Australian Shepherd Breed Critique

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd
26th November 2017

Junior (3,1)
1st & BP Such’s SOLOYAL SECRET ROMANCE, 9 month old pretty young lady; well put together with good overall balance, excellent pigment & eye colour, moved freely true fore & aft; 2nd Allan & Winflow’s ALLMARK THE SEQUEL JW
Post Graduate (2,0)
1st, BOB & GP1 Such’s SOLOYALVALENTINO 21 month old maturing well, leaving you in no doubt that he is male. Masculine head with good eye & pigment; correct fore & rear angles which allowed him to show them off on the move, true from all views; strong lion which maintained his topline on the move, all finished off with a good coat. So pleased to see Graham Hill awarded him BIS: 2nd Deakin’s ALLMARK FAIRY DUST
Open (1,1)

AV Pastoral Veteran (8,2)
1st Bermingham & Kendrick’s IR CH/ INT CH ASTEREL SABUGEIRO OF BAMCWT EJW’11 Estrela Mountain Dog 7 year young masculine well-presented male, strong head & excellent pigment & good overall balance; moved true with purpose. In the challenge for BVIS he went lame which was such a disappointment from earlier in the day: 2nd Young’s KIMEEKASAMS MISS CHIEF Samoyed ; 3rd Wood’s PATTISHAWL SHE’S A DREAM FOR PEPPERJAY Bearded Collie
AVNSC Pastoral Puppy (2,0)
1st , BP & PGp1 Pallatina’s STARVON DARK KNIGHT WITH VALLTINEYA Swedish Vallhund just over 6 months old but presented a more mature picture; well balanced throughout with excellent pigment & eye colour; move true freely, with drive: 2nd Bransby’s MYMEARDS LEXA Polish Lowland Sheepdog
AVNSC Pastoral Junior (3,1)
1st Thorp’s CHARSON WORTHTHE WAIT Briard 13 month old very masculine boy with lovely dark eyes & strong pigmentation: good depth of chest, rear angulation matching the front which was shown with his true fore & aft movement that covered the ground with a positive driving action; 2nd Winson’s JANDOES CRISTAL SPARKLES AT MEISAN Old English Sheepdog
AVNSC Pastoral Post Graduate (2,1)
1st & BNSCP Lloyd’s SOMOGYI BETYAR BODZA AT KASHBELULI Hungarian Puli a beautiful 2½ year old feminine lady of excellent head with expression coming from her black eyes & pigment; good overall balance producing a level topline on the move which was true & light.
AVNSC Pastoral Open (4,0)
1st Pallatina’s STARVON ALL EYES ON ME AT VALLTINEYA Swedish Vallhund 2 year old that left you in no doubt that he was a male; masculine head with a gentle expression; good overall balance which was shown off with his true powerful driving movement: 2nd Cowley’s CALLENDU DESPICABLE ME AT KASHBELULI ShCM Hungarian Puli ; 3rd Canty & Hall’s HARTSWELIN COUNTING STARS FOR BARGEMON Briard

Pastoral Group
1st Such’s SOLOYALVALENTINO Australian Shepherd this young man just got better as the day progressed, ticking all the boxes; 2nd Lloyd’s SOMOGYI BETYAR BODZA AT KASHBELULI Hungarian Puli this young lady continued to impress but would like just a little more of her ; 3rd Bermingham, Kendrick & Almeida’s RAINHA DA CASA DE LOAS EM BAMCWT (Import) Estrela Mountain Dog; 4th White’s MEJOLA FATE AND FORTUNE Rough Collie
Pastoral Puppy Group
1st Pallatina’s STARVON DARK KNIGHT WITH VALLTINEYA Swedish Vallhund continued to present the complete picture both standing & on the move; by the time it came to BPIS he was tiring which was reflected on the move: 2nd Robinson’s PENELLCY WARRIOR OF THE GODS Pyrenean Mountain Dog 9 month old strong male, with good overall balance with topline kept well on the move; was unfortunate to meet the first; 3rd Lloyd’s ARIANRHOD GHOST DANCE Samoyed ; 4th Wallis’s CALOWYCH CHRISTMAS CRACKER Bearded Collie

Sue Nicholls-Ward (Bumbleridge)

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