Pharaoh Hound Breed Critique

Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh Hound
South Eastern Hound Premier Open Show
3rd September 2017
Pharaoh Hounds

I would like to thank the committee and officers for this judging appointment and their hospitality.

Limit 4 entered 1 abs

1st Reeves Annatefkah Tum
2nd Reeves Annatefkah Tahirah
4 year old brother and sister. Both have correct heads with large ears however 1 was not in the mood to use his very well today. Both have correct mouths with good dentition good eye shape and colour. Correct necks with lovely arch flowing into well laid back shoulders. Well let down chest and moderate tuck up. 2 is slightly short in loin making her look a little cobby. Correct tail sets. 1 won with the more forward movement today but both were a little close on the rear.
3 Thomas Omorose Hotep Born for Rubasu

Open 3 entered

1st Reeves Ch Annatefakh Bennu,
Almost 7 year old bitch who, having lost weight was on top form today and looked like she was ready to take on the world. Stunning head with large mobile ears, elegant neck with lovely arch. Correct shoulder placement well let down chest. Great top line which she held on the move. Good tail set and correct rear angles. Well muscled. She powered round the ring with great reach and drive. Mother to 1 & 2 in limit and 2 in open. Was delighted to award her BOB.

2nd Thomas Ch Annatefkah Theema at Rubasu
Litter sister to 1 and 2 in limit and many of the same points apply however she was not close on the rear when moving. She also has a prettier head that her sister and held her top line better on the move. She lost out to her mother today as she was just not as animated on the move. RBOB and 2nd in the RBOB stakes. Well done.

3 Thomas Sereneka Cierzo at Rubasu.

Jacqui Whitworth.

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