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WELKS – GREYHOUNDS (28th April 2018)
I would like to thank the Officers and Committee of WELKS for inviting me to judge Greyhounds, my first time awarding CCs in this wonderful breed. Thank you also to the exhibitors for their entries and for allowing me to judge their dogs. Unfortunately, the British weather did not permit us to enjoy the lovely outdoor rings; instead, we were forced indoors which was not the warmest environment and I can only apologise to the dogs for my rather cold hands!
The ring was generous in size which allowed the dogs to fully demonstrate their movement. Type and shape varied throughout, reflective of the cosmopolitan entry. I was very pleased with my principal winners and the bitch entry provided me with much pleasure when awarding the CC and RCC with several exhibits beautifully demonstrating excellent movement which should be typical of the breed.
1st- Boggia’s Boughton Baggio. Dark brindle of 8 years. Handsome head with dark eye and strong jaw. Muscular neck leading into well laid shoulder. Good substance throughout, deep chest, well sprung ribs and lovely length of body. Straight forelegs and pleasing hindquarters. Moved out true coming and going and while a little lack lustre in the class, he came into his own in the challenge, moving out soundly and with purpose.
1st – Howlett, Boggia & Koulermou’s Ina’s Fashion Dedicated To Boughton (IMP DEU). Dark brindle of 7 months. A real baby and just what a youngster should be – raw but with plenty to like. Elegant yet retaining strength and substance. Gracefully arched neck, pleasing front assembly, correctly knuckled feet. Body well proportioned, with curvy underline and tuck-up and strong, slightly arching loin. Shown in excellent condition. Dash long in second thigh. On the move, once he settled, he covered the ground with ease and with rear propulsion while not losing his shape. An eye-catching youngster who has real ring presence. Worthy BPIB.
2nd – Spurr’s GrandCru Pierro For Suttonelms (IMP USA). Dark brindle, just one year old. Undeniably male while still retaining the elegance of the breed, no coarseness or heaviness. Preferred this dog’s head to 1, more refined with chiseled jaw, lovely dark oval eye, and neat ears. Long, muscular neck. Not the front angulation of 1, would prefer greater lay of shoulder and return of upper arm. Good length of ribcage with ribs carried well back. Well-muscled thighs and let down hocks. Lovely long tail but would prefer lower carriage on the move. Moved out enthusiastically, fraction close behind and not as composed in profile movement as 1. Another youngster enjoying his time in the ring.
1st - Fitzgerald’s Boughton Berluti Of Dawnchase. 19 month white parti. Gentle expression, good jaw, would prefer
darker pigmentation around the eye. Strong neck leading into muscular shoulders. Good bone and substance
throughout. Fraction ten to two in front. Slightly sprung pasterns. Lovely underline, curving from the brisket
through to the tuck-up. Loin powerful. Good rear angulation with balanced length of first and second thigh and
excellent muscletone. On the move, he carried his tail a little high which spoilt his outline and I would prefer more
reach and drive in profile, but out and back, he moved true and honestly.
1st – Skinner’s Skyswift Moonlite Tango. 22 month brindle. Upstanding male of generous proportions. Put on a very
assured, settled performance working at one with his handler. Handsome head with correct ear set and alert
expression. Slightly arched neck leading into an excellent shoulder, well laid back and accompanied by desired return
of upper arm. Deep capacious chest. Would prefer greater length of body, in particular the rib cage. Well angulated
rear, balanced throughout, correct feet and desired tail set. On the move, his topline was rather roached and he was a
tad close behind. Shown in excellent condition.
1st – West’s Windspiel Northern Stroler To Gemsbok. White male, couple of months shy of his third birthday.
Maturing dog whose final picture is developing and still to complete. Presented a balanced outline on the stack with a
curvy top and underline. Would prefer greater pigmentation around the eye but flat skull, slight stop and strong jaw.
Good length of neck leading into pleasing shoulder. Forelegs slightly ten to two. Excellent length of ribcage with
strong loin arching correctly. Presented with desired muscletone accompanying good rear construction with well
bent stifle and balanced proportions of first and second thigh. Moved out true coming and going but would just prefer
greater drive and lower tail carriage in profile.
1st – Newsham’s Windspiel Northern Sherpa. White dog, litter brother to the winner of limit. A very honest
example of the breed with no exaggerations in construction or shape. Masculine head, dark eye of correct oval shape,
neat ears. Strong neck leading into superb front angulation with well laid shoulder and return of upper arm. Chest
deep, sufficient tuck up, well sprung ribs set well back. Slight arch over the loin. Another demonstrating the desired
unexaggerated rear with well let down hocks and knuckled feet. Balanced throughout both on the stack and move.
Accurate and precise movement with reach in front and drive from behind with his rear coming well under his body.
Deserved CC winner and I was pleased to award him his first. DCC.
2nd – Corbeaux’s Les Feux De La Rampe Ad Honores. 2½ year old red. Oozes the type that greatly appeals to me
combining substance with grace and elegance. Beautiful head with correct proportions of jaw and skull, one of the
best heads of the day. Lovely neck and another demonstrating correct front construction. Straight forelegs, well
knuckled feet, slightly sprung pasterns. Superb depth of chest. Topline sloped away rather, not helped by this dog’s
performance which lacked confidence. Broad, well muscled thighs completing strong rear quarters. A dash untidy in
front coming towards but excelled in profile movement which, along with his type, secured him the RCC today. This
young dog just needs to show with more assurance to help secure him the edge in competition.
3rd – Fitzgerald’s Ch. Boughton Bold and Brave of Dawnchase ShCM.
Three lovely Greyhounds who were a pleasure to judge and a credit to each owner.
1st – Thompson’s Puppy Eyes At Muicks. Brindle and white parti, nearly three years old. Kind expression with dark eye that just draws you in. Pleasing neck and shoulder with superb musculature throughout. Little broad in front and would prefer more return of upper arm. Good length of rib. Sufficient tuck-up. Excellent coat and condition. Correct tailset and carriage on the move. True on the move fore and aft, both coming and going and in profile also.
2nd – Reynolds’ Saw Doctor At Wickwar. 5½ black who made for a close decision with 1 but this dog just moved slightly closer behind. Another shown in superb condition. Elegant throughout with refined head and lovely expression. Would prefer more length of neck. Good lay of shoulder and straight forelegs. Deep chest and balanced throughout with proportionate length of rib and loin. Pleasing rear angulation with good bend of stifle. Another honest mover in profile, holding his shape both on the stack and move.
3rd – Bakewell’s Fire Lane Jet.
1st – Bakewell’s Fire Lane Jet. 6 year old black and white. Of smaller build to the other two exhibits in the previous class. Another with the affectionate expression which makes one fall in the love with the breed. Handsome and masculine throughout. Good shoulder and substance of bone. Well sprung rib and lovely shape to underline. Would prefer greater angulation in the rear. On the move, he moved accurately both fore and aft.
1st – McManus’ Stopwatch Of Travellerways. 3½ black. Very feminine exhibit, elegant yet powerful. Appealed for her type, with refined head, dark eye and balanced throughout. Neck correct set onto the shoulder which was well laid. Straight front although a little weak in pastern. Shapely underline, lovely length of body and set back ribs. First thigh broad, could have greater bend of stifle. True on the move, would prefer greater reach and drive in profile. Best Special Beginners in Breed.
Two superb golden oldies who were a delight to assess.
1st – Newsham’s Ch/Bel. Ch. Windspiel Northern Stylo. 9 year old white who belies her years. What a wonderful example of the breed, the epitome of grace and power and her shape is textbook. Feminine head, excellent neck leading into superb front construction. Slightly sprung pasterns, straight forelegs and correct feet. Wonderful shape of underline and topline creating a balanced outline of gentle curves, no harsh angles or exaggerations. Good rear angulation which comes into its own when she moves, with plenty of drive even for a veteran. A picture on the stand and on the move, demonstrating low reach in front. A real contender in the challenge.
2nd – Reynolds’ Reggies Lady At Wickwar. 8 year old red of different type to 1. Another shown in excellent condition and certainly not showing her years. Beautiful head with chiseled jaw and dark eye. Shorter neck compared
to 1. Pleasing front assembly and deep chest. Good length throughout. Balanced rear construction with pleasing thigh and second thigh. A true, sound mover albeit lacking a little enthusiasm.
1st – Newsham’s Europa Decuma Via Windspiel (IMP). 1 year old red. So much to like about this young Greyhound and it will be exciting to see her once fully matured. Feminine but still generously proportioned and balancing elegance with power. Lovely head and expression, good length of neck leading into excellent shoulder with forelegs set well under body. Superb underline gently curving into the tuck up. I would prefer a dash more length to her overall body just to complete the picture. Well muscled rear, correctly constructed with no exaggerations. She moved out true coming and coming with legs parallel. Just needs to settle on the go around, but she demonstrated good reach and drive to cover the ground well.
1st – Cutter & Lubin’s Zoraden My Girls At Chosovi. 21 month brindle who edged this class on her overall shape and curvier outline. Strong, arched neck leading into well laid shoulder and good return of upper arm. Straight forelegs, pasterns slightly sprung and lovely substance of bone. Ribs well set back, underline and topline both correct with the desired curves in the right places. Rear angulation also pleasing with well bent stifle, hocks let down and good feet. She presented a beautiful silhouette, with the all-important arch over the loin and no exaggerated angles in fore or rear angulation. Composed mover, accurate out and back and honest in profile while holding her shape.
2nd – Boggia’s Boughton Balenciaga. Blue brindle, 20 months. Although young, this girl is upstanding and has ring presence. Preferred her head to that of 1, with better ear set and less broad across the skull. Good neck, both muscled yet gracefully arched. Would prefer greater lay of shoulder and more return of upper arm. Lovely deep chest, straight forelegs and well knuckled feet. Flatter in topline compared to 1 but desired tuck up in underline. Good length of body and correct tailset. Quite long in second thigh. She demonstrated excellent low reach in front movement in profile, would just prefer a little more strength and drive from behind.
1st – Isaac’s Jet’s Midnight Sonata For Blackeskerra (IMP). 21 month black and white parti. This bitch had the best coat of the day, short, fine and gleaming. Feminine head, gentle expression, although I would prefer more stop. Super neck, long and elegantly arched. Shoulder well laid back with complementary musculature. Good bone, deep capacious chest, curves both in top and underline producing a very balanced picture. Strong loin, rear well constructed with balanced first and second thighs. Her movement is textbook, especially in profile with lovely reach in front and superb rear propulsion. I could easily watch her move all day. The finished picture is yet to fully mature so will watch her develop with interest. RCC in a lovely line up.
2nd – Hills’ Zoraden Your Precious Love at Shimmeree. 21 month blue brindle. Of different type to 1 and finer build throughout. Pleasing head, well chiseled, feminine with rose ears. Good neck, strong and balanced. Lacking return of
upper arm. Straight forelegs and correct feet. Just needs to drop a little in chest and would prefer more length to ribcage, but ribs well sprung and she was shown in perfect condition with the correct weight. Good rear angulation with hocks let down and desired bend of stifle. Moved out true both fore and aft, pleasing in profile but lacked a little power from behind. Sympathetically handled to give of her best.
1st – Vernon’s Artefakt Gala ShCM (IMP RUS). Dark brindle, nearly three years old. Feminine throughout with lovely head and expression, good neck leading into excellent front assembly with desired lay of shoulder and forelegs set well under. Chest deep, good length to body and ribs well sprung. A little sharp in underline. Rear well constructed with broad thighs and balanced proportions. Won the class on her movement, moving out soundly both coming and going and covering the ground well in profile.
2nd – Barber & Battley’s Estet Classic Kalends (IMP). Blue brindle, just over three years old. This girl has matured greatly, both in body and confidence so a credit to her owners. Shown is superb condition, with hard muscletone not overdone and good coat. Pleasing head with strong jaw and oval eye. Another with a good neck, balanced in proportion to rest of body. Good shoulder but preferred the return of upper arm on 1. Lovely length of body both in ribcage and loin. Curvy underline. Rear well constructed with bend of stifle and proportionately balanced. Did not have the front reach of 1 but moved true out and back.
1st – Wuger’s Ger/Swiss/Aust/Fin Ch. Fortheringhay’s Awakening Of Love. 3 year old white parti. Ultra feminine and so easy on the eye both on the stack and move. The epitome of grace and power, and of excellent breed type. Beautiful head with long skull, good strength of foreface, superb dark oval eye and neat ears. Arched neck leading into excellent shoulder and front assembly. Capacious chest, ribs set well back, powerful loin slightly arched and well used on the move. Curves in the correct places both in top and under lines. Tailset and carriage both low as desired. Balanced rear with superb muscletone. Effortless on the move demonstrating long low reach in front and her rear coming well under her body to give propulsion and drive. A most worthy CC and BOB winner and I hope her other CCs will deservedly follow.
2nd – Heath’s Ch. Boughton Back to Blighty. Brindle and white parti, just under four years old. This girl is a wonderful example of the breed – although not a showgirl when it comes to performance, her correct construction and shape is clearly there to see. Lovely head with gentle expression. Long, elegantly arched neck leading into a good front with desired lay of shoulder, sufficient return of upper arm, straight forelegs and on correct feet. Excellent depth of chest and spring of rib, forming the foundation of her curvy outline. Unexaggerated in the rear and long, slightly curved tail. Another honest mover, true coming and going and excelling in profile with accurate, correct action. Strong contender for RCC just lacked the sparkle of some of the other exhibits.
3rd – Samson’s Estet Classic Romance (IMP).
1st – Reynolds’ Reggies Lady At Wickwar.

Darlington Dog Show Society 2017

BEST OF BREED : 515 MILLWARD, Misses C, E & M & RACE Mrs L Windspiel Northern Scribe For Alouann
Best Dog : 515 MILLWARD, Misses C, E & M & RACE Mrs L Windspiel Northern Scribe For Alouann
Res Best Dog : 517 NEWSHAM Mrs E Windspiel Northern Sherpa
Best Bitch : 518 NEWSHAM Mrs E Windspiel Northern Sharona
Res Best Bitch : 516 NEWSHAM Mrs E Eng & Bel Windspiel Northern Stylo
Best Veteran : 516 NEWSHAM Mrs E Eng & Bel Windspiel Northern Stylo

Class 187 VD/B (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 516 NEWSHAM Mrs E Eng & Bel Windspiel Northern Stylo. Hard to believe that this beautiful bitch is a Veteran. Typey and beautifully balanced and she stands well covering lots of ground. Feminine head and expression, good neck and shoulders. Deep capacious chest. Strong well angulated quarters. Moves and shows to good advantage. Reserve Best Bitch.

Class 189 JD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 511 ALLEN Mr D & Mrs A Zoraden Love Man. Very attractive, masculine head of good length and strength. Shapely with deep brisket and good underline. True both up and down but could move with a little more enthusiasm. I think, like me, he was beginning to feel the effect of a long day!

Class 190 PGD (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 517 NEWSHAM Mrs E Windspiel Northern Sherpa. Presents a nice outline both standing and moving, good forehand, good ribbing. Generous, meaty quarters. Moved out well. Reserve Best Dog.

Class 191 OD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 515 MILLWARD, Misses C, E & M & RACE Mrs L Windspiel Northern Scribe For Alouann. I admired him last year at the Club show and haven’t changed my opinion of hime. Handsome and strongly made with a really good head. Good forehand with deep capacious chest, good bone and well knuckled feet. Shapely and well muscled and he moved out well with a free, fluid action. Best Dog and BOB.

Class 195 OB (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 518 NEWSHAM Mrs E Windspiel Northern Sharona. Presents a lovely outline as she is shapely but without exaggeration. Strongly made yet feminine. Good length of head, elegant neck, good bone and feet. Broad strong hindquarters gave her some propulsion on the move. Best Bitch.

Judge: Tom Mather

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