Dachshund (Long Haired) Breed Critique

Dachshund (Long Haired)

Dachshund (Long Haired)

Dachshund – Standard Long Haired
1 Hutton’s Abbilis Theoden by Dachalune. Still very much a baby, excellent temperament and obviously enjoying his day. Very good topline and tailset, good length of rib. Well angulated hindquarters enabled him to move with some drive from the rear and this just gave him the edge today.
2 Patt’s Abydachs Barossa. Most attractive head and expression with good neck and shoulders. Well boned. Well bodied with strong short loin. Kept his good outline on the move.
1 Busel’s Ranglewood Harvest Hops. Well balanced and presents a very nice outline when standing and moving. Good length of head with dark expressive eye. Good bone and nicely padded feet. Ribbed well back. Moved out well and he just needs a little more practise on the table now.
Post Graduate
1 Brearley’s Labbadax Eyecatchin Shadow at Xanadax. Nicely balanced with good carriage and decent length of head with dark eye. Good bone, well bodied with good length of rib and some muscletone over the loin.
1 Robinson and Marsden’s Avanti Attius. Reserve Best Dog. Presents a most appealing outline both standing and moving, good head carriage, long skull and dark eye. Well developed forechest. Good body with typical topline with very slight rise over loin. Well angulated quarters. A composed and assured showman.
1 Hutton’s Ch River Rumpus Through Dachalune ShCM. Best Dog. BOB. A handsome dog who ticked all the boxes today. Very unexaggerated with a masculine head, very good neck and shoulders. Good keel. Good length of rib with a strong well muscled loin. Lovely arched, well padded feet. He impressed on the move with a sound, free flowing action. I was delighted to see him win Reserve BIS. Well done.
A lovely class.
1 Mitchell’s Bronia Supernatural. Best Puppy. Her maturity of body and rib really gave her the edge here. Very feminine and beautifully balanced with good ground clearance. Lovely head and expression, good forehand with well-developed forechest. Good bone and feet. Very true and easy on the move.
2 Geeson’s Abydachs Miraval. Another with a lovely head, nicely arched neck, good ribbing with short, strong loin. Moved out well with a true, parallel action with some drive and this drive just gave her the edge over her sister today.
3 Geeson’s Abydachs Kumala
1 Geeson’s Abydachs Miraval
2 Geeson’s Abydachs Kumala. Very similar to her sister and her good deportment and proud carriage, excellent neck and shoulders will make her hard to overlook. Good topline and underline.
Post Graduate
1 Hutton’s Dachalune Abella. Reserve Best Bitch. Scored with her very easy fluid action with some drive. Good length of head, strong jaw and dark eye. Decent forehand with well developed forechest. Good length of rib.
2 Hutton’s Dachalune Araxia. Pleasing for both balance and type, good length of neck, well ribbed body with good topline. Shown in good coat and condition but not quite the showmanship of her sister.
1 Hutton’s Dachalune Annysia. Best Bitch. A good quality bitch who presents a most pleasing outline with her good head carriage and nicely arched neck. Sturdy, well ribbed body. Strong well angulated quarters and once she settled she a lovely flowing, true action.

Lots of quality in both the Veteran Classes - a real privilege to handle some super hounds.
AV Veteran Miniature Dog or Bitch
1 Herrington’s Ch Kathington Coeur De Lion. Stood at the head of a good class and I though he was very impressive. Good head, dark intelligent eye and strong jaw with full dentition. Very good forehand with decent bone and good feet. Well ribbed with short loin and some ground clearance. Moved well with an easy, true action.
2 Kent’s Ch Barrantini Jeeves at Lokmadi JW. A real stallion of a dog who presents a lovely picture when he free stands with his good carriage and nicely arched neck. Lovely head and expression, good well ribbed body with typical topline and underline. Well muscled and moved with plenty of drive.
3 Green’s Eldmour Electra
AV Veteran Standard Dog or Bitch
1 Geeson’s Ch Abydachs Kicks Up A Storm. Best Veteran. Presents a lovely picture on the table with his good neck and shoulders, perfect topline and good ring presence. Excellent forehand, good bone. Strong muscled, well ribbed body. Absolutely true and sound on the move. In lovely coat - which does not obstruct his outline and condition.
2 Turner’s Marictur Moulin Rouge. Smooth who has a lot of quality and pleases for both type and balance. Good length of head, well set ears and dark intelligent eye. Excellent forehand with good bone, legs and feet. Strong well ribbed body with good topline, tasilet and tail carriage. Very good on the move.
Nan Jones Memorial Stakes
1 Eldmour Electra. Feminine with the most delightful head and expression. Good forehand with decent forechest and good length of rib. Full rounded hindquarters and she moved out well today.
2 Ranglewood Harvest Ranglewood Harvest Hops
3 Connew’s Fennelafleur Zorro
Judge: Tom Mather

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