Whippet Breed Critique






Judge: Pauline Oliver

A day that will go down in showing history thanks to the overnight downfall of snow which inhibited many competitors from travelling to the NEC. Many attempted the journey but found it impossible or far too dangerous. For the few that travelled the day before and those that succeeded on the day thank you. Although I have had higher entries at Open shows I was very grateful to have some top class winners at the end of the day. My BOB today was my BPB when I judged Whippets at Crufts in 2016 and on that day I had momentarily considered giving her the RCC. Today she went perhaps the best I have seen her. It was also a great thrill witnessing her later taking the Hound Group under the world renowned Mrs Renee Sporres-Willes.
My Open bitch class was outstanding almost bringing tears to my eyes with delight and frustration that I had to choose any above the rest and with so many of my favourites attending. Talk about a kid in a candy store!

My concerns whilst judging the whippets were a high percentage of entries with short upper arms, some flat top lines and also a few quite common and untypical heads.

MPD 11(5)

1. Dennis Smiths Nuit D’ete Des Plaines Des Bruyeres At Brynnsimeon (Imp). 8mth quality elegant blue brindle. Balanced and flowing outline. Smooth when running your hands over him. He has a handsome head with dark eye. Long neck. Clean well laid back shoulders. Enough depth in chest at this stage, shapely tuck up and top line. Well muscled hind quarters. Moved soundly with reach and with typical puppy enthusiasm. BP

2. Rogers Wentvalley Romeo. Another blue brindle. Strong looking boy with long lean head. Long in ribcage Pleasing top line. Still needs to drop in brisket and fill in his front. Clean over shoulder but upright in upper arm. Moved ok.

3. Smith & Coulters Cloudside River Dream of Collooney

PD 8 (5)

1. Hewlett & Browning’s Dejare Dutch Coin. 11mth quality coated fawn/white dog. Tall enough and a scopey stature. Well balanced masculine hound head. Super smooth to run your hands over and finest of coats. Well filled in front and good depth and spring of rib with correct angulation front and rear. He is ‘bottom’ high at this stage of growth and his tail is a little gay at the moment but sound and easy mover.

2. Purvis’ Danluke Death By Chocolate. Attractive headed red fawn with dark pigmentation. Totally different style to the first being squarer and not as curvy. Softer outlines very often do develop with maturity. Front was a little loose on the move but quite sound behind and moved out well on the go round.

JD 9 (7)

1. Ellis’ Railfield Rainmaster. I had to do a double take of this 15month old red brindle. A vision was appearing from the past a vision of his sire it turned out. He is so like him but a smaller edition. Quite mature and very all together for his age. Moved well and soundly.

2. Dargue’s Supeta’s Just Call Me Special. Lemon brindle and white particolour with the kindest masculine head. Tall but still immature boy with long neck and legs a typical teenager at the moment. Moved soundly behind but loose in front. Moved out well in profile.

YD 7 (5)

1. Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Whisper Again JW. One smart and elegant young man. Correctly balanced head but if there was anything I would change would be to have it slightly more masculine. Your hands really do flow over him. Good depth and length of brisket with neat tuck up. Well angulated in front and in hindquarters enabling him to stand over a lot of ground. Finishing with low set hocks and long low carried tail. The whole being covered in the finest of coats. Sound daisy cutting mover. RCC

2. Darque’s Supeta’s Just Call Me Special.

GD 9 (8)

1. Wilson’s Hamiltonhill Biffo The Bear. Masculine blue fawn dog who was on his own in this class. Tall enough but had some good features. Long neck and good depth and length of body. Rather upright in front. His winning features were his wonderful happy temperament and low ground covering movement.

PGD 13 (8)

1. Dillon’s Danluke Lady Boy At Runforest JW. Light fawn boy who appeals more whilst on the move than stacked being more relaxed on the go round and seemed to lengthen and drop. He is smooth to go over and in firm condition but I found him rather upright in front and taller than long. Moved soundly and well on the go round winning him the class.

2. Darque’s First Parade. Smart black and white smaller boy of definite whippet type almost from a past era. Appealing head. No exaggerations with a smooth outline topped with a super fine coat.

3. Almawhip To Be A Lover At Brynnsimeon

LD 20 (9)

1. Smith’s Boynachie Crazy Diamond. Brindle boy. Elegant in head and physique. Rather tall on the leg. Smooth and well laid back shoulders. Pleasing top and underline line. Moved easily and soundly.

2. Denise-Smith’s Karadhras Cherubinek At Brynnsimeon. Rather appealing porcelain/cream coloured elegant typey boy. Long neck with good front and slope to pasterns. Shapely throughout and not exaggerated. Sound but did not have the group covering movement of the winner.

3. Ellis’ Railfield Lone Ranger

OD 9 (4)

1. Dillon’s Ch.Kierpark Smooth Criminal At Runforest. White and red particolour. Masculine boy in a neat non exaggerated package. Pleasing expression on his handsome hound head. Long strong neck fitting into his well constructed front with correct fill. Stands well over his front legs followed by a well sprung and deep ribcage and strong and shapely loin. Moved soundly and actively around the ring. DCC

2. Jones’ Ch.Jothryn Bjorne To Love JW. A different style and taller than the winning dog. Scopey with length of neck and body. Good depth and spring of rib. Strong hind quarters and low set hocks. Front movement is a little lose. Really covers the ground in profile movement but I think that he was over extended at times on the move and then became unbalanced.

3. Carraturo’s It.Ch.Esedra Miramare

VD 2 (2)

GCD 4 (3)

1. Samson’s Nevedith Zufor Zayni JW Sh.CM. Pleasing headed and typey blue brindle boy with all the curves and had substance and elegance throughout.

MPB 9 (4)

1. Rogers’ Wentvalley Mabel. Upstanding brindle. Strong and mature for age . Proper hound head with strong under jaw. Long neck into well laid back shoulders. Super length of ribcage. A little weak in loin muscle at the moment. Sweeping hind quarters down to low set hocks. Moved with drive. Up to size.

2. Lloyds Crosscop Hey Girl. I just loved this little brindle girl for type, size and personality but she was not going to comply with her owner so I was unable to assess her completely. I am so looking forward to seeing her again in the future to see if/how she has developed. Good luck!

3. Crosscop Blue Savannah to Wrennalla

PB 12 (8)

1. Courtneys Courtbirch Diamond Dust. A small but oh so quality class. This still immature pale fawn girl is very pleasing to the eye in type, balance, quality size and shape. Beautifully smooth to put your hands over. Moved well in profile and sound. BPB

2. Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Misty Eve JW. Another super young pale fawn bitch very similar to the winner, more mature but not quite so scopey. Moved well but I preferred the shape of top line on one. Expertly handled.

3. Daniel & Rojszyk Nouvelle Generation Des Plaines Des Bruyères

JB 15 (6)

1. Services’ Crosscrop I Love My Life. Another eye catching quality fawn. Elegent and scopey. Feminine and correct head and long neck into well angulated and filled front. Well laid back shoulders flowing into correct shapely top line. Front legs nicely underneath her with good spring of pastern. Well angulated in rear but would not like any more. Moved soundly and with ease.

2. Jones’ Jothryn Golden Glow JW. Smaller and mature black brindle. Extremely shapely having a strong loin and correct tuck up. Shorter in the leg than the winner and not as tidy coming back although covered the ground on the go round.

3. Greene & Plaice Collooney Hells Angels of Brochinbelle JW

YB 12 (8)

1. Wallers’ Crosscop Glittering Prize To Wrennalla. Smooth and eye catching fawn girl possessing a very balanced outline. Correct dimensions of her hound head with dark pigment. Front legs nicely under her. She is not over done in any way but everything flows and she still has more maturing to do. Moved well.

2. Daniiel & Rojszyk Mythic Idunn Des Plaines Des Bruyeres. Strongly made and typey correct sized girl. Curvey outline. Moved out well in profile.

3. Lindleys Cobyco Charming Ways of Jazzellie

GB 12 (6)

1. Hamblings Mossbawnhill You Got The Look From Chaseover. Pretty headed red brindle girl befitting her elegance. Curvacious in body with well filled front. Moved with lightenss and cadence.

2. Smiths Coyachie Call Me Crazy. Brindle/white parti with the required ’s’ shaped torso. Stronger in head than one but still correct. Long neck and well angulated front. Hind quarters not quite so well angulated. Moved with with lightness on the go round.

3. Lancashires Danluke Dark Chocolate Drisham

PGB 14 (13)

1. French’s Summertime Everlasting. Correct size fawn. Feminine throughout. Fine coat. Angulated well in front with legs nicely underneath her. Not so clean over shoulders. Moved actively around the ring.

LB 15 (10)

1. Smiths Coynachie Crazy For Love. Feminine head. Typey and elegant red brindle with well angulated front and rear. Topline shapely which was kept on the move. Deep and tucked up underline. Moved easily and soundly.

2. Mitchells Moving Magic T Anndonmill. Very similar in type to the winner and the same comments apply. She was slightly finer and really excelled in profile movement but not quite so clean in front movement.

3. Finch’s Danluke Lady Foxtrot at Zenobia JW

OB 10 (3)

1. Short’s Ch.Collooney Tartan Tease JW. Black brindle who is fluid in outline and movement. Well headed with long neck. Super front in angulation, fill and depth. Well muscled over the loin and pronounced tuck up. Hind quarters sweeping down to low hocks. Sloping pasterns enabling her that finishing flick of extension to cover the ground. Whilst stacked she covers the ground with even angulations fore and in her hind quarters. In good firm condition and well handled getting the best from her. Tail held correctly. BB, BOB Group1

2. Winkley-Balmers Ch.April Showers At Crosscop. This elegant outstanding quality fawn bitch put up a good show to take the Reserve ticket. Such a close decision and probably the most heartbreaking to have to put one of these two bitches over the other. I really had to nick pick to come to a decision so I don’t want to point out what I thought she lacked or I preferred as they were so miniscule and do not amount to ‘faults’. RCC

3. Short’s Ch.Collooney Whoopee Do Dora JW

VB 3 (0)

1. Peacock’s Linalkin Meadow Lark. 7 yr old Brindle bitch of correct size and with substance. Moved soundly and lightly around the ring.

2. Courtney’s Starlight Betty. Fawn of different style to winner but still possessing quality in head and balance of outline. Not quite the soundness of the first.

3. Wilson’s Demerlay First Kiss For Hamiltonhill

Welsh Kennel Club 18th August 2017

Judge : Dawn Mason ~ Aphrael
I would like to thank The Welsh Kennel Club for inviting me to judge, and of course all the exhibitors who entered their dogs without which there would be no show.
I had hoped we would be able to remain outside BUT the weather had other ideas after Junior dog, we made it back inside just before a terrific downpour.
Veteran Dog (3 entries) 0 absent
1. Russell’s Ch Willingwisp Star Trooper ~ Still looking good for 11 years of age, Lovely head, good lay of shoulder, good depth of chest and fill, well let-down hocks. Correct topline. Despite his age still moved around the ring with grace and elegance.
2. Reece’s Watchword Aragon ~ Nearly 12yrs Good masculine head, good neck into shoulder, well let-down hocks. Showing his age a little.
3. Traylor’s Who’s the Daddy
Minor Puppy Dog (9 Entries) 0 absent
1. Newton’s By Design of Nevedith 8 months predominantly white dog with lovely dark pigment. Still very much a baby but shows great promise. Lovely head and dark eye. Good lay of shoulder, ample forechest and deep brisket. Super topline which he kept on the move. Moved with ease and grace around the ring. One I will watch with interest.
2. Fryer’s Collooney Eye Love You at Stonefox Lovely rich fawn, Super head, deep brisket, plenty of fill, correct topline which he kept on the move, true fore and aft, another quality youngster to watch out for.
3. Grisoli’s Loroli Chase and Status
Puppy Dog ( 8 entries) 2 absent
1. Poole’s Edenwhip Quantum of Solace Fawn brindle of 9 months, Super head, lovely neck into good shoulder. Good forechest with ample fill, correct topline, which he held on the move, well let-down hocks, Good movement overall, true fore and aft,
2. Brown’s Collooney Why Eye Man at Tamalden Red Fawn, A little unsettled on the move, but overall a nice dog, pleasing head and good shoulders, plenty of fill correct topline.
3. Russell’s Glantam Genesis
Junior Dog (8 entries) 0 absent
1. Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Whisper Again Br/w parti Very eye catching with an elegant head and lovely neck leading into a good well-laid shoulder, correct topline which he held on the move, moved with drive and reach
2. Yacoby Wright’s Cobyco Standing Ovation Nice head, lovely neck into shoulder, deep brisket with a well filled chest, good topline and well let-down hocks.
3. Defaye & Crouch’s Cobyco One Day at Fedaye
Yearling Dog (6 entries) 0 absent
1. Marston Pollock’s Falconcrag Another Class F/w trim. A dog I have admired from ringside and he certainly did not disappoint. Lovely masculine head elegant neck into shoulder, well filled deep brisket. Neat feet and well let-down hocks. Correct topline and underline, this dog comes into his own on the move. Stunning profile movement and true fore and aft moving with drive and reach. Shown in excellent hard condition. I was please to award him his 3rd and crowning CC, and am sure there will be many more to come. CC & BOB
2. Smeath’s Willingwisp Sudden Impact F/w trim Not quite the length of my class winner, Good shoulder placement deep chest with good fill, correct topline, moved well in profile and fore and aft.
3. Perkins’ Jasarat Jet Setter at Zeglynn
Novice Dog (5 entries) 1 absent
1. Defaye & Crouch’s Cobyco One Day at Fedaye Br/w trim. Masculine head with a good neck into well laid shoulder, Lovely underline and topline
2. Ellis’ Railfield Rainmaster Red Br/w trim Good head and shoulders, correct topline, needs time to mature
3. Sampson’s Ranveli Sandy Steps (ai)
Graduate Dog (3 entries) 0 absent
1. Smith’s Rivarco Jack Daniels (imp) Very eye catching dark brindle, lovely elegant neck, deep chest and good fill. Excelled in profile movement which won him the class
2. Russell’s Palmik Depeche Mode. Br/w trim Smaller type than my class winner and not as masculine, Good depth of chest with ample fill. Moved well.
3. Hawker Mollytop Dream Maker
Post Graduate Dog (11 entries) 2 absent
1. Poole’s Crosscop No Matter What Fawn/w trim Lovely head and neck leading into well laid-back shoulders. Good topline and well let-down hocks enabling him to move with drive. Excelled in movement both profile and fore and aft. A dog that is coming into his own and will surely gain his title pleased to award him the RCC
2. Reece’s Danluke Disco Dancer at Gabledene Similar type to my class winner, good overall balance and clean lines, Nice deep chest with ample fill and good topline.
3. Quirk’s Almakaeala Dare to Dream
Limit Dog (15 entries) 1 absent
1. Sampson’s Nevedith Zufor Zayni JW Sh.CM Blue brindle of lovely size, a lot to like about this dog. Lovely head and neck, good shoulder placement. Correct topline and lovely curvy underline which is lacking in a lot of dogs. Well let-down hocks. Moved with drive and reach. Has matured into a lovely dog. Very well handled.
2. Boughton’s Danluke Double Tango with Ipanema red fawn/w trim A dog I have admired for a while and he did not disappoint Lovely head and neck into well laid shoulder. Correct topline. Today he didn’t move as well as I have seen him do so in the past and on another day these dogs would have been hard to split
3. Hooper’s Torbers Peaceful Warrior
Open Dog (9 entries) 1 absent
1. Wood’s Ardencote Star Gazer Fawn dog in excellent condition. Good head and neck with a well-placed shoulder. Lovely topline and underline moved around the ring with reach and drive
2. Green’s Brochinbelle My Sunshine fawn/w trim smaller dog but still masculine, good head and neck into well laid shoulder, overall well balanced, plenty of fill in front and a nice deep brisket, well let-down hocks. Tends to flatten his topline a little on the move. Shown in lovely condition and handled to perfection
3. Newton’s Nevedith Zufor Zeffa JW
Veteran Bitch (1 entries) 0 absent
1. Severn’s Deljorhea Dream Racer at Nattah Very spritely 9 year old stood alone in this class. Nicely balanced ‘oldie’, moved around the ring with enthusiasm and enjoyed her sausage.
Minor Puppy Bitch (16 Entries) 1 absent
1. Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Misty Eye Pale fawn, well balanced and very together for one so young, took my eye from the moment she entered the ring. Super depth of chest, good fill, correct topline which she held on the move, Well let-down hocks and neat feet. Moved with grace and ease. One that will no doubt gain her title. Best Puppy So pleased that this lovely little lady went PG1
2. Layton’s Loroli Let Me Be Your Fantasy at Layways Brindle, lots to like about this girl, super forechest and good depth, correct topline which she held on the move. Another that should have a bright future
3. Lancashire Danluke Dark Chocolate at Drishaun
Puppy Bitch (15 entries) 4 absent
1. Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Misty Eye
2. Sykes’ Supetas The Special One of Veredon Fawn brindle, Lovely head and neck well filled front and correct topline, Moved with reach and drive, just a shame she had to meet the winner of the class today.
3. Waller’s Crosscop Glittering Prize to Wrenella
Junior Bitch (10 entries) 2 absent
1. Yacoby-Wright’s Cobyco Candy Crème Fawn, Another quality bitch with great promise, lovely outline, plenty of fill and depth of chest, excellent shoulders and topline, moved with reach and drive.
2. Quirk’s Almakaeala In My Dreams Smaller framed brindle, not as mature as the winner but never the less moved very well. Good depth of chest and fill, Good lay of shoulder and topline.
3. Winkley-Barmer’s Edenwhip Lady of the lakes
Yearling Bitch (10 entries) 3 absent
1. Perkins’ Silkridge Whispering Grass pale silver brindle of lovely size, Beautiful shape, Lovely top and underline, excellent head and neck, Good fill and depth of chest, neat feet and well let-down hocks. Moved well, keeping her lovely shape on the move, another that will do well.
2. Wood’s Ardencote Aiming High Pale fawn. Another bitch of lovely quality, just preferred the overall shape and angles of the winner. Stunning head and neck and a good lay of shoulder with a correct topline. Good depth and fill of chest. Moved well
3. Jones’ Glasrhedyn Lady Loves Me
Novice Bitch (8 entries) 3 absent
1. Richards-Healion’s Clynecourt Diamond Dust Fawn Brindle a little nervous on the table after a fright at a previous show. Once settled you could appreciate the quality. Good overall shape and angles, moved correct both fore and aft and in profile.
2. Courtney’s Courtbirch Diamond Dust Fawn Lovely head and shoulder placement, correct topline, just needs time to mature
3. Reece’s Gabledene Miss Tilly at Saleehah
Graduate Bitch (8 entries) 2absent
1. Sykes’ Veredon Geeuz a Gander Blue fawn Elegant with lots of ring presence, super head with lovely neck into shoulder, plenty of depth and fill of chest, super topline and underline which were kept on the move, well let-down hocks, neat feet. Super angulation. Showed to perfection, Could not deny her the RCC
2. Gallie’s Gwendariff Thanks a Latte Pale fawn, of similar type to the winner, Lovely head and neck into shoulder, correct depth and fill. Good top and underline. Moved well.
3. Julian’s Blondessa Be Happy JW
Post Graduate Bitch (8 entries) 2 absent
1. Fryer’s Collooney Swing Low at Stonefox Dark Brindle Lovely head with good neck and shoulder placement, Good fill and depth of chest, correct topline and underline. Moved with reach and drive. Well handled.
2. Winkley-Balmer & Bryant’s Crosscop Wishing on a Star Red fawn with white trim. Of different type to the winner but still with lots of quality. Nice head and neck into well laid shoulder, good fill and depth of chest, Good angles. Moved well and handled to perfection.
3. Woodward, Lawrence, Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Kandalama Dusk Till Dawn JW
Limit Bitch (18 entries) 2 absent
1. Green & Place’s Collooney Queen of Dragons with Brochinbelle JW f/w parti Feminine head, good neck into shoulder. Good topline and underline, neat feet with good rear angulation. Moved with drive and reach. Expertly handled to get the best from her
2. Becket-Hugh’s Mulranny My Fair Lady brindle, Good head and neck with nice overall outline. Neat feet and good rear angulation. Moved well.
3. Richard-Healion’s Anywhere and When at Clynecourt Sh.CM
Open Bitch (9 entries) 1 absent
1. Howgate & Hull’s Ch Palmik En Vogue JW Sh.CM Quality fawn which commands your attention in the ring. Loved everything about this dog. Super head and neck with the best of shoulders, plenty of curves and a correct topline, Good rear angulation and neat feet. Moved with Plenty of drive and reach. Well Handled CC
2. Grisoli’s Loroli Lost My Stripes red fawn with white trim of smaller type to the winner but everything in proportion, lovely head with dark pigment, super forechest and plenty of depth. Correct topline and lovely S shaped underline. Moved with reach and drive all ways.
3. Snelgrove’s Huntinghill Jazzamatazz

City of Birmingham Championship Show
Whippets (Bitches)
Veteran (6)2abs. 1. Peacocks LINALKIN MEADOW LARK JW ShCM. Classy 7yrs Brindle, lovely type & overall balance, pretty head and expression. Excellent body and ribbing, although she did not exert herself on th move she is sound front & rear with correct size & feet. Well handled. 2. Sarbers CITYCROFT COULD IT BE MAGIC FOR MITHRANDIR. 7yrs Fawn/white , taller, different style to above, at first glance thought she would be my winner, excellent side movement with good reach, drive & good outline, just preferred the elegance , head and expression & overall balance of winner. 3. Cahill& Timberlakes CHIPPERLAKE STOWAWAY.
MPB.(11)1. 1.Howgates & Hulls PALMIK MISTY EVE. 8 ½ MONTHS LIGHT FAWN. Lovely head & alert expression, excellent front & hind angulation with good depth & length. Good topline and tailset. Looked lovely standing, stylish mover , just needs to tighten in pastern, very promising pup for the future. 2. Reeds & Pace DEJARE DUTCH DREAM 8months Red/white another lovely youngster who is less mature than above but is sound throughout with excellent overall balance & good size, feminine head & dark eye.3.Lancashires DANLUKE DARK CHOCOLATE
PB(16 )5 . 1. Fishers MARLEBEN DREAM MAKER. 10 months Fawn, mature elegant hound with lean , well balanced head & alert eye, long neck into well laid shoulders, sound front with good feet. Well bodied & has good length with correct hind angulation.Just outmoved 2nd who had won MPB, both pupsI liked very much. BPIB over less active PD. 2. Howgate & Hulls PALMIK MISTY EVE. 3. Smiths WELSTAR AIRS & GRACES AT CRYHAVOC.
JB (8)1. First 3 difficult to separate , all with a lot to like about them. 1. Green & Places COLLOONEY HELLS ANGEL OF BROCHINBELLE. 13 months red/brindle. Although she was the least mature in the line up she has excellent overall balance & great style. Lovely head with dark eye , sound front & rear , excellent reach & drive. Well handled. 2. Jones JOTHRYN GOLDEN GLOW Slightly more mature than winner also at only 13 months, dark brindle with white trim. Well constructed throughout with sound stylish movement, just preferred head of winner, handler really got the best out of her. 3. Franklins HACCASBROOK MADAM GIGI
YB. (14).1.Woods ARDENCOTE AIMING HIGH. Superb 19 months fawn/white , was my winner as she entered the ring & she did not put a foot wrong. Oozes quality, type & style, for me she has all the essentials &some! Pleased to award her the CC and with the Referee she was BOB & I was thrilled to see her win Group 4 . Apparently her first CC & I am sure the first of many. Congratulations! 2. Armstrong & McFarlanes CORNSTALK SUPERMODLE. 21Months fawn, not dissimilar in type & style as winner, looked good standing with excellent outline, size * feet. Sound front & rear , just unlucky to meet winner today. 3. Vaughans SHIROTAE SOLO SURPRISE. Very promising 16 months red fawn/ white who was unfortunately entered in the wrong class but worthy of a mention in this excellent line up.
GB(8) 1. 1. Armstrong& McFarlanes CORNSTALK SUPERMODEL. 2. Pendleburys DANLUKE LADY HELEN OF SINOPE. 2 years Red, very pretty head & expressive dark eye, excellent size with good feet. Nice spring & depth of rib, sound front& rear , just not quite the front reach of winner on the side movement. 3. Jones JOTHRYN GOLDEN GLOW
PGB(13) 1. 1. Good quality class with several excellent bitches all worthy of top awards, unplaced.1. Smiths COYNACHIE CRAZY FOR LOVE. 2years feminine brindle, elegant head & dark eye, excellent overall conformation & balance, sound easy mover with great reach fron & rear & kept topline well when moving which won her this very competitive class. 2. Boughton-Whites IPANEMA GIRL ON FIRE Another lovely quality hound who has great type & style, lovely feminine head& expression not dissimilar in type to her Dam who I gave the CC when I last judged the breed, at only just 2 years she is still immature& I am sure she will have a great future. Excellent handler who presented her at just the right speed. Very pretty red/fawn. 3. Winkley-Balmer & Bryants CROSSCOP WISHING ON A STAR
Lb(25) 4 . Another top quality class. 1. Greens & Places COLLOONEY QUEEN OF DRAGONS WITH BROCHINBELLE JW ShCM. Super 2 years fawn/white parti-colour, a real showgirl who impressed me as she entered the ring, lovely overall conformation & balance, sound easy mover who looked good standing and moving. Have no doubt she is a future Champion, excellent handler. 2. Browns ARDENCOTE STAR MAKER.3years mature fawn ?white trim , slightly smaller overall than winner, great type, substance & size, excellent elegant , soundmover, keeps topline well when moving. Loved her head and expression, well bodied with good balance. Very similar in style and quality to her younger half sister who was BOB today. Another who will go far! 3. Finch’s DANLUKE LADY FOXTROT AT ZENOBIA JW.
OB(11) 1.1.Shorts CH. COLLOONEY TARTAN TEASE JW 2 yrs, very mature brindle/white trim, another quality hound from this excellent kennel, winners of three of my bitch classes today. Feminine head & correct expression long neck into correct shoulder with sound front and good feet. Good depth &length of rib, well co-ordinated hind angulation with low set set hocks. Correct topline & tailset. Handled to perfection to win this excellent class & RCC. 2. Akerboom-Van der Schaafs CRÈME ANGLAISES EAT MY DUST .What a great name and so apt. Only 20 months fawn, I really loved this youngster, she oozes quality &type with excellent overall balance. Lovely size & feet a real classy youngster. Only lost out today on maturity. I will definitely watch her future with interest.Presented & handled to perfection. 3. Howgate & Hulls CH. PALMIK EN VOGUE Quality Dam of excellent minor puppy winner
GC.(1) Bunneys JOTHRYN BJORNE TO PARTY WITH BUNEHUG.4 yrs brindle, pretty feminine head & dark eye, unfortunately stood alone but she is nicely made throughout & moved adequately . Good size and topline
Jenny Dove (Judge)

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