleasing head with good ears but slightly rounder eye than 1. Good front piece leading to well angled rear, with well let down hocks. Moved well. 3. Ward’s Starside Dark Sky. Res. Foxbarton Kings Sable. VHC. Jephanil Chequered Flag.
Open Bitch (6) 1. Kernahan & Scott’s Celelrai Aludra ShCM This b/w bitch stood out in this class the moment she entered the ring, beautifully balanced and did not disappoint when hands on. Most feminine of heads with super expression, beautiful ears which she used to advantage. Good reach of neck, excellent shoulder placement and good straight front with good depth of brisket and well sprung ribs. Good topline and strong loins. Good rear angulations with super muscle tone. Had reach and drive when moving in all directions. Sadly decided to fly her tail in the challenge. Reserve Best Bitch. 2. Lucas’ Aculsia Princess Of Diva. Lovely b/w bitch, lots to like about her, balanced and stood foursquare. Lovely head with semi-pricked ears, nicely shaped eyes. Good shoulder placement, good length to loin which was firm. Good croup, bend of stifle and set on of tail. Moved with reach and drive. 3. Wiltshire’s Caleykiz Make M’Ya Aphrodite. Res. Greening’s Arniston Spring sunshine at Kanamaren. VHC. Tunnicliff’s Littlethorn Shelby JW
Special Open AOC Bitch (7) 1. Vlascic’s Hats Off Of Bordertreowe JW. Very pretty, blue merle bitch with a lovely feminine head, good brown eyes and semi-erect ears. Stood foursquare, nicely balanced, steady mover in all directions. 2. Ward’s Starside Sunrise. Classically marked sable and white with semi-erect ears which she used well. Lovely head with sweet expression, good conformation throughout, preferred tail set and movement of 1. 3. Tiller’s Lesnuages Persephone by Foxbarton. Res. Turns’ Fyglia Mei Titania. VHC. Hodson’s Littlethorn Cortina
Special Open Working Bitch (1) 1. Tiller’s Foxbarton Lady In Waiting JW ShCM CDEX 14 years old tri colour, prick eared bitch. Nice old lady, well made, moved well for her age.
Veteran Bitch (6,1) What a lovely class I wish I had more than one first place!
1. Fawcett’s Sh Ch Laceway Wiggly Giggly. Super type with excellent balance and in great condition. She just sparkled in this class today and was handled to perfection. She excelled in all aspects from her lovely shape to her flowing movement. Best of heads with lovely expression, semi-erect ears, good reach of neck leading to excellent shoulder placement. Good deep chest, well sprung ribs and elbows tight to chest. Good length of loin and good rear angulation with well muscled thighs. Nice croup leading to well furnished tail of good length, carried correctly on the move. Best Veteran Bitch. Pleased to award her Best In Show and Best Veteran In Show with the agreement of my co-judge.
2. Gregory’s Sh Ch Tonkory Qu’est Que C’est JW. Classic b/w bitch who pushed hard for first place, but did not move as well as I had seen her do in the past with an assistant handling her today. Lovely head leading to good length of neck, straight front and neat feet. Good spring of rib, deep brisket, loins were strong, good rear angulation with a nice bend of stifle. Good length of tail. 3. Kernahan’s Cebelrai Nashira. Res. Hamson’s Wizaland Kristal moon. VHC. Hodson’s Littlethorn Cortina.
Special Vintage Bitch (4,1)1. Fawcett’s Bordetime Fashon To B. 12 years b/w semi-prick eared bitch. Nothing vintage about this lady, beautifully constructed and a great mover for her age, moving with good reach and drive. 2. Tiller’s Foxbarton Lady In Waiting JW ShCM CDEX 3. Hamson’s Wizaland Highland Diamond ShCM

Karen Bugg

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